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Slide Hoops


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Slide Hoops is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Popcore GmbH. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Popcore GmbH, with the latest current version being 1.16 which was officially released on 2021-05-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7712 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Slide Hoops App

How does it Work?

In Off The Hook, your goal is spin the metal shape around, and aim it so the colorful rings end up in the hole. First, you have to analyse the shape in front of you - some of them are tricky and you need to be clever to solve them. 

Then you have to use precision and timing to spin the shape the right way to get the rings off. Then at last, you need to make sure you aim the figure just right, so the rings end up in the hole. If one of them ends up outside, you lose!

Don’t worry, you can retry the level if you don’t get it! While you play, you also collect coins that will unlock special rewards: like different colors of the rings, and special levels. You will never get bored again!

This game will test your intelligence, timing, and accuracy! Are you ready to be hooked?

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Top Reviews

  • By Hileena

    Problems but can be solved

    So over all the game is amazing. But two problems is that it is too easy and they have too many ads. To solve the ads problem just put your phone on airplane mode and you will not get any ads. Also if it is to easy just keep on playing rounds till you get every hoop in instead of the amount put.

  • By kinsley bullock

    I love this game 🎮😍

    I only had this game for one day and I am on level 31 and I have a Brother and he is on level 82 and I just love this game because I thought it would be boring but no it is pretty fun yesterday I played on it for a while One hour just go down load it trust me it is so fun I love it so so so much just go down load it and it will blow your mind off go down load it will be fun…

  • By likms

    Get this game

    Hi I love this game and I’m only at level 11 to be honest this is the best game I have ever played and it doesn’t have any adds that is one of the reasons you should get it over all this is my new favorite game so many levels and I also would like to know how does green always end last but you really should get this game

  • By Fisherdad

    A Winner

    This is really a clever little game. So many of the games today are carbon copies of other successful games. I have not seen another like this one. Easy to do, but also easy to fail. Could be a good motor skills trainer for young children. I’m 73, and it keeps me busy from time to time.

  • By milana:best

    Kind of hard

    This game is very hard and easy to and I really like this game because there’s a lot of things to do and you can challenge yourself this game is also very fun and I’m already on level 11 and I just started five minutes ago

  • By MaijaMeeha

    My favorite game but...

    I loved this game. But I finished in 3 days. There are ads every other round, sometimes every two. When I figured out how to check out of the ads quicker, this game was easy to finish so fast. I loved it. And I want more. But let us buy out so we don’t have ads. It was ridiculous. I also have ideas of how this game could be more challenging. And more skins. Hopefully someone is already on top of that? Good game though. Love the simple graphics. My favorite game until I suddenly saw I had started over after 300.

  • By byetiful

    Why tho???

    This game is kinda addictive and pretty fun, although I feel like for me I have way to many ads and on ads people are saying that this is the hardest game they have ever played before so I downloaded it, and once I started to play it I realized how easy it is. So if you are reading this, and has not downloaded the game yet, If oh see ads that say that this is a hard game, don’t believe it cause that’s no true. I only wish for no ads and for this game to be more challenging it other than that I’m done for the day! Ok well bye!

  • By idk shy im reviewing

    Not bad

    Ok. It has been about three days since I have had the game. Starting of with the adds. I know the maker wants to sponsor a lot of games but it’s just not fun whenever there are lots of adds. ITs really annoying. so try to change the adds bitter next update please. There is one more thing. I’m on level 11 and the game is so simple. All the levels Are sooo easy. So I suggest you to add some tricks to make it a little challenging. Other than that, the game is really fun.

  • By Gamer'sFavorites101

    Needs additional features

    This is a fun, but very simple game. A timer would make this more challenging, along with the opportunity to improve one’s time with a do over. The timer could be completing it as fast as possible, or timing from when the first ring enters until the last does. Or, require a specific color to NOT fall into the hole. This would make for a significantly more difficult game.

  • By Oenita


    This game is fairly easy, if you group all of the rings together and then try to aim for the hole. It’s not what I consider hard. It’s rather peaceful and relaxes you. I’m enjoying it. The only reason I only rated it a four, is because, I don’t play this game none-stop. Some games I get “addicted” to, for lack of better words. This one is not addictive, but is relaxing and enough of a challenge that it’s enjoyable.

  • By kaitlynwest

    Off the hook reveiw

    I love this game. I have it a four star rating because the adds are kind of over exasperated . When ever I see an add for this they make it seem so hard but really it’s really easy. So basically the only thing wrong with it is the adds. One good thing is this game keeps me very intertwined. When I’m in the car,I play it. When I’m bored, I play it. I hope you enjoy this game!!!!!

  • By - a- random- person-

    Fun but easy

    This game is really fun but it’s also too easy. I feel that they could make the levels a little harder. They should also make some sort of exchange aspect like where you could get the rings on the peg and then trade them in for different peg and ring combinations. But overall I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something to keep them busy.

  • By uggytjctucytvougvty


    I really enjoy this game. But I do wish that they were a little more challenging hard because every time I play this game there’s always really easy Levels. Overall I really do you love this game and I really recommend it for other people. I don’t know what other people think about this game. But I really do think that other people would like it.

  • By derction

    I’m angry

    At first I really loved this game and wanted to play more. This was until the ads kept popping up in between each level. When I tell you I couldn’t play one round with out have to watch a 30-45 second ad I’m not joking. Normally I would be pretty ok with this but in the game some rounds could take 10 seconds to complete. So that means I would play a 10 second round and then have to sit through a half a minute of senseless ads which is just time I will never get back. Its really disappointing because I really did enjoy this game. Do better.

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