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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-23
  • New version: 3.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later



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Stack is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ketchapp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ketchapp, with the latest current version being 3.4 which was officially released on 2021-04-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 40850 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Stack App

How does it Work?

Stack up the blocks as high as you can!

◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed

◉ Compete for the best score in the world

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Top Reviews

  • By wsddgvcghfdf

    Amazing no problems

    This is the first game I downloaded on my phone it’s an amazing game there is not that many adds you can also watch ten ads for a new type a block I’ve collected all of them but lucky gold do not listen to the other bad ratings they just don’t like games like this. This is the best game ever there is absolutely no in app purchases. I’ve had this game on my phone for over three years now and still love it. Sorry it took me so long to write this review but I was to busy playing it so you should defiantly get this game if you like quick fun games if you like stack you might also like helix jump which is another one of my favorite games well to the developers can you please make a pug block or a dragon block that would be really 😎cool

  • By 3029871

    The most captivating app EVER! ❤

    If you are reading this you should download the app it's super fun and awesome. The stacking works really well and is realistic. I can play it whenever I want and be so entertained. The only bad thing is sometimes I CAN'T STOP! 😂 At this point in reading you should be convinced. Ketchapp is a really good app company and you should check them out. I honestly have tons if their apps. That should show you how great it will be. It's really amazing to play. The colors are so pretty and vibrant. Now STOP ✋ reading this and go download this app Stack 📚. It's like a hidden gem 💎. Some think there are too many adds, but not really. There's only like two per 30 minutes. So go download it... NOW!😂

  • By KayMarie0319

    I love this game!!! ♥️😍🦄

    If you like cool, awesome, and completely fantastic games, I recommend getting this game. The only reason I deleted this app was because I got a new phone. I switched from an iPod to an iPhone 5. 😢 The only reason I didn't get it again was because I didn't have enough space. I take a lot of photos and videos and have 8 games. I definitely don't want to get rid of any of my other awesome games (like rolling sky, pineapple pen, or smule magic piano). When I tried to download it, it didn't work. 😭 I'm truly sad, but I recommend this game for anyone who loves to play great games (once I get a new phone, Stack is going to be the first game I am going to download. ✌🏼)

  • By thepyropig

    Are you aware?...

    I love this game and recently i got a vr phone headset. I was looking for some apps to play with my new headset and "vr stack" was one of them. I was so excited I was gonna be able to play my fav game in vr! But when it started up the first thing that's shown is a picture of george washington stabbing a dragon with the words "Taxation is slavery, Protest against immigration" So in sitting here a bit uncomfortable but I get over it and try to play the game. However, It's unplayable. You have to tap the screen to do anything. How am I supposed to tap the phone when it's in a headset, closed up? I was angry and kinda disappointed but the main thing I hate is I think this is copyrighted material....The game is called stack and looks exactly like this game. just in crappy vr. I doubt you'll read this but still. Thanks. --------------Random idiot------------

  • By selsel01

    Love the new update

    I’ve been with this app for a long time, and before, it was pretty decent of a game for me to play. Not the most exciting, but definitely time consuming and enjoyable. Now, this new update boosts the creativity level by a lot, because of adding missions and new features overall. Also, I really like that you can watch a video to revive after the block has become too small and, whereas in the old version, that’d end the game for you. However, with the new changes, it makes it much easier to surpass high scores if you want to continue. I, of course, believe that there will be even better updates in the future, which is why I rated this app a 4/5. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play a game that’ll really get you focused on it and involved. Love the new update!

  • By Isabella Hartley


    I really love this game. It requires a lot of time and patience to get better at it and it feels super rewarding to break your high score. Unlike a lot of other people, I don't really mind the ads since I know if they weren't there the app couldn't be free. My biggest problem with the game is that certain block designs glitch out and just look boring after a while. For example, the marble pattern usually looks amazing for about 15 blocks and then just has lines along the side. It's very distracting to the pattern to switch partway through the game, and the tower doesn't look as pretty as it would otherwise. The only other glitch is the lag with the gold and platinum designs. These are basically unplayable because of the extreme lag. Other than these little glitches though, it's a really amazing game.

  • By The karate kid 3.0

    Great app but the ads pop up after almost every round

    I got this app like 2 days ago and it's a great app but the AD'S pop up after almost every round but apart from that this app is really good you should definitely get it :) :) :) It would be 5/5 but because the ads pop up like after almost every single round I'm going to have to give this app a 4/5 but even if I rate this app 4/5 you should still try this app out for yourself a see how you like it and if you don't like it then you can always delete this app :) But you should definitely try this app out because from my perspective stacks is really good the only problem with the app is the ads pop up after like every round but it's still a really really super good app and you are not wasting your time playing stacks :) :) !!

  • By Wiley05

    Stacks is good but...

    I like stacks because it has this calming feeling to it with the music and everything. It just relaxes me and I really enjoy it. But there are some things I would like changed. The first change needed is to have more missions to do because it gets boring having the same missions every time just a little more difficult. The second change needed is when you are playing and in your rhythm then the game randomly speeds up really fast. Then you get into that rhythm and then it slows down. This is usually when I die and this relaxing game then makes me start raging like any other game, so you just took away one of the main things I like about the game. Developers if you see this I would really like those updates. Thank you for your time.

  • By Hjinxed

    LOVE THE GAME!!!! READ!!!!!!

    Alright, so straight forward, I love the game. Second of all, I finally got to 1000!!! 😄😄😄 Its so addicting and fun. I love it!!! Here comes the downside of things... ADS OH ADS. I've experienced ads popping up in the middle of the screen, during gameplay. It stops the game and looses track of what you are doing and it's frustrating!!!! 😡 Second of all, I have a hunch that the creator isn't listening to anything people are saying on reviews. I see a lot of people are saying ads are a problem. I read a lot of them from like A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO 🙄 They still haven't changed anything, from the past updates which is ANNOYING AND CRAPPY! 🤔🤔😶😶 Please for the next update fix this. Thanks.

  • By Yaddahada

    Overall fun and relaxing [Ad suggestion below]

    I absolutely enjoy this game. It reminds me of tap and stack games you would see at arcades. The piano tones that emit from the slabs after stacking them perfectly are relaxing. I also like that there skins for the slabs that you can get by simply playing the game and those skins alter the background (for example the fish slab skin adds bubbles to the background alongside the gradient colors). Just to mention, there are some skins that you can get only by liking through facebook and instagram. [Ad suggestion] I recommend there a title screen transition into an advertisement. Like a view screen of the Stack’s logo, the creator’s logo and a notice that an ad is coming up next. The reason I recommend this is due to how sudden the ads appear when I simply open the app or finish a game of Stacks. It’s uncomfortable to get immediately hit with an ad. It’s as if it’s being thrusted into my face and I’m so annoyed I’m not even paying attention to what’s being advertised to me. Especially when it’s an ad that has a loud sound or theme. I’m aware that ads can be removed for $2.99, but I feel the sudden burst of an ad will negatively effect the app’s presentation. In conclusion, I just want a warning that an ad is about to appear.

  • By nehamapajama

    Amazing game, but one problem.... THE ADS ARE MORE FREQUENT THEN THE GAMEPLAY

    I downloaded this game about a week ago and it has been spectacular. It requires amazing skill to stack the rectangular prisms exactly on top of one another and how they designed the game to have pieces of the prism fall off when you didn't set it down perfectly. The only problem is the overwhelming number of Ads. Sometimes when I launch the game, I have to repeatedly clear and reopen it due to no escape button appearing after a said amount of time. When I do get the game to work, I feel that the Ads take up more of my time than playing the game while opened. I understand that ads are the only way to make money on free games and I can accept that. The amount of ads that are being pushed on this game is outrageous though. Not a lot of people want to purchase the ad blocker as it is a waste of money. Please maintain the amount of ads that you push into the game because it is making your customers extremely frustrated and it is ruining our playing experience.



    I had this game while back and loved it so much. No complaints at all. Super relaxing & fun & challenging at times. I grew bored after awhile (no hate, just had the game for a while and started playing different games, I tend to go through apps alot). anyway i thought about this gamr and was super excited to re download it and play again! except when i downloaded it and dtarted playing it wont stop glitching. the whole point of the game is to balance the blocks on top of eachother until you miss. well i cant make it past 50 bc the blocks keep jumping or glitching or whatever you want to call it. ive re installed it 3 times, tried to let the game fix itself by just leaving it on the screen for a minute while the block moved back anf forth and nothing is working. very frustrating. so until the app can work itsself out and stop glitching, i wont be playing 😚

  • By soheilkd58

    Nice but...

    I really love this game. I recommend it to all my friends. Every thing is alright but... Ads, the thing that ruined game. I 'MUST' disconnect my internet connection to play game. If i don't, in middle of game, EXACTLY when i want to break my own record, an ad ruin my game, why? Because i need to tap fast on higher numbers. When i tap fast and connected internet connected, an ad will appear and because of tap speed i tap on ads by mistake. Then wait to open safari, wait to open appstore, Waste all my internet traffic, then reopen stack and lose last mood then fail to break record 😐 I wonder how a good game company made this mistake, I can't even buy 'no ads' because of some government rules of my country. Just not showing ads during gameplay will change my 3* to a full5*


    Fun, but something bad happened!

    I love this game, even if I can never get the timing right. However, when I clicked on the look that requires going to Instagram, it took me to safari. Since I have no Instagram, I closed the tab and went back to stack. I had beat the system, and it had given me the look, but the game crashed. I could deal with the game crashing, so I went to try the Facebook one, since I had beat the system one time and could do it again, and so I did. I went back to the app and everything looked fine... until my entire screen went black. Then the Apple logo showed up, and it was apparent that it had restarted my entire iPad! (Not the data, just turned it fully off and back on again.) Needless to say, I deleted the app.

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