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Marbleous 3D


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Marbleous 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Popcore GmbH. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Popcore GmbH, with the latest current version being 3.8 which was officially released on 2021-03-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5114 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Marbleous 3D App

How does it Work?

Become a marble maze master in this brand new game. Find the right path by knocking marbles against each other, and defeat every level!

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Top Reviews

  • By theanimalwhisperer😻

    Great game for anywhere!

    Good: I truly LOVE 😍 this game. Unlike most of these types of games, there aren’t complainaly lots of ads, and the game itself is super addicting and fun. I love how non-glitchy the app is, (it makes it feel smooth when rolling the “marble”.)and the sound of the “marble” rolling is really satisfying, so when playing the game, make sure to turn your volume up! 😉 I also enjoy how there are no “Pay for your VIP or new marble” thing, and you use the money in the game. The ads, by the way, are the same as the app, if you, like me, was watching the ads and decided to install the game, so it is not fake, like the ads in Graden Scapes, or whatever it was called. I would recommend this app to anyone if on a plan trip, bored, or just in need of a fun app in general. Bad: Well, there are really no bad things. I mean, it is fun and challenging, and even if it’s too hard you can use the hint button. One thing I would like is no ads, but if after 3 games an ad pops up really isn’t that annoying. Plus, I understand that the creator needs to make money in some way or another since the app is free. 👍👌 That pretty much sums it up! This app is probably for everyone, since there are no scary stuff. 👍👌😉🐱

  • By Joey.Abikzer

    Love this game

    I beat all 400 levels in about a day. I don’t think this game is very challenging and I was expecting it to get harder as the levels progressed, but the difficulty stayed relatively the same. I didn’t use any hints or skip any levels because I just didn’t find that to be necessary. To make this game better I’d say add more levels and make them more difficult. Overall though it’s satisfying to play, it’s really enjoyable, and I think that they did a great job developing it. No bugs or glitches either.

  • By CCPheonix

    Utterly Toothless

    I kept waiting for the game to ramp up but when I finished the game’s minuscule 120 levels I found myself thinking “Is that all?” There’s real potential for great, challenging puzzles here, but the game never capitalizes on it. It’s also missing a few quality of life features like a level select. Harmless, and probably pretty fun for younger kids who borrow your phone, but thoroughly unstimulating.

  • By rarelyratesolow

    Was fun

    Was really fun and entertaining a good time killer, but there were also only so many levels before you beat the game and then you’re repeating levels (finished in a matter of 4 hours). Plus all the unlocks are done in a matter of seconds. Only thing that could have people keep the game on their phones is if they add more levels and unlockable items. Otherwise once the game is beat it’ll most likely be deleted and never touched again.

  • By CheeseSinger

    It was extremely fun, but then it glitched!!!

    So basically, I was playing the game and I’m having a really hard time passing a level, so I ask for a hint. It made me watch the video and I got the hint, but the hint wasn’t working!! It kept telling me to go to the right, and that was the one thing that would make me lose the game!! I finally won the level, with no help from the hint! But it took me back all the way to the first level!!! I got so mad that I just deleted the game...

  • By Jmantoothman

    Solid game

    Overall the game was pleasant to play. I did find it a bit weird that you pass all the levels before having enough coins to get every ball type. The game seemed kind of short at around 125 levels or so. (I wasn’t keeping track and it auto resets to level one when completed) only maybe 2 of the levels were any kind of challenging.

  • By Pokeking12

    Easy, Simple concept, minor issues

    The game is very easy and approachable with only a few challenging levels in the first 120 levels (and by a few I mean 1-3). The concept is simple making it very approachable but doesn’t allow for much creativity so it gets really stale really fast. Minor issues that make a boring game frustratingly slow. For one the marbles move slowly which is just annoying. Lastly, there are some minor glitches that occur when it comes to using the reset button that cause a minor inconvenience in that it brings up the fail screen even after the bored had reset. Other than that its a standard boring puzzle game to waste time playing.

  • By Headlock1_0

    Okay, could be better

    So I like the concept. It isn’t very complex, so it’s kind of nice to relax with. However, two things really screw with that feeling: 1. The video ads. Can we all agree that 90% (or more) of the mobile game ads these days are extremely irritating? You want to put a banner on both top and bottom of the screen? Sure. I don’t care. I might even check one of them out if they catch my attention in a positive way. The videos are jarring, misleading, annoying and sometimes infuriating. Stop. Just stop. 2. The emojis at the end of every level. I know some people like them. Good, fine, enjoy what you enjoy. I’m not one of them. They infuriate and disgust me to look at them to the point that I want to break something despite not being a violent person. I know it might sound petty, but it’s just a feeling that I can’t explain. Can you put an option in the settings to remove them? Please? I’ll consider increasing my rating if these two things are addressed.

  • By Matt Rx64

    Too little challenge for too many ads

    Ultimately, this game is not as puzzling as a puzzle game should be. The levels are short, and often very linear, and unfortunately don’t progress to something much more difficult. Often a level will start, and there’s one direction you can flick it, and an obvious sequence to follow. This leaves plenty of time for the app to show you ads for other games , and it gets to the point where you wonder whether you’ve spent more of your time playing the game you downloaded or watching the app try to market other games to you.

  • By Smile458

    What Happened?

    Despite others saying the game is too easy, I actually enjoy it. Yes, it is too easy, especially once you figure out the pattern in the game, however it makes me keep calm and less stressed so I like it. This morning I went to play the game and as usual, I was going through the levels quickly when suddenly I was brought back to level one. I played through the tutorial but the game still did bring me back to my original spot. I still have my balls from passing the levels so I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what? Either way, please fix this. The game is no longer fun when you start from the beginning. The levels keep me coming back and I’m not sure I’ll be playing this anymore.

  • By Ijmitchell

    Levels are too easy and plain, too many ads

    I’ve gotten up to 45 and the levels are still a breeze. A bit boring. Would be nice if I could skip past to the ones that are actually a challenge, if there are any. I wouldn’t mind just playing through the levels peacefully... if it weren’t for the ads. Ads have become an epidemic in general on the App Store, but I think this game really pushes that even further. Every 2 levels or so there’s an ad, but each level is simple and only takes like 2 seconds. I could spend many minutes playing a single level in another game and not get a single ad. In fact, I’ll go do that now.

  • By Wendover from Sam

    Derek’s Thoughts

    This mobile game is ridiculous with the amount of emoji’s and ads it uses. In the beginning, there was an ad for every 7 levels which I believe is reasonable since the screen is caked with smaller ads, but in later levels the video ads are for every two levels which is ridiculous because these aren’t hard levels, also what is the deal with mobile developers marketing, they just seem to enthusiastic in trying to look cool because they know there game is sham with no satisfying content past the five minutes. I highly recommend not getting this game or any mobile games because they always make you a little sadder the more you play them. I will make an exception for the Sonic games made by Christian Whitehead as those are full games with controls that work on a phone. I usually say with these long rambling monologues that its just my opinion so take it lightly, but for this I really want you to think about my views seriously as the less people who play these games, the less of these games exist, which I feel is a good thing as these games were made to exploit people on there phone who are bored, when things like the Switch exist which offer meaty games that are portable, and most of those games are easy enough to understand. Of course of you can’t afford a Switch I completely understand turning to your phone, but there are so many better games than these ones made by Vodoo and others.

  • By otirrubotimek

    Annoying Glitch

    I just started the game and every time I finish a level, an ad for the developer’s other games comes on. Even if you play without wifi or data, this ad pops up every single time you finish a level. The problem is when I exit out of the ad, each time I tap the screen to continue onto the next level, the screen freezes and won’t allow me to move forward. It only works if you close the game completely and reopen it. But then it repeats. Open game, complete one level, ad comes on, exit out of ad, tap to continue, frozen screen, exit out of game. Repeat repeat repeat. It’s so annoying and I’ve only played six levels. Not playing anymore. Don’t waste your money paying for no ads. That should only go towards ads that come on when you’re connected to the internet (and even then, it’s still a waste of money).

  • By Dill Crispy

    Baby game for babies

    There was no challenge, it feels like the point of this game was to show how many different ways they could design 4 different levels. There isn’t any choice until like level 10 and at that point there was only an actual choice like every 4 levels. Even when there was a choice it was so obvious which one worked, meaning 80% of the choices didn’t even require stopping to think. I didn’t make an actual mistake until level 60 or so, and that was just because I was trying to finish each level as fast as I could. Btw if you finish the level while one of the blue marbles is still moving towards the hole it doesn’t count

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