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Castle Clash: Guild Royale


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Castle Clash: Guild Royale is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by IGG.COM. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - IGG.COM, with the latest current version being 2.5.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 27469 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Castle Clash: Guild Royale App

How does it Work?

●●● Your legacy in Castle Clash continues after 6 years! ●●●

For 6 years you have fought and survived. Now an epic new challenge dawns - Narcia: War Era! Lead your heroes into battle alongside your allies, and outsmart rival guilds to fulfill a greater, collective ambition. Step into a brave new land where you must build, develop, and protect your guild's territory. Summon your allies to conquer mighty enemy guilds together. What are you waiting for? It’s time to take your guild to greater heights!

Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Hire powerful Heroes to lead your army of mythical creatures. Fight your way up to become the world's greatest warlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons, raids, and more! With over 100 million players worldwide, it's always time to clash!

Now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.

Game Features:

* Strive for glory in Guild Royale. Summon your guildmates and fight to be the mightiest guild of all in the all-new “Narcia: War Era”!

* Give your Heroes powerful new looks when they wear enhanced Hero Skins!

* Utilize the non-linear base development system to upgrade your base as you like!

* Enjoy seamless operation and jaw-dropping visual effects at your fingertips.

* Hire Heroes with extraordinary abilities to fight for your cause.

* Deploy loyal troops to battle! Those who survive will return to your base.

* Go head-to-head against another player in the Arena and be crowned the ultimate competitor.

* Unlock Equipment for your Heroes to wield in battle.

* Customize your Heroes and Buildings with a huge variety of Skins.

* Earn riches and glory in Torch Battle, Fortress Feud, and Guild Wars.

* Team up with your friends to challenge multiplayer co-op dungeons.

* Combine forces to avert a server-wide treat, the Archdemon.

* Develop adorable Pets into powerful battle companions.

* Match Heroes to powerful abilities to be the next “Squad Showdown” victor.

Note: This game requires an internet connection.

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Top Reviews

  • By james567876543

    Great game played it for 5 years

    Not a money game, I’ve played for free and am competitive enough. 270,000 br but I not the best but can do most the dungeons. Biggest recommendations for game is I’d update would start with Troops, they’ve been left behind in progression and need more levels and abilities to be relevant to gameplay. Update spells level and types, if you can make a hero or more a month you can make a spell here and there. Garrisons, look I’ve maxed min, I want larger max capacity level abilities and more towers. As of now there’s three types of towers, 5 in all. Make two more and add some walls. I have too many hero’s and nowhere to put them. Add wall garrison as well to increase defense or add totem ability and blasters or something into walls for offense. Mini towers, not a brief ability but a raid long ability. I get the skins purpose but need something to upgrade in camp. Don’t over do it like clash of clans but just enough to put some work in, I always have 3 on standby and two one awards. Lastly green and blue hero’s. Make more, allow them evolution. A evolved purple is still purple. Level the playing field. I want to evolve blue and green into a super blue or green, completely different hero and extended main abilities maintaining color properties but can fight toe to toe with purple evolution in battle.

  • By RJ15562

    Great game not a p2w game

    I’ve been playing this game for around 3 years now and here’s what I noticed. A lot of reviews claim that this is a pay to win game. I disagree. Yes this game has constant deals and sales but they are not necessary to win. There are very few hero’s that are only obtainable by buying them but unless your in the top one percent you won’t be facing these very unbalanced hero’s. A big factor in this game is luck. You can have crappy hero’s and be facing challenging opponents, but this can all change with luck. I got my first very good hero from a daily hero collect. This flipped the game for me. Getting a single stroke of good luck will make your experience so much better. With more recent updates igg has made it easy for new players to obtain large amounts of good hero’s and items that it is easy to not find yourself bored playing the game. Another note about it not being a pay to win game is that a few months ago I dropped 100$ in the game I received as a gift. Yes it made it easier to get good hero’s and progress but even now my best hero’s I got from saving up and playing the game. My experience has made it a not pay to win game that is very large and engaging.

  • By FallingLeaves02

    Great game!!! Just a few things....

    This game is sooo much fun! You can play for free or pay money to advance faster what ever is your preference. The igg team is amazing! They actually do help if you have a problem and communicate with them through the live chat :) so thank you castle clash team!!☺️ The only rather large problem is the chat. People aren’t restricted at all in their chat so some crazy things do happen in broadcast. I like to send our guild invitations through broadcast but lately I’ve tried to avoid it because the language is foul and people are using it as a dating app. Kids do play this game and shouldn’t be exposed to what goes on in that chat. Castle clash team could you guys make the broadcast feature a bit safer or make it easier to mute people? Maybe set it up to where certain words aren’t allowed to be spoken in the chat. A lot of people have been complaining about it lately due to the fact that some people say inappropriate things on there all the time. Thanks. Other than that the game is fabulous! I love how you guys update it all the time with new heros and skills and I’m soo excited for the new events that come!! Thanks again guys :)

  • By LinnS47

    Haven’t paid a cent and love it

    Yo guys... this game takes some patience. I see a lot of people saying it’s pay to win and that’s not exactly true. What I like about it is that it’s a mix between an idle and an active game. I can leave it and come back and collect, log on every day, but also when I’m bored I can go on and do raids and lost realm and stuff. Maybe it’s just a coc copycat- there’s a lot of those. Never played coc so I can’t say. You can get really far in this game and get the really good heroes without paying anything. It just takes some time and luck. I don’t know if I would ever pay money on this game, but there are ways around it. They are making it easier to get good heroes also. One thing I dislike is that I’m at a point where I can’t regularly spend excess gold and mana bc my walls are all maxed out, my builders are always busy, I can’t inscribe any more bc not enough crystals, etc. I really wish there was more you could do/build with the mana cost instead of the gold cost. I always have way too much mana.

  • By mobilegames.exe

    Great game and not P2W

    I know a lot of these reviews say Castle Clash is pay to win but that is simply not true. I’ve been playing this game for around 3 years on 2 accounts and it is NOT pay to win. I can roll out the new hero’s in like maybe 1,000 gems that I can get from achievements. Also there is packs of resources that come out where you can buy them with GEMS not IRL money. Lastly in other reviews many people say their hero’s become obsolete or outdated after a few updates. That also is not true. The hero Pumpkin Duke one of my very first legends can still EASILY kill the newer hero’s with a good build. The people who say the stats don’t make sense are wrong. Every time your might increases a Valentina figure will EXPLAIN how the stats work and most of the people who said the stats are confusing mostly skipped over it. The ONE and ONLY complaint is that troops need a massive buff. The game has just evolved into “If you have good hero’s that’s all you need” IGG needs to buff troops so they are actually effective in battle.

  • By YuGiNio

    From a paying player !

    New question , is it greedy dec or is IGG to busy to give us good dec deals ? Im not liking the new rewards , spend gems to win was set on 2 days for 10 dungeon cards , but when the 2 days was over , the time just reseted to 2 days again with the same dungeon cards that i already bought with gems . I dont know what you guys are up to , but i hope you can work on that part a lil better ! ------------------------------- Old question Are there no more sign in and wins at the welcome screen anymore ? That was a great part of the game that i liked . And the new 7 day sign inn feature is not bad , but will it eventually be randomized a lil more ? Cause its kinda boring the way it is now . The 30 day sign was a little better (rewards wise) . Ive been playing for about 5 months now and ive spent more then a 100$ on the game . Money well spent i might add . This game is totally awesome . I hope future updates will bring more fun and great things 🙏🏾

  • By Menice Snow Decker

    Story of my life by Menice Snow Decker

    I have played hundreds of games but none has ever made me want to download it twice. This game game me joy, and a set of passion. People argue what game is better but to me for its is dumb if you like battle royale then have fun with unrealistic graphics because this ones no different the defense should work but it doesn’t so not really a difference. Plus fort nite bought the game block city wars and now all people ever play on it it the battle royale button so the game has gone to hell because it’s so boring now then they jacked up the prices and I lost a few of my belongings that I had bought so thanks fort nite your such a jar of sunshine if only I could break the jar then we could all be happy. But castle clash helped me get thru middle school because I was so into it as soon as I got home with no homework I’d log in and do as I wanted. And I loved it. This game brings life into the players. I am Aaron Scott Decker aka Menice Snow Decker and I approve this game :D

  • By FirstGunner

    Super fun to play but pay to win

    I find this game very fun to play, anytime I need something to kill some time I just hope on this game. Only thing I would have to complain about this game is the fact that when I first started playing you could get basically anything from rolling heros with gems, now you have to pay like $40 to get the new better heros. I have played this game for 4 years on several accounts but I can say that my free to play account has gathered better heros than my payed account. So if you start playing this Amazing game and plan on paying for the game then you have to buy packs every now and then if you want to continue to get good stuff. But if you plan on being a ftp person then do not spend any money at all or it will just make your time on that game a waste. But other than that this game is so stinking cool I hope on it everyday. I think IGG did an amazing job when making this game keep up the good work.

  • By Rfgrgg

    Great game, but maybe about economics rather than strategy or tactics

    I enjoy the game, and probably play too much, for about 4 years now. If you are really competitive and want to be a top player, luck is almost certainly not enough, you will need to spend a lot to buy the extra resources. But you can do quite well for very little. But someone has to pay for the servers and coders, there are no interrupting ads, so I don’t know why people complain about this. You need to decide how to invest in your heroes and troops and bases to succeed in a variety of subgames that test you in different ways, and more generally how much of your time and money you want to spend. There are now lots of side games, and you can spend hours a day doing them. One annoying feature is that some of the side games or freebies became available after several hours, so if you are trying to improve using time instead of money, you need to game several times a day. It will be a few hours a day if you want to do all the subgames.

  • By Crafter_5490

    Needs a little more improvement

    The games depends to much on heroes and not enough on troops, basically troops do nothing. I been playing this game for like 3 years now and I am pretty far now but I noticed that it is kinda like pay to win. The really good heroes you have to get at events which you have to spend money to get it and it still not a 100% to get it. Plus people spend hundreds of dollars to get a certain hero but they end up not getting it and other people get the hero with even spending 1 cent. They always come out with new heroes every month which is good but I will like them to see a better improvement of the troops. When you try to roll and get a certain hero it is hard since there is like 50 other heroes out there plus the essence. It will be even harder to get the hero you want since they are always adding new heroes. I like the variety they have. To get the hero you want before more heroes come out you gotta to buy gems to get it. Over all the games is good.

  • By Pinkbluepurple12

    From an experienced player

    I've played a lot of games like this one, some good, some bad. I call them base defense strategy games, or bdsg's for short. I love them. They are the bane of my phone's storage. This is one of the good ones. This is my second time downloading the game and I've been playing for about 3 months. The reason why I first deleted the game was that it was just to easy to progress with out some kind of building I had to upgrade before I upgraded the rest. In about a month I had beaten just way too many dungeons in such little time. This was with out spending money mind you. Because of how easy it was I quickly lost interest. But now the easy progression is one of my favorite parts. It's a nice break from games that are 3/4 of the difficulty of a Dark Souls game.(That's still pretty hard for those who've never played Dark Souls. P.S. I recommend you play one)

  • By Nikki613579007531345789904212

    It’s fun but has flaws

    It’s a fun game to play and I’ve played it for 4plus years now. The reason I didn’t give it five stars is because the chat needs to be censored, it gets really bad. And igg has censor capabilities as they use them in their other game. And they have become more of a pay to play game than they used to be. I haven’t rolled one of the new heroes in a long long time. It used to be exciting to save up gems or buy one of the packs of gems, but it’s been impossible to roll anything new, so your better off waiting for a new hero to become $10. I preferred to be able to roll one as it was more exciting, but since I quit sinking money into the game I can not roll anything. I have a friend that has never spent money on the game in the last four years and he rolls better heroes. So apparently you either have to spend money continuously or don’t spend any at all. It did take him a lot longer to level up, but he has so many heroes that I don’t. I have logged in almost every day since I started, so it’s become very disappointing to not be able to get anything new. Game is killing itself off, which is very disappointing, but I guess greed will do that. I’m about ready to uninstall.

  • By Tarjie


    These people are greedy! They steal your progress, I been playing this game for about 4 years, signed in almost every single day, A Saturday or Sunday here and there would get busy with the family and not sign in. I in in one day and someone else has taken my guild. I created the guild worked very hard in getting top quality people and putting Shards and gems into it. Only this customer service would say is tell the person that took the leadership to give it back. REALLY!!!!! The person who stole it is not going to give it back, tried that and only got ignored. Customer said sorry for the inconvenience. REALLY!!!!!! They were ok with taking money off my credit card, then wouldnt admit that there is something wrong with the game. If you want to lose money and get slapped in the face be my guess download and play this game. The makers of this are greedy and dont care, they let people use the social chat as a sex chat and dating service! Your response is a lie. I contacted customer service and everyone else, they did nothing to give me my guild back. You people took and stole something i worked years on. You promote stealing. I gave option after option for you to make this right, and you refuse. The game is a rip off.

  • By Shl3333

    Used to be good

    I’ve been playing this game for years, maybe 5? Can’t remember. I never paid for anything, which used to mean slower progress. But lately they implemented new game mechanics and new heroes that are designed to force you to pay. In the past, when you got a hero, you could level them up all the way and level their skills very slowly but still, it was possible. Now, when you get one of the new heroes (which could take months to get one) you need another copy of that hero for every leveling up. So to get it to max you need like 10 copies of that hero. So like, 20 years ish until you can level 1 hero all the way. They implemented crippling changes to banish all the free players. As it stands now, the game is not for free players anymore. A new layer of heroes is replacing and overpowering the old ones and you need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the game. I’ve rolled some of the new heroes, but they are useless to me, since I need to roll 300 more of them to level them up. And my old heroes are getting destroyed by the new ones. It’s not even a fair match. I’m going to uninstall after this review. Goodbye Castle Clash, it was fun while it lasted

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