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Taps to Riches


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Taps to Riches is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Game Circus LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Game Circus LLC, with the latest current version being 2.67 which was officially released on 2021-03-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20023 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Taps to Riches App

How does it Work?

Build your empire one city at a time in this new tap idler sure to make you money hungry! Tap to make money, tap to upgrade your city’s business buildings, and tap some more! Unlock, hire, and collect as many Advisors and Bizbots as you can to upgrade your business value, build your cities faster, and earn a stash of cash as you rise from rags to riches! Valuable Adviser bonuses will have you tapping even faster! Can you become a billionaire business tycoon or will you fail as a capitalist?

From the creators of Coin Dozer and Brick Breaker Hero, Taps to Riches will have you tapping everywhere you go!

- Expand your empire into multiple cities with unique challenges

- Hundreds of hilarious Advisers who add valuable business bonuses! Collect them all!

- Dare to reset your progress and take advantage of Bizbots, a precious resource that give you even more money bonuses per tap!

- Buy and upgrade your businesses to see them evolve into architectural masterpieces!

- Tons of Bonuses and Achievements for you to discover with all of your tapping frenzy!

- More features to come!

Taps to Riches is a unique city building simulation game with tap and click mechanics. Upgrade businesses in game to make money and earn extra cash as you venture into new cities.

Start from the bottom as a newly freed villain with big dreams of once again achieving world domination. Tap your way into riches and money by upgrading buildings and investing in your city. The more cash you invest in businesses the more money they produce for you. Hire valuable Advisors to unlock special business bonuses, and use Bizbot resources for even more cash bonuses!

Taps to Riches is a free game that is supported by the ads we and others display. To do this, we work with a variety of online advertising partners who collect data from users of our games and other games to show you ads that are relevant to your interests. Do not install or launch our games unless you consent to this use and sharing of data, as further explained in our Privacy Policy (http://gamecircus.com/privacy-policy/).

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Top Reviews

  • By myreviewistoolong

    Great game

    When you are allowed to fill out surveys to get gems none of the surveys work. First they say they're three minutes long and then take twenty minutes. Whether you got them right or not it will say you just missed the opportunity to get your points and let you spin a wheel to get your points or do another 3 minute test. Of course the wheel is fixed and always lands on the yellow another 3 minute quiz that actually takes forever to get you zero gems. it looks like getting a quote for my car is the only way to make gems without spending money. But the game is great though. You have lots of things you have to do or worry about unlike lots of other idle games.

  • By The Krusty Krab Buckaroo

    Free keys

    I really liked this game but I gotta call bull. I was trying to get keys to get 2 gold social boxes for one of my summer quests, I did this by doing promotions under the free keys “tab”. I did this twice, both promotions were supposed to give me at least 300 keys. I finished one, went back into the game and was met with a black screen. I figured that the game timed out and refreshed it, but when I got back into the game I got ZERO keys. I thought that I hadn’t done it correctly and went back to the Free keys tab, but couldn’t find the promotion I was doing. So naturally, I went okay, and found another one. Went through the whole promotion, went back into the game, found a black screen like before, refreshed it LIKE BEFORE, and found out that I had the same amount of keys as before. I am really disappointed, I’ve had this game for a while and hadn’t come across any bumps. I expect that if I did the promotions as asked, then I will get my reward as promised. This aside, this is a very good game! I’ve tried all kinds of money tap games but had eventually gotten bored of them, this game is different though. I’m still intrigued and will most likely keep playing for awhile. I would rate the game a solid 8.5/10.

  • By Crazy cookie 2000


    This may be a long review, so brace yourself. The main reason why I rated it four stars and not five was because every time you leave the app a notification pops up for the app (obviously). It the SAME notification every time, the notification says “boss you forgot to buy your next business”. I don’t know if anyone else thinks this is annoying but I do so just a heads up. Also the app has a thing where you can get a free app and then once you download it it will give you a certain amount of gem/diamonds. Well I downloaded and app to get some more gem/diamonds and it said I had to get to level two to get the gem/diamonds. It was fine with me to only have to get to level two but after I got there I went to the app and it didn’t do anything. Then a couple of days later it said something about have to wait a day or two to get the gems... it has been like a little longer than a week now and I still haven’t gotten any gems. That’s all I have to say about thinks app. Thank you for reading this far which probably no one else has except for me but if you did great! BYYYYYYYEEEEEEE for now any ways!

  • By Gannon molumby

    Bit too common, but still a great game.

    I like how they have the style of only having to keep up with the game once a day and there isn't a lot of ads, but my only issue is that theirs so many games like this. AdCap!, for example is basically the same game but instead of buying products your buying property. For crying out loud in both games you can reset your products/property to get multipliers! I know I'm talking a lot of hate on this game, but all in all it is a good game. I like the dry humor, for example the funny references with the advisors. I would suggest not getting notifications for the game just because it will blow up your phone with reminders and times to get new advisors. All in all the game is fun, humorous, and it fun to watch your property's go from run down pieces of garbage to nice, top of the line businesses. It does struggle with separating itself from other tycoon games(that's why it constantly tries get your attention through ads and notifications) but it really is a just enough amount of addictive to want to play it at least once a day. 3.8/5

  • By ArdenBailey

    Worth playing but glitchy

    I like the simplicity of the game and that everything is pretty straightforward. Other town building games I feel like I have to wait 12 hours for my business to be built and then another 4 to get any collections from it. I like how even though there is an in game currency like the gems, I can still get those without having to pay cash. I have almost 700 gems and haven’t paid anything!! On the other hand, the game is a little glitchy. Oftentimes when given the option to double my business bonus it won’t load the video and in order to fix it, I have to restart my whole phone. I’m on an iPhone 5se if that helps you app developers to fix the problem..? Also I am doing the events and I just supposedly got free advisor spins but the stupid wheel says I still have 3 more hours to wait. I have had the game crash completely once, but honestly those little glitches aren’t enough to stop me from playing. But it is enough to be annoying.

  • By Riley ranger 5

    The thing that annoys me

    I’ve been playing taps to riches for years, but on my phone... about a couple months. But I used to play occasionally and earn a lot of money but now, it’s like I never earn anything, but that’s not what I really want to talk about. During events you earn some awards like keys, golden tickets, and some other stuff but what I really don’t like is getting VIP, it honestly does nothing but I got it for an hour so I was like, “eh I’ll just see what it’s like ig” but every single time I get on the game it shows an exclamation point “!” on the shop and I thought I got something but it showed it was on the VIP tap so I thought that it was just going to tell me that my time ran out, but now it shows an exclamation point EVERY SINGLE TIME I get on! It’s so annoying, Ik that you probably think “just stop going clicking on the shop” but it just annoys me that it is there. Please stop this. So from me... Imma just give this 4/5 stars.

  • By Camryn_grace123


    I am obsessed with this game and i’ve only had it for a few hours! I had earned over 18 trillion combined and I thought the tutorials were over until Biz Bots. I had explored the game and saw them but knew i didn’t WANT to get them if I did I planned to use gems. I couldn’t play the game without getting the Biz Bot tutorial even though i kept reclosing the game and reopening it. I had to cave in and do it but I feel it should be an option to use a Biz Bot I personally didn’t want to use them but I was pretty much forced too. All my hard work was wiped away and I feel that there should be an X button for those dramatic changes it’s unnecessary to have to erase everything that you spent time on. I had 3 plots of land and I had to restart what took me 2 hours of my time for what? Nothing that I couldn’t just use diamonds to buy. I mean I can start over I just feel as though that should be removed.

  • By J.F-R.

    New changes

    I haven’t played this game in a long time because for a time I have gotten rid of it, but one I got it back I found myself enjoying it again, I much prefer this over Adventure Capitalist and it’s much more addictive. I love the funny character names and the cartoony appearance of the game. It really is fun. However I have a concern, the amount of time it takes for you to buy another city is ridiculous! I remember when I got this game a while back, it only cost 2,500 to get to moto city. It took a while to get past dust calmly cause everything was so expensive. Way to go easy on a newbie. I recommended you get this game only if you’re dedicated to it, cause it will take a while to get past each city now that the upgrades are expensive. If you’re dedicated, I guarantee you will like this because it’s fun and addicting, and it has more too it than just tapping which I really enjoy. [Also, I have been experiencing a bug whenever I click to view a video for my daily spin and profit boost. It might be happening to me only or everybody. I would love if this was fixed)

  • By Attention producers

    Game Concept

    The game concept requires a lot of time including reoccurring advertisements(cost money to remove pop up ads) and leaning more to a p2w concept with literally most of its best features. In the advertising, it must not be made a pop up (it may generate you more income, but the user has to do more work to remove over advertisements) they are already doing the tapping, but now the model is destroyed when a f2p players plays on as long to become a mid-long term player. Sometimes even the advertising will not play, even with my connection still functioning properly. Like in the collect 50gems in a day, it’s literally promoting 3rd party companies and no support section on its basics. Ex. Q and A section (for the purpose of new players and old players to refresh memory on concepts provided information expecting players to remember everything that has been shown once). This in turn will ease the games development and reduce the questions asked. Please fix this and future players and I will become more engaged instead of tapping everywhere to x ads.

  • By Joey D 1167


    I’ll say 3.5 stars..It’s fun trying to upgrade your buildings and open to towns or space lol I agree with what a lot of people saying and that’s waaaay to many ads! Esp trying to keep your profit boost up! Also the game kept offering a cheap .99 cent pack that would get rid of ads and well..You know the music that is played on the Price is right when someone looses? Well I’m sure I heard that after I paid .99 and restarted the game..Oh so you know, I don’t care about .99 cents! I don’t mind spending a little $$ on games I really like..I just wanted no ads! Lol Emailed then and Prices Right music again! Any i’ve has no prob winning gems from the “get free gems” ad lol You just open other apps or play levels in all kinds of apps! And You really don’t have to spend any money unless you really want to do the VIP bonus..it may be worth it but I don’t see playing this game long turn! But again it’s an ok game 😀 My fav game is the Egg inc game..Check it out! Rocky

  • By Malawar

    Just an Ad delivery vehicle

    This game, more than any other I’ve ever seen, is built around showing you the same 5 ads over and over, in every possible action you take. It’s almost as if it were at its core an advertising engine with a little cosmetic number incrementing to keep you busy built on top. Most of the ads are voluntary and you get something for it. For example, boosted profits for a few hours, or a chance to win an item. But every 5 minutes, at the most inopportune moment, an unskippable 30 second ad will just pop up over everything and ruin the experience. It’s these that kill the game for me and ultimately led to me deleting it. If the game provided a way to purchase in app to disable ads, I probably would’ve bought it and would still be playing it today. And it could have been a truly great game. But alas, there is no such option.

  • By A_d_deuce

    Ok game, but don’t waste your time ‘earning’ gems!

    The game is ok, if somewhat repetitive. It’s a decent time waster. That being said, to decently progress in the game requires gems. The way to get these are either by tapping a house (takes FOREVER), buying them with real money, or completing ‘quick actions’. The problem with the latter is that you’ll put in the work for the gems offered (complete a survey, finish a certain level on a different game, etc.), and the gems SHOULD be uploaded within 24 hours max. Problem is that they aren’t and you’re required to jump through hoops to prove you did it. Ok. Got it. My main point of contention, and why I’m uninstalling this game is that it’s now been over a week and I haven’t received over 1,600 gems that I rightfully earned! This is BS. I kept up my end of the deal, this developer failed to keep up theirs. Don’t waste your time.

  • By WeeBMF

    Like the game but ...

    Been playing it for months. I really like the game, totally addicting and ‘mindless’ which is great sometimes! However, I will not spend another dime on it! It throttles you after a certain point where you have to spend money to progress and it still doesn’t move, bots not profitable even when u spend 30 gems a pop, gold tickets do not give you the profits it should & are outrageously expensive, the bonus multiplier not accurate (got it to x 60 & gave me the same as a x 10?!), the double reward ads dont even work half the time and u need that money to get anywhere, free key ads are 100% worthless, free gem ads are ok sometimes, on the quiz reward ads you will almost never get 100 to get reward, the advisors are garbage, I’ve used the same 3 the entire time I’ve played basically... STOP WITH THE MONEY HUNGRY STUFF! You need to make money yes, but this is over the top! Do not play unless you have money to waste because in the beginning it seems great until they THROTTLE YOU TO MAKE YOU PAY!!

  • By Joshulence

    Scummy game

    I have had many of times where I've used the "Free Gems" options where you can watch a video for a few (those actually work), or you can do a huge task that may take two or three days, and they never reward you. 100% of the time. They will tell you that you've received a reward when you haven't, then not respond to you again. I've also had it where they take weeks to respond, just to tell me how I'm incorrect about my inquiry. It's like scamming ppl.. not scamming out of money, but their time.. you never get compensated for it when you're supposed to. I have many of email chains with these ppl about the failure to give rewards when they are due. I've stopped paying into the app after the first time this happened. Scummy ppl do not deserve your money if they can't even provide simple compensation when it's due. Either horrible coding (most likely), or just plain out ripping off ppl. Regardless, not a fan of dling related games to play for tasks, just for no reason since the rewards never populate. Forever 1 star because 0 isn't an option.

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