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Press Inc


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Press Inc is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK, with the latest current version being 3.7 which was officially released on 2019-07-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 18023 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Press Inc App

How does it Work?

Want to see stuff getting crushed by the Hydraulic Press?

Destroy products in the most satisfying way. Upgrade your machine and increase your factory's income.

- Free to Play

- No internet connection required

- Endless Game

Whenever you are bored or stressed, crushing the products helps!

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Top Reviews

  • By poopy pants here

    Love it

    I really love this game like I have it on my iPad and it is the best you guys do have a little secret for leveling up and getting all the money you will have its admin it’s on the left side top you will see a little thing and then click on it and it will say admin touch that now add as much money you want and if you want to level up the machines and products and level up by putting 100 or higher thanks for bringing this game out I convinced my hole family and now they are not that amazed they deleted it but my sister did not she really likes this game but can you put less ads you might be saying but there is not that much ads but I think there are and I said it 1 now im going to say it 2 thanks for bringing this game out you guys are the best thanks you for making it mostly satisfying for me now when I’m playing this game at night I fall asleep really really really easily thanks!!!!!!

  • By CoolThey

    Good game, not too many ads

    I love this game! Good graphics, good quality, and good gameplay by itself. I love this game because it is easy for all players to understand. I use my spare time, some of my sleep time, and even my nap time to playing this game! It’s very Simulation-like in many ways. I love that there are a variety of floors, Please add more! I’m at the 2 trillion mark, anyone can understand the concept of the game and that’s what makes it so great. I love it. Make more awesome games/updates. -Your 1 fan, Samuel Duarte. 😃

  • By Ghost19732

    Great game! 🔥‼️😝

    Super addicting and you just feel like you’re a master at crushing things. One day l dreamed of crushing my phone and l got. so. angry. 🤬! And l always wanted to crush everything and :P l found a solution to it! Downloading this game was a blast! I wish l could rate it 9999+ stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😭😭😭😭😭 l can’t. Keep this up and I can’t wait to see the next generation... 👾👑🕶🥇🏆 Again, This game is the best game in the whole world 🌎! I hope 🤞 the developer(s) keep it up and that everyone loves and plays this absolutely awesome, addictive, megawesome game. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo the iPad doesn’t. let. me. download this absolutely, awesome, ... oh you know the rest. Yes, this is real, whoever’s reading this. This is not a dream. Oh, you don’t believe me? Pinch yourself 9 times and you’ll see . And that’s all l have to say.

  • By Capt.Charlz

    More please!!!

    I finished the whole game just during one night with 2 hours play time (in and out). Felt satisfying yet it end too soon. I was so excited to see different objects being crushed (the clock was awesome). Upgrading machine didn’t make much difference until reaching high level. Especially, the band speed, no matter how fast it was, items would get stuck waiting for the press. I could see difference in production when I reach 15+lv and in press speed around 20+ My suggestion (if you mind): 1) Longer belt (or band) so that we can see the difference when updating 2) Multiple press or other machine (drilling, chopping, shooting, or even laser cutting) with multiple upgrading functions 3) and more item please!!!! Love to see you guy improved. Thank you for a good dame and good luck!

  • By ᏀᎡᏋᏀ


    Hey and I just wanted to say this is a pretty satisfying game and it’s so awesome 👍 but this weird thing that happened just now is that... I’m the developer. I just went to settings until in the top left screen it says “admin” and I didn’t know what that actually meant so I touched it and I saw it... the edits, money,levels and more so please fix this and if you do then thank you 🙂

  • By cool hp girl

    Like it but one thing

    Okay so I had this game really liked it. So then I got a new phone and got it again. But I was playing for a little bit (maybe 10-15 mins? I have no concept of time lol) and then the lady popped up and pointed at the top level up thing saying “you will unlock new floors when you reach higher levels." So naturally I leveled up and expected her to go away so I could see the conveyor belt and get back to the satisfying smashing(because she was completely covering up the bottom half of it so I couldn’t see anything)...but she didn’t. She stayed. So I leveled up about 8 more times, she’s still there! Closed the app and opened it again, got to play for about 30 seconds before she popped up again! So now I can’t play. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch or something but it really annoys me and I’m not sure how to fix it. Otherwise it’s an awesome game, would recommend, I didn’t have these problems in the past!

  • By sleepingcj

    Bug feedback

    good game indeed. It helps me release pressure and seems interesting! However a serious bug is preventing me from this game: I try to gain my loots after a night. Nice ,they're in billion and I'm glad to watch the ads to double my reward. The game in ads seems interesting, I'm willing to have a try. So I click 'Install'. After viewing the game in ads I press the home key and open the press inc. It reminds me to watch ads to double the rewards during my going to app store toview the ads game and back to press inc. I declined for I have watched ads for the billion reward and not care the million. Then I notice I didn't get the billion reward of the whole night. They seems to be 'overwritten' by the later one? Anyway I have lost them. So problem comes that I will lose my reward for my watching ads. Fix it please so I can watch ads. I mean double my reward.

  • By SonicTheMania

    Very offensive.

    Okay, so the game is good (it does take a while to level up though) but one thing is really offensive and uncalled for probably for me and some others, when I use the bonuses, sometimes the words say “Your distant relative passed away :(“ But that is offensive because my relative really did pass away on Valentine’s Day, 2019 and that almost made me cry so I kindly ask for you to remove those words, and either remove them completely or just change what it said, but otherwise good game.

  • By baibot

    huge issues

    1) i paid to remove ads yet there are still ads at the bottom of the game... how does that make sense? 2) i maxed out my hammer’s speed, size, production, etc. and it’s still missing SO much stuff on its own, whereas the initial hydraulic press is self operating to its full potential. minor complaint about the hammer, but it has little to no effects when items are crushed compared to the other two. 3) the offline “idle” component of this game is garbage. i’ll come back after sleeping and will have made like 10% of what you get after smashing a bonus gem.. 4) if these issues were fixed, i would give it 4 stars. it’s reasonably fun but i’ve been playing for 3ish days and i’m almost done maxing out the last press aka the entire game.

  • By Gabbyloveshorses


    in this game, you are supposed to crush things on a conveyor belt system with a big machine, which many would think of as extremely satisfying, myself included. But, there are SO many ads in this game. you get maybe a minute of playing time and then it is just ad after ad after ad and there is no “x” button to click out of them, so you have to watch the full 15-30 second ad, which adds up. i only got this game today and i’m already fed up with watching so many ads on the same games over and over. sure, when you do get to play the game, it lives up to its name of being “satisfying”, but unless you want to deal with 5 ads in a row with no playing time, i wouldn’t suggest this game.

  • By Plaid11

    Ads (I normally don’t mind ads)

    I understand that these kind of games are going to have ads and I don’t mind them within reason. The issue here is anytime you do one little thing, you have to watch an ad. Just cut down a little and it’ll be a great game. Plus, after being away most of the day, I got very little for the time. It’s the equivalent to what I would expect for maybe an hour of being away. It was the amount if I were playing, I would have gotten in 5 minutes. So I figured I should double that amount...but it wouldn’t let me watch a full ad to double so I had to just collect and watch an ad.

  • By Happydevinsix

    Scammed and game breaking glitch

    I found the game fun and addictive at first, until I ran into a horrible game breaking glitch! First of all in order to get around all the ads I payed for no ads but nothing changed still lots of ads and I lost $3, on top of that in the late game you need to save up lots of money to advance to the next stage of each object, I had almost fully maxed out the phone and alarm clock which were my main money makers until one day I open the app up and go to upgrade each of these items and they revert all they way back to stage 1 I was stunned then I noticed all the money I spend hours saving up was in the negative 10 trillions! There isn't even a way to lose money in this game so I have no idea how this is possible and there is no longer a way to progress with both my money makers gone and this enormous negative total, wish there was a refund for my irl $3

  • By moonwolf1004

    Unless you like watching ads, don’t waste your time.

    This game is a beautiful idea, looks great too, but the ads it fills you with to make a quick buck make the game unplayable. It may say “Free to play!” But that’s only if you can handle watching an ad literally every minute. Every time you collect your earnings, it says collect it normally, or you can double or triple your earnings if you watch an ad! But if you just click the normal button, you still have to watch an ad. And if you spend three dollars to stop getting ads, a lot of times it glitches and you still have to watch ads. You don’t even get a bonus or anything for spending the three dollars! If you have life and don’t want to waste countless hours of your time watching ads, I suggest you try another game.

  • By zRReapz

    Press inc.

    I love the game for how addictive it is but it seems since I have been playing it for a while now I’m only at 40 and it seems like forever to even level up in this game which is why I’m giving it 1 stars I really hate all the ads . The game is a really good thought but when the creators really run this game into the ground with all the ads it seems as if they want the game to fail but I guess that the typical mobile gaming Industry have so many ads so other companies can get funded when they can not pay any attention to there own game and than when people buy the no advertisements they expect no ads but yet they still have them sorry but that’s just wrong .

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