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  • Last Updated: 2021-08-02
  • New version: 1.5.6
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Solitaire: Decked Out


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Solitaire: Decked Out is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Devsisters. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Devsisters, with the latest current version being 1.5.6 which was officially released on 2021-08-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2927 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Solitaire: Decked Out App

How does it Work?

The Classic Klondike Solitaire card game you know and love with offline mode! Rack up the wins to earn coins! Unlock the Lucky Box to collect new theme decks, decorative items, and fun winning ceremony effects! DECK OUT your fun and play!


- Unlimited FREE games

- Collect fun theme decks including penguins, flowers, hot dogs, UFOs, and more!

- Play anywhere at your own pace! Offline mode is available with game pause

- Customize your game! Choose between standard 1-card or 3-card draw

- Play in comfort. Choose between Portrait or Landscape mode

- 90+ challenging achievements

- 90+ decorative items

- Game status saved automatically

- Hints and undos available

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Top Reviews

  • By Sprinklingtons

    Excited with new update

    Unlike the people sniveling about the ad thing and paying to turn them off, I find this update very encouraging. See I understand that making continual updates requires a person to be putting in time, effort, etc. - work that deserves to have a salary. If my paying for ads to be turned off also means new packs and whatnot (all things that require people being payed) then I’m fine with that. I’m hoping to see some nerdy themes like fantasy or D&D. I’m also a bit of a history nerd, so maybe some decades/era themes could be fun.

  • By PaulAlexander13

    Best Solitaire Game of all !! “Decked out”try it you’ll like it !!!

    I have been playing solitaire for a lot of years, a lot ! But this solitaire game has got to be the best that I have ever played ! It keeps your interest far longer and you never get tired Of playing game after game after game ! Being able to change Card colors, background pictures etc. Make it all the more interesting. I have played quite a lot of others that are on the game app. But always come back solitaire “Decked out” because it is so much more fun!

  • By K2568

    Visually Stunning Plus NO ADS!! ❤️

    This is the most beautiful version of solitaire I’ve ever played. Even the most basic deck is stunning. The ability to unlock more decks for free is amazing, and this is the first solitaire app I have found that doesn’t have constant ads. I’m deleting the other solitaire apps from my phone and sticking to this one! To the developers: thank you for making such a beautiful app and putting user experience over greed. I’m definitely going to spend some in app money to support your efforts.

  • By chookjmans


    Beautiful design, clean interface, and NO ADS. I can’t believe this app doesn’t have million of downloads, seriously everyone who plays solitaire on their phone should get this app! And not a single annoying ad to be seen anywhere, unlike 99% of the apps we see today. I actually looked for an ad to give these guys some money because I was so impressed that there wasn’t a single pop up. But there’s no ads ANYWHERE. What are you waiting for? Download this app now!

  • By motherd1

    Love this game

    I love playing this game. Wish the coin rewards were a bit higher but other than that no complaints. Have completed all collections except for the newest sushi one. Working on that now. Wish there were more collections to work on. Like the idea of maybe dragons, puppies. Loved the contest way of getting the new collection. Need to put a daily challenge on also. Thank you to all the hard workers for such a delightful game.

  • By BuckyBeeBee

    Yes, the Game is Rigged in Your Favor

    On their site they make it clear that every deck should be solvable. If you missed that, it’s on you. Lost a streak of 610 because the rules for streaks are really inconsistent. If you restart a 3-draw deck, it does nothing to your streak. You do the same while playing a 1-draw deck and your streak is toast. Between that and how long it takes to get enough coins for a box (which will sometimes give you duplicates for a set you’ve COMPLETED), it can be kind of a discouraging game. If the boxes didn’t give dupes for completed sets, and had clarified upfront how streaks work, I’d be a bit happier. The puzzles aren’t so bad. They eat up a lot of coins, but it’s not that bad given that you can wait to do them. However, it should be clearer that every deck has 3 puzzles increasing in number of pieces.

  • By Alymebo

    An Unfortunate Sellout

    I loved this game to pieces back in the day, and I was heartbroken when it seemed as though it had died in terms of updates and support. When I noticed it had finally been revived, I was prepared to accept that a game that once boasted its ad-free gameplay had decided to go back on that premise. But the price to remove intrusive ads is shameful, and I’m embarrassed on behalf of the dev team. 2.99 a month? $20 a YEAR? Microsoft has a massive and constantly expanding solitaire game for HALF that. It apparently wasn’t enough to sell out to ads in the first place, but y’all really felt the need to add insult to injury by hopping on the subscription bandwagon, in addition to the IAPs and revenue from other, more popular games. It’s an interesting move to take advantage of the not even post-pandemic market in this way, and it’s not even so much the money as the greed behind the money that disappoints me. Everyone deserves their share, but charging $20 a year for a little card game seems pretty garish. If the only other option besides letting the game rot in obscurity was to milk its corpse for nostalgia money, perhaps it was best left in the grave. The new deck designs are cute though.

  • By Dmhak

    Used to be best solitaire out there. Too many ads, must interact with ads

    I used to love this app, but they recently updated with these terrible ads which occur before EACH and every game, which make you interact with them, you have to find the buttons or words or x somewhere within the ad to close it after a certain amount of time, it’s a TERRIBLE user experience, and frankly, dishonest ad experience. Especially when you don’t trust these crappy ads won’t take you to some nefarious site. Way too much ads. It’s really unfortunate as this was the best solitaire app out there. I get that you need to make money, but $3 a month to remove ads isn’t worth it. If you did a 1-time charge of $6-$8 for a year I’d consider it. I’m removing this app and looking for something better.

  • By

    Still ads despite paid, and doesn’t fit on my screen

    I love this game! The free version was the best out there. It basically still is. With two caveats. Upon being notified that the game was no longer without ads for the free version, I signed up for the quarterly paid option so I could continue to enjoy playing cards without being bombarded by stupid content. BUT ADS STILL SHOW UP WHEN I PLAY. So there’s $7 down the drain. Also, with this new update, the app doesn’t fit to my phone’s screen (I have an iPhone 12 mini). So the time, # of moves, and score are all cut off on the top when I play. It’s super annoying, but I haven’t found a better option for a solitaire game I like. If it weren’t for the fun deck designs and animations, I’d probably find something else.

  • By Xtreelimb

    Why would you do that?

    I have been a fan for of this game for a while. I have most of the themes and completed a good portion of them. But this latest update is worrying. The most obvious one would be the inclusion of ads. I think I understand, there is a staggering amount of solitaire games on the App Store, and it must be difficult for this game to compete with them. But for me, a consumer, this felt like a massive spit in the face. I don’t mind the ads for coins, but every time I hit new game it plays an ad. Many of the reviews for this game are 5 stars because of the lack of ads in the game. Including them is nothing short of a betrayal. Not to mention the subscription service. No one wants to pay $3 a month or $20 a year just to not have ads. I also really hate how the update was given to us, “To continue the support”. There would be less gaslighting if a gas station exploded. The update is only a detriment to consumers and I don’t see how any of this would support the game. I like the game, and the new theme is nice, but this only seems like a step in the wrong direction.

  • By msstranger

    Used to be the best… no longer

    This game used to be the best solitaire app (by a LONG shot!) available on any device. The developers were adamant that they would always keep the game ad-free, and they were committed to updates and quality of life improvements. In-app purchases were entirely optional, and I spent a solid $25 to support the app (on another OS). Unfortunately, the new in-game ads between games are ridiculously long, and the subscription pricing to remove ads is absurd. Devs, if you decide to add a one-time purchase of up to $5 to remove ads for life, you’ve got more of my money coming your way. Until then, I’m sad to say I’ll be uninstalling the game.

  • By кєωℓισ

    WAS my favorite...

    used to be the perfect solitaire, no pushy ads, plenty of little quests and achievements to do, fun all around. then they had to jump on the bandwagon of crappy ads. i get that they need to make money but it's crap that i have to be connected to wifi to collect the coins. what if i'm on a plane? what if i don't have service? and the fact that it's a SUBSCRIPTION to get rid of the ads, it isn't permanent. most apps require a one time purchase of like, $3 and call it a day, but the fact that i have to pay $20 for a year ad free is ridiculous. this isn't a streaming app, it's not worth it. bye to what i thought was the best.

  • By jeanmchauvin

    Can sadly no longer recommend due to intrusive ads

    6/2/21 Newest update didn’t fix any of my grievances. If you turn off internet or data to not see overly intrusive ads (each time you win or lose a game), you can no longer earn any coins at all toward unlocking things. This was the only game I had on my phone and I absolutely loved it until they made removing ads a subscription (not a one time payment). I’ll keep updating you guys each time a new update gets pushed out. Don’t waste your time downloading this one. Find a game that doesn’t require a subscription. If it only went to banner ads, it wouldn’t be that bad. These are unskippable 30 second, full-screen ads. The new deck requires you to WIN 3 games for 5 days to even unlock. It’s purely a cash grab which guarantees at least 15 ads per user assuming you win every single game. This update description didn’t even change, so I half wonder if it was pushed out to hide negative reviews. I’ll admit that part is conspiratorial, but I couldn’t find any changes and it was pushed out pretty quickly after the previous one. And seeing the other shady stuff being pulled, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • By Warlock617

    Intrusive Ads and No Offline Progression

    This used to be my favorite solitaire app until the recent update, where they removed offline play progression. You used to be able to play without wifi or cellular data to avoid the intrusive and outright deceptive mobile ads at the expense of not being able to make in app purchases, a trade off I would take any day. With the latest update winning a game without wifi or data now takes away your daily win bonus without awarding you with any coins, forcing you to view advertisements every time you start and finish a game. It’s a shame such a good app had to follow the same advertising methods that give free mobile games such a horrible reputation.

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