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My NBA 2K20


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My NBA 2K20 is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by 2K. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - 2K, with the latest current version being 1.5.5012969 which was officially released on 2020-06-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6052 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the My NBA 2K20 App

How does it Work?

The new NBA 2K companion app has arrived! MyNBA2K20 is packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K20 from your mobile device, opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, and a collectible card battling game with daily objectives to earn great rewards!


• Scan yourself into NBA 2K20 on Xbox One and PS4 using your mobile device.

• Daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency for NBA 2K20 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

• View the daily schedule and upcoming event posters for NBA 2K20.


• Collect your favorite NBA superstars from the past and present and challenge other gamers across the globe in a variety of modes.

• Many ways to play with Quick Game, PVP, Reigning Threes, and the returning Champions game modes.


• Complete daily missions for in-game rewards.

• Compete for top cards in weekly events including King of the Court, Gauntlet, and Rivals Clash.

• Uncover the secret draft board pattern for extra rewards!

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Top Reviews

  • By bbbooobbb rrrooossssss

    I love this game

    I’ve been playing this since September of 2019. I haven’t gotten bored of it, I play it average 1-2 hours a day, the prices for the credit packs are perfect for what you’re getting. The only problem is VC credits I’ve spent months on trying to sign in but it won’t let me, I’ve tried making a stream account a Nintendo account and Play Station account I already have a Xbox account and it still won’t let me sign up. The rankings for cards are perfect I love the weekly and weekend events when those are up the only thing I do on my phone is play those events. I definitely recommend getting this game if you love the NBA and just a little bit like the NBA it’s the perfect game the 2K20 games on IOS are ok but this definitely take number one in NBA games for me. For the people who say they don’t like it they haven’t played it long enough definitely something worth getting it has all the players and some of them go from epic prime to icon the updates are around 1-3 months again I recommend this game if there was a 4 and a half out of 5 I would you that.

  • By BremudaKeemit hater

    This game is amazing, but needs a few tweaks!

    I love this game! It’s so fun and addicting! I could play this game all day! But the problem is that they need to make it to where people can earn legends by grinding, let’s say quick game, because the rarity I'm at right now, grinding wouldn’t be that good. I wish my nba 2k21 didn’t have to have an account to play, because I don’t have an account so I can’t play it! I also wish y’all could create a football of this, it would be so fun! Anyways, this game is still great and I love it!

  • By ZZgamingHD

    Not letting me login to My console?!!!!

    To start off with is I love 2k I played every single game they came out with and this year is one of my favorite 2k’s and today I wanted to do a face Scan and when I try to login it put me to this page saying That I don’t have Access to login and I tried to do this on 2 other phones and the same thing showed up I just want 2k to fix there app so I can have more joy in this game Thank you for your time!.

  • By krinjy

    Progressively worse

    The developers are extremely lazy and it shows. The game hasn’t changed since last year, and I have a feeling it won’t change for next year’s game. The game is super grindy and pay to win. I wish they would just remake 2k16 with a roster update because it was so much fun. Auction house and RP was definitely the way to go. Now, spending hours and hours of play is the ONLY way to go. Otherwise, you’re not getting good rewards from events. Also, the game decided to give us less VC for the real game now. Instead of the 500 VC from 10 quick games and 100 daily login VC, it’s 400 VC from quick games and 75 daily login VC. There is no reason to do this, please let us gain more VC next year. And please, reintroduce the auction house. It will make the game 10x better.

  • By dafl1p14

    2K series has lost its way

    Hoping things turn around as this is one of my most beloved sports video game franchises. This app used to but an excellent supplement to the console games but literally every everything has been downgraded to make the end user experience more of a grind. Rarer cards aren’t no longer obtained as simply as logging in for 30 days straight. VC earned is significantly less than prior years. Everything is more random with the incentive to buy coins rather than earn. Almost feels as exploitive as battlefront 2. All in all it’s extremely disappoint and with NBA live taking another hiatus this season, 2k could have solidified its offering but the throne is now for the taking. 2k21 can be a make or break year if they’re not careful

  • By Fcfyfyhvjb

    As bad as advertised...

    I thought no way the experience can be as bad as a 2.4 overall rating coming from a reputable franchise that makes a great console game.. but interface is slow at best, menus are clunky, option to skip cards bouncing around like a tiny circus act is a much needed feature, and then there is the random crashes that really put a cherry on top of this “could-be” game. The collector aspect is cool, and the progression is fine, but the drawbacks out weight what should have been a good concept. Only benefit worth sticking around for, is VC that you gain while away from console, but it isn’t as much as hoped for, so most likely not worth your time, either. Sorry 2K, please try again.

  • By Countdown 2/5


    Really??? REALLY? I downloaded this game because I had the actual NBA2K20 video game, and I wanted to download this game for the actual game. But then, later on, I’ve gotten hooked on this game and can’t stop playing it. That is, when you get past the connectivity problems. Seriously, the connectivity problem is rampant in this game, and my wifi is good, probably even better than usual. But this game acts as if I got a 1$ wifi. The game is good, just please fix these server problems y’all have, it’s ruining the experience for me. 😢

  • By KenTubesocks Xb1

    All the other poor reviews are right

    Despite reading quite a few reviews, all of which were negative, I still downloaded the game and this app. Well, I can now say that was a mistake on my part. You’d think it was an EA game with all the money they want you to spend. As if paying $60 for the same game year after year isn’t enough. I only got this app for the facial scan aspect, and I had to give up because after trying more than 8 times, and 20+ minutes of the same errors it just isn’t worth it. Couple that with the low VC you earn, and the total money grab this game/app have become and I’d RATHER have an EA game! This app has ZERO redeeming features to it, and literally the only difference between this years $60 game and last years was the addition of the WNBA.... and what guy is really going to utilize that? I know this franchise doesn’t have that many female players. So if you come across this review, do yourself a favor and don’t bother with this app. If you’ve already paid for the game that’s bad enough since it’s the same thing as 2k19 with a worse soundtrack.

  • By Ericizzle14

    Where do I start?

    NBA Live by EA Sports was the superior game and the standard, and performance-wise, still is... Without EA making NBA Live anymore there is no industrial competition to encourage 2K to make a quality product. And it shows in game and in this app. VC is lacking in quantity over previous years. How hard is it to give a consistent 24 hour reset? Everyday at midnight should be a new day, regardless if you got all your VC for the day or if you remembered to login. The counter for the days of the week is odd. I can login on a Saturday morning and I get credit for Sunday? It forces you to miss login days. And if you want cards you have to spend tokens to make up for forced lost days. I use the app to earn VC for the console game but I dabble in other modes when bored. And let me tell you, boring. And let’s not forget the facial scan, because I almost did. It’s pretty terrible. It gives error after error, and when it’s finally successful it looks nothing like yourself, skip it, make your character in console. #BringBackRachelDeMita

  • By DarthMadeus

    No auto login?

    Have to sign in to Steam every single time I open the app. With two step verification. Why can’t I just automatically use the same account? Ridiculous. The financial department ruined this game years ago anyway. Have you tried mycareer? Want a good player. 100 hour grind or $50 to get to like 85 overall. A freemium formula for a $60 -$100 game is despicable. I won’t even play online because I don’t play pay to win schemes. I wish there was an alternative for pc. NBA Live went away for PC and now the lack of competition has lead to greed dominating every negative review. I am complaining about this app as well because it’s supposed to be a companion app but there is no functionality between the two other than earning VC slowly. So many possibilities for this app but they just made a freemium game and called it a companion app. Take 2 interactive should be ashamed. Too bad it’s so profitable or else morals might fix this.

  • By EstevenYobs

    Was going great until recent crash

    I have been a huge fan, and have been playing 2k20 since it’s release. I have managed to collect a strong deck, and one day got an error message while playing: ‘Network Error. Please try again later. Error 4-200’. My gf who also plays, got the same error at the same time. When we tried to play later on, hers worked normally, but mine had the same error! I have contacted the developer, but so far- no real help with at least getting answers nor getting back to be able to play-(and my good cards). I really enjoyed playing until this happened, and if I get some kind of support, I would change this review back to 5-stars. But for now, the lack of support is the reason I can only rate it 1-star! I would think that a developer would be more interested in helping me with this, considering I’ve spent time and money supporting this game for many years now...

  • By kobinatv

    Game is bad

    The event on this game is bad, it’s just repeated event rival crash event is the worst one of them its to tough and reward are bad just like I expected. The events are suppose help you get players but they are all bad like seriously the match between Ai are also bad in every games, you beat them once and seem like you can not do it again it is annoying at most the quick games reward point to far in between and the rewards are bad. All I have to say is this game is bad simply because it is pay to win at least make event easier to play and Ai not win every match if you do people will leave your game and make the rewards good because they are bad really bad that it’s not fun to play anymore even if grind to get as many point possible

  • By GollyJeeWizz


    I downloaded this app for the facial scanning and this year it’s completely broken. Not only did I have to scan my face 5 different times due to “errors”, but the game also says “There was an issue with your scan.” No, there wasn’t an issue with my scan, there’s an issue with your buggy system. It’s quite a shame, because last year facial scanning actually worked. Folks, 2K’s greed leaves us with a broken system that doesn’t work. Why make sure features work when we’ve already got your $60? We have taken a step backward in 2020. Same game rehashed, with more bugs. It’s time to boycott this atrocious company until they get their head on straight. P.S: it’s a shame it’s not possible to give a negative rating.

  • By Hhgfch

    2k needs to make drastic changes

    This franchise has become complacent. From the console games to the apps it it’s just the same game over and over again but somehow worse. I have defended against this argument for years but it is the exact same game. For this app specifically they need to do a complete redo next year. The vc you make is nothing compared to years past and didn’t even make it worth the 30 min load up time for this app. They won’t change anything and they’ll reskin this same game and release it again as a new app and ppl will download it because we all love playing 2k but we need to make a stand as consumers and stop letting them get away with this. Do better Ronnie.

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