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Folding Blocks


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Folding Blocks is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Popcore GmbH. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Popcore GmbH, with the latest current version being 2.21 which was officially released on 2021-06-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 12990 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Folding Blocks App

How does it Work?

The exciting challenge of Folding Blocks will have you instantly mesmerized! Unfold your blocks correctly to fill the space and complete each challenge. Feel the satisfaction as you discover the correct moves and master each level one by one!

Experience moments of flow then and stumble across stimulating obstacles that really make you think. How far can you make it? Try Folding Blocks now and find out for yourself.

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Top Reviews

  • By gET/ReKt/sOn

    Highly recommend

    It’s a great game with not too many ads and it actually makes you think and it’s really fun. There are some pop up ads but they’re manageable. After some levels there are big gift boxes that you have to watch an ad for but it’s actually a consistent large amount of gems. You can also tap “no thanks” which shows up after a few seconds. It has lots of cool skins that aren’t hard to unlock. This is the one thing that isn’t great: the hints basically show you how to complete the level, they’re solutions not hints. If there was a way they could show less, maybe just the way to complete some blocks, and if you still couldn’t do it, it would show you all the blocks. I think that would be really cool. Anyway it’s great and if you’re thinking of getting it you totally should. Thanks developers!!

  • By Samo karplus

    More Levels

    Overall a five star game. Very fun. One issue. I am 14 years old and this game is extremely easy. I beat all 1000 levels in about 3 days and I only payed for an hour or two a day. People shouldn’t be a able to beat an entire game in a few days. I like the new skin feature but the points should also be purchasable. My last issue is the last level. First, it should be a lot harder. But more importantly, once you beat it, there is no end reward. You should unlock something special for spending all those hours and beating all 1000 levels. But no you don’t. Finally I think the levels should be in a different order. Certain levels are much harder than other levels way higher up.

  • By bmann30

    Very fun and relaxing

    This game just seems to eat the time away, and is very addicting. Kudos. The puzzles are interesting, especially the later puzzles on the smaller side. This game sometimes forces you to be creative. There is a small bug I noticed however. It occurs after successfully completely a level. A menu with a button saying continue appears. Unfortunately, by tapping quickly multiple times, you can skip levels. Being on level 400ish and finding out about this, I wish I’d known earlier so I could’ve solved all of the puzzles. Aside from this bug, wonderful game.

  • By AdamZ4812

    Flipping Adds ;-;

    The game is great, it’s really addicting and I’m almost to level 100! It totally doesn’t show adds almost every time you complete a level (LIES!!). I wish I could say that’s true, because this is kind of like an add simulator. I don’t wanna watch millions of adds just to get play! Also, could the hints only show you a single color, instead of just showing it all! If there is less adds then this will be changed to 5 stars! (Changed it to five stars because I just read a review calling this game EASY AND BORING but it’s not)

  • By Wizard Puppy

    It’s pretty great!

    I love this game and have been playing for at least a year I think, it is so fun. A creative puzzle that uses your brain! I only have a couple of critiques. Once you hit a certain point the gems become useless because there’s nothing to do with them. I am not saying to have a hint system (personally I don’t like those) but maybe more skins or new world I don’t know. That’s all I can think of right now, love this game totally recommend to any puzzle lovers out there! Have a great day!

  • By Pokémon is awesome

    More editing options please?

    Ok, now hear me out. I absolutely LOVE making custom levels in EVERY game I play that allows it, including this game. What I'd like is a way to connect blocks that are apart and have them move together like some of the levels in the base game, and also a way to put more than 6 blocks, because 6 is quite limiting when it comes to creativity. And speaking of limited creativity, I'd also like a way to increase the board size to allow for even more mind-bending puzzles. Maybe this could all be part of an "editor's pack" of some sort that adds all the above features, and maybe even some more. Please get back to me if you can, and thanks in advance if this ever does happen.

  • By Jcpill

    Ads on a paid game

    I downloaded this game and enjoyed it so much that I paid the $2.99 to get rid of the ads. I blew through all 800 levels and when the updated version came out with new “skins”, I blew through those levels, too. The problem I have is that I’m not really interested in changing skins, but I am forced to sit through ads, to earn jewels even though I paid to have the ads removed. I see no purpose for the jewels. I understand having to watch them if I want additional perks, like extra hints or undo’s. I’m just very disappointed that I paid for some to be removed and now I am back to where I was before I paid.

  • By 888year old!😀😀😀

    Addicting!! But to many adds. Unikittymermaid123

    I am already at level 30 and I just got this game today!! And every time I want a hint I wish I would not have to watch an add!! I wish there where coins, you can earn them by every time you complete a level (except when you used a hint) you get coins! But even when I do not press the HINT button, it still gives me an add (in the middle of the level!!) So if the add situation is fixed then it will be a 5 star quality! Thank you for your time! Bye!! - Unikittymermaid123

  • By pickleshtick75

    Boring over time and could get more effort put into.

    This game has good concept, I will admit, but there are some things that bother me. One, at first, fine, it’s kinda fun because, well, it’s a new game for people who got it and they play it. Also, there are some challenging levels, but overall, this game can get pretty boring. The levels are based off of the same thing. I mean, I think the creator could’ve put a little more effort into this, like maybe adding a twist, or even some how putting in a storyline. That would make this game go a lot farther. You could also add more challenging levels for the people who want a challenge, and in these challenging levels, you could do a special kind a block that works different from the others. Stuff like that would make this game a lot more popular. And don’t even talk about the ads. Yes, I know you have to put in ads because I created a game before, but that’s too much. Every time I fail a level, I look at the board and get a picture of it, and so then I’m going to think what I’m going to do, so I press the restart button and start thinking when an ad comes up. It keeps me off track from thinking and then I technically have to restart it all again. So overall, this game can be fun at first, but boring after a while, can get a little more effort put into this to possibly make it less boring and more fun, and I honestly think 40% of the people that get this game and play it are not going to like it.

  • By x0riginalx

    Good game but too easy

    Good game and concept but the levels are all very easy and I beat all 1000 levels in a little over a week, playing only a bit each day. There needs to be more difficulty in this game for it to be engaging: maybe some blocks that triple instead of double, change colors when flipped, blocks that can only be unfolded once or twice, etc. There is a LOT of potential but it’s wasted on hundreds levels that took me less than 20 seconds to solve. In all 1000 levels only 3 took me more than 1 minute to solve, one being level 876 off the top of my head. Also, after unlocking all the skins, there is no point for the crystals, so there should be more ways to use these. Also, maybe a platform for users to design and share levels.

  • By MeddlinMegs

    Great for Boredom

    As someone who enjoys a puzzle game that doesn’t demand too much attention to play while bored and in public, this is a really fun game! It has way too many ads, though, so I had to dock a star for that. The other star comes from the difficulty. I have completed all 1000 levels and there isn’t a gradual difficulty progression for the game. Some levels are hard, some are far too easy, and they’re just scattered through the game. It keeps you busy while you’re waiting or have nothing else to do, and it’s better than mindlessly scrolling through social media, but you don’t want to be connected to the internet when you’re playing and it will only challenge you so much.

  • By yfimc

    too many ads, repetitive

    fun concept but... i didn’t get very far in this game before the ads became too much to handle. i think there was a 30 second ad after every level. and once you get the hang of it levels go quick. maybe 15 seconds to play and then 30 seconds of ads. i was either going to delete the app or pay to get rid of the ads. i ended up paying and the game is a lot more enjoyable without ads. the only problem is once you’ve done a hundred or two hundred levels you’ve pretty much figured everything out. and again levels go fast so that’s probably about an hour of gameplay. i think they ran out of the ideas. you start to notice that some levels are VERY similar and also there are some tropes they just can’t seem to get enough of like oh a 2x8 rectangular area on the side or bottom with one square in it duh you always unfold that square to cover the area. i think that one is in at least two thirds of levels. wish they had made the effort to create something more challenging especially now i’ve paid to remove the ads!! lol

  • By kennect

    Boring & satisfying

    Boring and satisfying, if you are looking for a relaxing and satisfying game you should download this game. But if you are looking for a challenging game and a fun game this is not the game that you want. The reason why I leave two stars is because it is so boring! There are so many levels and I would play some more and keep the game and not delete it! But I really I think if they made it more fun and made challenging levels than I would definitely keep it! So if you are looking for a satisfying game get this one because the sounds are very satisfying. But if you are looking for a very fun game and very challenging and not that relaxing game don’t get this game! So I hope you read this and I hope it is helpful👍🦄🌈🙂🙂

  • By Mrs.Alonzo

    Please restore and fix

    I’m hoping this review will encourage the creator or whomever to fix these issues. I enjoy this game. It’s a great way for me to get out of my head and have something to do. But the night option is no longer available and I typically play this before bed to help me relax. But it’s too bright☹️ Also, even though I’m logged into my WiFi I’m never able to collect the 300 points I earn at the end because I get a pop-up saying something like, “internet unavailable please try again later”....this is very frustrating. Only getting 100 points rather than the 300 EVERY SINGLE TIME! Not cool. If these two things don’t get corrected I will update this review and stop playing.

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