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Merge Villa


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Merge Villa is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lion Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lion Studios, with the latest current version being 1.29.271 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10087 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Merge Villa App

How does it Work?

Alice needs your help! A tsunami destroyed everything, and now she must renovate her grandparents mansion and bring comfort back to the family home. With your help, the building can be restored better than it was before! Open the gates and let this unforgettable adventure begin!

Merge items into the useful tools that will help you to renovate and decorate the many rooms of the mansion that were destroyed. Repair and design the house with luxurious exterior and interior furniture and make it like new. Use your designer’s vision to create a unique home with your own sense of style and creativity.

Unlock new rooms and give them a total makeover. No one will even remember that there was a tsunami in the first place! Every part of the house has a new secret for you to reveal and you’ll have so much fun solving the Villa’s many puzzles. Complete tasks and earn rewards, that will help you with the restoration. Gain experience and level up to become the Merge Villa master!

You don’t have to do it all alone. Become friends with new characters on your adventure that will help you with the renovation, and don’t forget about your four-legged friends! Take care of the animals and help your pets by giving them a nice place to live. Care for fluffy puppies and cute kittens, as you work to build them a loving home.

Game Features:

Take part in an unforgettable adventure with an addictive story - you won’t be disappointed!

Unlock new rooms with unique gameplay, luxurious decorations, amazing animations.

Use your sense of style restore and decorate the mansion

Merge items to discover hundreds of unique tools to create and use your renovation

Interact with tons of in-game characters, who will help you restore and decorate the mansion

Adopt pets! Cute puppies and lovely kittens are waiting for you to give them a warm and loving home

Relaxing gameplay. Just merge two items and then renovate the house. It couldn’t be any more simple

Play for free today!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Top Reviews

  • By Hypnotica.gaze

    Best merge game out there

    I have now played every merge game that is out there and this one is the best because you actually progress pretty rapidly and that pleases me the most. Every single merge game out there takes forever to advance another level. Not this one. I just started playing approximately 3 days ago and am already finished with the living room. I love playing this game and the story line is adorable and makes me happy to play it, which is a feat in itself! Keep up the good work you game developer geniuses. Just awesome!

  • By Rdudette

    Enjoying myself

    I like this merging game. I’ve tried most of them and ended up deleting them but so far, this one and Merge Mansion are my favorite. Very impressive games and relaxing. Quite similar but I do find this one to move faster. I can’t complain, I used to match the old match 3 games, I still play favorite ones but I also came back to Merge Villa and Merge Mansion. Love them, easy to play and understand. Thank you

  • By angelina wert xie


    Well I love this game but it doesn’t get much worse than a few games that have played a little too long to have it for me to have to get it and get the same app and get the game to it so it’s a little bit easier and easy and play with friends for play it and I have played a great time play.

  • By Pamavinny

    Great game!

    This game is incredible in the sense that it is exactly what I’m looking for in a merge game. I have played Merge Mansion, and I feel like this game is a lot less tedious for the tasks and much more fun to play. However, there are a couple things I am frustrated about. First, it does not allow me to sell certain items, specifically those level 1 or level 2 items that need some more merging. It takes up so much room on the board that could be used for other items. Second, the newest update about the trip to Paris is great. But, it seems to only be a one-time event. I wasn’t able to get everything I needed on my first try and now I’m stuck with unsellable items on my board, without a way to restart the event. If these two points were fixed, this would honestly be the best game I have ever played.

  • By weehooweehoo22

    Great Game

    As I started to play, I really enjoyed the game aside a few things. I would just wish to see a way to gain diamonds. It also seems i am running out of space on my board from not gaining enough coins, or not being able to sell certain items for upcoming electrified items. The update helped with that a lot by being able to open most of the chests I had on my board but it also changed my incentives. So the things I was working for before then became not needed. I then needed to start my quest over. Aside from those minor inconveniences i turkey enjoy this game and wish to keep playing.

  • By Megageeko

    Fun game but could use some balancing

    I’m enjoying the game but there are some issues I’m having, for as frequent a reward as chests are they take way too long to open and you can only do one at a time, it would feel a lot smoother if they either took less time or you could have multiple opening at once (seriously I feel like 1/3 of my board is unopened chests right now). Another thing is that it looks like I can’t sell producer items, or anything in that item line, which results in a lot of uncontrollable clutter when I accidentally tap the wrong thing and it spits out a block of marble that I now can’t get rid of. Otherwise I have been enjoying it, but these things are getting to be a bit grating the more I play

  • By Tgurich

    Great game with some help

    I love this game. The only other merge game I like better then this one is Merge Mansion. The biggest problem I have with this game is the diamond and coin pop ups on the board. First the board is limited in what it can hold and then with the few spaces I have left a diamond or coin bubble will pop up and take a space away for 1 minute. Due to the piggy banks (which if combined provide plenty of coins and diamonds), I don’t need the extra diamonds and coins and will NEVER watch a video to get them. The fact that I have to wait 1 minute for a space to open up to be able to continue playing means that I end up closing the game before I have used my energy and tend to not want to play

  • By dwally28

    Need to be able to sell or merge chests. My board is being overrun by them.

    This is becoming one of my favorite types of games to play on my phone and was happy to find another similar to one I was already playing. The problem I have with Merge Villa is that you cannot sell lower level items or chests you don’t want. You also can’t merge chests. I am quickly running out of room because of all the chests, some of which I don’t want. (Particularly the web chests.) I would have given more stars if not for this problem alone.

  • By everythingbyevans

    Not bad but...

    May be this is just me not knowing the layout of everything, while I find this game okay and kept my attention, I do have some issues — when my energy was already full, i.e. opening the game first time of the day, I have to spin the lucky wheel and if I am so “lucky” to have landed on the extra energy, I didn’t get to keep it? Today, I landed on some kind of infinite something, I assume is unlimited energy for a certain period of time, where is my reward? Was it stored somewhere that I am not aware of?

  • By Gwen_Z

    Really fun

    I’m pretty addicted to this game cuz it’s really fun WHAT I DO NOT APPRECIATE THO is how when it’s the start of a the day and they let you spin a wheel that gives you free in game stuff and the arrow lands on the little 50 extra energy points you do NOT actually get the points😐. Instead what happens is the game lowers the amount of energy you already have to 50(if it’s 100/full) and then adds the points you won to the lowered amount. It’s just really annoying to watch it happen.

  • By KittyLover1202

    It’s ok

    Sometimes it will log me out but my iPad is kinda getting old so it could be that, it also takes a long time for certain things like the tool box and can get boring, but getting to merge stuff and make a house is really fun, and also some people say they can not see the conversation which is kinda sad I can see very well and my iPad is kinda small, so overall there are some problems that need to be fixed but I recommend you get this game.

  • By dreamvida

    Fun, but buggy & was cheated on a purchase

    It is a very fun game, but it closes itself out multiple times before I can use up the 100 power points. And I actually paid $1.99 for an extra 200 power points and a chest...never received the chest. I won’t be making anymore in app purchases ever again. Further complaint, I tried to reach out for support in the app, but it takes you to their Facebook page. People and companies should be boycotting Facebook, not using it as their only means of contact. That’s why I’m writing this review, seems to be the only way for me to report my poor customer service experience. It is a fun game though, without the constant shutting down and being cheated out on what I paid for, then my review would be quite different. So download it only if you have tons of patience. And if you do download it, beware of making in app purchases.

  • By CGN Creations

    Good game, BAD glitch!

    I’ve been enjoying this game for the last couple weeks, but today I encountered a VERY unpleasant glitch - I accidentally clicked on a decor item that cost coins, and didn’t have enough coins. Rather than simply telling me I didn’t have enough, the game deleted the coins I DID have! (The item was 200 coins, I only had 150, and it totally zeroed out my balance. I didn’t receive the item either, so a total loss.) Please, please fix this problem! When I do eventually want to use coins on an item, it’s going to take me a while to get enough again because I was trying to save up. This is very very disappointing.

  • By Sexy Mom 5

    Keeps ripping me off!!

    When I first got this game I loved it, but for some reason lately I’ve been getting ripped off. For the past two days I’ve been playing this game all night because I can’t sleep, I bought a few diamond packs well say I bought 275 diamonds and I would use 50 diamonds well it took 150 away. I thought I might be tired so I bought them again then did the exact same thing as before and again it took the same amount away. Then tonight I did them same things the same way for a third time and again the same thing happened. I know it was three times and spent money but I had to be really really sure.

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