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Builder Master 3D


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Builder Master 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MagicLab. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MagicLab, with the latest current version being 0.9 which was officially released on 2021-03-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5356 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Builder Master 3D App

How does it Work?

Build the city!

Easy to play, hard to master!

Enjoy operating machines in this machine operator simulation game!

Enjoy operating bulldozer, forklift, crane, excavators and many many more heavy duty machines. Become a master of machines! Screw huge houses! Build your city in your own way!

Control various heavy duty vehicles,

Carry and place object using cranes,

Lift and deliver loads,

Destroy huge rocks,

Fix things with huge screws,

Slice huge timbers.

Be the master builder!


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Top Reviews

  • By fillit up

    Star builder

    Wonderful game didn’t think 🤔 you have something for retirement old man thank you

  • By ehebrh


    I think there should be a fuel gauge and pump and you have to refill your truck every so often

  • By Annakish

    Good app

    I use to do this for a living, although I am retired now.

  • By robertoat.nj

    Boring times

    Very nice .and it’s fun

  • By Terryeldred1


    This game could be a five star game, but what makes this game different is the commercials the advertisements you are forced to watch and they called this a reward congratulations you get to watch a add that lasts for 30 seconds. Way to go ready to go to the next level watch this commercial!

  • By asdfkgasdf

    Ads problems

    Just like so many other games, this could be fun but the constant ads and ad offering bubble around the screen make this game not worth the time. Could be so fun but it’s just a waste. Ads every 2-3 levels okay. After each 10 second level? No. That’s too much. The levels last 10-15 seconds and the ad is 10.

  • By Fcktrump11103

    Needs new levels and something to spend the money

    They levels repeat a lot and get boring. You can earn money but nothing to spend it on. The game shows different levels but its not true and too many ads after doing 1 level

  • By DaveHohio


    So many newer app games these days are set up so you play a level (usually easy) then bamn- an ad! Play another 10 or 20 second level then bamn- another ad! It’s ridiculous. Doesn’t even leave any time to learn to like the game because your stuck watching more ads than you are play time! I played two levels and as the second AD started I uninstalled, as I do all “ad hungry” games like this one! I understand that ads help to pay the developers but when there’s a 15 (or whatever) second ad in between 10 seconds of gameplay, that’s just crazy. UNINSTALLED!!! At least let the player do a few levels before hitting them with the ads!

  • By DonSadlerJr

    Won’t even load

    So when I try to get into the game on my iPhone 6+ IT WONT EVEN LOAD THE GAME FOR ME like at all and it says it’s compatible with the iPhone I’m using but it’s not working so I can’t even play so I don’t know what it’s even like to play the game! So just a heads up to all the people with iPhone 6+ or lower it might be my software because it’s so full so I think it’s that or the game is broken for me.

  • By Profzrx

    One big advertisement

    There is an ad after every level you finish. The ad takes longer to watch than the level your on. I don’t think this is about the game. It’s about get people to watch your ads so you can make money. Don’t download this game.

  • By JFKPhotography

    Way too many ads

    Each level only takes a few seconds to complete and you get an ad after every level. Effectively, you have more time watching ads than you do playing the core game. Trash.

  • By TripleF31

    Ads after every level

    Should have a method to pay to skip all ads but doesn’t. The level takes 10 seconds to complete and then you wait 35 seconds for a video ad. Deleted.

  • By Kppd22

    The ads are longer than the game play.

    I wouldn’t even consider this a game....... ads are twice as long as the game play. ALSO who cares about the money?? There is nothing to spend it on.

  • By Shaka1971

    Too many ads

    Having ads is one thing. I get it. But 5 seconds of game play to watch a full minute of ads is ridiculous.

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