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TALES OF CRESTORIA is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., with the latest current version being 2.1.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5673 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the TALES OF CRESTORIA App

How does it Work?

Live. Even if it's a sin.

TALES OF CRESTORIA is a brand-new Tales adventure for mobile! Step into this epic anime RPG game set in an original Tales series world, featuring a dramatic storyline and brand new characters! Experience this anime/manga adventure as Kanata and his allies fight to survive through the fantasy world of Crestoria while bearing the weight of their past sins.

TALES OF CRESTORIA blends classic turn-based JRPG gameplay with an original and unforgettable Tales story of morality. Seen as “Transgressors” by fellow citizens for committing crimes to protect each other, Kanata and Misella set off on an epic role-playing adventure to find respite from a world that wants them erased.

Battle enemy pursuers and monsters in the fantasy world of Crestoria through simple yet intense turn-based anime RPG battle action! Combine Kanata and his allies with legendary characters from previous Tales series to form the ultimate team and help you in this anime role-playing quest!


• Experience this epic new Tales anime RPG saga

• Help Kanata and his fellow Transgressors survive the world of Crestoria

• Voice acting from an All-Star Voice Cast help bring this Tales story to life


• Intuitive turn-based RPG controls

• Link epic Mystic Arts to perform massive combo attacks

• Strengthen and upgrade your characters’ skills


• Add newcomers Kanata, Misella, Vicious, and more to the list of memorable Tales characters

• Unlock character episodes through battle to learn about them outside of the main anime RPG story

• Follow characters’ Face Chat conversations that provide short & fun insights on character thoughts


• Create the ultimate Tales dream team with popular characters throughout the Tales series

• Fan favorites such as Cress, Velvet, Luke, and many more are available

• Play Side Story missions with previous Tales characters in the Crestoria world!


• Featuring anime character designs from top artists from previous Tales series

• Stunning anime 3D visuals bring the colorful fantasy world of Crestoria to life

• Smooth character animations add to the epic turn-based anime RPG action

TALES OF CRESTORIA is sure to delight longtime fans of the Tales series and anime/manga games in general. Are you ready to make the choice to do what is right? Download TALES OF CRESTORIA today!

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This game contains some items available for in-app purchase

that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app

purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see

https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201304 for more details.

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Top Reviews

  • By GageJackson

    Definitely a cash grab

    Only put as 5 stars because that’s all it seems to want to show. TL:DR game is gonna tear your wallet up. After playing this game for a few hours to get a feel of it. Between the story mode, arena, and phantom castle, I can tell this is going to be a major p2w game. I’ve done 5 x10 summons and got one SSR which was a duplicate. Meanwhile in the arena I go up against people with a team of 6 and stand no chance. Which brings me to the other problem. SR characters are barely viable already even early game. In chapter 2 I had a level 30 SR character awakened twice and it was barely able to kill the npc all the while still taking loads of damage and almost dying. I shouldn’t be struggling an hour into the game with two lvl 30+ SSR characters and two over leveled SR characters. Either the npc needs to be rebalanced or the characters need to be severely buffed. It’s insane to be hitting a hard wall an hour in and then have to rack up 2,500 gems to be able to summon with the SLIGHTEST chance at getting a character that could even moderately help me. I know this game is still in its first 24 hours but these problems will need to be addressed or the player base will suffer bad.

  • By Noahbee01


    I absolutely love this game! Everything about it! If you are a Tales Of fan you’ll really appreciate all the subtle nuisances that go into the scenes and system of this game. I’ve played nearly every Tales Of game starting with Symphonia being my first. I’m a hardcore fan. This game scratches all those takes of itches you want in a mobile game. Fun combat, you have to actively think about. A creative new story line, with great voice acting (at least in Japanese which is how I play) and memorable new characters. For tales of fans you’ll love how easy it is to get some of your favorite characters from pretty much every game in the franchise! Other nuisances they included which any tales of fan will love: Attachments, cooking meals, post battle banter from characters on your team (just like in a real Tales game), costumes, and new and updated look for some of the older characters! Totally recommend the game for anyone that likes JRPGs in general, or Tales of specifically. It makes it very easy to get into and understand the various systems of the games. Overall 5 stars absolutely love it so far!

  • By MrMattyPlays

    I Love This & I Usually Hate Gacha Games

    This may come across as close minded, but I tend to avoid any form of mobile gaming. It is never appealed to me and more often than not I see cash grabs. A friend pointed this game out to me and I downloaded it on a whim. Man, I am not only impressed, but entirely blown away. For starters, I’ll put it simple and say that the games reward system is fair. It wants you to play and I have a relatively good team who is fully leveled and I haven’t spent a dollar. I do plan to because the game has given me so much enjoyment, but I am happy with how generous this title is. More importantly, the story here is insanely dark. I have played most tales games and this makes Berseria look like a fairy tale. It focuses on themes like societal power, removing bad people from the world, evidence versus speculation, and much more I won’t ruin. Even if you hate these types of games, the story is worth it alone. It almost bothers me they didn’t use this cast and storyline for a mainline game! It’s THAT good.

  • By StarQueen

    Great Game! 😎❤️

    Love the story and the intro, the set up is great also, and you earn daily bonuses just by logging in. I love how you can raid with aid besides joining arena. The only thing I wish to change is the power up section from playing and earning the items... is to not have a time limit on it, because of different time zones from other players and myself can miss it and won’t have a chance to play it and earn the items if the time runs out. I think it will make the game more fun that way. It’s not really cash grab. It’s an option to pay or play it for free. The intro did warn players the game is free, but there are features where you choose to pay. I’m sure some players like to not pay and still play. If you choose to pay its really your choice no one force you to pay on any section. Other then that it’s a fun game to play!

  • By MunchyLvl


    So glad to have a mobile “Tales of” series game. Must play for any “Tales of” fans. Has elements of tales of rays which was another game I enjoyed. If you are a lover of the “tales of” series this game is for you. Has every “tales of” series and characters to choose from those series. Still is a gacha game but I found that the drop rates are really good so far. And the best part is the game lets you pick you first “summon” and it can be anyone of the main characters from their respective series. With them being the highest rarity atm. Really fun game and the original story and characters are great too. Give it a shot. For those that aren’t fans or new to the series it’s still a great game to pick up and play. Tutorial isn’t dreadfully long and the game takes the time to show you the new elements you come across as you unlock them. Overall great game.

  • By deathsjsvf

    This is awesome

    Crestoria is a final fantasy plus gacha game minus the open world. What’s good about this one is that, one, it’s well animated and is in mostly 3D, unlike games like fate zero. Second, they put actual work in the game’s storyline, and it’s really easy to pick up on lore that isn’t obvious places, like the game mechanics. Third, they actually incorporate the mechanics into lore, like how the arte’s are said to be taught or learnt through a mentor or battles. Fourth, they have a support system were there are two back-up fighter and depending on the two you pick, they will have a small conversation after a story mode battle. Fifth, and this is important, they don’t give out the rare stuff very often compared to other games and if you get a below sr item you won’t get a character so you don’t get characters like candy in a Halloween basket.

  • By YourPoolCleanerGuy

    Why I did Not give this app 5 stars ⭐️

    ✨✨✨✨🌟 i.e coming from a real savage tales fan who doesn’t play mobile games often 💎 Attacks are limited and can’t be rolled to other outcomes I.e you can’t upgrade Genis Sage’s ‘Fireball’ into an ‘Eruption’ or a ‘Flame Lance’ etc. Nor can you change it to a ‘Grave’ or a ‘Thunder Arrow’ 💎 game mechanics are pretty sweeet but it’s repetitive luckily there is a skip button ⏭ and a Fast forward button too I haven’t done 1 v 1 with any friends or anything so not sure it even exists but arena combat is sick if it wasn’t my next points 💎 characters are limited to maybe 4 of each in every tales game and they can’t be upgraded past a certain point, you’ll have to pray and hope they have your favorite Characters a good move set, but guess what they didn’t. Wow! Are you kidding me Jamco? You gave Genis Sage ‘fireball’ and ‘force field’ & somehow you expect me to be grateful? 💎 The story gets REAAAALLY repetitive with the theme. Did you know that Vicious was the Great Transgressor and Kanata was the transgressor? 💎 Where is Rain with my Revitalize and where’s Kratos with the ‘JUDGEMENTO’? Extra info: All in all 5/5 game just give me more costumes from the actual games, more characters or, more of both Wow!

  • By blazwolf

    Great game

    This is a pretty good game not gonna lie. However there are a lot of issues. The first is the chat. One of the beginner quests requires you to post in chat but you can never get it to load. The second is the insane amount of heat it causes my device. The third is the lag after you win a fight. The fourth is the inability to actually play the power up quests to level up heroes and memoria. Keeps saying time is up. THe game is pretty p2w since you need constant duplicates to both awaken heroes AND ascend memorias. There needs to be a better alternative. The arena exchange is great alternative to it but it’s still a crappy one. There’s also no point in grinding in raids if the only reason is to get training books for artes where you’re only able to get 2-3 at a time. You could’ve easily made that into a quest stage like the power ups and gold. The power difference between sr units and ssr is way too huge. Let’s not got into stats of the sr units since it’s a huge wall where it’s near useless even in story mode. The fact that only ssr units can do over limit artes is ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that majority of artes do only less than 20 hits. Yet you give us an achievement where we have to do a 75 hit combo. That’s seriously forcing specific ssr units to be used for that when the drop rate is so low. Please balance sr units and fix the bugs with chat, power up quests, and make raids actually worthwhile.

  • By Luv2Pull

    Great Until Raids

    I was captivated by the story and couldn’t put the game down until I reached the point that I opened Raids. At this point I had a fair number of SR units and 3 SSR at lvl 30 with lvl2 skills. I entered a normal raid thinking it would be rewarding (Prizes are split based upon contribution percentage). I got 2 rounds in before the monster was vanquished and ended up 6 of 8 participating. I got 4 bronze chests (oh wow, oh wow). So I started a raid and asked for assistance (normal raid btw). I went from 1st to 5th before the end and that was of 7 participating. I got 1 silver chest for hosting and 4 bronze (silver had the only real valuable item). My point is that the chest rewards give the highest value to the strongest in the raid (1 premium for 1st place and 1 premium for last strike) without limiting the CP of the team based on raid level. The paying players will always get the better rewards by spamming weaker raids which propel their stats, skills, open harder raids, and give special enhancing materials that are very difficult to come by. With resets being available with cash shop currency in arena as well this gives paying players a massive advantage that will leave everyone else in the dust very shortly. The story is great, but it is not involved enough to keep this player coming back for daily play.

  • By AkikoYosa

    Annoying crash issues

    This is by no means a bad game and I’m a large Tales of fan and have played many tales games over the years and have been playing Crestoria since launch. But there are a few things that are very frustrating that have repeatedly happened even after several patches, but one in particular is the worst. The most aggravating is in the arena. I have had several battles where the server would crash and kick me out mid battle. Now if that was it and I could log back in and resume the fight or have my ticket refreshed then it wouldn’t be as much of an issue. However, we do not get our lost ticket back, there is no resume, and to add insult to injury the battle is treated as an automatic loss. In a battle function where a win streak actually matters this is a major flaw that I’ve tried overlooking since launch yet it’s still happening even to this day.

  • By OrinPerth

    love the characters but gameplay itself?

    The game is veeery grindy and it feels like you cant do most content unless your characters are all super built with top gear levels etc. Id ask that the developers balance the tower and etc to be a little easier to climb. and you might say, get good or w.e but id rather save time and not have to grind this excessively, its not fun and i dont feel any sense of accomplishment. also please increase the roster and make healers more viable with stuff like cure poison or remove status effects. the game barely gives you any currency so if you dont get lucky and pull a healer, most of whom just does a base weak heal unless you grinded for the mats to level them up your out of luck. i keep getting destroyed by poison and i cant even fight back unless my units have the gear and level to kill everything super quick before the posion runs out. so basically, more in game currency, more roster, balance content, make healers with remove status effects. oh and also, i dont get excited when i see new accessories, id rather have more alot more of the tales great characters playable instead of just memoria stones i dont even end up using. like for real most of them arent viable and your just going to use your ssr and their memoria stones on them so whats the point? And even if they come out with champs who the picture depicts in the low tier mem stone do we gotta pull em again?

  • By GeminiSyn

    It was fun...

    I’m a fan of the Tales of series, so decided to give this game a try. I was enjoying the story, but noticed very quickly that this game is very dependent on you spending money to progress. I actually got very lucky and managed to snag a few SSR characters with the free crystals and tickets I got. However, I found myself hitting walls and not being able to progress. This became a constant theme when I tried my hand at the arena and the raids. At least with the raids, it’s not solely dependent on your team, but being pit against paying players who wipe my arena team in a few turns just became frustrating. Even more frustrating was the constant errors I would receive while trying to play or it just outright crashing all together. Eventually I decided to re-download the game, hoping it might help, but all my data was lost and having to start all over from scratch was the last straw. I wish I could have seen how the story progressed, but the constant frustrations just isn’t worth it.

  • By Asemuse

    Good game plagued with bugs and HORRIBLE customer support

    This game has a lot of potential. But it’s plagued with a lot of bugs that constantly(in my case every 20-30 min) crash the game. Now this can be overlooked at times. But a lot of the crashes happen when you are trying to collect your rewards. I lost multiple summon tickets because of this. And when I tried to get in contact with customers support they just responded with Japanese websites. I’m playing in the US it was released in English...how is there no customer support available for this. Even the links they gave me don’t help when translating. Their just an FAQ without the option to talk with a rep. Bugs can be overlooked most of the times if developers actually help their customers. The fact that they have it setup in a way that if a bug costs you multiple items, then you’re just out of luck. That’s just laziness and greed on the part of the developer. EDIT: so the developer responded to this review with the same links I received before that didn’t solve anything. If that doesn’t show how incompetent they are I honestly don’t know why will.

  • By MadoushiYuki

    Raid: Shadow Tales

    First of all, this game is ugly. We have titles like Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact that have shown what graphics on mobile games can look like and this game is not even close to those. Gameplay is a complete clone of Raid, it’s extremely repetitive, shallow and lacks strategy. 100% of the time your best option is click auto battle and hope your characters are leveled up enough to kill everything before they die. Gacha rates seem really bad, and currency, while plentiful at the beginning becomes pretty scarce as soon as chapter 2. SR characters are completely worthless, they don’t have mystic artes, therefore they can do any damage and, besides the guaranteed 4 you get when creating a new account, you have to get really lucky or spend a lot to get one, it’s worse if you want a specific character in particular. Do not play this game. Do not spend money on this game, let this dumpster fire alone. If you’re a fan of the Tales series you have so many better options, go play the console titles. If you want a crossover, go play the Radiant Mythology games on PSP, they’re so much better.

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