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Block Breaker Miner


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Block Breaker Miner is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Rollic Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Rollic Games, with the latest current version being 9.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5877 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Block Breaker Miner App

How does it Work?

Break the blocks to make a city!

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    Top Reviews

    • By Special dude 😁

      More Upgrades !!

      Game is amazing love it , best way to kill time at work when you have nothing to do ! The grind to get better upgrades and get up higher levels is amazing . If you have patience this game is awesome . The only thing it needs is more upgrades , for your hammer and storage as the levels require more rocks for every level higher and your limited on small storage and weaker hammer as the levels go on .

    • By Village Raider 2.0!!!

      Power-up swing bug

      This game is awesome!!! You guys have fixed all of the other bugs in the game, but now there is a new bug where after I used the power-up swing, it would just knock me right off the stack of stones causing me to pause and restart. So, please fix this reoccurring bug in the next update. Please!!! But I’m still rating this game review five stars.

    • By Solandar


      Apparently you still have bugs cause the game keeps freezing on me, don’t get me wrong it’s a good game, game is still freezing after your second bug fix, also forgot the character is naked

    • By May space 5000

      Omg the goblin

      I hate the goblin what even the point of it it is ssoooooo annoying and is so stupid and the game is trash in general so better upgrade your game or I will sue you for millions ohh no not that rich cus the game suuuuuuckssss

    • By earl.89


      The game is great but what’s really annoying is when an upgrade cost 480 coins so I put 300 which is my full storage on it should leave me with 180 then when I come back it’s back up to 480 coins again for some reason it keeps resetting as if I didn’t drop off the rocks and it’s kind of annoying because now I can’t move to the next level

    • By eosntidnd

      Stage two issue

      Every time I try to build up on the last two banks in the back right of stage two, when the mine resets, my progress disappears. It goes back to 320 no matter what number I’m at. It even happened when I only needed 1 more block and the mine reset and it went back to 320. Major annoyance

    • By PrxnceMvtthew

      Good but

      The game is cute and pretty fun. There’s a lot of ads. I wish we at least had the option to pay for no ads. But with the latest update it kind of broke the game. Every time I open the game. It reverts to where I left off before updating. I can’t progress because no matter what I built they disappear and shows that I haven’t built it. I had 13/15 built. And now it’s back at 11 and I can’t get it to stay. I’ve closed the game and all. This last update just really messed it up.

    • By coirt 4313


      The game is fun but I think there more bugs that needs fixed. As I was going to one of the building to put what I mined it would go down but when I go up a level that house I have been working on goes back to the starting mark. It’s getting frustrating because I should of beat it five levels ago but every time I level up it goes back to the original count.

    • By TSKole

      Almost Had It

      I live mobile games, especially simple ones like this. But when you can’t even move to the next level, it gets old quick. I’m stuck on the second board, and every time I add materials to the middle bank on the right, and have to restart the quarry, it resets the bank to 320. This was almost my favorite new game to play. Almost.

    • By TripleDeathJr11

      Great game

      Over all I like the game but the ads kill me i would pay the 2.99 to remove the ads by now and the lag is also killing me but other then that it’s a good game in more improvements like as we level up more making the blocks longer to break as in length wise but that my opinion

    • By Jazevangal

      Bugs, bugs, bugs.

      Not a bad concept... but unfinished. 1. The hammer which costs 5000 is not working correctly- a “full power swing” does nothing. 2. Beginning with the last building on level 2, starting construction on a bank upgrade will be wasted if you complete a mining hole. This continues into the 3rd level, when eventually even a finished bank will be reset, wasting any construction done to it. You can complete it, but then it resets when the mine shaft does, and it’s like nothing was done to that branch whatsoever. 3. If you use the “miner multiplication” at the start of a mine shaft, then return to town before completing the shaft, when you go back down into the mine, the elevator stops short, making you jump down 20-30 feet. Then the elevator drops to the correct level. This is not game breaking, but it DOES make for an odd effect. I presume this is due to the 2x/3x “power up” levels added to the shaft if you watch the ad to activate “miner multiplication”. It’s not a bad game... but it IS nearly unplayable in the long run. Long as in just a few hours... once the cost to finish a building is more than one shaft’s worth of rock, you can bring back short loads. But eventually even that stops working. If the devs ask, I can provide screenshots and video of the above issues. Not crossing my fingers. Will gladly re-rate if these problems are addressed. (I’m also willing to keep upgrading my tool to check the “full force” bug.)

    • By fire906

      PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

      For some reason while taking bricks to one of the income buildings. When it changes levels it resets the amount of bricks you carried to it. For example, It takes 640 blocks to upgrade the income generator. I carry 280, go back to get more and I go to another level. It resets back to 640. It does this every time you go up a level. Please fix this, extremely annoying and it makes the game useless.

    • By Major Noku

      Half of hammer "upgrades" are DOWNgrades

      I will break this down as simply as I can (and list the numbers at the bottom): The first hammer breaks HALFWAY through ONE block. That's 1 block every two taps. The second one breaks FULLY through ONE block. That's 2 blocks every two taps. Good so far. The third one breaks HALFWAY through TWO blocks. That's... 2 blocks every two taps again. Wasting money on an upgrade that does nothing. The fourth upgrade breaks FULLY through TWO blocks. That's 4 blocks every two taps. Back on the right track. The fifth breaks HALFWAY through THREE blocks. That's 3 blocks every two taps. That's WORSE than the last one. This pattern continues (whole 3, half 4, whole 4, half 5, whole 5) and the gap gets worse and worse between the halves and the wholes. And keep in mind EACH UPGRADE IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE LAST. YOU ARE PAYING MORE FOR A WORSE ITEM. From the start, here is how many blocks you get for every TWO TAPS for each hammer (obviously you want this number to keep going UP and only half of them do that): 1, 2, 2, 4, 3, 6, 4, 8, 5, 10, 6, 12, 7, 14, 8, 16, 9, 18, 10, 20 (and so on)

    • By DonMR124

      Ads are glitchy or it’s just lag..

      When I was playing I did ads but some ads are glitchy but this game makes me not wanna play it it seems fair not to play but uhh don’t mind me am just having fun well I watch a YouTuber play this game I thought it would be cool to download this but it’s fair idk what happened to this game but seems like it was lag well seems like this game is something suspicious about it? ( it seems like lag cus I was on iPad and iPhone)

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