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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-28
  • New version: 7.00.08
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tiny Farm®


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Tiny Farm® is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Com2uS Corp.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Com2uS Corp., with the latest current version being 7.00.08 which was officially released on 2021-06-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 172 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Tiny Farm® App

How does it Work?

For a farm so small it fits in your hands, Tiny Farm is jam-packed with sweet surprises and endless possibilities!

Complete goals with village members for rewards! New Mileage System!

Village mission has been improved and a new village board has been added for easier communication.

Register posts that need to be kept for a long time on the village board.

You can also set it as a notice if you need everyone to read it.

Other convenience improvements and bugs have been fixed as well.


- A heartwarming story with the talking sheep, Ben, Ren, Alfredo, and Amy!

- The unique Breeding System with Love Points.

- A combination of real life and fantasy! Various mystic animals

- Darling designs and decorative structures mean your farm is unique and gorgeous.

- Enjoy a gardening life with fields, fishing boats, and squirrel's house!

- Visit your friend's farm to help out and share the love.

You can play Tiny Farm in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, and 中文繁體.

▶Notice per Access Authority

The app needs permission to access the following to provide game service.


- None

[Optional Access Rights]

- Camera: This is the right to request when using the camera in the in-game profile.

- Photos: This is the right to request when uploading photos from your device to the in-game profile.

- Push Notification: This is the right to request when you want to receive push messages for the game.

- ID for Advertisers: This is the right to request the use of ID for Advertisers (IDFA) for promotion targeting and tracking analysis.

※ You'll be able to enjoy the service except features related to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above.

▶How to Withdraw Access Permission

You can reset or withdraw the access permission as follows even after granting access.

Go to Settings> Privacy> Select the app> Agree to give authority or remove

[Please Note]

- Items are available for purchase in this game.

- For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, please visit www.withhive.com

- For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire

Unsupported devices: iPhone 3GS, 3rd Gen iPod Touch, iPad 1

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Top Reviews

  • By Roni_16


    It is an unexpectedly good game! You just have to the let the files load for a while. If you have slow WiFi idk if it would take longer but..all the bad reviews. Wow I wasn’t going to download this game bc of the reviews but I downloaded it to give it a try and it is amazing! You can make an account to save all of your progress but if you are a guest it will save no worries but if you want to log in to another device (if you are guest) it just won’t show bc you’re a guest duh. I recommend downloading this! Look at MY REVIEW!

  • By ebirch2719


    Dear Potential Tiny Farmer, okay so i know that there are a lot of bad reviews on this game because people delete the app right when they see how long the files take to download, but after that, it is one of the most awesome games ever. I have been playing Tiny Farm for 3 years now and I don’t plan on stopping. Every few weeks there is a new fun event that you can get limited edition animals and decorations. You can complete collections of animals, and decorate your farm any way you want. I have not had a single problem with this game in all my three years of playing and I would HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun game. Words cannot describe how much I love this app and I hope you download it and give it a chance. thank you for reading, Erin

  • By JSSin8118

    My absolute favorite game

    I can't believe there're people who gave out bad reviews because they didn't have enough patience to wait for the game to finish downloading... This is my favorite game! Adorable illustrations and the events are always up to date with current holidays and seasons. Absolutely love it.

  • By Csmith2001


    This is my favorite game but just last night it wouldn’t let me log in due to a temporary error pls fix this and also how the game repeatedly downloads all 115 files when u open the app again.

  • By MachaPanda

    No Turtle Island...

    Hey! I’ve been playing for a month now, and is enjoying it so far. It’s very ‘free’ and more relaxed games, than all the other ones. My only concern is how there’s no tiny turtle island on the map, please fix this! That’s my only complaint, thanks! If I have more troubles I would be sure to edit this review and let you guys know!

  • By mmmkthen

    Grape sheep

    So far it’s p cute the only thing is it’s my first time playing and I hatched a suuuuper cute grape sheep as one of my rewards for completing a tutorial...I didn’t have anymore room on my farm but I had room in storage and now it’s just gone. I was really excited to get it too is there anyway you can add it back to my farm?


    Good game

    You guys should really work on fixing the bugs in you’re game and also add events every now and then. If you were to pay attention to you’re game it could be a really good investment if you’re time and money it has great potential.

  • By Blue Pockie


    This game looked so adorable, kawaii and unique, so I downloaded it and was very excited to play, but after waiting like 5 minutes for the game to load, I just got stuck on the loading screen and I have tried everything! I even deleted and downloaded it again. My dreams are crushed, which is annoying because this game looked so cool, and I would even be willing to pay money if the game would actually work! Please fix this ASAP for all the gamers who really want to try out your game.

  • By midoriness

    To much bugs

    It is a very good game all the animals are very cute and such. But there’s too many bugs in the game. All of a sudden my game would just freeze and I’d get kicked out. And this morning I tried logging into my game only to have it say “Connection failed” and my app close on me. I’ve tried refreshing the app but still no luck and I’m connected to the WiFi and even shutting down my phone. Please fix these bugs.

  • By Nunna Ya Bidness

    Why is it doing this??

    I’ve been a fan of this game for years, and have been obsessed with the style of this game. I’ve spent close to $100 of my money on this app, so I would like to have it working. For some reason (as of recent) everytime I close out of the game, it is constantly asking me to download new files when I just did it the day before. This has been going on for weeks! The funny part about it though, is the fact that everything has been downloaded and updated in the game so I dont know the reason for it constantly asking for me to download data. Another thing, I miss when this game just let us breed animals to get the special kinds. Now it’s only a PART of the game, and the rest of it is buying and breeding different colored animals, buying items in the shop, or by chance opening up the lucky bag and HOPEFULLY you get the animal you want. I don’t like a game of chance, I don’t find it fun nor fair. I miss the simpleness of how it used to be (but don’t get me wrong, I think having mini games to get certain animals you can put more work in).

  • By dat boi x shrek


    I’ve only seen 1 complaint about this glitch so far so I’m guessing it’s rare. But I’ve downloaded everything it’s asked me to and I clicked “start game” it’s loads, normal and then, the spinner disappears and I’m stuck on the loading screen and can’t click anything, I’ve also seen no videos or tutorials on how to solve this problem!!! Can you please fix this because I honestly want to play because it looks so cute!!

  • By Minipawsvoluteer

    Here’s the deal... This app needs fixing ASAP!

    I had this app awhile ago but I had offloaded the app because of the lack of updates, and events etc. I decided to reinstall the app today to give it another try even though I noticed the app hasn’t been updated in 5 MONTHS! I download the game, and open it. The game tells me that there is more data that needs to be downloaded “in the background “ which I checked yes, go ahead. An hour later... and this is absolutely NO EXAGGERATION AT ALL, The “data” that’s suppose to be downloading in the background (it isn’t, it won’t let me play while it downloads) is stuck on 44%! WHAT? I’m so aggravated that it’s taking so long. It’s not moving! I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I’ve closed it out and opened it back up. Turned my iPad off and on and it’s still only downloading to 44%. I have no way to contact anyone besides the app review, so here it is. Please fix your app/game. I’d really like to play again. I have TONS of storage and the fastest internet speed one can have @ home.

  • By SquigglyStew03


    I used to love this game, I don’t know what happened to it. It won’t let me click anything else, it tells me to give love to the animals, needed two more, and it wouldn’t let me do anything else besides that quest. I couldn’t even finish the quest because I couldn’t give love to the animals anymore. I waited a whole day to see if it would keep doing it or not. Can’t go to the store, can’t look Into your inventory, absolutely nothing! This used to be such a great, cute little game.

  • By Ensepulcher

    Game won’t start downloading

    I have been playing this game for nearly 4 years. I took a break and re-downloaded it last week. Anyways, every time I open up the app it prompts me to download all of the files again. This would be the fifth time … Anyway it takes about 20 minutes each time and you can’t do anything else on your phone while it is downloading… virtually unplayable and Seriously annoying. Can somebody fix this?

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