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Suspects: Mystery Mansion


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Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Wildlife Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Wildlife Studios, with the latest current version being 1.7.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 22883 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Suspects: Mystery Mansion App

How does it Work?

You have been invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion!

Play online with other 9 real players as you try to solve the mysterious murder. Perform investigative tasks to get closer to finding the killers’ identity. But be careful, this will be no easy task: the killers are among the group and will stop at nothing to “kill” the investigation!

Between rounds, you and other players will discuss who the killers might be. Everyone is a suspect in this social game of deduction. Discuss live with other players using the integrated voice chat feature. Where was the body? Where were they? What tasks did they perform? Who were they walking with? Who was acting suspicious?

After discussing, the game will ask you to vote. Vote with your gut to evict the suspect from the mansion. But be careful: if you suspect another innocent guest and vote them out of the mansion, you will be helping the killers win the game!

You can either choose to play the game with your closest friends, or with other players with a similar skill level, that the game will determine for you.

This game is under constant development and new maps, tasks, and features await you. Suspects is a game for all friends and family to enjoy together!

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Top Reviews

  • By noahthekillr

    By the way the only issue I see is just annoying people

    Don’t get me wrong this is just another five star review I came up with but the only thing I would see you very very bad about the game is the fact that there are kids I think it’s funny to just call your name and you get it out and then they get thrown out but guess what they don’t and everyone go harass that Kayden‘s dog mute them for two young I do it too but still like not trying to hate on the game Les I haven’t seen many like predators and stuff but I have seen people use very sexual language that’s all I have to really say about it though there are kids who have to like scream and starve kids were annoying kids and swear at you but then people wonder why everyone swears that little kid and swear to other people because other people start drama and other people are there to stop and control it just another five star review to think about sorry it’s so long

  • By nynee_13

    1 complaint but great job on making the app

    So I just wanted to say thank you for making this game 1 problem um when I play I don’t how to turn off the mic but I am gonna learn but when I have the mic on in the car when me and my family go out my mon hears it I don’t wanna get in trouble so I try to turn it down but you know how when your on FaceTime you can’t turn it down all the way well this game does not let me do that I just wanted to get that out no hate to the game it is like among us but the characters are animals and it’s better no hate to among us well just a tiny bit but this app is one of the best apps I have downloaded but maybe add a button that t let’s you mute your mic and a button the allows you to mute everyone and just have chat if you already do I am sorry I am still learning and I am still new to this game so yeah 😁 thanks for the game

  • By Lun4Kitsun3

    Most revolutionary game of all time!

    Many people complain about it being a total rip-off of Among Us; however, people have gotten used to the lack character customization and have accustomed to wearing a hat and calling it a day. However in this game, you get to have unique characters with cute costumes such as an angel, a vampire, a chef and more. While it is understandable that there are micro transactions but they’re completely optional. The roles given are pretty generic but as you progress and win more rounds you can unlock Intermediate and Master difficulty, meaning you can unlock new roles such as Investigator and Detective. But that’s not all, there are special event rounds(that doesn’t affect your rating) that add or replace roles such as Killer to Poisoner or Investigator and Detective for Vigilantes. It’s easily one of the most magnificent games that can easily outrank Among Us by a milestone

  • By sire vick ty

    Hey i love supecks

    I love this game but it was my favorite even though it’s good werd things happen that makes me surprised. Also the pings are great right now I’ve been playing with a friend called Sligtas as that she is milo & I’m duke we both have released love. I say hello to her even after she is annoying I’ve been crashing in roblox on my phone but I like this wen I started the game or app Ill stay thare and watch it download but it was gonna go back to home screen after that I booded it up again & it was working fine. According to my game it was showing noditficashons it was annoying because it was showing to much by one by one. I manage to get wit of nodifications by answering the nodifications I loved it how much it was almost done so added lil tuch so I rated it and red this message xoxo sire vick ty

  • By MzOptimystik

    Sus or Nah

    I think this is a really awesome game a great time killer I do like the fact that the games can be short depending on who you’re playing with I would love if you could add the option to be able to play games with the people you send friend request to in the game otherwise I don’t see the point in being able to request friends I also wish that there were more ways to earn the diamonds instead of just buying them because everything is so super expensive if I’m just trying to play the game and get stuff I’m never going to get anything.I think you guys are doing an amazing job I enjoy this game Waymore than I thought I would I love the differentGame modes like poison and vigilante it would be cool if they were available more often.

  • By Janessaap

    Suspect: Mystery Mansion

    Overall the game is very nice and I love the fact you have 2 side of a game to choose. Depends if you want to play for your IQ points or for your level up. The only bad thing I would say is that the age range is everywhere. The whole point is to play with people your age and this game is not where it should be for that. The truck questions after your birthday are the same so that’s why kids get in. I’m constantly having to mute or kick them out with everyone because the kids ruin the whole game. I would love it a lot for the update to actually have age restrictions for player reason. Theirs adults on here that aren’t so “Kid Friendly” I’d highly suggest the game to change the age range for it to actually play with players your age.

  • By State Farmer

    Reporting a bug is all

    I just wanted to report a bug for you guys, this has only happened once out of the few times I played,.. we was in the lobby waiting for the time to start, and it skipped the cutscene for letting you know if you was the killer or not, and went straight to the mansion. After that it wouldn’t let me and a few others move, so it made me force quit (close the app) please fix it thank you. P.S. this is a great game can’t wait to see what you guys add further down the road. Update to the bug: I found out why this is happening, I will be trying to activate the message chat as the timer hits 1 or zero to start the game, and it will do this bug. I tried to reenact this a few times and it would happen every time.

  • By Joanna022

    A few suggestions

    I really enjoy playing this game with friends and random people online but I have a few things that I hope it can improve. When I add friends, there is no form of playing with them again unless I get lucky and they’ve created a game. But I wish there was a message tab where you can message your friends even if they are off line. And if you started a private game, there should be an option to invite online friends to join the lobby. Another thing, sometimes I don’t have enough friends to play in a private game and I wish there was an option to switch the game to online and private whenever. I also hope new maps will be created soon. But overall Im really liking this game

  • By ice princess Hope 33

    Great games

    The game is Great all the characters are so cute except for the gold pass I feel like instead of getting Steve as a character you should’ve gotten a cuter character I don’t really like Steve very much and when I bought the gold pass I thought I would just automatically get all the three characters in my inventory and all the hats and the new skins but I still have to unlock them to unlock them tear by tear and I was kind of mad because I wasted some of my gems for that and also some of the characters are cute not all of them because like Besty is not a very cute character I was kind of disappointed that I got him because he’s one of my least favorite characters I have to say though my two favorite characters are Ollie and Milo first favorite is Ali second favorite Milo those are really cute characters and when I got the game I was really hoping I would get Ali as my first character but I was kind of disappointed that you don’t get to choose because if I had to choose I would pick Ollie but I got chippy instead she’s cute but I really wanted Ali so then I unlocked my watch I was happy about I do like him and I am not always and I was happy and then I started unlocking like Besty and like Donna those two characters are not very cute so I give it a four stars

  • By kakamdnd abd

    RAD THIS😭😭

    Pros: Okay so, yes, it’s a copy of Among us, but better!! Among us has now a feature of the account. If you don’t know what among us is, than you will be confused. Why it changed: So basically it changed this Just because of this stupid review. Now, if you are under a certain age, you cannot change your name, chat freely, or even do pretty much anything!!Back to pros: Now, I am 12 yrs old, except for the fact that I still cannot play that stupid game!! So I decided to change my age to 20 because I wanted to chat freely. I couldn’t! And you have to put your parents E-Mail in to chat freely. I ain’t gonna give you my dads E-mail so I can freaking chat freely!! But Meanwhile THIS game in my opinion is for all ages 6+. Yes, some people cuss, but that is up to the parents to decide to tell their kids that some people will cuss. But I LOVE this game. It’s not like the old Among us, you have to type, or new, you have to read. This game is perfect!! You have VOICE CHAT!! This is the best also because my brother, he has trouble reading, and writing!! He can just speak!! It’s absolutely the best and I have said that A LOT!! Cons: Also, I still think that you should also be able to change your name, character, and more! Overall, this game is the best among us game EVER- better that other among us games too!!

  • By Knothead24

    A question about the shark skin / And how many season is Suspects going to have other things to .

    I am sooooo happy that season two has came out on suspects M.M. But I do have a question about the shark skin. Can you get the shark skin anymore since you don’t have to buy it anymore, from season one. I also need to ask you this, how many season is suspects going to have. When you know plz tell me. Why can you just pick your animal out? Also why can you alone get 2 skins? In a game some people like glitch when running can you do anything to fix that if can tell me A.S.A.P ? On the next update you can add the following below. . Fix the running glitch problem . Plz try to come out with 5 seasons . Let people get more then two skins Thank you for reading if you got a question about anything you can ask me any time.:)😆😆🤩🤓

  • By Loves_Pandas10x

    A lot of fun, but...

    This game is a lot of fun, but there are two things I don’t like about it, one is the rewards, there are so many cool things, but you need a gold pass which cast I think 250 diamonds. And you don’t start out with a lot of diamonds. To get more you must pay, which I’m not a person who spends actual money on games. So what I’m saying is, could you please add more free stuff for the rewards. Second, is when people cuss, I don’t like it when people cuss, so I wish there was an option to do something about it, like maybe a report, and if that person has gotten the specific amount of reports, they won’t be able to play the game for a while. I know it might be stupid, but I really don’t like to play with people who cuss. Anyways I absolutely love this game, and it’s so much better than among us!!!

  • By RavenclawGeek15

    Good game, but a little weird....

    This game has a lot of potential to be really good, but the voice chat feature is just freaky. I know, if you are playing in a private game with your friends, then this voice chat feature is fun to use with them. But with random strangers, is weird. A lot of bad things could happen because of that, so I just want a better way for that to be used. Also, when you unmute your microphone, and then you leave the game and clear it from your recently used, when you join back, it puts you in the same game with you mic unmuted. That’s not only creepy, but a little concerning. Both my friend tried it to, and the same thing happens with them. But other then the few things I mentioned, this game is really good and has potential to be great. I jus feel some things should be looked at with the voice chat feature. Maybe find a way to make it safer for kids, who is your main audience for the game. For all of that stuff, I give this game 3 stars ✨. I hope you are able to fix the things I mentioned! Good luck

  • By Shane1807

    A lot of potential

    This game is like among us but with voice chat and couple extra additions. It is definitely fun and I recommend it but it wont be as good until they fix a couple things. First and my biggest problem is friends, you can add friends and remove them but thats all you can do. You can not add them to your game via public or custom which doesn’t make any sense. Second is you can quit a game as a ghost but not while voting which is a waste of time because you are already dead. Third there is only one map and adding another will keep people interested a lot more than playing the same one every day. I enjoy the different game modes and the (IQ point) system to select who you play with but, fourth i dont think its fair that winning as killer gives you 90 points and winning as guest gets you 20 points. Some people like me get extremely unlucky and play 30 games on a day off to only get killer 1 time. Which mean im missing out on points other luckier people are getting. Thank you.

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