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Fisherman is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ketchapp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ketchapp, with the latest current version being 1.4.9 which was officially released on 2021-04-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8082 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Fisherman App

How does it Work?

They say there are two types of fisherman - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish. Now it’s time to find out which one are YOU!

Welcome to the wet and wild world of ultimate fishing, where you play as the FISHERMAN! You are the master of the fishing rod, line and lure. With real physics.

FISHERMAN is a spiritual sequel to an old game that many people in Finland remember! It was a game where gnome type of troll just sat fishing for her wife. Or was it an albino hippo? It was so long ago that my memories get hazy... But events set in destiny made this game come back to life in this new form.

This time you don't sit and you are not a troll. You stand up and you are human (kinda) and most importantly - you fish again! With real physic. Randomly generated whoppers. Just like it was always meant to be. Take your time. Fishing is not about skill, it’s not about fast reflexes or polished technique. Fishing is about taking your time, relaxing, catching and hatching rare and exotic fishes and by that slowly progressing towards a new location. Find new fishes, purchase better gear, try new looks and venture to new areas in search of almost legendary fishes, that nobody has ever seen.

List of Features:

(lists are needed to make this text appear longer and us to look more professional. If you read to the end we will reward you!)

- Real physics based fishing

- Dynamic time and day to track when it's time to go home

- Dragonflies. Buzzz.

- Character that stands. That's you, the FISHERMAN

- Tons of different fishes for gathering and Fishdexing (tm)

- Costumes to wear when fishing.

- Locations to find more fishes and to enjoy exotic nature atmosphere

- Juicy larvas to eat!

- Gather coins someone has dropped to sea.

- Note to above line. Fishes eat those, not you as player. We don't care what you do at home.

- Rods, Lures also. (Yep if you go for bottom feeders you need different tools)

- Fishdex to have way to collect all. Also fishdex generates mystically coins to use.

Check the game, meet us and give your ideas to be even better!!

Tap empty space five times in row on hatchers screen to get secret costume.

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Top Reviews

  • By Jay Jay Lew

    Great game but missing fish

    I love playing this game and have unlocked all rods, locations and lures. However I still have not been able to catch the Master Fish and Donut Herring. Been playing for two weeks straight now and haven’t seen them or found any fish that need hatching to unlock them. Being unable to catch the last two fish “In & After Lost in Egypt” is very frustrating. Edit: after another couple hours of fishing after posting this review, I was able to catch the Master Fish, which hatched into the Donut Herring. Totally satisfied, great game.

  • By Person5262838483615

    Beat the game, I hope they add more fish

    There were some major flaws with the reeling but it seems the last update made it a lot easier if you adjust for how you drop the rod. I wish the spike fish didn’t go after like literally every single cast but the last update made it a lot more bearable in terms of the reeling lol. I really enjoyed this game a lot and put a ton of hours into it but after catching all the fish I hope they add more to make the game more exciting and keep adding more fish with more updates. That would be really cool. Good game

  • By Cole W2

    Fisherman IOS 14.1

    Super addicting game. Couldn’t wait to catch all the fish and I love the progression system in this game as I feel it’s pretty balanced and reasonable. I did run into a bug however, my currency went negative? And I’m currently working on building out of my debt 😂 also the email address is invalid apparently for littlestar so with this being my only problem with the game, it’s very fun to say the least.

  • By Lumox1

    Great game but has some problems

    I absolutely love playing this game I could sit here and play for hours sometimes but sometimes you cook a big fish and you have absolutely no problem of reeling it in but then other times you hook a small fish in the drags it down to the bottom of the lake And you can’t reel the fish up You basically have to sit there for the whole time I wish they could fix this maybe just a little more time could be all and all I would recommend

  • By KvN1234

    Love the game but....

    This game is a great time killer for me but one bug has led me to give it only one star...... I had 10k+ in coins saved up to buy the zen rod and once I did it dropped my balance into the negative (around 6k something coins). I love the game so I brought it back into the positive but realized that this problem could happen to someone else and cause them to delete the game. Please fix this bug, I’d rather not take the time to get so many coins and have this happen again.

  • By leah.devlin89

    My favorite fishing game

    I really enjoy this app. There are some things that really make it less user friendly to me. The weird poles, like the guitar and snake are very distracting while trying to play. I also wish there was a way to upgrade reels or something to make the fish come up faster. I like the levels! I hope to see more soon, as I am already working to open the toxic tuna level. By far my favorite go to game!

  • By BobbyDeOso

    Fun game minor issues

    I love this game, it is pretty addicting. However I have noticed even though I have my sound effect and music off, that when the fish hatch I still get sound effects. Idk but recently no matter how many times I click on the video to hatch another fish, it still doesn’t allow me to watch the video. Been missing out on hatches

  • By upnext_n1ck

    Good game but still some problems

    This is a good game, love the gears and fish and locations in this game. However there are a couple problems. One, there shouldn’t be force pulling the lure when there’s is not a fish on it and rod shouldn’t go up. This force wastes lots of time to get the lure back to you, without a fish on it. Another problem is how when the fish is out of he water, it stills puts pressure on the rod and lure, fish can’t swim in mid air so why is there a force pulling the lure when it is out of water. Another thing is how the hatchers have changed, usually there’s 2 free ones already and several more by watching an ad, but now you have to watch ads for the Hatcher, where did the 2 free hatchers go?

  • By aliasjfjr

    App privacy.

    So as a consumer you guys have it all wrong! The info that your selling is and was gathered only as info you require to download the game. Greedy and corrupt! If anyone should profit from the users info it should the users that have that choice. You have it all backwards !! Sorry to say your little profit scheme is about to 180 on you guys as the user holds those right solitaire.. no way will you be able to steal info and profit from it while selling your in app purchases as well. Those days are bout over. Greedy big tech needs broken up like shattered ... Penny pinching aka poor Richard aka the 1tru1 Ben Franklin

  • By r3asun

    Fun to play but needs work

    I like playing it but I’ve had it installed for 3 days and I’m more than fed up with drowning in ads and having to wait a million years for a fish egg to hatch. The money making mechanic can also use some work because it takes hours of game play just to reach the next upgrade which really may only give you 2 extra meters of string and 1 extra weight on the bobber. It is clear your purpose is just to make as much money as you can, but at least make the game worth 2 hours of ads every time I open the app

  • By dollface_28

    Dropped to a 3

    I’ve really liked this app!...until a few days ago. Now the x2 bonus is gone and there is no more time bonus for when you’ve hooked a fish and could watch an ad for an additional ten seconds to finish reeling in that last fish. Update: Now the game will not hatch a new fish once I’ve caught it. I’ve caught 2 new fish, but the game will not allow a new egg to go into a hatcher jar. Very frustrating. Also, I own every lure, every rod, and most of the outfits, along with 197,000+ coins and nothing more to buy in the game.

  • By lufeinx

    Has potential, but... Ugh, soooo many ads!!!

    This has potential but even at the start of the game the ads are so overwhelming. I mean look I understand you want people to pay for the app, but at least let us get a feel for it without ads for a period of time or learn the ads to every 3 or 4 excursions before the next ad. Considering I only get 1 minute to catch fish, I'm watching an ad basically every 60 seconds....purely ridiculous if you want people to play longer than 10 minutes......needs improvement.

  • By DJ the Gamer

    Just another cash grab

    Don’t waste your time. This game is the equivalent to Europe in the 1300s if ads were the bubonic plague. They are everywhere from the second you open the game to the moment you close it. The casting physics are a broken rag doll. While playing I managed to cast the entire length of my line behind me and watched the lure roll back onto the map. It then sunk to bottom of the ocean and then off the map I think, couldn’t tell there was an ad in the way. Eventually I caught a fish called a spike. For anyone wondering it looked like a Longnose Gar that has done so many drugs he is unrecognizable to even his own wife and kids. After reeling in the spike I went to hatch it and the wait time was 300 hours. I decided I didn’t want to wait the life span of a Make-A-Wish kid for a fish so I watched a bunch of ads. I have no idea if this was a developer meme or they just really want more ad profits. The models for a lot of the fish are recycled and they all have the same open mouth, only difference is size. Sometimes the mouth doesn’t even fit right. Would love to hear from Dev team on these issues. TL:DR I give this game 1/5. Ads everywhere, long wait times, clunky and broken physics, recycled models. Seems like a quick cash grab and asset flip

  • By Towel dryer

    Needs improvement but super fun

    Once you pay for it the Hatcher doesn’t work anymore and you get an extra 10 seconds at the bigining but it’s just not fun only having a minute each time if they had an arcade mode maybe where you just play the game without all the holdbacks that would be nice but it’s really annoying finally catching a new fish and losing it to time or catching it and not being able to hatch the new fish idk it’s a fun game but needs some more thought (update) I tried deleting and downloading again to see if that fixed the hatchery problem but now it just got rid of my progress, purchase and the restore button won’t work so I went ahead and changed my review to 1 star since the app clearly needed to be developed properly before it was released.

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