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Deck Heroes: Legacy


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Deck Heroes: Legacy is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by IGG.COM. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - IGG.COM, with the latest current version being 13.3.0 which was officially released on 2020-12-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 123 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Deck Heroes: Legacy App

How does it Work?

●●● Deck Heroes:The hottest strategy card game — Download now and experience a new strategy card game! ●●●

Construct the ultimate deck with an amazing horde of Heroes and magical Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds of cards to collect, every deck is unique. Feast your eyes on spectacular HD graphics, get lost inside thrilling battles, and delve into majestic and mysterious lore!

War has come to the world of Deck Heroes! The Neander, Human, Faen, and Mortii are marching into battle! Build your very own faction from Heroes of all races, and lead them to glory! Enter the world of Deck Heroes: The hottest strategy card game!

Game Features:


•Non-Stop Gaming!

Innovative game play, endless battles, and countless tactics are guaranteed to have you hooked!

•Worlds at War

Align your army with the four factions - Human, Fae, Mortii, and Neander.

•Magnificent Artwork!

Elegant and exquisite designs paired with flamboyant, vibrant colors bring your Hero and Creature cards to life!

•Adventure Calls!

Intricately detailed maps, mazes, trials, and more, await those brave wanderers!

•Global Action!

Millions of gamers worldwide experience the suspense of a thrilling card adventure!

•Adrenaline Pumping Action!

Raids, competitions, and more; this is a player versus player haven!

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Top Reviews

  • By SD_Clubz

    Free mode please read!

    Really enjoy the game I just really wish there was an offline type of play mode that allows you to have everything at your control, with costume play… allowing you to have fun against against explore and trials just to see how strong you can make your decks. The only thing I dislike is how this game is basically pay to win and still requires a decent stack of luck on what type of heroes you pull from altars and stuff. But the idea of having every hero, every card available to you with all tunes etc would be fun considering the amount of dedication it takes to be very good at the game. I really hope someone sees this because it would make the game so much better. Maybe even when you reach a certain level unlock it?? Just so that people won’t download the game just for that aspect?

  • By NyCe.

    Great game!!

    This is such a great card game. It runs perfect. It definitely deserves a much higher rating for sure. It’s not a pay to play game, just take your time and have’d appreciate how great the game is.

  • By XxFrostyCupXx

    This game is awesome

    It was one of the first games I was able to really love and play mostly all day and yes it is hard but it is awesome really really awesome

  • By ChopMfnMakk

    It’s not that bad!

    To be honest the game isn’t bad AT ALL there is MUCH to be improved, such as new card, story line, pay 2 play coast, new updates overall, new feel and look would be just what the game needs, something to bring players together more to want to play PVP or build guilds, but over all it’s not a bad games.

  • By macadoo67

    Fun game but costly and now fails to run

    I have played for a while now and it is a fun game but does cost a fair amount to get the good cards to make you competitive. Now the game won’t load and all the money I put into it is wasted. I guess I should be glad it did so now I am not wasting more money.

  • By Chavo5000

    One of my favorites

    This is a great game, one of the very few that I play, but it's almost not worth spending any money unless you're willing to invest A LOT. I've spent a little here and there any have virtually nothing to show for it, the drop rates in five star cards is incredibly low. So save yourself some time and just farm as much as possible because sinking casual amounts of money in this game gets you nowhere. That said, I'm still playing it because it's the best of its kind in my opinion, I'm just probably not spending any more money :/

  • By raisingbubbles

    Overall game opinion

    I played this game around a year after it had released , it was a great game. There would be events that helped f2p players out and spenders as well. Players would get lots of 5 stars from the altar for some reason form daily coupon. I stopped playing for three years and started playing again during quarantine. My experience changed drastically, the game’s creators barley touch or care about it anymore, there’s no events happening anymore, and all of the players who played this game for years are just stuck at the top while the newer players are stuck at the bottom fighting against some of the strongest players who fell down the ranks as they quit the game. The maps rewards are bellow mediocre when this game’s entire system revolves around a gacha system that doesn’t even disclose rates on getting good creatures. The game itself is bad for all players ,especially free to play players who can’t get any rare five star creature since it’d cost them to spend around 2 - 4 years worth of daily login gems. The game is still fun to play but after getting around level 40-50 you are forced to do nothing for weeks to months due to the drastic power increase in enemies.

  • By getf**ked

    Money hungry

    I’ve been playing this game for 4 yrs and have spent more money than I care to mention. Even with all that time and money I have reached a spot that’s unbeatable. Tired of spending my money on gems and getting nothing but GARBAGE out of the booster packs etc.

  • By Mahawajlo

    Waaaaay to expensive

    While the game is fun, it’s completely limited by in game shop which is not to mention in top 5 most expensive shops that I experienced online for a mobile game . Dear creator update the price and lower them don’t be a stupid selfish moron and idiot

  • By hubbit's mobile

    Money grab, glitches and nonexistent customer service

    I have been playing Deck Heroes for about 6 years now, and I had advanced to level 111 and headed up my own guild. I have spent countless dollars buying gems to compete with the mid-range players (who have a few rare 5-star heroes and rare 5-star creatures), but could never really compete with the player with 10 evolved Queen Artolias with disposal, revive, etc in their deck with maxed out skills and a hero with maxed out everything (hackers or basement-dwelling “kids” spending their inheritance?). Anyways, I had just purchased gems when the game up and crashed. Could not load it at all. I turned off all other programs running in the background, but that did not help. I turned off the phone, deleted and reloaded the game, still crashes. I contact IGG support, get a canned answer the next day that is of no help whatsoever. I respond to the IGG support person Arden K, and there has been no response. I am ready to walk away from this game like I did with Kingdom Age 5 years ago. Don’t waste your time with this game people, or all your time and money invested can be gone in an instant like me, and IGG could care less. I have learned my lesson, never again!

  • By eddiewon

    What are you guys doing

    The last few years playing this game has been rocky to say the least. As someone who has put a crazy amount of hours various different accounts to say I love this game is an understatement. As previously stated the lack of updates content insane amounts of money to get game breaking cards and how far spending said crazy amounts of money put you in a different league then f2p people who doesn’t understand what’s going on is insane. There are currently some issues that just hasn’t been resolved not looked at or just don’t care. The guild mall is the biggest offender here knowing there is rewards for unplayable content is mind numbing. The nerf of Ore from the mining is insane considering this is an energy based game and the grind it takes away from other content is insane it’s a great energy burn for guilds but really insane when you think about how much it cost for and hero that isn’t 3 star. The last few days in 2021 we haven’t had login rewards . I don’t know what’s up with the devs but why not tell the player base what your plans are without still having pay mechanics that are still working. Can y’all do something for the game instead of nothing.

  • By Jt-96-

    The game is rigged

    Honestly. I wish there was something lower then a star. I honestly loved this game in the beginning and even bought the star membership (sucker alert). It starts out fun and easy, but it gets extremely hard very quickly. It’s nearly impossible to get a legitimately good card. I had collected 1,200 gems at one point and did lucky spins nonstop. The only creature I ever got was the same 3 star healer repeatedly. The last one I did had 5 5 star creatures and it was still spinning fast but then abruptly stopped right in the middle of two them. There’s also the booster packs. Those are a joke because I got several of those and never got anything more than a 4 star creature that I already had. I only ever got creatures that I already had. The tournaments and everything else are a joke because even starting out, it’s a complete mismatch. I genuinely feel ripped off and don’t intend on playing this game anymore. I wouldn’t advise anyone else cause this game is just a ripoff

  • By BoterOpJeHoofd

    Cash cow

    Clearly designed to make money. You won’t get anywhere unless you spend. Even if you spend, the odds to acquire good cards are very virtually zero. Trust me, I tried. I even complained that there are no percentage chance of gaining a 5 start card given after trying Booster and Transmutation 6x each and getting zero (obligatory by law to publish chance data at least in the EU for games with in-game purchase). “customer service” answers were computer generated. So, if you like frustration, wasting money and are some kind of masochist: this is the game for you!

  • By 465ffgg

    Don’t waste your time

    I been playing for a while now and I’m now stuck there no room for advancement unless u spend ridiculous amount of cash and it’s not worth it at all. I’m done with the game I just play it now to pass time when my other games r all fought up don’t waste your time

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