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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-26
  • New version: 1.2.558
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

DragonSky : Idle & Merge


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DragonSky : Idle & Merge is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Com2uS Corp.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Com2uS Corp., with the latest current version being 1.2.558 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 515 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.1 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the DragonSky : Idle & Merge App

How does it Work?

NEW! Global Server & Legion Conquest Update!

3D high-quality shooting action RPG! Conquer the wider global sky with other players from all around the world.

New [Legion Conquest] update released. Prove to be the strongest with your legion members.

Fuse and collect dragons to enjoy the battle with millions of players from all around the world.


- Your own troop of powerful dragons!

Combine dragons to get a legendary dragon!

Use the powerful skills of legendary dragons to claim victory!

Upgrade the dragons for an even more power!

Form your team according to the attributes for added excitement!

- Idle Shooting RPG

Crush the enemies with auto battle!

Turning off the game won't stop the fight!

Thirsty for some shooting actions?

Show off your skills with the Boss Battle!

- Endless Contents to Enjoy

Compete against other users in the League Ranking!

Defeat different Attribute Bosses every day!

Cooperate with your Legion Members to eliminate the monster!

Receive the goddess's protection to breakthrough!

Device App Access Permission Notice

▶ Notice per access permission

Access permissions are requested in order for us to provide you with the following service when you use the app.




- Notifications: The permission is required to send you push notifications regarding the game.

※ Please note that you can still enjoy the service excluding features related to the above without giving access permissions.

▶ How to remove access permissions

You can always change access permission settings whenever you'd like.

- Device Settings> Select the corresponding app> Choose either to enable/disable access

Language support: English, Français, Deutsch, 한글, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體 or ไทย.

• Items are available for purchase in this game.

• For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit


- Terms of Service : http://terms.withhive.com/terms/policy/view/M9/T1

- Privacy Policy : http://terms.withhive.com/terms/policy/view/M138

• For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire

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Top Reviews

  • By hygtujnhg

    Great game!

    I’ve been playing this game for about a year and a half now and for a game that is idle it’s just fun to watch your power go up and up they’re always updating the game adding new dragons and you can achieve anything without paying. However you can Pay for a 30 day auto merge and hatch package which I have bought 2 to 3 times while playing and it definitely helps out a lot. The price is a little much but if you have the spare money it’s totally worth it but all in all I check my game every night and still do to this day it’s definitely worth playing if you like idle games. Especially ones that don’t reset all your progress when you return to start over again.

  • By ❤️......D&dęÿæyœ❤️

    Fun and addicting!

    I love how this game is set up! There is so many ways to make your dragons powerful and your team overall. There’s also lots of battles to fight in with daily and legendary bosses. Even the battles in your legion. See myself going higher up in this game in the future. Maybe adding more FAQ details on things like essences and also having an inventory (so you can see all of your shards, soul stones, life stones etc) will be cool! More sounds with dragons like roars and hurt cries when they die or something lol idk...or when you evolve them there’s a dramatic obnoxious roar lol...I just think it would be really cool but overall I like this game!👍🏽

  • By Flievoy

    Fun and addicting with one suggestion!

    I find this game to be very addicting and fun. Yes the ads not working when you want to use the auto play or something else is a pain but I find that if you click multiple times it eventually loads an ad. I can play this game for hours! My only suggestion is that you can only convert dragons into stones when you have multiples of a dragon, why can’t I convert any dragon I’m not using? You’re telling me I have to save one of every dragon in the game on my list?

  • By Trey Turner

    Best Dragon Game

    This is probably my new favorite game! Though it feels a bit like space invaders combined with merge dragons, it has very unique gameplay! The models are absolutely beautiful as well as the quality of the animation. I haven’t payed a cent on this game though it is still easy to play without spending money. The only thing you would ever spend money on is probably the battle pass or dragon pass. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves dragons or fantasy animals!

  • By FoxyDragonLord

    I love this game so much!!!!

    Update on review: I would recommend this game to you if you like dragons, merging things, or both! You can merge dragons in this game, but this isn’t any merging game. You can level up your dragons and you can do daily bosses! There is also rewards for playing, it will also play offline! I would rate this a 100 star! This is a great game, there are also events and you can create a legion! I really love it! Try it out! And Developers, keep this game going, I love it!

  • By Pastel_fox

    Best game I’ve ever played no doubts.

    I love this game, I just got it and I’m progressing really good and I’ve been playing this for hours and it never gets boring I really think this is the best game I played and I hope more updates come out soon, cause it make this game so much more fun! I wish I could give this game a higher rating, it’s really addictive for me and I want to play it every day nonstop. I’m sorry if you disagree with me, this is my opinion don’t start hating on me.

  • By Genelle the best


    Hai, I love DragonSky I also haven’t played it in a while. I still cant cause my fricken storage is full I’ve deleted basically everything!! I’m angry at that but this is about this! This game is awesome so much dragons and fantasy, I would recommend this to dragon nerds like me :> I’m not calling all of u nerds so like- so on to this it’s awesome so much fantasy and fighting I am speechless developers this is amazing, unlike the other games. This is far the best fighting dragon game ever- I MEANNN okay goodbye <3 yall

  • By saddayfordragons

    DragonSky one small problem. Endless huge success.

    DragonSky was an amazing game from the start. Its not too mentally demanding but super addictive. Everything about the game is getting better with each update except one small issue. Since the last update I have combined multiple shiny dragons and not gotten the reward for it. (It’s frustrating because it’s so hard to get shiny dragons) but I’ve combined enough to make at least 48 gold stones and have been stuck on 18 since the most recent update it seems. If the devs can fix this one problem it is a fun and entertaining game.! Edit: so. I’m a dummie. I didn’t notice game changed with an update. Who da thunk?! Dragon sky is still an awesome game and though I didn’t notice it changed I still love it.

  • By CinruCross

    Keeps crashing since new update but I still love it

    Honestly, this game is extremely easy to play and one only needs a small amount of guidance and a look at the Dragon Tier List to really be successful in this game. I love it. A lot. Tons of fun. BUT. BUT. Since the new update, the game has crashed A LOT and oftentimes when it crashes, the last few things I did before it crashed are not saved and I’d have to open it back up again... only to have it crash a few minutes later. Please, look into this, devs. I want to leave the app open for hours on my computer and just keep raking in those sweet winnings but even when I don’t touch it, since the new update it WILL and HAS crashed every single time I’ve opened it.

  • By Xyphyn

    Great game - Small issues however

    Overall great game concept and mechanics. My only issues with the game are revolving the Auto Play, Dragon and Battle passes being overly priced. Reduce the price in half and you’ll have a lot more revenue coming in at a more frequent base. First time purchase for dragons is understandable pricing if they would like to spend the money to “Pay-to-skip” as it is a one time purchase. Also regarding chat logs, I am appreciative regarding legion communication however a bug that resets RANDOMLY rather than a scheduled reset or something becomes quite irritating. If possible I would also add a public chat varied by region (IRL), element world in-game currently on, or language preferred chat. Adding a Chat Moderator Bot could come in good effect this way regarding profanity on a PG-13 friendly game. (Would have certain key words automatically translated from (curse word) to ****, etc. This would keep players more active on the game rather than auto play AFK. These are all personal opinion but please take into consideration.

  • By Iron Destoyer

    Great game but could be better

    I liked the game a lot but after awhile it gets kind of boring merging dragon and the auto play fixes that but you have to watch ads or pay to get it. It would be better if the game had it where you just enable it and disable it when you want to without paying money or watching ads. There are other things that could be done as well to improve the game.

  • By Drakmarr

    Buggy as Hell

    The overall aesthetic quality of the game is good, and the game design seems good so far; but the app is riddled with some big bugs. The first and most annoying for me is that I have to watch an ad to trigger auto, and most of the time the ads won’t fire, and it tells me no ads available. While technically you can play the game without ads they really help in the case of auto play, because the merging of dragons is a time sink and if you bump the number up they can be somewhat difficult to manage. Also...how do you guys miss an exposed empty UI panel at the top of the screen that I have to minimize every time I start the app? The game has potential to be a really good idler, I guess I’m just mostly frustrated with some pretty obvious and annoying bugs.

  • By Love1forever

    It’s alright

    Okay so I just started this game. It’s not too bad but it’s a little annoying. I paid for $27to get the legendary green dragon. It didn’t get me far at all. Also, I made a legion and I don’t know how to add people. I don’t see a server chat or general chat to add people. Can you also create a way to connect to my fb acc so I don’t lose progress? The adds don’t work it doesn’t load. Last thing, the battle pass is super expensive. $27 a month!! That’s kinda expensive for a mobile game... I hope you can please make these fixes! It would make the game a lot more fun honestly..

  • By Stament02

    Predictable and annoying

    Honestly I’m shocked that there are even 5 star reviews. For the free spin, you’ll begin to notice that it’s predictable on what you get. Example if it lands on coins, it will spin to see how much you get. Never fails to land on 50,000. If you actually pay attention you’ll see what I mean. I’ve invested a pretty penny as well and I’ve always been disappointed with the out come of merging the black dragons and shiny dragons. Your chances of getting anything other then multiple repeats of the same dragons is really low. The only reason I haven’t deleted this game is because of how much money I have purchased for this game. Needs work, fixing of bugs, and more variety. This game won’t last long before it’s forgotten.

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