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SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., with the latest current version being 2.13 which was officially released on 2021-07-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1149 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY App

How does it Work?

Over 295 Saints including anime exclusive characters at your fingertips!

Get ready to fight in this Saint Action RPG!

Start now and receive 20,000 Holy Stones!

■Epic battles with simple controls!

Perform popular skills like Pegasus Meteor Fist and Lightning Plasma with a simple tap! Strengthen your favorite characters to be the best!

■COSMO BURST ([CB]) characters who transform mid-battle!

As in the original series, characters who transform during battle will appear as COSMO BURST ([CB]) characters! They will become more powerful themselves, but also boost the strength of your entire party!

■Anime original Asgard story arc!

After fighting epic battles against Gold Saints at the 12 Gold Palaces, you will be tested against Marinas in the Poseidon arc, and continue on to the Hades arc. Then fight great battles against God Saints in the all new Asgard story arc!

It's time to test your might against powerful foes alongside the Goddess Athena!

■Create your own dream team to be the best!

From classic characters to movie/anime original ones, you get to form your very own dream team with over 250 saints to choose from!

Play through the Story mode which follows the main story and Saint Training Quests to enhance your characters. Then test yourself against other players in the Arena, Graad Colosseo Omega and other game modes!

■Characters come to life with popular Japanese voice actors!

Popular voice actors breathe life into each character during battle!

The opening song "Pegasus Fantasy" and others are also used in the game to complete this Saint Seiya experience!

Join the fight and rekindle your Cosmo!

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NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service.

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This game contains some items available for in-app purchase

that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app

purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details.

This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.

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Top Reviews

  • By Ww_doggie

    Great game but...

    It’s great game, really like it and brings memories. But i have a few correction - now really takes long time to upgrade a level - pretty slow to increase coins in raid battles, only 5x5 per battle - you should display the enemy traits, so we can arrange our team that meets the condition whether is it fury based or physical based damage. - you bring so many types of pegasus saiya and other characters too, what is your direction with the game?you want us to try them all or just for having them without using them? Because it takes a lot of resources to upgrade character into reliable ones. - i cant understand how u set up time for crusade battle, i level up to 80 but i only manage to get crusade battle maybe like 5times only, my coins only 1580, it’s not flexible to our time so your crusade feature cant really be part of our game Maybe these all i want to say bout this great game, looking forward to change #indonesianfans

  • By Nerdbird83

    Excellent game

    I love the game. My only issues are that they keep repeating same saints with similar techniques. When they say there is a guaranteed featured saint every time you roll you get a common saint . It’s a waste of holy stones. Oh and when you go against other players doesn’t matter if you have higher saint a lower level can defeat you like nothing. If I try I get beaten any ways. Other than that I still like the game. The lag was fix since I last remembered. I love that they compensate you and give away a lot of cool items. I wish they let you sell saints you don’t want .

  • By Qbkitsune

    Great game for Saint Seiya fans

    An excellent game for hardcore Saint Seiya fans! While paying money can definitely help you do better in the tournaments and quests there are opportunities for beginners and those who consistently log in everyday to get some decent characters. After playing for at least 2 years now I feel that if they added different tournaments like ones that you can bring only bronze saints or silver saints, etc. might help to encourage players to level up their other characters and expand the meta beyond stacking your team with all god characters.

  • By Megabryan599


    I have been playing this game since I was 12 it’s already been 2 years and it is as great as it used to be I really like the creativity of the developers I think that marking Capricorn shiryu was really creative and I love him he is really good and strong in the game there is no other game better than this game. P.S I would like to see a (Athena exclamation shiryu like the original manga where he elevated both Athena exclamation’s of saga and mu)I would pay to have that character please game developers if you see this please make this character I beg of you😃😃

  • By Sir Orick

    Easier way to level up

    Seriously developers i know this comments are read by the company. I think it’s about that you come up with an easier way to level up characters instead of me smashing the same button for long periods of time. I love the game and it’s entirety but come on. This one feature needs to be fixed. Please and freaking thank you.

  • By Johnny A Tribe Called Quest

    Goood and Bad

    The game has nice music and graphics for a mobile game but that's about where the good features end. A lot of the text in the game is wrong saying you will get or expend one thing when it actually means another and the premium currency is referred to as saint stones in some places and holy stones in others. Aside from this the game gets stuck loading from time to time. Response to taps is slow sometimes. There is also a premium rank feature that they use to limit even some of the most basic features you'd need to power up your characters essentially making this a pay to win game. You can get points towards premium rank without paying but you'd be playing a very long time before you got to even rank 1 or 2 and even at those ranks you still have stumbling blocks thrown up left and right. Many items come in pieces basically to make sure you burn up all your stamina just to get them which you can of course then refill for premium currency which you'll burn through quickly with all the things that cost premium currency in this game. All in all it could have been really fun but they got too greedy and made the game a struggle to enjoy past a certain point.

  • By Czarcal89

    Good and bad

    The game is fixed for you to be struggling past a certain point in rankings. You may fight a player lower in level with better higher level saints and get destroyed instantly. The gasha give always are too expensive and the drop rates are geared towards you having to spend more money in order to obtain higher rarity characters. I understand youre not trying to make it easy but I find it absurd that a 1 star character has a 6 percent chance of dropping while one of many 3 star characters have a .0233% chance and they don’t get higher than that. I believe they can make this a better playing game if they make more exp available through the quests instead of having to spend stamina on other pointless things and exp quest that take over half of your gauge sometimes. Good game with great characters but developers are greedy overall.

  • By JesusCeiph

    Okay for few days

    I played this game for over 3 months with a expectations it would improve but it didn’t. You will spend half of the time with your screen loading and whenever you click home it loads again. The game is not balanced at all since some character have to fly or do some scene before they use their ultimate but other as Miro with rod, Shura with sword, Seiya god, Shiryu god and so many other they use their ultimate without giving a space to counter or anything... While if you use aiolia god cloth he will fly and take 3 days to use his ultimate. Several bugs with hyoga and Camus where you use a ultimate but is countered bya froze coffin which according to the description of the character it shouldn’t happen. Anyway have fun for the first week and then you will just hate these problems and unbalanced fighters

  • By IpadClub

    Could be a great fun game but....

    1. Game is japan time, so things like stamina bonus and event like crusade happen when players on the other side of the planet has to sleep. 2. Get good free amount of holy stones, and i also have paid for 2 monthly premium membership. But gasha pull results were not that great and gave duplicates (so you got cosmo instead and prob have to pull 5-6 times of this before you can evo your saint from 3* to 4*) 3. Eventually you will hit a wall and either you spend a lot more money or you just grind and grind and grind. I have spent a lot of time for 1 month and a week..... 4. UI is quite horrible (blue circle of rage and not responsive enuf). Too long to load the game and have to keep going back to the main screen etc. The UI feels like 10yr old UI and need tobe revamped. 5. I played one piece before and dejavu.... Seems like i am gonna hit the wall and gonna drive me crazy with the grinding. Maybe it is time to quit the game before I spend many more times of regret. Surprisingly the CS returns question quickly although I don’t know if they even check my account or it is more like cut and paste respond.

  • By @Invictus

    Abusive Game.

    I was a cash player to which Bandai has earned hundreds of dollars per month on this game. As if recent I am now free to play. And this is largely in part of Bandai awful practice to release a new unit/character every week. That is more powerful the than the previous week. What we are lefty with are characters that are 3-4 months old completely obsolete to the most recent batch of unit. What worse is the silent or unofficial adjustments made to older units. Units that where ranked high are suddenly no longer as good as how they where few weeks back. This is done almost always whenever Bandai does a “maintenance” update on the game. And if you es to stay ahead of the curve and pull on the new unit. Be prepared to spend hundreds of not thousands of dollars because of the low drop rates. At best the drop rates are 2%. But you have drop rates as low as .037. If you think I am exaggerating look at the recent Aphrodite Ace Gasha. The game demands a high $$ to purchase stones for pulling and does an awful job to play to earn stones. $90 to buy a GPack that is good for maybe 4-5 pulls. And if you Play and move up a rank you earn one stone. ONE. That’s the kind of BS Bandai is pulling.

  • By Tw wrecking crew

    EXPENSIVE BUGS!! Player Beware

    For Saint Seiya fans this has been a long time coming..... in English. The game is ported from the Japanese counterpart and STRUGGLES on all fronts. Here are reasons you should grind and NOT spend money: 1) The game says that if you spend on a 10x gasha roll, you are guaranteed at least one character..... spoiler alert, this is a LIE. Instead, with a majority of your 10x rolls, you get character “credits” WITHOUT OBTAINING ANY ACTUAL CHARACTERS!!! This reason alone should keep you from spending. Don’t be like me, keep you money. 2) The game crashes more often than the word “Cosmo” appears in the anime. Like.... constantly. You cannot even stay on the same page without the “circle of hell” wheel spinning until you have to close the app altogether to reload. Diminishes the playing experience for something that is meant to be a brief diversion and not a resource and battery hog. 3) Oddly enough, given the instability of the game and the massive amounts of time required to update and load, there is TOO much content.... all the in game activities are scattered and made uninteresting because the explanations are weak translation of the Japanese. Of course its too late to fix this but I recommend the developers think thoughtfully about each existing activity instead of developing more. So if you want to play, then by all means. But for the love of everything Saint Seiya, don’t spend money until the game is fixed.

  • By saint seyia fans

    You did be spending hours on this

    I’m about 4-5 months into this game, at first I received many characters but then when you continue playing along, you keep getting crappy characters, you do not know until you spent hours upgrading the character and you take it to the battle then you find out the character has no use at all.... I have to say this game get me addicted because I start watching this animation when I was 10 yrs. This game itself milk your time with all different quests and battles, before you know it, you did be spent few hours already. Pro: I like about the graphic, the original characters, the story pretty aline with the original, perhaps cut off a bit. Cons: I do not like about so many details to what to upgrade on each character... I have no clue on what those number would mean while you battle with the same character and you max upgraded your, but some how your component (lower level) can out beat your... Another thing I do not like is when you get to level 75-80s you will start feeling it’s dragging.... it would take tens of days if not weeks to go on to another level. Over all I did enjoying it at the beginning, hopefully they can do some modification on the game so it’s more of a fair game that you can get a good character once a while not just at the beginning.

  • By Bio)-(azard

    Waste of money machine

    If you grew up watching this you’d be very excited to play this game!! Graphics are really nice! The attacks are awesome! But they have this ridiculously stupid way to make you buy and buy credits to power up , to upgrade and to get saints. No big deal if you have money to blow - I did not. Why? Well, I’m a nerd, I want the coolest saints, well, I had some really cool ones, but, it frustrates you like crazy when you have higher level saints and you lose battles like crazy! Ugh! Annoying! But the most annoying thing and my reason to rant and delete this game.. it’s their freaking drawing and probability to gain saints.. I am a lousy gambler in Vegas! And I won more money there than this stupid game. I got tired of dropping bills and getting ridiculous low level saints like crazy! Im done ! DON’T PLAY THIS GAME! Buy a ticket to Japan instead! Trust me! Is way cheaper than playing this game!

  • By Tck77

    Not for F2Players

    not a fan of spending when it comes to gacha games so I spent a few months trying this out mainly since l’m a fan of the series The major problem with this game is that it “encourages” players to rank up via pay system As you play along, eventually you’ll hit a wall in which you’ll have to farm for mats from quests, but you’re limited in the amount of times you’re able to play said quest unless you “rank up”, to add to that the system is set up that the best quests to farm for mats are locked behind a pay wall, whereas the free quests have the worst drop rates or sometimes none at all So you’re most likely to spend forever upgrading a unit, and the funny thing is there’s no shortage of stamina so you could literally play all day long and make little to no progress if you’re not paying to “rank up”

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