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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-29
  • New version: 2.10.0 (86)
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Cookie Run: Puzzle World


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Cookie Run: Puzzle World is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Devsisters. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Devsisters, with the latest current version being 2.10.0 (86) which was officially released on 2021-03-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1386 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cookie Run: Puzzle World App

How does it Work?

What happens if you help a cookie out

of the burning oven? You get invited to

the charming Puzzle World full of sweet

surprises and appetizing adventures!


The fun begins when the Cookies join in!

Match Jellies to create Cookie Boosters,

and use them to blast through juicy levels.


The further you go, the more friends

you meet. Power up Cookies and Pets

to use their abilities to the max!


Every Episode hides a Bonus Quest with

a unique set of rules and a Cookie Wonder

as a reward. Can you collect them all?


Compete with players from all over the world

in the Champions League or test your

puzzle-solving skills in Special Episodes:

unique Cookies and sweet rewards

await you wherever you go!


Nothing's like having a Team of friends!

Exchange Lives and compete with

other Teams to become the best.

Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

Parental Guide:

Help and Support:

or contact us from the game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support

Official Facebook

Official Twitter




SGF Building 15F, 327 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Top Reviews

  • By PlightZero

    The live system is one of the best things about this among others.

    Y’know how some of these Candy Crush games have the same life system rehash where you have to pay for lives which are spent every level you play? In this game, they actually changed it so that you only have to wait for lives if you end up losing the level. The only micro-transaction incentive here is if you want optional items that’ll make the level easier, you can get it if you want it. I haven’t seen any other mobile game with the same gameplay do this kind of thing but, they’re doing it right. I really enjoy the care and animations put into this game. New gimmicks as far as the eye can see with combo-hungry special moves. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of match-‘em-up games, give this one a try and see for yourself.

  • By DerpMcderp12

    I rarely write a view but

    personally i love this game so much. it’s amazing, i played the cookie run game and i love the branch off series of games you’re making. but i think a huge problem is that there isn’t a shuffle feature when you need truly need it. For example let’s say you’re struggling on a level and you finally need one mroe objective but there isn’t nothing to match near it or in the general area at all. causing you to waste moves to figure out what to do. i would love to have the ability to shuffle on my own, i fell i would get quicker wins and complete more levels.

  • By BlueLadybug777

    Very addicting

    I’ve been playing Cookie Run: Ovenbreak for a while and I love it. When I heard this game was coming out, I was curious and I wanted to try it out. I was truly not disappointed! I truly enjoy watching improvement in art and animation and I thought it was an absolute delight to see such a vast improvement. The thing I enjoy about this game is the unique art style. The art in this game uses such bright and vibrant colors and the animation is very smooth. The gameplay is addicting (as read from the title) and very unique. I’ve always enjoyed the characteristics of the returning cookies and the abilities in the game. The music is unique and vibrant. It’s very upbeat. When listening to the music, I could tell it was made from this game company. I can’t say enough how well these games were made. I truly love everything about it! Of course, I could be biased, though.

  • By Tritan7x

    Hard to get coins

    Almost everything about this game is great, from the bubbly graphics to the easy and understandable gameplay. The only problem is that the game doesn't give you as nearly as many coins as it should. The cookies cost too many in-game coins to buy as you get to their episodes, and since many of the levels within the episodes rely on the player having the episode's specific cookie, it gets more and more difficult to pass the levels. If you can't pass a level because you don't have the needed cookie, you get stuck because you've stopped being able to receive in-game coins (obtained from completing a level). After trying many, many times, you'll probably use gems or a bunch of power-ups, and while that may eventually work, you shouldn't have to use them. You can also buy these coins (and gems and other things) with real money, but it goes without being said that you should be able to play a game without having to spend that much money on it, and many of the buyable "packs" cost an extremely large amount of money for what they offer imo. I'll continue playing this game, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to do so before I'm forced to use real money, at which point I'd quit.

  • By G-Fan219

    Pretty good for a match 3 game!!

    I am a big fan of Cookie Run and I do like to play match 3 games to have time fly by, so I knew I was really going to like this combo. And for the most part, I do! The style the cookies are in is absolutely adorable, I love that there is no having to get a high score for three stars, and I love the events that are going on!! I also like the present system for stars. I can see myself sticking to this game instead of playing for a couple days and then deleting it. My only complaint is that the coins to buy new cookies is expensive for the little amount of coins you get per level. Unlike Cookie Run, which I give major props to for having the cookies be easy to obtain, you'll have to do a bunch of grinding to try and get a cookie here, and because I don't have the cookie for chapter 4, I can't pass one of the levels already, after one day of playing. And there is no way to grind coins so I feel as if I am stuck. I thought I could use gems to buy gold, like in Cookie Run, but you can't and have to purchase gold with actual money here.

  • By Crit-and-Rip it

    Wonderful, but there is one little issue...

    I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s so friggin’ cute and the art style is GLORIOUS. It’s beautiful! At first, I was scared that it would be a stupid Candy Crush clone (alliteration), but it wasn’t! It told a story and showed the cookies acting in a way that matches their established personalities. Especially when you meet them. HOWEVER, I have one problem: Coins. I am past a hundred levels already but I still find myself struggling to get coins to buy cookies and their pets. The way you get coins, or at least the way I have come to perceive it, is that you pop jellies and for every [amount of jellies] popped, you receive 5 coins. In my opinion, the amount of jellies required should be lowered. Not by that much of course, to a point where I can buy something without having to play 40 levels to get a substantial amount or buy coins with currency.

  • By GravityFallsHere

    Please for the love of Papa John, fix the coins

    This game is fine. It’s perfectly ok. I don’t normally like match three games but this one, not too bad. The problem is absolutely the amount of coins you get though. I am on Princess cookies little.. level area but I have yet to get four of the past cookies, let alone princess cookie who’s over 11,000 coins. You only get ON AVERAGE 100 coins a level, if you’re a good player and are extremely lucky with the board and power ups. If you’re going to have the levels in an area more suited to a cookie you HAVE to give us enough money to be ABLE to GET THEM. I could just be a bad player, but the guild I’m in also has complained heavily about the amount of coins you need. Alright. That’s all I had to say. Thank you

  • By anostalgicsoul

    It’s a good game, but....

    I like this game (which is rare, because I generally don’t like matching games), but the reason I’m giving four stars instead of five is because there are improvements that could be made. Now, I am aware that this is a relatively new game and everything isn’t going to be perfect, that’s fine. I just want to be honest in my review. An issue I’m having is how hard it seems to collect coins and build them up— especially when the further you get in the game, the higher the cookies and pets prices seem to get. I hope that’s something that could maybe be made easier, because other than that, the game is fun and enjoyable.

  • By Peachy_Buns


    I see that most of the reviews are about how much the cookies are and I can relate. I understand that this game should be somewhat gaining money but the cookies are too unrealistically expensive. I think that you should either keep the cookies the same price but the pet should be free or make both their prices lower. I’m at the point in game where I have reached the banana cookie but seriously? 8,000+ for the cookie and 5,000+ for the pet? That’s not even the only expensive cookie. If we were to get more coins in game then I would understand but without being able to buy the cookie, we hardly get any coins. I legitimately get 40-60 coins for each round which makes it harder for me to save up for another cookie. All in all, cute game but unrealistic prices for characters. I’m so pressed. I think that if I see another price that makes me tight, I’m uninstalling. I really like this game, I do but the prices make me want Kermit. Sewer side. Jokes aside but I’m serious. The prices are too high so just one cookie and a pet. A pet costs as much as one of the first four cookies shown. I read other reviews and saw that princess cookie is 11,000+. Like really?

  • By Element of Honesty

    Fun but the coins!

    I really enjoy this game, the social parts are fun, the mechanics are cool, but the coins are so hard to get! As you progress, you need to get new cookies, each at a more expensive price. Without new cookies, levels are a lot harder. In the process of saving coins, I have got around 4,000. I haven’t been able to get the past 3 cookies, the least expensive being double what I have. Either the cookies need to be less or each level needs to give more coins. On average, each level gives around 30 coins. This game should not be pay to win. You can have it both ways. Cookies central to the game’s story can be less expensive, but other more exclusive cookies can be expensive. I don’t care. I just want to play the game at it’s intended difficulty.

  • By The Blank King

    Fun until the grind

    The game has a very interesting character system with each character having their own generatable special tokens (some characters share abilities with extra power at a slower generation speed) but there comes a point where everything in the game slows to a crawl. The rate you gain coins becomes more and more noticeably slow, like expect 100 coins a level for 5-15,000 characters, and a life system that forces you to stop playing for 30 minutes at a time once you hit a hard or just unfair level. This game does a lot of good and has AMAZING art, but it’s just plagued by the issues most other match-3 games have. I’d recommend you get cookie run proper as that game has far more content and much fairer currency gain.

  • By K. Bigfoot

    Great Game, Bad Currency System

    Definitely one of the best match games out there, beats Candy Crush by leaps and bounds. The characters are cute and full of personality, as always for the Cookie Run brand, but it’s near impossible to get them after the first few chapters of the story because of the incredibly low coin rewards. You can keep progressing, but it gets harder when you don’t have the recommended Cookies for the level– or the one before that, or the one before that. They seem to have thought of everything Except how pitifully slow you accrue coins; you can’t even exchange crystals (the paid currency) for them. Devsisters, please change this. I know the game just came out so I’m holding out for you, but it’s a real issue.

  • By 9Unicorn peeps


    I love cookie run and have written a RAVING review for it, but this game is just about exactly like any other match game out there, just different characters. I tried this game out for the promise of 500 crystals in cookie run, and haven’t seen that reward after getting to episode 3, level 30- when it was promised after passing level three, despite signing in on Facebook and everything. Again, it is like every other mobile game in the genre- you’ll breeze through it for about an hour before having to either spend real life money or grind unnecessarily long for boosts and coins in order to progress a single level- and even then the real life currency packages are expensive to boot. The art style in certain places of the game is different from cookie run’s in a way that makes me vaguely uncomfortable. I know Devsisters can do better than this because they made Cookie Run in a way where you can always keep playing and progressing without need for grinding materials or spending money, but they do have neat, inexpensive packages for if you do want to. They should take from their own book and improve this game with what had set their other game apart from every other free mobile game out there.

  • By Zamba0207

    Do not get this game

    I’ve been playing this game for a little while now. It is very money hungry. To the point where if you get a 10x lucky coin board and win without any problems your game will freeze after you’re done with the level so you don’t get the coins. I had to restart the game completely and came back into the game to find the level wasn’t completed. This is ridiculous. The guild I’m in, many people complain about the same thing. The devs have become greedy, to the point of purposely crashes and freezes so you can’t get your rewards after a level. Just an fair warning. Yes it’s cute, the graphics are nice but when it comes down to it, the game is awful and not even fun to advance in. This happened in Champions league as well. I had 12 moves left was going to get 500 coins, then boom... freezes at the end where you should get your coins. When I redid the level the 10x lucky coin didn’t even happen. This isn’t a coincidence. Do not get this game and waste money on it.

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