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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-30
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Towing Race


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Towing Race is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Rollic Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Rollic Games, with the latest current version being 3.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 11967 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Towing Race App

How does it Work?

Are you ready for the most exciting Towing Race ever? Pick the strongest car, upgrade its engine and HIT THE GAS!

Don’t push too hard or you’ll break the chain. Be smart and feel your car!

Be not only the FASTEST but also THE STRONGEST to become the CHAMPION.

Show them who is the real boss!

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Top Reviews

  • By Kenny101theboi

    This is a great game but I got all the cars already and by by I’ve gotten all the levels

    There needs to be more cars and higher levels because a cab of level 20 is kind of boring and I almost unlocked all the cars except the Tesla truck

  • By datguydatyouknowbutnotreally

    Tow drivers do not…

    Drive nearly as fast as they do in real life. Was very disappointed by this unrealistic depiction. Hopefully they add a feature to start the race while already going 85+ mph but until that day comes I cannot recommend. 1/5

  • By Webster75

    Update time...

    Love the game but I’m really confused... the chain strength never changes. The power of truck doesn’t change. Only thing that changes with upgrades is how much you can win. Very repetitious...

  • By zac923

    Great game

    It’s been really fun to play I wish I could unlock more vehicles they won’t unlock no matter how much I play also I wish 20 isnt the max level for everything

  • By rainbowcrotchfartz

    Needs more levels and upgrades I played for 20 minutes and the upgrades are maxed and no more levels


  • By wcaleb


    I love this game so much but I get ads that I cant skip and I don’t get nothing out of them and I’m on level 100 and it just gets boring

  • By beloved sandwhich


    I have one problem, and that is not with the fact that there are ads ( there are not even that many ads), but the fact that you cannot watch and ad to double/ triple your rewards, or unlock a legends car! Whenever you push the button to get the reward, it just turns that putt on dark and “no thanks” appears. Other than that it’s a very fun game!

  • By Waffle_Kid_

    Really gun game and looks

    This game is really fun and the looks are great. My only problem is that it’s hard to get away from an add. This game is fun but from playing for 10 min the more upgrades you get the more easy it is to win I think it gets a little bit too easy. Overall it’s a good game and I recommend installing it.

  • By elPelonDeForos

    Cool game

    I love the way the game works too bad I’ve already finished unlocking every car and can’t get no more upgrades hopefully in a future update they add new cars tougher opponents and more upgrades

  • By nosboy96

    Not bad.

    Fun quick game. When you get past the snow island there’s no longer a difficulty increase. So basically for the last 50% of the game you can sail through within 10mins. I never upgraded anything past level 7 on my starting truck. I think my power level is at like 3-4 lol. Also disappointed cause the ad for this game showed the ability to shift gears and go up steep inclines which is not the case for the game currently.

  • By 6463636757474

    Not bad at level 103

    Paid for no ad’s, however there’s still an ad on the main screen.. so the developer is still making money from it. More less this game is boring now. Level 103 and I have everything. It’s easy to play but other then that I’ll give it 3 starts.

  • By weirdgamez

    To easy

    I got this and it’s to easy I won evry time not 1 round I lost I bought every thing in 30 minutes this games to easy the ai are bad the don’t pull in boss when u pull the just stop pulling like they give up right when u pull but it’s was fun at first for like 3 minutes

  • By hdbrbtbsns

    Not enough content

    It’s essentially the same level over and over again after level 20 without difficulty increase

  • By DAVID😂😂😂🏈


    So i have an iphone 12 and when i clicked on the game after in downloaded, the game was froze so i thought maybe it was just a bug so i restarted the app and it froze me on my home screen, and then i tried to wait it out and after 5 min i restarted my phone and it was over 100° and wouldn’t turn because it was too hot, it took hours to cool down and turn on again, i don’t think it was my phone because it’s never happened before and the app froze twice

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