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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-19
  • New version: 1.7.101
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Cookie Run: Kingdom


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Cookie Run: Kingdom is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Devsisters. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Devsisters, with the latest current version being 1.7.101 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7276 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cookie Run: Kingdom App

How does it Work?

Build your dream Cookie Kingdom and reclaim against the evil that lingers in the shadows. Fresh out of the oven and from the Cookie Run: OvenBreak creators comes Cookie Run: Kingdom! Build a delectable Kingdom while battling against evil dessert monsters!

Team up with GingerBrave and Cookie friends, some new and some familiar. Together, in this sweet fantasy adventure RPG, uncover the story of the Kingdom’s past and defeat the darkness that stands between you and your Kingdom.

Rebuild overgrown ruins and customize your Kingdom with unique decorations and exciting buildings. Team up with your Cookie friends to collect resources for your Kingdom and craft special tools and delicious treats!

Fight in epic RPG-style battles. Unlock new battle levels and discover secrets of the Cookie universe. Take on the Cake Monsters or battle against other Cookies in PVP mode. Tap into each Cookie’s unique skills and unleash the perfect balance of power!


- Customize your Kingdom with unique decorations, parks, wood shops, jelly factories, and more!

- Build a magic laboratory for Wizard Cookie or construct a classy juice bar for Sparkling Cookie!

- Gather resources from buildings to expand your Kingdom, fix destroyed buildings, and level up


- Assemble the best Cookie team that is just too sweet to beat!

- Strategically choose Cookies based on their special skills to defeat Cake Monsters

- Command your squad and unleash their skills with just a few taps

- Battle against rival Cookie teams in PVP mode!

- Lead your warriors through fast-paced, RPG-style battles with epic combat animations!


- Team up with familiar Cookies to explore build the ultimate Kingdom

- Unlock brand new Cookie characters through gacha Cookie Cutters

- Complete daily quests to earn power boosts for your Cookies

- Collect rare Treasures to enhance your Cookie’s special powers!


- Uncover the untold story of the Kingdom’s and fallen heroes’ past

- Adventure through more than 200 story levels!

- Restore glory back to the Kingdom

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Top Reviews

  • By Nom nom Nation

    I love it!

    So I’ve been playing cookie run for years, before the new version Ovenbreak even came out kinda years, and I’ve always LOVED the cookies, the running, the stories and character bio’s and when I saw that they were making an RPG I was SOOOO excited! It’s got the cookies I love, the stories, and all that jazz plus its an rpg! I’ve never spent a single penny on cookie run ever so I’m used to how the coins and gems work. You dont get LOTS and lots fast but quick enough I can use the 10 cookie roll at least once a day. The coins come to me a little slower than I’d like but that’s probably because I’m not as good at the crafting and filling requests yet, I’m mostly used to the running aspect of ovenbreak. The biggest issue I’ve seen is that the game will occasionally crash on me, worst is when I’m using a cookie cutter and It happens, causing me to lose the cutter. But not to bad yet. Yeah they’ve had to do some patches but its a brand new game, they usually run a different format so the developers probably missed a few minor bits and had to fix em really quick, but they’ve always been good with compensating andgiving extra rewards for those inconvenience’s. All in all, I love it, I get absorbed into the game and hours go by before I realize, and I cant wait to see where it goes and what new cookies cone out!

  • By Minho Beak

    A new type of gacha game

    This is a gacha game, and personally, the epic cookie droprates are much higher than some other gacha games I have played in the past. This game is relatively new, so a few cookie teams are still the same cookies and is generally boring in Arena since everyone uses the same deck, but if your opponent spent a little more money than you, then you have no chance of winning. Of course, there are decks like almond + rye and almond + tiger lily, which adds diversity to decks. As new updates come out, I am excited to see new types of teams and cookie arrangements. This game is all about strategy. Some cookies buff attack, so having cooldown on it will help increase it’s usage time granting your team the buff instead of going last. Small things like what toppings to use and even what cookies are used makes a huge difference. On some story levels like 7-25, 7-29, 8-30, timing heals, abilities, and using the right cookies (licorice) is a very important skill to have in this game. This game is also very F2p friendly as long as one puts the time and effort into it, as well as know what to do to get the most gold, item production, etc.

  • By nummy I love potatoes


    I love playing in this game when I’m stressed angry or sad it’s just so amazing!! the art is amazing style I specially love the art style of the blueberry bird it’s just so cute!!! I love upgrading my characters to see them get stronger and I love watching them fight it’s so cute their attacks is just so cute and I love the boss is a monster so you have to go through they’re so cute and looks so yummy!!! I love listening to music while doing the game!!! It’s just all amazing and I play it most of the day I even play it until my iPad dies!!! Is that good!! But actually watching shows texting people and everything else just helps me!! I don’t care what I’m doing I always played in sorts on the way!! I love watching videos and getting through work while playing this!! It’s just so good!! I like everything in this game it’s just so so so so so so so so so so so so so cool!!! Just I can’t say anything about this it’s just so good I can’t say anything else about it!! There’s too many things to list!!! I’m not I’m gonna say them all because they’re too many!! I don’t really care what ever I’m doing I play this every single day!!!

  • By madyys kingdom

    Fantastically amazing

    This game has a lot of good style into it ( especially new cookies ) and the new updates keep getting me pumped up! Honestly though, I do think this game could use some more updates. To start of 1, when I was in story mode battling in ep 6, we were making no progress due to the fact that we were still running and not coming close to no predators... I was only able to use custard cookie the whole time. The second problem I had was when I was trying to level up licorice and tiger lily cookie. I used my star jellies and it said, “cannot level up because you don’t have the required ingredients”. By that time my cookie was only level 34 so I tried doing on my next cookie but it said the same thing. Although for the rest of my cookie I could level up. Anyways this is a very cool and great game but I just realized moonlight cookie is in the 3rd picture when you look up where it says gm kingdom ( wait are legendary cookies for cookie run coming to cookie run kingdom?!?!?)

  • By Mlpgamer11

    Love it but plz stop crashing

    I absolutely love the cookie run franchise and would consider myself an enthusiast. I’ve tried every version of cookie run I was able to at least once and currently play cookie run kingdom and ovenbreak frequently. I think the game is perfect gameplay and aesthetic wise but there is one problem that’s annoying. Ever since the last major update, my game crashes practically every 30 minutes and although it doesn’t deter me from playing it can get frustrating when I’m trying to decorate or complete levels and the game crashes in the middle of it. I’ve tried to figure out why but I’m not sure. None of my other games or apps, even ones that take up more storage and power, they don’t crash at all. The crashing thing is really the only negative thing I have to say about the game, otherwise it’s pretty good. I’d love it if the bug can get fixed though, thanks.

  • By WiliIwilo

    Here it’s mine opinion

    Hello everyone who reading, well you can see I love this game and all but I have just problem that its how the people think this is p2w game because they are trying to hard or are not that patience and won’t wait for a event or something, for example when I first play I only have what the story mode give but I wait until they added so much event and save my gems and money so I can get epic cookies. I also don’t like people who say stop updating or something because why? will anyone want the something thing, how will you experience more stuff the developer have to show uhh ( if your one of this people, I hope your just stop and learn how everything it’s not a rush for glory) So in my opinion this game it’s worth to play than a thousand other games and I thank you developer for trying to make this game worth it and also for everyone who read this entire time and I hope you appreciate this game like I do

  • By Wekifdqyremnabtyswoi

    Fantastic game with a few near major flaws

    This game by far has taken up a lot of my time recently. It’s very enjoyable game that can offer a lot of gameplay with cute graphics and animation, simple and addicting fighting mechanics, and much more. But there are more than a few flaws. Once you progress far enough into the story, you hit a massive exp wall. And it’s honestly not fun waiting actual hours or even days to get enough exp jellies solely due to the fact that houses are the only significant way to do so. Secondly it really seems the community is never heard. People are unable to even open the game without it crashing for these past few days. And the most the devs do is post on Facebook to update the game which obviously many have already done. Certain cookies are completely irrelevant with only a certain few being in the meta making a lot of the cast useless which is sad considering these creative characters. Lastly this is starting to seem more pay to win with this new update. What is the point of putting a guaranteed Pure Vanilla meter for everyone if the only way to get it is to spend insane amounts of money to finish it? Not a lot of people have the ability to afford putting forty dollars into a mobile game Overall there are a few bumps that are starting to become far more noticeable and I really hope y’all get them under control. This game has an unbelievable amount of potential so don’t let that go to waste.

  • By sheryqiao

    Almost perfect

    I genuinely love this game and all of the features that are incorporated into it but the one thing that bothers me enough to rate it 4 stars is the fact that it constantly crashes and exits me out of the game. At first it wasn’t too much of a problem and would probably exit me out once a day, (I usually play for around 3-5 hours) so I was able to withstand it and it wasn’t a bother. Gradually, it became more and more frequent but was still bearable—that is, until recently. Every time I login to the game it crashes instantly after about 5 minutes and exits me from the game. I have restarted my phone and everything that could possibly be thought of to make it work better but it just won’t cooperate with me. The good points to the game includes pretty much everything the game has to offer. I am only dissatisfied with how much it exits me out especially because it usually does so when I am in the middle of a battle in the arena/map or when I am using the gacha. This seems to be more of a mobile problem so I tried using Bluestacks on my computer and it did work better. However, the frame rate was a lot worse and much slower on my computer compared to my phone which is why I’d still rather play on my phone more. Ultimately, it’s a very good game, but I’m more annoyed about how it exits me out of the app every couple of seconds than I care to say what’s so good about this game.

  • By Time jumper 1995

    Great start with a few stumbles

    Look I am going to lay it out straight for those who might read this: This is a gacha game first and foremost so complaining about the gacha system isn’t going to be accurate review. If you want unlimited praises or a piece that highlights the flaws with gacha gaming this review isn’t for you. With that out of the way let’s get started. The game’s graphics are cute and inviting with new designs for characters and enemies. The combat on the surface looks like it can be easily auto played yet there are some player interaction combos that make it worth learning the unique line and Aoe effects to get three stars(Side note: Espresso cookie with another aoe is amazing and gingerbraves charge can actually deflect opponent’s stun charges) Where I find fault with game is the few bugs I have run into involving the kingdom management and the Arena at the moment unfortunately Is indeed auto play only leaving battles as who has the highest numbers or most rarities. Overall this game is a fun diversion to play in between load screens for other games or to wind down for the night. My suggestions would be to get a solid QA team and adjust Arena so that multiple team comps can thrive and user input can change the tide of battle.

  • By Aj_sands


    At the beginning when I first started playing this game, it was amazing. First game in a long time where I play every day. I did love this game but now it’s just become ridiculous. I know each cookie clearly has their own ability and what not, but it’s become wildly ridiculous. It makes no sense on this earth when my cookies combined power level is over 130,000, they’re all almost level 50 each, each cookie has been promoted multiple times, and just all around are so powered up and stacked a lot just to lose in the regular chapter battles, bounty battles, and kingdom arena battles to power levels WAAAYYYY LESS than mine. What sense does it make for my cookies with a power level of over 130,000 to lose to power levels of 35,000 in the bounty battles, 80,000 in regular story battles, or 70,000 in kingdom arena??? My cookies are so stacked with attack, defense, health, power, etc. This game is becoming more and more terrible each time I play. All my friends have already quit playing because of this crap. Not to mention the dozens of other issues the creators need to drastically fix. I don’t how much more I’ll be playing, but it’s getting to the point where many people are gonna stop playing.

  • By kaybee39

    I absolutely love this game! But…

    I’ve been playing this game non-stop for months now and it’s super charming and fun! I love decorating my kingdom and trying to complete the goals. However, recently I’ve been having trouble playing because things don’t seem to load as well anymore. For example lets say I’m trying to collect all the items I produced. The loading cake would pop up for a minute then say I have a network error, then I’d have to restart the game in order to progress or complete the action. Another issue is when I’m battling and encounter the same loading issues, specifically after a battle ended. I would finish a battle and it would start to load, then repeatedly say I have a network issue and I never get my results. Its especially frustrating in a guild battle because even if I won and the loading screen happens, when i reload it would say unknown battle result and I lose unnecessary trophies. The network error doesn’t happen every single time, but it has been happening often enough that it’s getting a little frustrating.

  • By Bioman11

    Great Game Little Issues However

    One of my first reviews in general. This is a great game overall. I’ve been playing this game since it came out. The rates for the gatcha aspect are quite great when compared to other games. The game play is alright however it does get a tad repetitive as I have never let it go off of auto play since I started playing the game. It would be nice to see an introduced skip ticket sort of thing where the player could get the materials easier from an already beat stage. The leveling up aspect for cookies is a bit strange in the beginning along with the little cookie pieces you can add to a cookie to boost stats but that becomes easier as time progresses. That being said however, the game itself poses some crashes and failure to load data issues sometimes as well. In fact as I write this review my game will not load due to these issues at hand. Overall however, these don’t normally impede game play as much as they do at the moment. I would highly recommend this game to someone as it is great for just coming out not too long ago!

  • By A little strict critic


    From playing from the hype start, it just didn’t feel as good after a while of castle up, more things, not enough time to manage them all, and the constant struggle to level up all your cookies has made me not want to progress the story without jumping from level 32 to 35, with so many more levels, skill powders and more required! The cookie houses don’t generate enough, even after a while before leveling up. More cookies, too many giveaways from mail makes crystals feel not as important, so everyone just uses them to pull, My final take on this is that add something new to the “make wood, sugar, axes” every step of the day, or change it! Adding more materials won’t work, unless you make some “auto” or anything like that. Then fix some balances of cookies, including exp candies required for a single level up after a while, and although new and better cookies are hype, please don’t overuse the “ancient” type, like in cookie run where everyone wants it, but can’t get it, and in this game, the newest cookies always dominate, so exercise these things a little, for the players.

  • By EgoLobster

    Fantastic Game With Huge Issues

    I’ve been a fan of the Cookie Run games for years now and have been playing Kingdom within the first 2-3 days of release. I was super excited for this game and it lived up to the hype. CRK is beautifully animated, charming, and overall an enjoyable experience. While the battles can get a little underwhelming since they’re not very user interactive, I use it as a way to step away and get a drink of water or a snack while the game runs. The major issue with CRK is the crashing. I’m running this on an IPad and it’s one of maybe 3 apps on here? It’s not like it’s barely managing to run, CRK didn’t have this problem until about 2-3 months after release. Anything could crash it. You want to just stare at your kingdom? Crash. Battle? Crash. Gacha? Crash. Booting up the game? Crash. It doesn’t seem to be caused by one specific thing or area which confuses me as someone who understands a decent bit about programming, if it was only during loading zones or when entering certain areas I’d point out the bug but I could literally not even be touching the screen on the shop menu and it will crash. Overall I think the game is really beautiful and Devsisters definitely created a game that lived up to the hype, but good god does it feel like it’s held together by duct tape sometimes. I’ve actively avoided playing a game I sincerely enjoy because I literally can’t even play it.

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