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Mr Gun


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Mr Gun is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ketchapp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ketchapp, with the latest current version being 1.6.4 which was officially released on 2020-11-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 97839 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Mr Gun App

How does it Work?

Are you a good shot? Let's find out!

Rulebook of MR GUN:

Rule 1: Tap to shoot.

Rule 2: Score headshots for double score.

Rule 3: Score headshots for extra coins.

Rule 4: Score headshots for fun.

Note: Don't forget to upgrade your arsenal. Get new guns in gun store and by completing the boss blacklists!

Subscription Terms

Elite Equipment Access offers a weekly ubscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $5.99. After buying this subscription, you will unlock a body armor, an elite gun and removes ads. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well.

The prices are established for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may change and actual charges may be converted to your local currency.

End of trial and subscription renewal:

• The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase.

• The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period.

• The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription.

• The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store.

• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Canceling a trial or a subscription:

• If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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Top Reviews

  • By Graced/saved


    I love this game, not only is it simple, it’s a time killer fun and relatively easy, the few changes I would make would be: When the gun upgrade update comes out (or later) gun skins should be available to purchase, (I would totally rock a golden mini gun or a pink white fury) but not at random, this game is a little heavy on random regarding purchases. There should also be skins that unlock different abilities, besides basic cosmetics. Such as ones that for example made the gun move faster, or lengthened the sight, or bullet speed/count/size, so that these could add upon the gun upgrades and make for an awesome load out. There should also be different modes to the game, such as: PVP, who can last longest without dying to a CPU, or a mode that incorporates moving targets, or CPUs that shoot at you if you take too long, or far range maps, to better empathize the skill it takes to use Number 8, or the Wrath, or even the L96 AWP. And to conclude this overly long review, the Hero’s (Goku) bullets should be golden, with him being all super saiyan and stuff. That is that, please consider what I said, I might have more ideas as I come along in the game but that’s it for now

  • By SirBobRoss27

    This game is really entertaining, but has some glaring problems.

    This game is extremely fun and addictive, with great mechanics and overall just a god game. But the reason it gets 3 stars from is the glaring problems with it. 1. While you’re going for a new high-score sometimes the app resets and you lose your streak which means your score stops. I suggest that even if you close the app you should be able to continue your streak which means people can get higher scores. 2. I’ve poured countless hours into getting coins to unlock skins and new weapons. Honestly, they need to add a better way to get coins rather than watching ads, blacklists, and headshots. Such as maybe challenges like killing certain bosses or getting a certain amount headshot in a row. Just things like that. 3. Lastly, the problem I have is the leaderboards. I currently have a high score of over 11,000,000. And it says that’s I’m not even ranked. I have no idea if this is just a problem with me or my phone or if anyone else has this problem, but it really does need to be resolved because if this was fixed it would put me in 8th of the all time records. Now in my opinion, those problems do really need to be fixed, but the game is still really fun and I recommend it to anyone who enjoy phone games in general. If any developers of the game read through this, thanks for taking the time to read all of this and please consider my ideas for the next update.

  • By derrickeric

    Great game overall

    The game has a simplistic yet original concept that unlike most other app games lack. The different enemy body sizes gives a bit of some enemy diversity. To add further to diversity the amount of guns this game has really lives up to its name. Also the use of quests allows the average player to actually spend more time in it. Requirements to unlock certain characters such as playing for 30 days is a smart way to make players keep playing the game. That being said the game still has its downsides. Free games tend to share a common problem and that would be adds. The often occurrence of a pop up add can be tedious and even frustrating. Other than that this game is pretty free to play friendly having not much pay to win aspects to it compared to clash of clans.

  • By Boom12346969

    Ketchup nicely done

    I just got this today and I’m on like level nine is so fun and I got four guns already I’ve been playing it for like maybe 30 minutes but I just can’t have a better game this game rocks also ketchapp I love all of your games I have been playing a bunch of them and love them so much especially this one I can’t stop it’s so addicting it’s so fun Mr. gun is the best and the people who made ketchapp. It would be an honor to meet you and maybe make a game of my own and make people happy is what you do whatever I’m sad I’ll play the games on my phone of kachapp and also sorry for not spelling the name right but I really wanted to say is amazing game thank you so much for making my day also whenever I’m sad I’ll play kachapp in it always cheers my day up thank you guys so much

  • By Cooolbeans14

    For Any Developers Reading This

    Hello thank you for taking the time to read this. A couple of quick statements before I begin on what this review is about. 1.) This game has a good base to it. Fast paced. But the ads could be lowered a little bit. As soon as you join the game there is an ad. 2.) This game is pretty good. I like the concept of it. Very simple but entertaining. Alright now let’s get into what the same should get in the future. So for starters the only way to get coins is through watching ads, getting headshots, killing bosses, or completing your boss list. You could have daily quests like kill a certain boss or pass 2 levels without dying or get 3 headshots in a row. Just to make sure the game always entertains there should be an endless game mode that player would play to see how many levels they can complete without dying. Another suggestion is that you can in the future customize your “battle field”. You could change the the color of the stairs or maybe themes such as “Cyberpunk” or “Modern” or even “Country”. Also some ideas for guns that I personally would love to see in the game is the Dubstep Gun. It would be an amazing touch to the game with music. This are all suggestions that I would like so if you don’t like them that is fine. I just wanted to state how I would enjoy the game more. Thank You

  • By batmanheffry

    A small suggestion

    First I just want to thank the developers of this game, it is extremely fun and a good way to kill time. The only thing I don’t like about this game is the coins. There are not a lot of ways to get coins, the only way to get them are getting headshots, killing bosses, completing black list, logging in every day or watching ads. I think there are 2 things you can do to make this better, the first involves headshots and the second is adding a daily quest system. I think the more headshots a player gets in a row the more coins they should get, right now any time you get a headshot you get one coin but I think it would be very beneficial to make it so on your first headshot you get one coin but if you get another one right after you get 2 kills and so on so if I headshot 3 enemies in a row instead of getting 3 coins I get 6. I think this would encourage players to be more aggressive and be rewarded for it. The second thing I think should be added is some sort of daily quest system where maybe you have to kill 10 enemies and get coins or kill 3 bosses and get coins. I wanted to thank anyone who is reading this for taking the time out of there day to do so and I want to again say thank you for making such a great game!

  • By Disappointed zombie lover

    Ads Stats KSG

    This game by Ketchapp is great. I rarely download and play games on my phone because of ads and pay to win issues. Clash of clans was my only game app on my phone for about 4 years. Also played a couple other Ketchapp games in the past like Ball jump, stack etc. The only issues I have with this game are the excessive ads, elite access, stats, and a specific gun I was really looking forward to. The ads are ridiculous for a company that already makes a ton of money on cheap simple apps that require no thought process when developing. Elite access for $6 a week is out of this world. This game is not worth that whatsoever. I’m looking forward to an update with new guns, outfits, weapon upgrades and more. Hopefully they add some stats. Now on to the KSG. The KSG is a slug shotgun. It does not fire a normal spread shot shell. It was my last blacklist gun and was looking forward to it since I saw it pop up in the blacklist reward spin. The sound of the KSG should also be much more “thumpy” it’s weak. Very disappointed with that. Besides these issues good job with the game.

  • By Mvhvgnvgjhvgjvhgjvghj

    Starting to get sick of reviews like this

    Once again another great game that gets ruined by ads. The game itself is amazing. It’s fun, simple and has all kinds of guns to use and outfits to unlock. Like I said, good game in general. But, like every other good mobile game, ads make it bad. And it isn’t because of the amount of ads, it’s because of the stupid add bar at the bottom that is constantly switching ads and playing ads that have videos and animations on them. Because of this when your trying to play the game, which is a fast paced game and requires good timing and coordination, the game is constantly lagging while your trying to play causing you to miss every other shot. Please developer if your even there, get rid of this ad bar and there would be no problems. Any way like I said the game is great and really enjoy it. Though there been several things that have said “coming soon” for a really long time, ( weapon upgrades, new outfits, new weapons). I’d love to see this game updated with the new stuff.


    Fun, but...

    This is a fun game, but I have some ideas I really hope the devs read. These will help the devs make money and are also extremely fair for those who’d like to purchase content, like myself. *I get it’s offered as a free game, but the subscription fee is way to much I feel. If there was an option to make a one time purchase and remove the ads that play when you die or move to a new level, that would be great. Make it $2.99 - $4.99 to remove those ads permanently. I know I and others would buy that in a heartbeat. *Add a one time purchase as an option for players to buy a second chance permanent unlock. Upon dying, you can have a second chance. $0.99 - $1.99. *For the Outifts, you should make outfits provide different perks. As an example: make some outifts have a +1 shot and -2 damage or +2 shot and +1 damage. Something like that. *Also you should add a one time 1,000 coin purchase for $2.99. I’m a firm believer in not making games pay to win, as this will just make the game not fun anymore... Though these options will provide both the devs with continuous funding to further their progress and also will benefit the players as well. The pricing is also very fair and shouldn’t be changed. Well, shouldn’t be changed if you’d like to make good money anyways.

  • By Dakottle

    Excessive Ads Ridiculous Payments

    **Turn cellular off in settings and turn off WiFi while you play to get rid of ads** I enjoy the game a lot however playing an ad every time you beat a boss is overkill. Luckily there’s a work around or I wouldn’t play it at all. Even though you can skip after 7-10 seconds a level only takes maybe 25 seconds so it’s way too much, 2:1 game:ad. Second the $6 a week subscription for a second life, one gun, and no ads is just absurd. Make it a one time $2 or $3 and enough people will actually pay that to offset cutting back on the ads. The game itself is pretty fun but there needs to be a way to earn more coins, other than watching a 30 second ad for 35 coins. A decent gun is 750 coins, that’s 22 ads. Who wants to watch ads for 11 minutes to buy a single gun? You get 10-15 coins on average for each game, that’s 50-70 games for one gun. Let’s be honest, that’s on purpose. Fun game, could be much better with less greed.

  • By Thebestreviewerloveslife


    This, like all other Ketchapp games, is full of ads. Usually I don’t mind their ads because they would always play after you lost a game; however, Mr. Gun plays thirty second, non-skippable ads after you beat levels. I found that I was getting them on an average of every other level, which is the equivalent of an ad for every minute of gameplay. There is also an ad bar on the bottom that never goes away unless you pay for the premium. I found that this ad wasn’t very noticeable while playing, so it isn’t that bad. Ketchapp needs to make money off of their games - I get it. However, when you have a ratio of 2:1 for gameplay/ad time, you are becoming greedy. As for the actual game, it is a simple game that most would play to just pass time. Although it may be simple, it is fun to play. If the ads weren’t so relevant, I would definitely rate this higher than three stars.

  • By H.B. Gaster

    Its a good game but are problems

    There are problems with this game.1 this game says its free but there are so many ads that the creators put a $6 subscription that with make you OP and have it so there are no ads. I tried the free trial (witch is awfully short btw) and thought that I was op and realized how many ads there are. If you are going to make a game make sure that there are some ads but not have them everywhere.2 you have to shot the guys on your first shot I think there should be a chance that they miss but no the closes thing they have is armor that makes you a two shot and not a one shot but there still needs to be a chance that the enemy’s miss.3 the guns are not balanced. When I first unlocked the uzi I wanted to think that it was better then the basic gun but no I actually liked using the basic gun better then I got the free trial I mentioned earlier and the gun you get is way to powerful And I now that that gun is suppose to be better the the first few you get but I don’t think that a gun you need to PAY for should be better than any gun in the game I think that in needs to be a gun that’s good but not your main gun thought out the game just a help those who got it a help thought the beginning and mid game.

  • By Mgold420

    Great Game Ruined

    The actual core game itself is very fun, fast-paced, and addicting. The concept is simple and the game overall is just really fun to play. But I can’t recommend it at all due to the horrible use of ads and monetization schemes implemented in the game that just make the whole thing an irritating and disappointing mess. Ads constantly play whenever you die (which happens a lot due to the fast paced nature) or watch a video for a retry or for some more coins. However these ads cause the game (for me at least) to slow the game down and lag a lot, which causes more deaths, and more ads, slowing the game down even more. And sometimes, the game would just completely freeze loading in an ad or closing one, and I’d have to constantly reset the game. Honestly I liked the game enough that I would throw a couple bucks to get rid of the ads.......But it turns out you need to get a WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION of $6 DOLLARS PER WEEK!!!!! This is the worst case of money being favored over players I’ve seen in a while and it really puts a bad face on this enjoyable game. But I CANNOT recommend this game to ANYONE unless they cut the subscription crap out. By the course of two months I would’ve spent the same amount of money for a game to play on the toilet, as a full priced AAA game for my PC, and only for the game to be a little more playable and for some incredibly overpowered weapons added to make the game boring. Pass

  • By Charlie Brown's Friend

    Stuffed with ads

    I saw other reviews about the frequency of advertising in the app but I thought it was just a minor issue. Boy was I wrong, they put ads in just about every loading screen they can find, all the ads are at least 30 seconds and only a few of them allow skipping. In fact most of the ads intentionally put the exit button next to the store button so if you have big fingers or aren’t paying extra close attention it’s impossible to get out of the ad. The few seconds of gameplay that I do get without ads are legitimately fun but it’s not worth the constant cycle of interruptions I get along with it. What’s worse is that if you want to get rid of the adds you have to pay for the “elite package” which isn’t a single payment option, ITS 6$ A WEEK. I mean paying 6 dollars once is already practically stealing my money, but 6 dollars a week is just stupid. If they ever get around to fixing their add problem or even lowering the price of the elite package to a single payment system I’d definitely redownload the game but until then it’s just another ad-ridden app trying to steal your money

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