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Knife Hit


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Knife Hit is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Ketchapp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ketchapp, with the latest current version being 1.9.10 which was officially released on 2021-07-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 61454 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Knife Hit App

How does it Work?

The ultimate knife challenge!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss - beat them to get exclusive knives!

Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!

Can you beat all the bosses?

Subscription Terms

VIP MEMBERSHIP offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged $4.99. After buying this subscription, you will unlock +200% apples from daily gift, +200% experience from bosses and remove ads. This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well.

The prices are established for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may change and actual charges may be converted to your local currency.

End of trial and subscription renewal:

• The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase.

• The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period.

• The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription.

• The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store.

• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Canceling a trial or a subscription:

• If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

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Top Reviews

  • By willbobbob

    Best Game Ever

    This game is super addicting and really fun. You try to collect all the knives in the game.(128). Every stage there is a log that you have to break with your knives. You have to throw every single knife that it gives you in order to break it. (For each stage). Every five stages there is a boss battle. The higher stage you are, the harder it is to beat the boss. If you beat a boss that you haven’t beaten before, you get rewarded a knife. I can play this game all day long. It never gets boring because there is always stuff you can do to get knives. 1. Challenges. There are currently four different types of Challenge categories: Monsters, Pirates, Jungle, and Treasures. Every 10 levels you beat, (For each category) you get a new knife. 2. Watch Videos There are two columns of knives that you can unlock by watching videos. Each knife is around 3-4 videos you have to watch in order to unlock that knife. It takes a while but the knives are cool so it’s worth it. 3. Apples There are three columns of knives where you can unlock knives for apples. You can get apples by hitting them on the logs in game. Or you can watch videos to get them. Also you can level up in this game. Every time you beat a boss, you gain XP. When you level up, you upgrade something. For instance, say I level up and I gain 4% to my Second Chance. I think that covers it.

  • By Bananamal3000

    Great Game! But needs adding on

    I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and I’ve been enjoying it very much(except for the rage but that’s a different story). I would like to say that I have “finished” the game by buying ball knives with apples. That brings me to my first request. I would ask of you to add in something else you can buy with apples other than just the standard 48 knives. I’ve also been thinking. It’s kind of boring listening to the same sounds over and over again. So, I would like it if you would think about putting menu and game music into the game. I think it would make this game better than I already is. If you could take these requests into consideration, it would both make my day, and make my gaming experience with this game soooo much better. -Average Knife Hit player

  • By Scout200

    Extremely fun 😁

    This game is very fun and addicting. Lets start off by saying that all the ads are optional, they give you extra apples or extra lives but they are still 100% optional. The game its self is extremely fun. You play through the levels and every 5th level you gets boss. Every time you defeat a boss for the first time (there are different bosses) you get a new knife. You can also buy knives using apples which you collect while playing. The game mechanics are very satisfying and rewarding. You can also do challenges to get knives but I don’t find those as fun as the regular game. All in all this game is very fun and I have not bumped into any glitches or bugs that ruin the game.

  • By horselover5792

    Very addictive!

    At first when I downloaded this game I had some doubts. I thought it was gonna be overpowered with ads and it would get boring soon. But I was wrong! This game will only give u ads if you die and want another life, sometimes it’ll give u some but not after every game like most other games. It’s cool that you get to unlock all of these different knives without paying real money, but with apples. It’s also REALLY easy to get apples and every time u get one apple it gives u two. Probably the best game I own. I definitely recommend if u just wanna pass some time away. Five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏻

  • By masonstep_

    Overall good game but a few bugs

    Let me start off by saying that I love this game. The amount of unique knives you can get and difficult labels makes in really fun. There are a few drawbacks though; the first being the amount of ads. In between every game there seems to be an ad, if you want to continue there’s an ad and even if you don’t want to continue... there’ I can get over the ads though using airplane mode. There’s is one thing that frustrates me a little bit. Every so often when I watch an ad to continue if I'm on a high level or almost going to beat a boss. Usually I’ll watch the 30 second ad and go along with my game yet sometimes after I spend 30 seconds watching an unskippable ad then it completely cancels my continue. It gets on my nerves, especially when I’m on a high level. Other than that it is a smooth running game with lots to do and entertaining.

  • By Gondard

    Pretty good, a suggestion

    The game is pretty simple, but it is good. Honestly the ads aren’t too bad, but it could be I’m just used to them. One thing that kinda bothers me that happens in basically all ketchapp games, is almost all the ads are for their other games, and even when I click the x, half the time it still links to the App Store. It isn’t too bad, but it gets kinda annoying. I feel that the knives in bosses (that are already there, like the cheese has a few in it) should be the knife from that boss, like the cheese having cheese knives, the apple pie having apple pie knives, etc. I think this would set bosses a little more different than the logs, and would look nice. In summary, the game is pretty addicting, ads aren’t too bad, would like if the ads didn’t link me to the App Store half the time when I click the x, and as a suggestion feel bosses should have their boss knife on them instead of the base knife.

  • By Egoinmyapple


    So this game is an amazing idea. The sounds are super nice and cool, but here are some reasons I’m only giving it four stars, and some things I’m confused about. 1. What do I do with apples? I have over 1,000 apples for I have been playing around a week, yet I have no idea what to do with them. I might not see something but I was hoping you could answer some of my questions. 2. Very glitchy!! When I join the game and the ad pops up, I can’t seem to exit out of it. I’ll click the X and it will reload the ad. (Also I am very thankful that there are no bad ads! So thanks for that. 😊🙏). Also,I have an idea. What if players could name themselves, and then go in a certain game mode where they compete, and try and get a good place on a leader board. Then the highest scores could get knifes AND apples! Thanks for reading this, keep up the great work! - Lily.

  • By RainbowDeathCat

    Great game but there are two problems

    I love this game and got addicted Immediately. I love the concept and am driven by wanting to get more knives. There are just two problems. I do not like that randomly adds pop up under or in the middle of the screen while I am playing the game. It’s really annoying and distracting. Sometimes I will lose to a boss because of the adds. The other problem is how you get some knives. I do not like the idea of having to press on a knife watch four adds specifically to get one knife. I think it should be done in a different way. It should be more like the knives you earn with apples. Every four adds you watch in the game you get a turn at pressing a button that randomly selects an add knife. Otherwise great game.

  • By Mandajo

    Too Many Ads

    As a general rule I don’t mind paying to get the ad free version of a game but in this case I don’t feel like it was worth it. If you don’t pay then after every try to have to watch an ad which is extremely bothersome and doesn’t make it fun to play. After you pay you still have to watch an ad if you want to continue with an extra life. Plus it makes you wait a few seconds before you can select no thanks. I know a few seconds isn’t that long but when you are concentrating on a fast faced game it can feel like longer. Another annoyance I have about the ads is almost all of them are louder than the volume I have selected on my phone and most of them stop my music from playing. If you want to turn the music back on I have to go back to my music app to turn it back on. It wouldn’t be a big deal if I could just swipe up and hit play but I hate how it forces me to leave the app just to turn on my music again. I don’t understand how the power ups work after beating a boss. Some of them don’t seem to work on a consistent basis. Sometimes I get an extra continue that I don’t have to watch an ad for but most of the time I don’t. Overall I do enjoy the app and it’s a fun game but there needs to be a few adjustments made for the “paid ad free” version.

  • By Smoreo

    Long time player with complaints

    I’ve had knife hit downloaded for well over a year now. It’s always been a fun game to pass the time, just challenging enough to make it addictive. And while I don’t typically mind games with ads, this has gotten to a point where it’s way too many. Aside from just being forced to watch one if you want an extra life, there’s generally one at the end of every round, and even some pop-ups when the game first starts up. It’s ridiculous. Some of these pop-up ads even occur while I’m mid game play, and it either messes up the round or crashes the app on me. I’ve also had instances where I will watch an ad to redeem an extra chance, and the game will freeze and not allow me to play. It’ll remain on the “continue” screen and I won’t be allowed to press anything except for “restart,” even if I’ve already wasted thirty seconds watching an ad. THEN another one pops up without fail, as if I didn’t just watch one and was forced to quit a game. This all feels like a cheap method of trying to get more ad revenue by forcing loyal players to watch a multitude of ads just to play freely. I hope this is fixed in the future, as it’s highly upsetting. I’ve also noticed these freezes typically happen when I am playing a boss level, which is extremely frustrating. Fun game, terribly irritating ads that are affecting gameplay.

  • By Serenity2584


    I’ve noticed that several times when I select the option to continue the video plays but then after I watch the video I’m brought back to the screen with options to continue or no thanks. I can’t do anything on this screen except select no thanks. So what did i just watch the video for? It’s happened several times yesterday after installing and then twice today already. What made me more upset is that today I was fighting a legendary boss. So I paid 50 apples to watch the video and continue. But of course it happened again. So now I lost my chance with the legendary boss and I’m out 50 apples for no reason. Also from what I’ve seen you get nothing extra from doing the challenges. So what are they for? Just having the added challenge of it being a little more difficult isn’t enough of a reward. Also why not have it so you can buy knives with the apples? I’ll admit I just installed yesterday so maybe I’m missing it but this far I’m only seeing the use of apples available for continuing. Of course I will not be wasting apples again to try continuing though because it didn’t work. So apples are useless in this game. Because of these reasons the game will become completely repetitive and boring and I’m pretty sure I’ll be uninstalling and finding something else soon.

  • By appsevery

    Ok game 🙂

    Let me start off by just saying this is a very good game that you can play to just kill time during the day and requires no Wi-Fi or Internet connection so that’s good and it’s very addicting at some point the reason I’m rating it this low is because There are a lot of really good knives you can get by FIghting rare and legendary bosses but after the first couple days of playing it you only get a chance to fight either of those two once every 20 or so rounds I’d say after about a week of playing I would get a rare or legendary boss chance very Occasionally. It gives you wear a boss chances and legendary boss chances every now and then but it’s usually the ones you arty fight many times before And defeated you only get a new chance legendary I’d say every 35 to 60 rounds also if you want to watch 12 videos for just one knife I would rather just pay the 250 apples for a select random so that’s why am reading in the slow it’s a pretty fun game to play when you just wanna kill some time but if they lower the prices of the knives and if there were more of a chance that you would’ve been a legendary boss then I would rate it higher


    Add and freezing constantly

    I like this game because it is fun and super addicting but I can’t get past how many days there are. Ads after you die, ads before you play the game, and even ads that pop up DURING THE GAME!! This has happened to me so many times that I thought to write a review about it. I know it’s a strategy because since were tapping we’ll end up tapping the ad but seriously it’s annoying to exit the app and have to go back in and hope you didn’t lose the boss you were fighting. Another thing is the game constantly lags and glitches and causes me to die even if I’m nowhere near bother knife. It just freezes and then when it unfreezes..BOOM I’m dead. It’s really annoying too because the wheel will lag so I have to stop and wait for another opening even if I already had one. This causes you to die constantly and makes me not want to play the game. I understand that I can just go on airplane mod or pay to remove the ads but I don’t know if that will stop the freezing but so far I don’t want to pay for something that might not fix the problem.

  • By ChumpedChanged

    False advertising

    First want to say the gameplay is quite fun...when you’re on airplane mode! Otherwise, there seems to be a background attempt to be connecting to something all the time. As such, the frame rate of the game becomes quite jumpy making it completely impossible to time knife throws! Next, the number of ads is insane. So buying the “no ads” is almost mandatory. Unfortunately, after the latest update, I now get one blaring loud ad for one of their other games as soon as I open the app! The last straw for me, though, was that when you actually voluntarily choose to watch one of the ads to try and get extra apples, only about 1 in 4 actually results in getting any apples! Either the game flat crashes, or the ad crashes, or you get through the ad and get no apples! On top of that, after trying to watch 2-3 ads, the option to watch more is seemingly turned off! This is absolutely the ONLY game I have played where their ads don’t apparently work! Good bye!

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