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Little Empire Online


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Little Empire Online is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by CAMEL GAMES LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CAMEL GAMES LIMITED, with the latest current version being 1.26.2 which was officially released on 2018-07-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 124 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Little Empire Online App

How does it Work?

You will form your kingdom guard, conduct the archangel, mage, wolf rider and other unique units to protect your territories and fight together with the players worldwide in the game Little Empire, the epic 3D strategic RPG.

Developed and distributed by the top developer, Camel Games, Little Empire hit the top charts as long as it came to the market of mainland China, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and HK&Macao&TW. Now the brand new version has been launched in the market,. You will experience the splendid battlefield with the full 3D resolution gorgeous game screen.

You can develop your kingdom and alliance; assist to attack your enemies’ territories;

You can strengthen your domain and your castle; use tactics to overcome the strong;

You can practice with your friends and declare wars against your foes; challenge the angry dragon in the adventure alone;

Are you ready to meet more challenges on the way of conquering the whole world?

== Game Features ==

- First mobile game that using the most advanced skeletal animation techniques;

- More funs and surprises brought from the tactful formations;

- 3 different heroes to choose from, with different magic and spells. Also you can arrange two heroes on the battlefield together, one assisting another;

- 12 units reinforce and neutralize each other and with higher rank of your king, the units can be transformed to senior ones with peculiar spells;

- Hundreds of buildings can be dotted with and reinforce your own kingdoms;

- Legendary of the dragon slayer who defeat Medusa Dragon Dock and other bosses.

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Top Reviews

  • By JCWalker25

    I love the game

    I really love this game I’ve played it since I was 8 and I’ve never had an issue with recovering my account and all the sudden I can’t but I don’t mind starting over what bugs me is the fact when I try to set my new account up and I type in my new name no matter what I put in it tells me that the name is already taken or has something that isn’t allowed in the name so I was wondering if it would be possible to make the naming part not so hard and with no restrictions on what characters I can have and how many plz and thank u.

  • By Oscer_mike01

    Still having Issues😢

    You guy’s fixed it for me and when I opened the bag before the fragments I opened it and I can see all my presents that I haven’t opened and so then when I opened it, it just take me off the game and I have to open the game back again so I re-do it again and it happens again. Even in my other accounts. My accounts name is Warthunder101 I love the game and it’s really fun I have no other issues, besides this one thank you Little Empire your game is really fun and awesome.

  • By bluebird3k

    Please lower the mojo cost of all items in the game

    I love playing this game . Since I was a little kid I’ve been playing this game , but the mojo price cost is to much I always try to grind every day just to level up and get mojo or battle . It is very difficult to get good items so please if you can low mojo price on all items.

  • By al-iassre


    I hope that there will be an Arabic language that will increase the number of players in the Arab role, all of them and providing multiple languages

  • By jazy528

    Need to fix bugs

    I’ve been playing the game for years and I love it. But recently in the past two days, there have been several bugs. Arena battles aren’t visible, game keeps crashing, making your own alliance isn’t available because it closes itself out. I don’t know what’s going on with it, but I hope it gets fixed fast.

  • By Elpatino7

    Iphone X.

    You need to make the screen fit for the newer phones like the Iphone X. I know this game is old but its still playable. Maybe try getting more recognition and its alive. Also an update atleast every month or so would be great.

  • By onjuatu

    Need Update

    This game deserve new update! Im really enjoyed this game. Please make an update.

  • By Javejwush

    Fun game, but neglecting players

    This company has made a decent game. The battling concept is unique and you can do various things with alliance members. However there is a huge problem with the game. As a lvl 1 you can practically unlock the end game armor for the heroes with enough grinding. This pretty much makes the rewards in half of the Adventure maps useless. Also there are many other issues in terms of the pricing for almost every item. All of this grinding and focus on the end game makes this game boring and most of the players quit because of this. The company need to focus on something other than the end game for once and stop milking it to death. Hell, add new troops at mid levels, give new content for the f2ps and they might spend money or tell their friends about the game. This game had a potential....

  • By OrangeSmasher

    Register issues

    I like the game but whenever I try to register it keeps telling me to read login. I just can’t seem to be able to register I have uninstalled and redownloaded the game multiple times and use different emails but it still does not let me register Please fix this

  • By YoshiPlayzMC


    Jesus Christ. This game is so boring after a while. I don’t understand why there is a limit to playing everyday, because it sure is great playing the Seal THREE TIMES A DAY!!! I would be okay with adding a system where you need energy to play the levels, not a WAITING GAME!!! I also hate how expensive everything is. It’s only worth buying the 680 mojo when you can buy it and get 4080 total. Literally every mojo price is a rip-off. I’m sorry but because of these factors, I can’t give you guys a good rating until these problems are fixed.

  • By Jerry5g


    Downloaded this game many years ago when it released. Occasionally I’ll download and login to check and see if the bot I set 3 years ago is still running, it is... The game hasn’t had an actual update outside of gear in a couple years, it does not support newer devices correctly and has many graphical issues on new iPhones.

  • By Misahchie

    Updates or Feedback

    This game is one of a kind. I am a devoted player for many years, but it seems as though over the past two or 3 years, Camel Games has intentionally abandoned its customers. Many of my alliance members and others to keep this short, have reached out to support desk a number of times over the last year and we receive no reply whatsoever. Camel is neglecting its customers and soon the game will end up dying because of it. Please, I’ve invested many years in to this game and I love it. Give us feed back Camel Inc. Do your job. People pay hundreds of dollars a year on this game. We demand for action. Please and thank you.

  • By DiviniiT~

    RIP Little Empire

    This was my all time favorite phone game since 2012. I have never been able to find anything quite like it. I have quit and restarted playing a few times through the last 8 years. I spent money and time. I met people and became friends with clan mates. Unfortunately, the devs have abandoned this game. The updates aren’t what they used to be, they don’t reply to customers. I think they have just moved on. Little Empire is dead and it’s sad. I’ll miss this game.

  • By AaronMatlen

    Horrible company

    Downloaded this game so I could give it a 1 star review, because this company, like many other useless developers uses fake ads with gameplay from other games (not even the same genre of the game they advertise lol) to trick people into downloading their game. Now any game released by this company I will rate with 1 star. Their marketing does more harm than good. The only way they counter these reviews is by purchasing fake five star reviews. Don't believe it. Lol these guys are terrible.

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