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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-13
  • New version: 2.3.22
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game


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Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lion Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lion Studios, with the latest current version being 2.3.22 which was officially released on 2021-07-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 503308 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game App

How does it Work?

Embark on the ultimate idle clicker adventure of a lifetime with Cash, Inc.! You can build a time machine and be the most popular money tycoon of all time (literally!). Once the wealth starts rolling in, there’s no saying how far you will go!

This tapping game was made for you, Boss! Click and tap just for a little while. Then, let amazing superstars take your business game to the next level, as they will collect your riches in your place! Become a money-crazed business tycoon as you see your riches grow in all eras.

What are you waiting for, Boss? Hop on, leap and prance through time and grow your own business empire!

Cash, Inc. Features:


• Live like a business tycoon, where tapping will be your greatest asset!

• Tap whenever, wherever you want, and take a break. This idle clicker lets you profit from your businesses without actually being there!

• Use your earnings from tapping (as well as from your managers) to upgrade various businesses.

• Make money and pile up profit so you can spend your money on what YOU want.


• Lead a lazy, yet productive idle tycoon lifestyle while your celebrity business partners take care of you and your businesses!

• Just click and tap to upgrade your businesses and keep the money flowing!

• Make money while you renovate your business tower. More money means having better and more stunning tower appearances!

• Let your luck come to play – receive special free gifts like tickets, crystals and time jump with the wheel of fortune to build your wealth even more! Spin 'N Win, Boss!


• Hire mad scientist to build a time machine, and be the richest time-travelling tycoon of all-time!

• Leap through time and start your money kingdom wherever and whenever you go!

• Be the most famous money tycoon on all eras and let them talk about your success in reaching fame and fortune: an empire of your own!


• Work your way up to the Rich List! Join a community of business elites in the Cash, Inc. leaderboards.

• Brag about your cold hard-earned cash to fellow business tycoons on social media!

Start your own business adventure and live the life you’ve always wanted. You’re just a click and a tap away from rising to fame and raking in that sweet cash!

Disclaimer: Playing Cash, Inc. requires a secure internet connection.

P.S. Got problems? Questions? Suggestions?

We’re ready to assist you, Boss! Talk to us via & join our community of businesspeople in

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Top Reviews

  • By Shay shay shay shay shay shay

    Forever ongoing

    I've been looking through the reviews and seeing a few comments about beating it quickly and how it's too short. I'm not quite sure if they've updated it by then, but it lives up to what they want now! You can buy new towers with money, increase your fame percentage each time you give away a whole new tower and start from scratch, making you earn faster. I didn't even know numbers like septtrigintillion or something existed. Plus missions and rewards to multiply tower profit and progress. It's a super fun game! Almost no bugs. I've only had one mishap and it sent me to a chat room with an automated associate to quickly and easily report the issue and if wanted, find out what to do to avoid it or fix it. I've been playing for about a month and I'm only about half way through the towers. A recent addition to the game added a futuristic world that has gone bankrupt in which you must gain money for. It's like a second game but a new connected theme. 10/10 would recommend.

  • By Ruthie Ganske

    Very good, BUT!

    I friggin love Cash, Inc. One time I saw my cousin playing it and I was like YASSSSSSSSS must have. So I downloaded. Starts out VERY slow but actually gets very quick. Like now I’m so good at it when I’m gone for like two minutes I get like twenty octillion dollars. But one day I was thinking that my friend might like this and I wanted to share it to him because it would get crystals so I clicked “share” but nothing happened. And there are way too many ads. Like, it would be okay if they popped up and said hey do you wanna watch this ad? but instead the little characters come and are like WATCH IT WATCH IT and don’t give you a choice so every time I have to leave the app and re-open it because there’s so many and I don’t want to even if it will give me diamonds because I don’t want diamonds. I also think that you should add more than just the two eras. (There might be more and I just haven't unlocked them yet but I’m pretty sure there isn’t) P. S. I love Mr. Cameo

  • By Blazenjester

    Gave it a shot and...

    As the title states I gave this game a shot and I haven’t been able to put it down it moves faster than others of its type, but the game also rewards you better with making the right choices, often times it feels like some the risk isn’t worth the slight reward with games of this type but this game tends to say hey let’s pump the brakes some and come back and then we should restart or prestige which I find is good helps pass time and doesn't feel pushy with ads or pay to win I haven’t put .01 cent into the game and I feel as if I am being rewarded just as much as if I did buy a lower package. The game seems to be fair with giving free gems and asks if you’d like to view an ad to get free gems, spins on the bonus wheel and also increase revenues which is totally up to you if you chose to I like the game took a chance playing it and it’s been a lot of fun definitely worth the 5 star rating !

  • By chocklateCupcake

    Umm sort of!

    OK so usually the ads aren’t a problem for me. Are usually just learn to deal with them but I’ve not got to play the game and I’ve been loaded down with ads and I just got on the game. I would really love for the people to stop popping up and making suggestions of me watching an ad to get more coins and diamonds or money or whatever the heck it is. This is my only problem maybe it will get better maybe it will get worse I will write another of you and I want one or both of them responded to. If it gets better I will write a review about how I got better and worse I’ll write a review just like this please respond to one of these reviews. Meanwhile, the game is really good and the quality is unbelievable!!❤️❤️ Other than the ads, this game is pretty awesome and just because I have problems with ads, don’t you dare not get this game!😍😍 So, to sum it up, very awesome, guys and girls!

  • By the rager 1221

    I love it.❤️❤️❤️

    I greatly like this over adventure capitalist because, it has a prestige system, it introduces many intresting concepts (fame points, better building, etc.), and it has no frickin ads. Like seriously, I played ad cap before it needed WiFi and got plenty of ads. Now it “needs” WiFi but isn’t a add fest. Thing is with this game u dont need WiFi and all ads are optional (and it doesn’t have stupid tik tok ads.) but enough about ad cap. This game just looks relatively nice, it’s not super hard but DEFINITELY not easy. I just really enjoy this game. It’s a great time killer as well. Everything about this game is quite fun. I love it. Also if the devs are reading this, plz add more layers to the buildings so you have to work even more, but not too many more so it’s impossible. I currently thing this is the best tycoon game on the App Store. Definitely recommend.

  • By Shiela-the-BO$$

    Addicting Game- Reccomended

    Cash Inc. is very addictive. Basically, you tap a business to earn money. You can upgrade your business to earn more, and once you have enough money, you can hire VIP’s. They automatically run the business so you don’t have to tap. Once you earn enough money, you can restart your businesses and earn Fame. You can spend your Fame to get discounts on your businesses. Each time you meet a goal you get a new tower. I recommend it. But I give it 4 stars because if you like games that you need skill for or if you want a game to play on an airplane or car ride, you don’t want this game. You just wait for money and then you can upgrade. It’s addicting, but it’s not particularly entertaining. There aren’t many ads, actually. You only watch ads if you want a boost in the game. Also, you can buy gems with actual money and use them for boosts. I hope this review was helpful. This was written by a 12 year old girl, by the way. It’s really hurting my hands to not spell everything like “u” and “ur” and “idk” and stuff. But don’t judge me for including this. I can do what I want. SCHOOL START TIMES SHOULD BE PUSHED BACK! Adolescents are not getting enough sleep. (8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours a night) and pushing back start times would dramatically improve children’s health, safety, and academic performance!! Thanks, An Awesome Person

  • By 9q27r6e

    Amazingly strategic

    Although the majority of reviews state that this game FORCES ads, IT DOES NOT. I don’t understand why people claim this game forces ads, it doesn’t, the only time it has ads is for a boost or a wheel spin etc. This game is super fun and surprisingly strategic, I thought this game was gonna be one of those “play once and delete” kinda games but it’s not. Super fun and super addictive I 100% recommend. EDIT: Please add a new era or SOMETHING the game gets boring after you beat neocosmic era, as the original era really doesn’t have much stuff to do, I hope these people add an update soon, or they are gonna lose a player. I took off 1 star for this reason, but I still recommend the game. EDIT 2: At this point the game is insanely boring, I’m almost done with the original era and i have had the new cosmic era completed for what seems like forever ago, this game now does force ads, but honestly, for 2 gems it’s worth it and if you don’t want to watch the ad, simply reload the game. So for all the complaining about ads, I strongly disagree. I still suggest at least giving the game a try, as it’s really fun for roughly a month, have a nice day.

  • By Kittycam

    Excellent game to pass the time.

    Highly addicting, to a degree.. I was instantly hooked to this game, and love the fact that you really only need to play a few minutes every now and then to upgrade things, yet regardless of whether or not you are playing your businesses will be making money. There are a few games similar to this that are currently available, but the overall style and gameplay of this one I prefer most. Like most free games, the ads can get a little annoying.. but the majority of them can be skipped after 5 seconds, and you’ll get some gems for your time (used for several things, such as to multiply all the money you made while you were not playing the game by 3, which typically will make quite an impact). I’m not sure if the higher dollar labels are correct (septsexadillion or something like that), but I sure wish I could profit like that IRL. There are a few little annoyances but overall I recommend this game to just about anyone.

  • By Caulpix

    It’s a fun game to pass the time but it’s ad hungry

    On the front of this game, it looks like it’s a fun little simulator that you could play to pass some time if you are bored or maybe waiting for a game to start, a car ride, or even just a before-bed game. But this game has micro-transactions and should earn enough money to not have ads. To think, I have been playing this game on my phone since it came out I’m pretty sure. And it never had ads, but it’s just become so ad hungry, a random dude just pops up on your screen without any cancel button to not have an ad, and you literally get the littlest reward for an unskippable ad, and if you press anywhere, it’ll put you in the ad, I have started just to close out the app then open it back up and just woolah, it’s fine and dandy, but 15 seconds later the same thing happens, I really think ads have started to make mobile games the worst thing ever, it’s worse than Instagram thinking it’s better than reddit...

  • By SpeedMiner

    Really fun game, way too many ads

    Don’t get my wrong. This is one of the best mobile games that I’ve played. But someone needs to do something about the ad situation. When I first started playing, there was little ads, only when I wanted to get something, like multiply the money that I earned in a certain time period. But later in the game the tactics are more annoying than any other mobile game’s ad situation that I’ve seen. So basically one of the little guys from one of the stores on your tower will pop up on the screen and say “I dare you to spot me in this video. There will be a surprise reward!” And there’s no way to get out of it. You have to tap the screen anywhere to start the ad, usually they’re thirty seconds. Along with if I want to multiply my money or open a chest for example. I watch the ad to open the chest, then I get the stupid annoying person telling me there will be a sUPrIsE ReWarD! Which, by the way, is two gems. I’ve been racking up gems from those ads for a while (two months to be exact) and I got about 80 gems. You need 100 gems to do anything with them.

  • By JakeThe44

    Great game, BUT...

    I was just going to leave a better review than this, as i have really enjoyed the game. BUT over the last couple days while playing, these random people pop up and take up 1/3 of the screen with some dumb comment and no matter where you touch the screen, it takes you to an ad to give you 2 crystals. It's SUPER annoying. The game is 80% ads anyway. I don't know if it was a recent update that added those people or my level of progress in the game or what, but that needs to stop. Even if you don't watch ads to get a multiplier or 7x cash or whatever, random ads still play anyway. This game and games like it need to change how they do this. I get why they do it but you spend 80% of your time putting your phone down and waiting 40 seconds while ads play. It's absolutely ridiculous. At LEAST make the ads a max of 10-15 seconds. Not the 30-40 seconds they are. And have higher rewards for watching the ads. Like instead of 2 hours of 3x multiplier, make it 4hr or 5hr per ad watched. I don't know that i’ll play this game more than another week and absolutely can't recommend this game to anyone else the way it is. The devs want you to swim through hours of ads to progress, THEN have a store that you can spend real money to progress. Are the 500 ads per hour not enough revenue? Seems really greedy and annoying.

  • By historymaker121

    Total AdCap ripoff that is enjoyable at first

    I’ll start with saying that I am a total sucker for idle games. I LOVE them. I play them all. So when I saw an ad for this game, I got it and played it for hours on end without putting it down. I started to notice something a little funny about the was very familiar. So familiar, in fact, that I went back to Adventure Capitalist to look at the leveling progression, multipliers, bonuses, etc., and what I noticed is that they are almost identical. Not a giant deal to me, but it was a little pathetic for a game to do this. What really got me and the reason as to why I’m deleting the game is because once you get far enough into the game, after you’re hooked and the chances of you leaving the game are significantly lower, they shove unavoidable ads down your throat. Not one or two here and there, but about every 60 seconds you are forced into an ad. There is nothing you can do about them, and you can’t play in airplane mode to use that work around. It’s sad that developers are choosing to go this route with revenue, but I’m avoiding it like the plague.

  • By Bozman2007

    I finished the game, now what?

    So I played the game to completion and the ending says “Congratulations, you beat it! Now you can choose to reset the game and ‘Lose All Achievements’ or just keep playing what you are playing”.... So basically you are saying to beat the game means there is nothing left to do but start over without ANY of the Multiplier bonuses that you earned through spending hours playing this game and whatever multiplier bonuses you got from golden tickets or crystals you earned or spent. That’s just plain ridiculous. There’s no bonus or achievement for “winning” the game. Which makes it pointless to keep playing after you beat it. At least make some extra levels for when you beat it or a “Game Winning Prestige” type of thing where you get a large multiplier bonus or something. Or make more upgrades and more towers or something so that you can continue playing when you do beat it. It was very Very disappointing to be honest with you. To spend all this time playing this game and have an ending with no reward at all.

  • By Plaid11

    Not sure what happened

    First I’ll start out by saying that I originally had this game at 5 stars but then I took it down to 3 stars due to their customer service not getting back to me in over a week. I ended up taking it down to a 1 star because I’ve only heard back from them twice since March 16th and that only happened because I had to email them telling them that I haven’t heard anything from them after waiting about 2 weeks each time. The sad part is that this last time they didn’t give me any real explanation as to why my problem happened other than I didn’t save the game play to the cloud and that it did that automatically in version 1.1.6. That’s fine and all but their history of updates shows that going back to version 1.1.2 is when it started automatically doing that and I didn’t start playing until after that version. To make it even better, I logged into Facebook through the game to save my progress like it said, so there shouldn’t be any issues but there are. I would like Apple to look into why my last review got deleted from here. I want them to do it just in case it’s an issue on their end.

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