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Clash of Blocks!


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Clash of Blocks! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Popcore GmbH. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Popcore GmbH, with the latest current version being 2.18 which was officially released on 2021-06-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 15097 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Clash of Blocks! App

How does it Work?

Tap on the board to trigger a rapid expansion, claim the biggest surface!

Do you have what it takes to excel in this game of wit, brains, and colors?

In Clash of Blocks, your job is to strategically place your own block so that it rolls out faster than your opponents. Your goal is to win majority of the board, to have your color take up the majority of the board! Can you get a 60% majority? Or 70%? Or 80%? Or even over 90%?

You need to be sneaky and clever to get more tiles than the opponent color!

What percentage of the population will your color get?

There’s only one way to find out! Download Clash of Blocks today and challenge your sneakiness!

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Top Reviews

  • By DolphinDailyz

    Very good game! Maybe less ads?

    I love this a lot! I didn’t know why I deleted it in the first place, but I re-downloaded it, and it’s still the best game ever! But maybe one reason I did so was because of too much ads, maybe if you stopped playing ads, or one every minute or so, more people might enjoy the game! And less complaints as well, which might mean more money then you already make, and maybe a little feature you could add in the next update! Maybe if you get enough coins you can customize your block, that would be a really cool feature to have! But anyways I just thought of you could lower the ad limits you could probably earn double the amount of money you make, and get more positive reviews! But other then that this game is so fun and less boring then other games. Keep up the great work, and if you take my idea, maybe you could make thousands! Or millions, who knows!

  • By cohljjck

    I used to play this game

    I think one time I think I was over I mean I was over level 100 and I think it was on this device this iPhone 11 but this used to be my mom‘s phone I think I was playing it it was a lot fun I play every time I go in the car (sometimes) and now I’m going to try to get back where I was and this game it’s very fun so I think I should start commenting iN Youtubers videos and I would recommend them playing it and I like this game a lot it has too many ads but still fun and this is a great game

  • By MaceGale

    This is awesome!

    This an amazing game I totally recommend you play it, it has ads but they only show every 7-10 levels and they can be clicked out of and are very short It does take some WiFi to play but is still fun for road trips if you have data. 10/10 Would buy again! My only request is that more skins be added this isn’t a demand or a push on time, just do if you want and don’t if you don’t their is just not a lot of skins. But 100% get this game!

  • By Quintivarium

    Simple but Challenging

    This is a simple but thought inducing puzzler. I especially appreciate the ability to see solutions merely by watching an add. So often I want to kick myself for completely overlooking what should have been obvious. Some people complain about ads, but although there are ads between nearly all levels, I found myself thinking enough about a level that the ads felt reasonable. By the way, I have quit several games because ads demanded too high of a percentage of my playing time. Not so with this game. I do have 3 minor complaints. The game ended while I was still wanting more levels. The screen is so small that I was prone to miss the square I meant to hit. And finally, the game does not consistently let me revisit completed levels. None of these prevented me from enjoying the game.

  • By David Stecker

    Good simple game

    That being said wow it’s very simplistic and relies on people getting hooked on that feeling of accomplishment. Sadly I thought it was a multiplayer game. No idea why. Get over it. It only took me 30 minutes to get too level 100 and the ads were not bad at all. They went by faster then most apps. Uninstalled as I set the goal of 100 and that’s the furthest I’m willing to go. Watched the ads though and downloaded a few things to help the dev.

  • By RetroRaRon

    Extremely Fun game but..

    This game is so addicting i've been playing it for about an hour now. The only single problem I have with this app is the excessive amount of ads. It's ridiculous. I can't get past a single level without an add popping up. I understand it's the only way games get profit. But either way, please cut down on them. It's disheartening each time I get one. Hopefully this issue gets resolved because this is a promising game. 👍🏽

  • By Eleanor Is Tah Bomb

    Good,but need some fixes

    I actually love this game it’s not bad at all but there are some fix’s first one after like 5 rounds it asked me to rate the game 2 minutes later it did the same. and i just started the game how do you expect me to just know what I like and what I don’t okay there are more cons but I will get back to that a good thing is the adds I read some of the reviews and they said the adds were really annoying I agree but disagree at the same time they really aren’t that bad at all. Ok another con was the maps some of them look very similar and you basically have to do the same thing the developers (or developer) could have been a little more creative I think .so I don’t really have anymore pros so I’m just gonna throw some cons into this. Ok first one so you have to place the block down and it spreads out more a thing I don’t like is how they rate it like saying how much space you colored it’s a good touch just I think it’s kinda lieing I guess the space just doesn’t always look like the same number it gave you and I’m not a fan of it. Ok that’s it for now goodbye.

  • By Carly Samuel

    Pretty good 👋🏻

    So let’s start off with the good things. For instance, this game is VERY addicting, and quite simple. Although, this may just be my OCD talking. Whenever I finish a level, it gives you stars, and even when I get WAY MORE than the other color, it’s gives me a 1 or 2 star rating. Sometimes I do even worse than some of the other rounds, yet I get more stars. This is a minor thing that can easily be ignored, but it just triggered me. I also understand you have to advertise, but some apps I’ve played have never given me an add, and I don’t see why this has to be any different. The adds sometimes even make me want to delete the app they get so annoying, after almost every single level, I get an add. Overall, it’s a pretty good app with a couple minor issues, that I believe can be resolved without any trouble.

  • By Ms. Fellena

    Need some work...

    The concept is really nice and there isn't any glitches. ( so far.) I just have a few problems with this game 1 you have to watch an ad to replay any level! I have a huge problem with this since I have a tendency to try a level and get like one - two stars then later replay the level for fun. So if you like to do that do not recommend this app. 2 most of the ads you can't turn off the sound. This an issue with me cuz I listen to music a LOT. So if you do that don't recommend. But if you don't do the above it a great app and I highly suggest you get it!! So in short great app needs some work but the concept is great!

  • By sorrow567mrstealyogirl515

    Okay Game

    This game is fun but it’s just another clickbait game that made a commercial with someone doing it wrong to entice you to play it to prove that it isn’t as hard as the ad claimed but even tho the game looks and functions beautifully the star system is flawed and even when you get all three stars on a level it doesn’t update to display the stars and when I got three stars on the first try (which began to happen more and more once I figured out how the blocks moved) it didn’t even show any stars so I have a bunch of levels that have zero stars which shouldn’t even be possible unless I haven’t completed the level. So the devs have some more work to do on this game

  • By Watanco

    So many ads

    You can try to enjoy the game but you spend more time watching ads than playing. Each round is just you placing one block and watching the result, it doesn't take long. But the ads that happen like every second round do take as long as you might expect. The game itself isn't horrible, i didn't get far cause i couldn't get past the ads but i could see there is more to the strategy than just putting it in the most obvious location. I tried to learn more by comparing different strategies but retrying the same level you just beat also triggers ads.

  • By guy392

    Actually the worst game I ever played

    Hello, this is a bad game. That it. I played up to level 273 and guess what, ALL GONE. It doesn’t really bother me because the levels never had the unique shapes like the commercial that I saw. And I never lost so I just left it because it was never hard. If you want a short game, you might like this. But warning. No progress saves. I mean seriously, do you not test this? If you want a long game to get lots of progress, just don’t think about this game. As I said earlier, no progress saves. This is the worst game I’ve played in my life. And the worst starred game. The good reviews are probably people getting payed to do it, the devs and his/her friends or bots. I don’t recommend this. Thank you for reading this (if you did) and I hope you change your mind about this.

  • By Ssppaazz

    Insult to my intelligence

    This game is satisfying to watch but that’s about where my enjoyment stopped. The puzzles were ridiculously easy to the point where I would get 3 stars on any level I tried twice, and most of them I got 3 stars on the first try. I feel like the developers made the levels based on aesthetically pleasing designs more than actually challenging tasks. Not to mention the ads are incredibly excessive, with one popping up every other excruciatingly quick and easy level. I must have spent more time watching ads than I did actually in the game. If you want something easy that gives your brain a break or just looks good, then this game might be the one for you but it wasn’t my cup of tea

  • By LeftPurpose


    I was excited to download this game. This is the kind of game I can play for hours on end. But the problem is that there are ads after about every 3 levels. That doesn’t sound so bad, but when none of the levels get harder, you’re watching ads literally half the time you have the app open. This is a trick all kinda of mobile developers use because they know someone wont mind the ads and just keep playing, just grinding the money. I’m uninstalling this (not that it’ll make any change in the app) because I’d rather play an actual game without extensive ads. You guys might earn more money if you would make the game playable so people don’t uninstall the game.

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