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  • Last Updated: 2020-08-28
  • New version: 2.25.519883
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by 2K. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - 2K, with the latest current version being 2.25.519883 which was officially released on 2020-08-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 596,028 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.75779 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Stay in the game with NBA 2K Mobile and experience authentic NBA 2K action on your phone or tablet. Season 2 offers deep card customization, more on the court options, MyPLAYER, and a newly updated 2020 roster. Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, Mini 4, iPod 7th gen or newer. Experience console quality graphics and lifelike NBA 2K action while on the go. Collect your favorite NBA players, build your dream team, and then step onto the court in 5v5 matchups or real-time PVP. Use Drills to train up your players, compete in Seasons to earn rewards and new crafting materials, compete in limited time events for exclusive cards, and rise up the leaderboards on your way to become a legend. NBA 2K Mobile is the newest game from the NBA 2K franchise. Features include: • 400+ cards of your favorite NBA players and All-Stars • Console quality graphics and authentic on the court action • Build your ultimate dream team of players past and present • Join a Crew with your MyPLAYER or create your own Crew • Daily bonuses from the Checklist and logging in • Real-time PVP • Customize your MyPLAYER by appearance, equipment, and more • Challenge rival Crews to 3-on-3 games on blacktop Do Not Sell My Info:

Top Reviews

  • Really annoying issues

    By hacknslash1985
    First let me say I still like playing it I just think these things need to be improved on. First thing that I want to talk about and it drives me crazy is some times and it seems like it happens frequently is I’ll make a player take a shot and the player will do that and the ball will bounce around on the rim not go anywhere near out of bounds and then fall into the basket or bounce off the rim and players will attempt to rebound it but before either of those things happens I get an out of bounds call. Really annoying problem. I also deal with I knock a ball loose and the ai players after I knock it loose will run away from the ball instead of towards it. And the last thing is when your defending and it happens all to often to me at least where a guy will get stuck in his defensive stance and run really slow. I think if these issues get fixed I’ll enjoy the game a lot more. Like I said I still play it. Oh and there was one other thing I wanted to say and it doesn’t have to do with fixing anything. So you have the domination mode that you can play and you earn point for taking over another city. Why not give point for defending the city successfully and on top of that of you defend it more than once you get more point until you reach a certain point like defending your city five times maxed it out and every time you defend after that those points are what you get whenever you defend until the city is taken from you. Just a thought.
  • Great game, but another thing..

    By aaron vincent v
    This game is super fun but all I ask is that we could be able to listen to bops while playing, that would make the experience so much more enjoyable- thanks! Hey, I was playing an online match I was guaranteed to win, I was totally crushing this dude who had more trophies then me and he was using players that were too low for my 5th team.. and then I just slid up on my phone to turn the brightness down cuz I was on 10% and then I got disqualified from my match. Sometimes I can answer quick messages and come back to my game but simply lowering the brightness made me lose what a possible gold pack? What’s up with that? Also I feel like this game is hella fair, besides the coin system which basically lets you pay two dollars for a little over a month’s worth of the checklist (cuz there’s a chance u get the impossible vert jump and get set back 15 coins) and the sets system where I just got my first diamond after logging in for a month and have plenty of Sapphires but am still missing a single gold player to finish the set, plus it’s nearly impossible to finish the emerald set cuz they seem rarer than the ruby’s and sapphire’s.. regardless the normal set system isn’t really an issue at all, but it could be improved. Anyways keep making this game better and I’ll stay ballin!
  • Better than everyone is saying

    By DallinM
    Really fun and addictive game. After reading some reviews, I have noticed some common themes. First of all, many have claimed that there is not a dribble stick. There is one, but it must be turned on in the options menu. Second, many people complain about stamina and being limited to a few games per hour. I think it’s a smart decision by 2k, as it gives casual players an advantage over pay-to-play. Third, many people complain about ratings. Ratings are not based on percentages, but rather seem to be based on a 1-100 scale. For example, a rating of 45 for three does not mean the player will make a three point shot 45% of the time. And fourth, a lot of people complain that they cannot progress easily by getting better players. I have found the best way to do this is through the weekend events. In order to do well in them, one must be semi-dedicated, but it will reward you without having to pay. All-in-all, a great game. I’m excited to see the new head to head mode. My one suggestion would be to make crafting a little bit rewarding. I haven’t ever been able to craft a better player than I already had. Keep up the good work!
  • Paid to win and barely fair

    By darklykiller913
    First thing I like the graphics and somewhat the controls. But the problem is, it’s too paid to win. The only way to get gold+ players is to either use a lot of money or farm a lot. If I want to get a sapphire player, I would need sapphire rings which players can only get from season or league. It would be extremely difficult because it requires a good team above emerald. So that’s the first problem for me. The second problem is that the defense is garbage. Most of the times my players would not even be covering a man and staying inside the perimeter instead of covering up their man. It’s very irritating because the cpu is just going to be able to sink in a shot every time if my player doesn’t guard them. The game has a lot of potential, but the fact that it’s so paid to win and the defense isn’t that great makes this game fall off. The game is also barely even fair at all. Players miss open layups and shots while the CPU makes almost every shot. I have an emerald Donovan Mitchell and he can barely shoot for his life. How can you have someone open and never make it. It’s not fair. My release is barely off of perfect but it still misses. If it’s too late, then the shot is short. If it’s a little early, it still misses. Not even having a perfect release can help you because the CPU has hall of fame lockdown defense. You don’t even have a 50% chance of making a shot with a perfect release. This game definitely needs to be worked on.
  • Way too Unfair

    By Megalodon28
    NBA 2k is a fun game. At FIRST. When you are playing in the Silver-Gold season, the game is pretty fun. You make most of the shots, when the CPU makes a fair amount of shots. However, when you enter the Emerald season and over, it starts turning into an unfair game. Most of my shots are gold or green, and 50% of the time, you don’t make the shot. And, the defense is terrible. Most of my players leave people like an Amethyst Joel Embid wide open under the hoop, and he makes it every time. Once, I’ve lost 22-8. I have an emerald Blockbusters Lebron James, and he’s made four 3 three-pointers for the entire time I have had him, and I’ve had him for about a month. And I log on every day. Also, the store is incredibly unfair. The store will offer a diamond Lebron James for one-thousand coins. I’ve bought it twice, and I got a gold player both times. Also, the store offers 12,500 coins for 100$. Who on Earth would want to do that? That can buy 1 fantastic pair of whatever team is on the market. ONE. Almost everything I have bought in that store is a rip-off. However, something that I do like about the game is the graphics. The Illustrator of 2k did a fantastic job getting every little detail on every single court of the NBA onto the game. My team is The Golden State Warriors, and the crowd actually sings “If You’re Happy And You Know It,” which really impressed me. But, besides the graphics, the game is not something I would recommend. Yours truly, 10 year old gamer
  • Good game but needs tweaking and balancing.

    By ihopethisoneisnottaked
    The game is great but you could have a 2900 power team and still struggle a lot to beat a 2500 power team. Needs some tweaking. Most of my shots will be released on the gold/green color and still only make about 40% of my shots when uncontested. The AI seems to make about 75% of their shots wether contested or not. Crafting cards should also be more rewarding. The way it’s set up, by the time you’re able to craft a good card your team is already so good that the card you crafted is not good enough for your team. The game is amazing, just needs to be balanced a bit in my opinion. Another thing is packs are wayyyyy too expensive when your team gets past 2000 power. You either need to get REALLY lucky getting the best player on a cheap pack or spend $50 to get ONE good player. should also offer better players in more expensive packs. I’d hate to buy a pack for 2,500 coins and only get a useless 900 rated green card. (It happened) Picks are also very unrewarding. Most of my resets are either rings or keys which are useless because by the time you have enough rings to craft your team is already way past that tier. I’ve been in the Amethyst tier for about a week. I’ve gotten like 40 resets and only one NONE of those have been an Amethyst player. However I have gotten about 4-5 amethyst rings....
  • Great gameplay besides it being all P2W

    By Snakilizer167
    It’s safe to say the graphics have had a massive improvement compared to NBALM. The characters look almost real, have facial animations and body animations not seen before on mobile, besides NBALM. The cutscenes make it all the more closer to a 2K experience, and the ones on the bench and crowd always react to my dunks, making it more exciting for me. The one thing about the gameplay that bothers all of us is the fact that you can barely shoot and make it in, even with a green shot. The defense is also pretty bad in some moments, but it doesn’t bother me much. Now the in-app purchases honestly kill me. There is almost no way to earn coins, besides doing league which only gives you 5 coins, and keep in mind that most packs are like 2,000 coins, and you only have stamina for three league matches, meaning you would have to cough up money, more than $40 I’d imagine if you want a slight chance of earning gold cards or above. The other way is through daily objectives, but even that’s a grind sometimes because you earn 35 coins for completing 5 daily objectives. The progression is very slow due to that and me not wanting to spend money on this. That progress will keep you with crappy cards for a while, but grind through it, and someday you’ll get good.
  • Paid to unless satisfied with grinding

    By d1_dagger
    Funds are key to being successful to the game. Unless you enjoy grind you heart out 3-6 hrs a DAY a “few” dollars come come in handy. Coins are ridiculously hard to earn. Since we all have “one”life to live and enjoy more codes should be available to attract more fans and more playtime with increase of active players / returning players. Commentary is a huge need with gameplay. The excitement and word by word gameplay would really put me and other plays a “ remarkable” experience as if were playing on console. Stats would be fairly professional like as if on a Live broadcasting with interviews, fan interactions etc . Another suggestion I have is 1/250 games a random fan runs onto the court and does what a fan would do in that situation and have them restrained by security. The game is in a great shape with many improvements to be made and just more interactions with the game/company to fans/players. OG aka die heart fans should get special rewards for playing 1 yr 6 months + or at least from now to a few months after release who are active btw. Graphics are incredible I give you amazing credits compared to NBA 2k 2020 which charges 5.99 (plus tax) for the full experience. That is you enojoy low quality graphics. Many big things are on the way keep grinding , working hard , giving your all effort and energy thank you for everything .🤝
  • Bad modes that require too much time

    By Savageviper1111
    The mods in this game are sooo bad like why is there a mod that requires you to constantly check the game like every 20 minutes a day like because I like the game does not mean I’m going to play if for 24 hours like what the heck the domination mod is soo Annoying in the rules it doesn’t say how everything works I had to personally research how it works how do you put a game mod and not show the full rules sometimes I think you guys are not even trying by the way this game is pay to win but I’m not going to spend a dime on you stingy idiots we’ve had this stupid modes for tooo long can’t you guys bring Something new to the game the game is boring there is only on mode for actually playing the game, that is seasons and it gets boring and also why would you guys make a myplayer mod that is offline are the developers retarded like this game is a trash I’m not surprised and thing that has to do with take two interactive is bad look they have ruined the GTA company not they are ruining 2k freak take two I hope they shut down all they want is money they don’t even care about the fan i know nobody is going to respond because unlike epic games you guys don’t respond, there is also a glitch with the backboard there is a place in the backboard if the ball hits it says out of bound which isn’t possible because a backboard in in the country it has happened to me about 30 times it’s soo annoying
  • Honest Review

    By jrjvnrj
    This game is amazing a few things I would like to tell you though. This game has amazing graphics and pays attention to detail more than ever. The sound effects are just like 2k. But you can’t just play as your favorite team. It is basically MyTeam, you collect characters on your quest to be the best in the basketball world. You can never just play as the Golden State Warriors or the Lakers, you will have to earn the cards to build that team. You have a season mode but it is still with your MyTeam, and you can still pick what user team you want for your MyTeam. I personally was a little disappointed because the trailer was a little misleading when I saw all the Warriors on the same team, so don’t think that’s the way it works. You can still train the players you have at the Gatorade Training Facility just like 2k. The trailer also says you can play on the go, which isn’t accurate, you need internet to play, and it takes around 45 seconds for “required assets” to download. I personally recommend this game for you If you want something close to 2k. I like this game over the NBA2k’s that come out each year if you want a better experience. Let’s go Warriors!

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