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  • Last Updated: 2021-02-12
  • New version: 0.10
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Mountain Bike Bash


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Mountain Bike Bash is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Rollic Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Rollic Games, with the latest current version being 0.10 which was officially released on 2021-02-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 3307 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Mountain Bike Bash App

How does it Work?

Dodge the trees, take out the other racers, and battle to be first across the line in this wild ride!

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Top Reviews

  • By nenaisjshdjdjwnajsjd

    Good game but...

    It is actually a really fun game for me, and a lot of the time, I don’t find mobile games fun. It’s built very good, I love running into the other bikers, but I don’t understand what the money is for😂 it would be cool to have different bikes and different skins, maybe different accessories to put on your bike, and maybe longer maps with more bikers. But besides that, it’s such a fun game, I love it

  • By hdudhhdhfbfhhchebd

    Great but could be awesome

    This is a great fun game but the money you earn can’t buy anything so maybe add some bike skins, bikers or something like that. Also the maps are Pretty repetitive and short. So they should definitely add more maps and longer maps. But other than that this is a fun game

  • By REAZN5035

    Could use longer and different races

    Overall personally I think it’s a great game they did a good job on it. To be honest it has quite a few flaws but overall it’s a very fun game to play. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating for me. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

  • By dyufuffuu

    Tell me and add this

    What the heck is the money for I think they should let you upgrade your bikes like downhill bikes road bikes for just jokes BMX a bunch other cool now bikes and cool skins other than that this game is awesome I love mountain biking

  • By Ajfarm713

    The most recent update

    After the update the game hasn’t been able to work, I can’t finish bc if i do one it holds the same place the whole game and two it freezes. More over you cant get a boost anymore.

  • By knightrider92


    I’ve been playing this game now for about a week, and since the update the bike seems harder to control, and once you cross the finish line that’s it nothing else happens.

  • By jackBsparrow


    Dose anyone know what the money is for ????

  • By jendndemsnxn

    Really boring but can be better.

    Just purchased the game and i think it needs some improvements. It definitely needs to be less laggier because it always lags, the levels also need to be longer because they are very short and finish really quickly, the money is only for a new bike and u can’t upgrade it and add more to it, there aren’t really any cool features or any other different modes to the game. The game also doesn’t really have any challenge to it and can literally win like every single round. I hope this review can help the developers improve this game. But thanks for putting a update in it made the game better but still needs some improvements.

  • By Misterktng

    Not terrible

    The idea is pretty fun, and the graphics are a cool style for the game that it is, but it is lacking a few things before it can be considered a top tier game. Firstly, there’s no incentive to win. There’s no money or levels to earn so once you’ve played it a few times u literally have no reason to ever play again. It would also be cool if you could customize your bike or at least upgrade it. Good game just needs some adjustments.

  • By Akingg1

    Ideas for the game

    I do believe the game would be more fun if you could add different bikes in the game to buy because, I have a lot of money and nothing to do with it so there’s no motivation to keep playing the game. Add cool affects in the game or different characters to choose from?

  • By JoshNN.

    Needs Premium Option and/or Less Ads

    It’s a fun game, but I feel like I’m looking at ads more than I’m actually playing the game. Developers should earn revenue from things they spend time and money on. I wish there was some way to purchase a premium version to remove the ads so the developers could earn revenue and the players can have a good all around experience with the game. In its current state, I will likely not play anymore because of the amount of ads.

  • By rick323456

    Its Ok

    This app is ok. Money is absolutely useless and there is really no point because you cant upgrade anything. Every time you crash or really do anything you are hit with an add. Honestly a good game other than that, just wish there was a point to play. I downloaded it like 10 min ago and its already off my phone, hopefully they add some incentive to play.

  • By hole_man

    Terrible game but it could be better

    The game just updated which was nice for the first two rounds but when you get to the third round it is impossible for you to actually place 3rd or higher. When you see the finish line you can see two players about to finish but if you are able to pass them you’ll still end up placing 8th at best, so it seems like the other “players” already finished. When you finish a round you actually make money but you’re not actually able to do anything with that, to make the game better the creators need to actually make it so you are able to upgrade your bike so you can actually pass the level.

  • By softmau

    add cram

    Every level last like 10 seconds so they can make you watch lots of ads. The reason i downloaded the game was because of an ad on instagram that made it look like the point of the game was to avoid obstacles. Instead you are just gliding peacefully down a track that you are guaranteed first place. Make it more of a dodge the trees game and it would be worth playing.

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