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War of Destiny


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War of Destiny is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by CAMEL GAMES LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CAMEL GAMES LIMITED, with the latest current version being 2.0.19 which was officially released on 2021-03-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1494 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the War of Destiny App

How does it Work?

The War of Destiny is coming. After planning for 20 years, the Imperial Army is about to launch its attack. The people of Earth have forgotten what war is like and the whole world is soon to be in the flames once again. Commander, your time has come. Can you save the planet from impending doom? Everyone is waiting to see what you can do!


Recruit Troops

- Constantly recruit new soldiers for different positions to fight the Empire.

- Expand your forces to defeat your opponents without much of a fight.

- Promote your soldiers when they are ready.


- Defeat your enemy together with like-minded allies.

- Fight for advanced technology and rutile energy from Imperial Spaceships.

- Join a force with a just cause that defends peace.

Real-Time Battles

- Unrestricted movements make battles and exploration even more flexible.

- The vast world map battle system creates the ideal stage for masters of strategy.

- Tactical and strategic deployment has even more mobility.


- Train your generals to make battles even more exciting.

- Generals can be trained in multiple ways to improve your battle command system.

- Seize the advantage at critical points on the ever-changing battlefield.


- Unrestricted building will make your base become increasingly more exciting.

- Place every plant and building anywhere you like.

- Upgrade the structures inside and outside your base to boost stats.

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Top Reviews

  • By Shepard Nova

    world War

    It’s not as bad as I’d thought it be the switch was a little to much lost a lot of players in this yes a lot of us prefer W11 and WW2 Collection But understand the updates I know it’s hard doing this jump would like to see you put back free shield every 24 hours would be nice and help to new players overall good game little rough.

  • By Knlniv awKe

    Good‍   ​‍

    The game is awesomely addictive .I started to play it for a few days and it is fun and the concept is pretty simple .Also the game can use a little fixing with building movement issue and other than that it's really fun.   ‍ ‌

  • By """"gg"""


    This new update is trash I can’t even log back into my game now it just sits at loading the creators can go kick rocks after I spent money now y’all wanna kick me off pathetic

  • By Toigooyade

    Great past time

    One of the best game I’ve played in a long time. My only wish is that the upgrade didn’t take so long.

  • By Ranger 167

    Stepping up

    This is a good game to play, some of it is like a few other out there I wouldn’t mention, but I really like the the way you can attack one target after another without having to come all the way back. The game is good.

  • By sjones455

    Time consumer

    Love the game and what’s its about and how it’s played out but holy crap if ur not paying attention this game will burn u out to the next generation Fun to play if looked for strategy with base builds need to try it out.

  • By Tail24

    An update that becomes a new game

    Honestly over the last 9 months you’ve ruined a good game. In fact they ruined it so bad that you had to actually download a completely new game instead of just updating. I’m assuming it has to do with people demanding their spending back from the old version. In their last 2 major updates they’ve completely changed the appearance and game play. This takes those to the next level do not get involved in this the pay to win has gone to the next level with this, taking game play that was pretty easy to spend a little and be okay and turned it into you must spend a fortune to have a competitive base. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS

  • By Michael8120

    This is what you earned

    This is what you earn when you mess up a game so bad that you can’t fix it. Instead you make everybody transfer to a new game that feels completely different than what led them to play in the first place. This does no even take into account the fact that a sizable majority can’t even access their accounts (I consider them the lucky ones). The main reason for this 1 Star review (which is still a bit high) though is that you changed the stats of the game. I bought certain boosts for my Generals in the old game and you took them away in the new game. Now you want me to buy the same ones again. Fat chance with that!

  • By BPY33

    Ruined a good game.

    Game of Fire was a good game but had some glitches that needed to be fixed. Instead, Camel takes the game, changes the name, adds “Toy Story” graphics and re-issues it Like they made major changes. Biggest and most notable change.... 50%+ lost their accounts, even after they followed the developers directions before the update. By the way, they did not fix what needed to be fixed before the update and still no new fortress wars or tower defense. Horrible game now, and many people quit within 2 hours of the “update”! Way to go camel! Great job!

  • By Night.Fairy

    New update completely ruined a previously great game

    World on Fire was a great game, primarily played by adults. The new update changed game to WR of Destiny, which has similar gameplay. The new graphics are annoying- too colorful, silly whizzing lights without purpose. What was a somewhat realistic background is now a cartoon. Troops changed from historically based to nonsense names. Text is too small font, and difficult to read colored text against a colored background. The whole feel is childish, like a cartoon. Very annoying. Do not recommend

  • By Bean123456!!

    Constantly Glitching Game

    To play this game with any level of competition you have to spend big money... After you spend money on the game the game glitches and you loose the troops you purchased... you contact customer support and they say sure you can have your troops back, then you don’t get your troops back and the next customer agent plays dumb... find a better game don’t waste your time here

  • By Sgalvin

    Worst company

    Completely agree with WhiteTigers review, 100% accurate. Avoid this game. Completely changed the game after I spent real $$ to get certain things. I don’t care that they changed the theme, even though the new theme is terrible. I care that they changed stats of things that I spent $$ to get. Complete rip off. Company does not respond when you reach out to them. Game is a complete ripoff

  • By Tlweeks71

    You have cheated me, I want my money back!!!!

    I play this game and loved it. After new update the game crashes within a minute of my logging on. I actually like the new graphics but you killed me. You took my money and killed me. I can’t recruit new troops, I can’t go to map, I can’t even leave messages to my alliance half the time because it crashes. You should give me my money back!!!!

  • By EllaBlue2


    This was World on Fire. They changed everything and encouraged people to link their accounts to Facebook. After the merge, no one with their accounts linked to Facebook can access their accounts. All of the money spent and time involved to build bases is wasted. This company will not answer emails or help restoring accounts. They are thieves. Save yourself time and money and STAY AWAY!

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