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Frog Toss!


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Frog Toss! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Game Circus LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Game Circus LLC, with the latest current version being 1.4 which was officially released on 2012-03-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 411 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Frog Toss! App

How does it Work?

Time to catapult your way to a mountain of prizes! It's just like back in the old days at the amusement park, launching frogs at rotating lily pads, but FROG TOSS! let's you do it on the go!

Launch frogs and land them in the spinning lilies to win! But this isn't the same game you remember from the old days. FROG TOSS! gives you the power to launch frogs at rapid speed, freeze the lilies in their tracks to line up shots, or even rain frogs from the sky! Did you run out of frogs? Don't worry, more will be hopping to your aid soon! Keep at it and you could earn tons of prizes, bonus frogs and some special surprises!


- Easy to play yet still a test of your amphibian aiming skills!

- Grab 5 different power-ups to enhance your frog launching prowess!

- Collect 20 different prizes to earn special bonuses, making your power-ups even stronger!

- The lilies change color! Match all the lilies to the same color for more bonuses, like extra frogs or even a shot at a rare prize!

- Your frogs are hungry! Nab the buzzing flies and you'll attract more frogs for your catapult!

Watch for the update to add more prizes!

GAMEPLAY TIP: It is the length of your swipe that determines how far the frog is launched. The speed of the swipe is not important. Long swipes shoot far. Short swipes for short launches.

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Top Reviews

  • By CraftyKaryn


    I love this app! 😍 It is challenging and fun! I would prefer, though, that the banners telling me to pick a prize or what's happening next did not cover the frogs! I cannot see what is hidden behind the banner, thus I do not know toward which lily pad to aim. Thank you!

  • By Jordan Barrick

    Freakishly addictive

    This game has easily become one of my favorites. The ads aren't pushy and it's so addictive I have already wasted a lot of time! Great blend of skill and level grinding.

  • By Gamer@6


    This is such a fun game to zone out with! I'm addicted to trying to collect all the prizes. Keep some more prizes and levels coming, please!

  • By DoDewDiet

    Frog Toss

    Fun, takes the day away! Relaxing. Sometimes can't put it away!!

  • By Sparkleandfade

    Love it!

    I absolutely love this game. I got an iPhone just so I could have this game.

  • By jb122894

    Got all gold frogs - lvl 96

    Def needs bug fixes -any gold frogs over 6 don't do anything. -some bonuses do very little like the dinosaur with frog regen limit

  • By Chesterca


    I love this game! You should add levels and more things to unlock. I would pay for an upgrade now that I am hooked. Lots of fun!

  • By Jdsmommy216

    Good game

    Fun helps waste time hard to put down hate when I run out of frogs

  • By Megan's Love

    Great App

    Very addicting.. Game lags a lil when its first loaded but once you get past tht its really fun!!

  • By Tyrdok

    Frogtoss needs to be fixed

    This used to be an extremely addicting game. However, now it has a lot of glitches. Some which are running slow, skipping, freezing for at times. When the rare prizes drop now they disappear almost right after touching the lily pad. And used to be 5 different ones, now it's 1. The adds n tips that you can't turn off often get in the way of the gameplay.

  • By GGCT68

    It's ok

    It's kind of fun, but frustrating when you aim, and miss more often than not. Also cannot turn the annoying music off - At least I haven't found any place where an options button might be.

  • By Auntie Doris

    Horrible good..

    Love the game. use to be addicted ad just re-downloaded it. But this time it skips and freezes like horrible! It needs to be fixed!

  • By Mimi4me

    It needs to be fixed!!!!!!!

    If you delete the app you lose your frogs. I had over 3k in prizes,my game froze and I lost everything. How do I stop it from freezing? I've deleted the app 4x and problem still there! I emailed the web page tech support team and they replied 3 months asking if I was still having this issue? And never heard back from them. :-/

  • By Hannah Beth1990

    Addicting, at first

    This game is very addicting, at first. Then when you get tired of all the glitching and freezes you get a little mad. Like I said addicting at first. I think these problems need to get fixed before I can enjoy it again. Please fix these problems!!!

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