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Beauty Care!


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Beauty Care! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK, with the latest current version being 3.1.4 which was officially released on 2021-07-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 120594 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Beauty Care! App

How does it Work?

Complete SATISFYING mini games to unlock more tool and update your office.

Can you trim all the hair?

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Top Reviews

  • By dog lover7213

    Where are the adds!

    I’ve read other reviews, and they say that the game has very many adds. I just played the first fifteen levels, and not one add. Not that I don’t appreciate having no adds. I’m not in my car, and I don’t have my WiFi turned off. Besides that I don’t get any adds, the game is loads of fun! I don’t get grossed out like many people. I can go through gross stages and not want to throw up. Love the game and I recommend it to you!

  • By angelsongstress

    Awesome Game, but needs some work.

    I fell in love with this game the minute I played it. But half way through every operation, there’s an ad. This game has a lot of ads but Is still playable. It is very addicting but it has WAY too many ads. And not to mention that after most of the operations, an ad pops up. And I also don’t like that at the end of an operation, you have to wait to get your actual reward. Instead of getting it right off the bat. I’m not trying to hurt any feelings, but this game could use some improvement. This is an AMAZING game and I think it will become a lot better if these improvements are made. I’m not trying to complain, but this game needs improvement. Thank you for your game Developers, and I hope that you read this and see it. Goodbye! 👋👋👋

  • By Wonder.08!

    Not Awesome

    Okay, first of all, there are WAY too many ads. There is an ad literally every 30 seconds. However, it’s a pretty decent game. The graphics are good - almost too good sometimes... 🤮 I seriously do not recommend if you are squeamish at all. Oh, also, you collect gems or diamonds or some form of currency for completing the levels. However, there’s a max on things you can upgrade which I really don’t like. I think there should be like multiple rooms or something to decorate, instead of just the one. Once you max out everything the currency just keeps collecting and it’s really annoying. The levels are pretty quick and easy, and I haven’t encountered any glitches so far. It’s a three star game. 😐

  • By girlllllyyy


    I’m not going to lie, there is something oddly satisfying about this game, yet also disturbing. I did enjoy it for the game play, but there is NO WAY it should have as many ads as it does. You get to do about 15 s of game play and then there’s another ad, sometimes two! It got really annoying but I stuck with it before writing a review to see if anything more excited would happen. I wish there were more variables, or maybe some type of story line. With this many ads, there should be more to this game then what is offered. I also never understood what the gems were for or why I need the monitor and things.

  • By ST3!

    It’s ok.....

    It was ok. The game itself was a good concept but it wasn’t executed very well. First off, the graphics aren’t very good. Second, you would have to earn your tools by working on people’s injuries (obviously) but when I got to a certain point, I couldn’t earn any more tools. I was stuck with the tools I had unlocked. I didn’t delete right away though. I thought it might have been a glitch or the creators would add something new, but nothing showed up. I was stuck playing with the same tools over and over again. Eventually I just deleted it because I lost interest. It was fun when there were new tools to look forward to, but after that it was just the same, boring loop.

  • By blinkingbikini

    Way Too Many Ads

    This game would be so much more fun if there weren’t so many ads. They pop up in the middle of a level, when you try to claim rewards, and just randomly out of nowhere. In the beginning of the game, you can use gems you’ve earned to buy nicer frames for diplomas and more decorations. When you get to a certain point, you’ve maxed out, so there’s no point in earning more gems. You keep accumulating them, but you can’t use them for anything. The levels end up getting repetitive. You would think that the further you go along, the levels would get more complex, but they rarely do. You’ll spend 10 seconds finishing a level just to have to wait on another ad.

  • By hola personas🤗🤞🏻😘😊😝


    Omg I played this game for a few days and hated it!!!! First it was so so so so so so gross! Next there are way to many adds it is unreal 🙄. Then it is so unrealistic! There is one thing that all most made me puke 🤮. One word mushrooms 🍄. The only reason I got this game was because it looked satisfying. It is but only when you pop the pimples. Plus the 💎 gems what is the point????? So if you are someone reading this to see if it is a good app, then Nooooooooooooo it’s not!!!!! Run away and never look at this game again! Thanks for considering my thought game company and others. Just to remind you this app needs a LOT of work! Thanks bye 👋 👋 👋

  • By victimoflove

    Love it…

    Where’s the LEGO levels? There’s quite a few levels shown in the ad, that aren’t in the game. Not cool, just add them, and I’ll give u 5 stars. I hate games that show u one game in the ad, but then u download it, and it’s a different game. Also, add some sound effects. Make it so u can buy or upgrade new tools with the gems. After u max out decorating the office, which doesn’t take that long, ur just collecting gems for no reason. I bought the game bc there was way too many ads, and I really do like the game. It just gets very boring just doing the same levels over and over again. All it needs is what I mentioned, and it would be 100% better.

  • By 123@#23Eli854

    Short and to many ads

    Ok I read some of the other reviews and I think all people in the world can agree there are way to many adds in this game sometimes Is have not even finished a level and an add just pops up I understand that the more adds the more money but can’t you understand that we are in happy about this if you could reduce the adds by half that would make me happy big time my second complaint is that the game is way to short I have not even played a full 30 minutes and I already have world doctor I mean the levels still take a long time and I know that it’s hard to add in jobs that doctors should be but I wish there was more just a complain on the world not the game also I wish this game was a little less discussing with the skin peals and stuff like that it’s just gross I already from playing this game made an promise to my self to never pick my skin EVER AGAIN over all this is a good game and I hope others enjoy it to

  • By Rswinters

    If you like watching ads, then this game is for you.

    I gave this game way more time to prove it is worth my time and energy to play. After every step taken, you are forced to watch an ad, and to gain any reward you are forced to watch an ad. The ads you are forced to watch are not short, and when the ad completes you are then to watch another shorter ad before you can continue. Essentially you end up watching ads for 95% your time playing and only get to play the actual game for the remaining 5% percent of the entirety of time you play this game. The game would actually be fun if they decreased the ad watching time to a more reasonable time frame and also space the time out with playing the game more to make watching the ads more tolerable. I ended up deleting due to the insane volume of ads required to watch in comparison to the actual time allowed to play the actual game. What a complete waste of time.

  • By Cat Lady 603


    First Of all I love gross things and this game I love ❤️, but I got this game YESTERDAY and it keeps repeating the levels because there’s nothing else to do. And what’s the point in gems 💎 if you can’t even use them. I really wish there was a store so I could actually use them. And too many ads the levels are easy because it’s doing satisfying things and you can’t lose. But there shouldn't be an add after EVERY level. Also how can people grow MUSHROOMS 🍄 on there FEET that’s legit weird and you shouldn’t use a beard trimmer on your feet! I’m sorry to break it to you and all the the people that play this but this game is a very much so SCAM and for all the people that are reading this the game is getting payed to play ads that’s why they show so many! Thank you for reading my review and for all the people that are looking to download this game... DON’T! P.S to the creators: maybe just maybe people would download your game if it wasn’t so terrible.

  • By alan.s1

    Don’t bother

    I saw an ad for this game which made me decide to download it (the one where you squeeze stuff out of the bottom of the foot, hey don’t judge, you’re here too) but it is extremely ad heavy. Finish a level, here’s an ad. Finish an ad, here’s another ad. Skip an ad in order to not receive a bonus, oh yeah, there’s an ad for that. Want a new piece of equipment, you guessed it another ad. Try to forgo the piece of equipment, shockingly, another ad. If you want to spend ten minutes clicking ads for other games for thirty seconds of gameplay, then this is the game for you. Otherwise don’t bother. Unless you’re willing to pay for it, maybe it’s better. But with as terrible as the free version is, there’s not really an incentive to buy it. Good luck, game on.

  • By KatiekdLeigh

    WAY too many ads and fake reviews

    There’s ads between every level and I’m even getting ads while I’m playing the game. For example I scraped something off the foot and then it made me watch an ad before I could finish the level. And it’s the same things over and over and over. Where’s the levels I saw in the ads?? Or even the level that is on the graphic for the app. The gems are pointless cause there’s no store. And the items I have been offered to purchase are just decorative? No cool tools or anything. I’m about to delete it cause I feel like it’s a waste of space on my phone. Oh and definitely getting fake 5star ratings. Just read some of them. I saw the same one at least 3 times.

  • By RoseWink15

    Not worth it unless you like ads.

    There is literally more time spent having to watch ads even if you say no thanks than you actually use to play the game. The titles are also terrible. You go from med student to intern to doctor to all these things when really it should be perhaps a cosmetic doing manicures and pedicures then a podiatrist but with the random ear stuff that is more like family doctor if not an ENT. The regional titles being how you go up levels are done more politically than medically, so perhaps actually look it up. A medical student becomes a medical doctor/MD/DO. This stuff is literally from a podiatrist/DPM. Again it perhaps doesn’t matter because you have to watch more ads than game activities!

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