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SAO Alicization Rising Steel


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SAO Alicization Rising Steel is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., with the latest current version being 2.8.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14582 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the SAO Alicization Rising Steel App

How does it Work?

A tale of noble souls…

SWORD ART ONLINE: ALICIZATION RISING STEEL is SAO’s newest anime RPG game. Based off of the Alicization story arc from the Sword Art Online anime manga series, guide Kirito, Eugeo, and friends in their quest to save Alice and all of Underworld from new and dangerous threats.

This epic JRPG adventure set in the virtual world of Sword Art Online combines stunning new anime-like motion with a unique Spirit Battle System to add an original strategic twist on the classic turn-based anime RPG gameplay formula. Sap the enemy spirit to help defend against their attacks or gather spirit for your team to build up your own powerful attacks and take down the mightiest of foes. This unique feature helps shape exciting and unique RPG battles just like in the anime series!


• Experience this JRPG adventure as Kirito and Eugeo explore the Underworld to rescue Alice

• Battle against familiar foes such as the Goblin Ugachi, Pontifex Quinella, and Emperor Vector

• Explore exclusive content unique to SWORD ART ONLINE: ALICIZATION RISING STEEL


• Featuring an original Spirit-based take on classic turn-based anime RPG gameplay

• Link Assault, Break, or Charge Sword Skills to effectively attack the enemy

• Wield beloved weapons such as the Blue Rose Sword, Fragrant Olive Sword, and Elucidator!


• Charge up your gauge to devastate foes with powerful Incarnate Skills

• Link Sword Skills in a Switch Combination for even more damage

• Deal the finishing blow with the ultimate Final Attack from your SAO party!


• Collect SAO anime characters from the Alicization Story arc

• From Integrity Knights such as Eydis, to Swordcraft Academy pages Ronie and Tiese and many more are available to join your team


• Guest starring anime manga characters from Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, & Gun Gale Online

• From Asuna, Klien, Sinon, Agil, to Yuuki, many fan-favorites join this epic anime RPG adventure

• Join SAO characters you know and love to form the ultimate assault team

SWORD ART ONLINE: ALICIZATION RISING STEEL contains the best SAO mix of the manga novels, anime series, and original content all in one epic anime RPG adventure! What are you waiting for? The fate of the virtual world rests in your hands! LINK START!!!

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This game contains some items available for in-app purchase

that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app

purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details.

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Top Reviews

  • By Megmegatron

    Thanks Bandai...not.

    Had a small issue where I accidentally used my exchange weapon they give you for being a new player to limit break itself thinking it was a cool free weapon they gave you. Realized my mistake and that those rainbow weapons are for exchanging in for a real weapon...I wrote to Bandai and they regret to inform me there’s nothing they can do. A million dollar company can’t do anything for a new player who WAS going to spend money and keep playing but now is completely turned off by this company. I’m not asking for a refund of money, I’m not asking for a free character or weapon pull, I only asked for them to take back the limit broken one which is useless now and let me have the exchange weapon i was supposed to get. They do this on I will never got the free weapon that all new players are entitled to. I’m sure that’s too much to ask the worlds current largest toy company worth $6.4 Billion dollars. I miss when gaming used to be about the player and not the money. I have no problem paying (and I have) for things in this game. But this was different, this was an honest mistake that would have cost them no money at all to fix. I hate Bandai now.

  • By WolfXaeger


    I have tried nearly all games by Bandai Namco and loved them all but I have to say this one truly takes the cake. Too many games nowadays focus on creating more and more units with the same system and effects but this game has added breath-taking animations and even made a moving animation at town with character lines for each character even when a very popular game such as azur lane only made a select few actually move and quickly made the rest with just have lines with no movement. Truly this game is amazing and enjoyable with its own unique twist to keep the game fun as well as visually appealing. Edit: as far as gameplay goes I think they nailed the difficulty level too many games let u skip all the beginner content but in this game players cant just skip to lvl 100 exp grinding and instantly be able to one hit most of the story, u got to think and it gives u the time to do so with its turn base system which I absolutely love

  • By Xcali168

    Easy & addictive game

    I like the battle style, not impossible but challenging, also not like the afk arena where you need to try hundred times of re or buy $$$ upgrade purchases in order to advance. Daily grinding and events gives more than sufficient materials to help you move on, early stage you will have endless AP points due to easy level up. Unfortunately due to circumstances I can not make purchases so I missed 4star hero & R4 weapon voucher , but after 9th days of playing(yes I started playing on the very first day the game released), I’ve completed & 3stared every quest & event, got the cathedral title & legendary armors before they implement new patch on today the 29th Nov, so this can show you this game is F2P friendly! Pros: challenging battle style, awesome original animation and voicing. VERY F2P friendly. Cons: Not support overseas payment, no gacha guaranty, no interaction with other players besides hiring support. Suggestions: Please improve the gacha system, at least put a 3 or 5 step guaranty gacha on, so people know when will they get the R4 or 4star, right now a lot of pay players complain, you don’t want to lose them. Also add interaction functions between players into the game, it’s a little spice to the boring daily grinding :) I love the anime series and I’ve been following it since the beginning, so I really hope this game can improve more and go further. Keep it up guys.

  • By {[Unknown]}

    Love the game but I got a problem

    So what happened was the game needed an update and I was running out of space and I’m not sure why but the game decided to delete itself and I lost all my progress. Now I'm a bit upset at the fact that the app decided to just delete itself, but that might be my fault at the fact that I love mobile games so much that you have plenty of them. That being said, when you lose all your progress to a game you were grinding on for a week straight, you can get quite mad. Honestly it’s one of the best SAO games I’ve played and I’ve played a lot of SAO games. Such as Fatal bullet, Hollow Realization, Memory Defrag, and Integral Factor. I’ve loved them all. But none of them gave me this problem. I still think it’s probably my fault but I just wanted to let y’all know. Thank you for creating such awesome games and I hope to see much more.

  • By Mercury_88


    This game has a “campaign” which took me over two weeks to finish while playing several hours a day. I haven’t been this engrossed in a game, let alone a mobile game in a long time. There is a lot to do that you can keep playing indefinitely but I highly recommend to at least play the main story. There was a bit of grinding to be strong enough for the later bosses but it didn’t really feel like grinding with the variety of characters and and the items you can get on the daily mission stuff. I’ve watched some SAO anime but never played much of the games on PlayStation. I’ve been intrigued by the SAO concept and stories so this was a great way to play one of the games. It really doesn’t feel like it’s “just” a mobile game and the story is as good as any PlayStation game. If you’ve been interested in SAO at all, give it a try. You’ll be glad.

  • By Sir_Awsome

    Review on the game

    The game and story is pretty good since it’s based of the actual anime season like the fact they brought all the characters from past sao seasons and new characters from the latest anime. The weapons themselves looks absolutely stunning, the grind to get each item is hard but with strategy and strength it’s a breeze but their are some bugs and glitches in the game that happens like some of the characters top of the head would disappear and most characters would face the other way, most mobs would freeze, oh and one other thing I like is the character development that they didn’t get time to put in the anime and the actual animation scene felt like I was watching an episode but the subtitles and sound would delay with the scene but it’s a good game to play and if you think you can beat me you got another thing coming!

  • By Melody Jr.

    Awesome development.

    This game is truly a Amazing game. I honestly don’t get how there is bad reviews. As a SAO fan I’m totally obsessed with this anime. I’ve been watching ever since 2012. And this game is really awesome. The animations and graphics just top it off. It doesn’t lag too bad at all and I’m sure all of us love games like that. I love how you have a storyline added too it. Because sadly there is some SAO games that dissatisfy me. Because it’s all the story or just fighting and leveling up your characters. But this game is just perfect it has a good and equal amount of Storyline, And fighting in it. Obviously all games have minor bugs, But. I do have one minor issue. When I log onto the game it lets me only to get to the first Chapter. Then it crashes Every single time. I’ve Tried on My IPad Air Then I’ve tried on my IPhone 6. If this problem can be fixed I’d Greatly appreciate it.

  • By Blackcat124gt

    Great game but...

    The game is good. I can sit hours when I’m bored playing it and I don’t feel pressure into buying things. But unfortunately the rates for the scouts are sooo low that you may never get what you truly want. R4 weapons are hard to come by and when you do it’s the odd ones nobody actually uses except one or two characters like daggers or guns. You can trade them in but the ratio is 4 for 1 weapon which is silly. The rates for the R4s are so low the chance of you having 4 that you can give up is slim. Honestly if they made the exchange sword slightly easier to come by it would be okay. It’s also sad the story officially stops at the end of the administer’s fight and doesn’t continue into the war. Edrys has little screen time and they didn’t even make her a character in SAOAL

  • By StellaRei

    Login bonuses

    I love SAO ARS it’s a really fun game to play but as I logged in this morning I thought I got the 50 diamonds that i didn’t get during the recent summer login [get up to 100 diamonds!] and also didn’t complain cause I thought “oh I’ll get it soon” but I didn’t. Then also gave me the last of the free recent character which I got. (I also log in everyday at that.) but one thing was it said it gave me a 4* guaranteed ticket scout from when i first started playing sword art online Alicization Rising Steel and when I tried to go and collect it, it wasn’t there. I really don’t know how it happened I just logged in like I regularly do everyday and i never received the full 50 diamonds or guaranteed ticket scout. Other than that I really enjoy playing this game!

  • By DarkPhinox

    Crashes will bring this game down

    If these crashes don’t get fixed soon this game will not have the potential it should have for me I can’t even get the the first main mission fight because when I use the charge attack with eugeo it crashes and then I get kicked out I’ve tried to delete the game restart my phone and i can’t continue without this being fixed because it’s still part of the tutorial. If things like this don’t get fixed this game won’t be liked I have high hopes for this game but if these crashes don’t get fixed then I don’t know. If you are or if you can add a if you keep crashing option in missions so people can skip them but make it were they don’t get stuff for doing them so they can’t cheat it and if you are then keep working on it. I hope you keep trying to fix these and add new things also good luck to you

  • By LenitoBeast

    Please Read: New Updates

    With the new 1.5 anniversary celebration going on, Bandai decided to reduce the diamonds earned from events from 8 to 3. Then, decided to make the reward from completing a quest to 1 diamond and story quest 8 to 3 then another downgrade to 2. What a game. Close to it’s 2 year anniversary and Bandai found a way to make the players leave and play better games. The game hasn’t been out long and this is what you give us, not so grate. I hope you can bring it back since there are many F2P players and you are making everything pay to win. Pretty lame in my opinion. Character designs, and Incarnate animations are cool is just the rewards. We can spend up to hours of playing just for 1 diamond, go to the scout just to get nothing or a duplicate. 🚪🏃💨 All other players don’t enjoy this, brought hype for the Cradle story and expected many great things but nothing good came from this update. This was the worst mistake done and would probably lead to this games downfall. I just wanted to mention this and let you guys know what a good game is going to die. Also, the season pass is kinda disappointing, boring and rewards aren’t that great from there. The new limited characters from the event know need specific crystals? Really? That was kind of dumb to be honest. Hopefully the newer updates bring back the old rewards and better things than this update.

  • By Waylaree02


    I’ve played all 3 SAO games from Bandai and I have never been more disappointed than when I played this. I was so excited to play it and even had it preordered, but when after I finished the tutorial is when I was let down the most. This game requires AP to play each stage and not only that, you have to play as Kirito. There’s nothing wrong with Kirito or his character, it’s just the fact that you have to play him in almost every single SAO game out there. For console and mobile it does nothing but center it around Kirito, yes I understand that’s what a lot of fans love, but I’m sure there are also fans who want to be on the sideline. In SAOIF you are someone who accompanied him throughout the main story and can be your own person. Customization and also free play, you can play for hours on end without having to wait for energy to refill and to stock up on things at your own pace. I truly love SAO and it is one of my favorite anime, but I don’t want to be Kirito every time I turn around. Take for example Pokémon, they allow users to not only have their own story (even if ash is the main person in the entire anime) and even customize their character to their liking. I think the company focuses too much on Kirito and not what could be available for all fans/players.

  • By Flying Cheesecake


    SAOIF is really a great game, and I adore it. I like how you’re so free to just explore and be your own person with the customization. This game did not do that. While I’m sure some people love this kind of game, I feel for others it’s just boring. Sticking to one quest, just doing one thing after another. SAOIF made you feel like you were in the game, a player who’d been trapped inside SAO. I understand this game took on a new concept, and I respect that, but the story just... bored me. I found myself not caring for the characters, and even when I forced myself to try and play through, I just couldn’t. One last thing is the tutorial; I was confused. There was pointing everywhere and flashing buttons with bright colors and I found myself just doing the same thing over and over. Overall the fighting style is boring. Playing as Kirito himself is boring. However, I do like the flat, “puppet” animation style. I’ve always been fond of stuff like that. In conclusion I’d say some people love it and others, like me, don’t. I’ll definitely stick with SAOIF!

  • By Kin.D Grove

    The worst events I’ve seen in Gacha games

    I can’t really mince words here, the in-game event that is ending tonight is the worst event I’ve seen in a Gacha game since Pokemon Master’s Giovanni event. I wanted to believe that this game still had potential since my last New Years review, where some of the launch issues were fixed. But it is clear to me now that this game is for lack of a better word a “cash grab” with little to offer outside of the story which is the only thing I’ve stuck around for. The gameplay which continues to become lack luster, the events that are impossible to get all of the rewards from without pulling the required units from the Gacha, and the horrible event interface ticket menu. The poor balancing of the game overall sours the entire experience and is making me consider dropping the game, similar to Mario Kart Tour which had its infamous Gold Pass. The Gacha in this game is horrendous, and since most of the premium event rewards (character specific limit break gems) content requires that you pull these units to even have a chance of getting all of the rewards which is the dumbest decision I’ve seen from any Gacha game that hasn’t broken some gambling law somewhere by making it necessary to have a unit to beat event for limited rewards/resources. It’s so hard to like this game when they keep doing stuff like this which makes it not worth playing! I would not recommend it anymore even if you are SAO fan. ————————————————/-//-///————

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