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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-02
  • New version: 1.2.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Chatty Driver - Yes or No


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Chatty Driver - Yes or No is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MagicLab. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MagicLab, with the latest current version being 1.2.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 22643 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Chatty Driver - Yes or No App

How does it Work?

Chat away to convince your GF, BF, DAD or Teacher! Enjoy countless chatting scenarios. Choose what will happen next and don’t forget phone-care while chitchatting.

Play and relax various mini-games.

Show your driving skills and don’t forget to care about your car!

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Top Reviews

  • By Jaysa sue

    Same levels and chats OVER AND OVER!

    IM ONLY GIVING IT FIVE STAR SO THAT PEOPLE WILL SEE IT!!!!!!! I’ve had this for less than a day and I HATE HATE HATE this game. It needs more levels and more chats and on the car driving chat there’s no way to lose (believe me I’ve tried) you can’t crash your way to death and on the chat where the cops ask you if your texting while driving I clicked no and he said “that’s what I thought” then next time I clicked yes and he said “be careful” ITS DUMBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!! DO NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT GET THIS GAME!!!! It does not even deserve one star!

  • By you can downlode if u want

    It’s not that bad but it is still a rip off

    So I see this game is not boring at all,but....There is a problem here at the first level it show u what u see in the ad but after that on then next level all of them are different but fun at the same time I can’t lie some advice to the developer don’t put things on the ad if where not going to see the same thing!!! You might think u are tricking the person by your stupid ads but your not so if you wanna make more people get your game just put thing!!! Telling the truth will get to the good things but lying can not it will just lead you to the wrong path in life!!! If u wanna succeeded do the right and change the ad to what we see in the game if not... EVERYONE I PROMISE YOU WILL DELETE YOUR GAM FROM THERE DEVICE I PROMISE!!! Anyways have a nice Day!!!

  • By gwynnierabbit

    Very Repetitive

    If you like mini games, this game will be fun for a little while. However, the name of the game is text and drive, and there is only a small amount of actually doing that in the game. The mini games can be sort of fun, but I’ve played this game for like ten minutes and have already gotten through all of them. Also, there are only about five text conversations to have, and they just repeat over and over. But, if you want something to do if you’re waiting in a line for 5-10 minutes, this game would be great. Like other reviews said, there are a lot of ads, but put your device on airplane mode and you’ll be fine. But for the most part, this game was pretty disappointing and the name was very deceiving.

  • By list robuck

    A little bit annoying.

    Okay so First it’s a decent game but it’s very annoying when it comes to the continuous ad’s not even after every task I did , I would get a ad in the middle and after it but thats not only it… THE AD’S WHERE VERY EXPLICIT ! I kept Getting inappropriate ad’s and I am very sick of the fact that the ad’s on this game Are not not controlled , also you should do more driving than phone idea.. the game recently changed their name , The older version was named “ Text and Drive “ which is a good name but changing it to “ Chatty Driver “ was a bit stupid if you don’t really chat while trying to drive I mean you don’t wanna keep doing the same thing over and over but just please do something for your app.

  • By vsuaceheevbsj

    Not what it seems

    Well I saw this game on an ad thinking it would just be texting and driving because that all the ad showed but then when I actually play the first round was me driving and texting but when I got to the second round it was something about plugging in a phone and the next round was me cleaning off a phone and the title and the description shows nothing about a mix of games so I’m a bit disappointed because if I wanted a plug in phone game and a phone cleaning game I would’ve downloaded it so if you want to just drive and text on this game it’s not gonna old be that

  • By instagram heyyqtte

    “Text and drive” but you don’t text and drive in the game

    The game is called text and drive, you do that one time and that’s on the first level. Everything else is just stuff on yourc phone, only on your phone not driving or anything you just look at it and like match all the tiktok apps together or the i’m not a robot thing or face id move your face in the circle on your phone, i didn’t download this app to play on a phone on my phone i downloaded it to play a game where you text and drive, all the pictures when you download it and the ad are just of a guy driving and texting so you know you were scamming us. Why couldn’t you have just made it all text and drive is it that hard to not lie and try and scam everyone? Plus, everytime you finish a level there’s an ad, the levels take about 10 seconds. Total scam.

  • By mr maky

    Rip Off!!

    It’s ok but it has tons of adds and isn’t even worth taking time to play you basically just watch adds and play mini games it also doesn’t stick up to its name text and drive like…. It’s like charge the phone match the items put stuff in the brief case it looked funny in the add so I downloaded it played a couple levels and I was like not for me so if you like that’s your opinion but personally I like to play games with no adds 👌🏻I will say why are you promoting texting and DRIVING ago little kids they are going to think that it is ok I just came back to edit and I wish that I could give it no stars HAVE A GOOD DAY!! P.s kids don’t text and drive it’s bad

  • By Sad to

    I wish it could give 0 stars!

    This sounds like a pretty nice game at first , well before you think really deeper into it. One, it’s teaching little kids to text and drive. If they can do it in a game they’ll think they can do it in real life. There brains aren’t developed enough to understand you shouldn’t text and drive yet , and they probably don’t know the consequences of it. Two, there is literally only 4 text stories that you do over and over. I can’t conform fully , but I’ve played many levels and I’ve only seen 4. Three, it’s practically all mini games. I’m currently on level 64 and I can tell u I’ve played probably 20 actually texting stories. You spend most of the time on mini games and also some time on eating. Finally, if you are going to make a game this horrible at least don’t add so many ads! There is an ad at least 3 times every 1 text story. There is normally one at the challenge also making it more beneficial to just do the challenge to get use out of the add and get 400 extra dollars. But even so , that’s still not even texting and driving. Horrible game has so many issues that most people agree with. ⚠️Please don’t rate it 4 or more stars if your trying to say something bad. I didn’t read the reviews but saw the rating while I was downloading. I was unaware that people were putting 5 stars just so people would see the bad comments. It’s a higher chance they will look at the rating over the reviews. ⚠️Thank you.

  • By madi made


    I would give this ZERO STARS if I could, Yeah you might’ve seen an ad of this game but in the ad shows all texting driving ,They try to trick you with the first level to make you think you just go through a whole bunch of levels of the texting and driving the first level, it’s a whole bunch of mini games like sort the apps or connect the cords. At the end you see an ad of the app and most likely you won’t read the reviews me. Besides all that it has to many ads I get that there’s no in app purchases but after each level there doesn’t have to be an add😒. Overall rating is 1 star because it’s not a game I would typically play and when you need to burn some time or your bored this is something I would play because it just burns time. Besides my railing and all that little kids are gonna see this and there gonna want to play this game and think it’s ok to play on their phone text mad drive. Are you seriously promoting this? I saw this game on little cousins iPad and he’s only 5! Kids parents normally don’t check their phones and there playing these types of games. Number 1 I’m mad because your printing a game about texting and driving which kids will download, number 2 it’s not not even about texting and driving luckily there’s only one level of texting and driving.

  • By blaaaccc


    This in such a bad game for kids it will teach you how to text and drive which is all wrong you should never ever ever played this game it’s such a bad game no play this game basically all you get is mini games an ad there’s one level and then a bunch of mini games then he finally gets to the next level and then after that level then there’s mini games again I just don’t like the game you guys can test it out but it was just a really bad game that I give it zero stars it’s such a bad game you should never play this it’s like robbing a bank it’s so bad whoever created this game if you’re reading this this is my real opinion on your game so you should just get rid of this game this is such a bad game and yeah I’m sorry to say it’s just a really bad game and no kid should ever play this game it’s really bad and I just think you should never play it it’s like even the first level a cop says are you driving and you got to say now it’s just so bad are usually plays games when I was little kid and my mom said never played in again and I was just a really bad thing so I think you should never played this sorry this is so long but I’m just explaining how bad it is.

  • By poopyhead0695

    Horrible Game

    I haven’t even played the game and I already hate it. Your really promoting texting and driving? That’s one of the worst things you could do. I’ve lost a family member just recently to an idiot who did this. Texting and driving is not something that should be made into a freaking game. It’s absurd that you people think it was a great idea to have THIS as a game idea. The ignorance is pouring right out. The thing is, I know people like you don’t care because your in the group of “game creators” that are out for money. The whole game is basically ads and there’s no enjoyment. This idea has to be the absolute worst. I’m still really appalled that your promoting a whole crime. Someone could be killed and people who actually text and drive aren’t only putting their own lives in jeopardy but others as well. Texting and driving is just as bad as drinking and driving. Get it through your thick skulls and promote something that’s actually beneficial to these kids’ lives. Your making it seem like this is a good thing by trying to manipulate young kids. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

  • By Mac0488

    A game that promotes texting and driving.

    The title of the game speaks for itself. What kind of child game promotes texting and driving. Whether it’s “highlighting the stupidity” or not. It’s a children’s game. Their minds are not developed enough to tell that just because you’re good at a game doesn’t mean you can do it in real life. This game shouldn’t be on the market. The fact that it is is really disappointing. The app creators I don’t know what their intentions were but they should try again and remove this. If you were able to make a game this simple then I’m sure you can make another simple app that won’t lead to people making stupid decisions when they’re actually on the road. When you’re an adult you should have enough common sense to not drive and text but as you can see daily that sense isn’t there for quite a lot of people. Promoting it in a game is not at all helping the situation and will lead to more people doing it thinking that they’re good in the game so why not real life.

  • By *^^~Suki~-~Chan~^^*

    Seriously? I would give this 0 stars if I could. 😒😐

    This game shouldn't even be called “Text & Drive“ at this point. You mostly play mini games instead of actually TEXTING AND DRIVING. Before I get into the mini games I would just like to say how BAD of an infuence this game is. If a very young child plays this game they might think Texting & Driving is okay , when it is very dangerous. So what qas the point of this game? Moving on. The minigames. Most of them have nothing to do with cars. Just the phone. Sometimes once you finally get to text and drive you don't even get to text, you just eat food. It's always the same thing too, nothing different. Its the same texting stories. There is only about 5 of them. Ridiculous. This game is trash. I would give this a -100 if I could. Please don't get this game. Waste of space. I'm deleting this and I will NEVER even THINK about getting it again. 👎🏾

  • By xRevoke

    Not a Game Worth Playing

    At first, this game seems pretty fun and cool. Which it really wasn’t but it’s not all text and drive. After you’ve done one ride of “text and drive”, it will give you other little games. Also, I only had this game downloaded for literally 2 minutes. Why? Well, because this game has too many ads. The ads aren’t even short. After every little game you finish, it gives you ads. The ads are pretty long and they became very annoying. So I deleted the game. I BARELY EVEN HAD THE GAME FOR 3 MINUTES WHICH IS CRAZY! I was originally thinking of giving this review a two star but I don’t like how it’s a game based on driving while texting. It can encourage people to text while driving. So I’d give it a 1 star. I hope this information helps you on whether you would want to download this game or not.

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