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Zooba:Zoo Battle Royale Games


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Zooba:Zoo Battle Royale Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Wildlife Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Wildlife Studios, with the latest current version being 3.0.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 217141 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Zooba:Zoo Battle Royale Games App

How does it Work?

Zoo Battle Arena is a twist on traditional battle royale! Get the best from MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale in an animal fight for survival in the zoo.

CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER - Play as different characters, each with unique strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

TEST YOUR SKILL - A game easy to pick up, but difficult to master! Each character has a special ability and using them well will determine the course of the battle.

TEAM UP WITH YOUR FRIENDS - Don't feel like playing alone? That's fine! You can invite your friends to play with you. The more the merrier!

CHOOSE YOUR LOADOUT - Choose from a variety of items to help improve your skills! Pick the right item and you'll be one step ahead of your opponent!

BECOME THE #1 - Progress through levels and climb the leaderboard to earn amazing prizes that show your courage and valor.

Jump right in and start battling to be the last one standing! Play anywhere and anytime you want! The zoo is yours for the taking!


- Choose from over 10 different characters, from the Bruce, the tough gorilla, to Larry, the sneaky chameleon!

- Battle against 19 other players

- Upgrade your character and items

- Climb through the ranks to earn amazing prizes

- Zoo VIP filled with rewards

- And much more!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PlayZooba/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZooBattleArena

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    Top Reviews

    • By Hannahh G.

      Many good Aspects

      I love this game and really like how it’s very simple to maneuver with 4 weapons total and it is very clear which weapons are better which I have found difficult with other battle royals games. What I have found frustrating though is the fact that the high level sharks, eagles, and tigers can kill you instantly which is not necessarily fair. I also think the fox is awful, I would maybe make the bow deal more damage because he has little health plus can deal little damage. I feel like he is only good for picking up weapons. The biggest issue though which I feel like people usually talk about is the match making. I’m not sure how it is done but I should not be playing level 12 people with twice the trophies as me when I am level 8. Not sure how to fix that but the levels of your opponents should definitely match. I also think that when you are down in duos trios and team battle and you are revived you should definitely have more health because I usually just die instantly again which was a waste of being revived. Other then those issues I love this game and I love that you are constantly improving it and making new characters because that makes it so much more fun to play. Thanks!

    • By dpb363nova

      Veteran player here

      This game has probably been my go to game for the last year it’s got a big enough selection of characters to fit any play style for real time pvp players. The combinations of items you can run allows you to make those characters even more flexible. If there was anything I could change about this game it would probably be to request a variety of zoo maps or even if it was random, playing on the exact map with small additions here and there might bore some people, but don’t get me wrong The map they have made is quite large and how the fire closes in on different parts makes it so that final showdown for the king of the zoo battle quite exciting because if you have something like an animal that excels at being in water for example it might give a tactical advantage. This game is only really pay to win if you have no patience. it’s not the kind of game you can just hop to the top 100 on the leaderboard in a day. So if your ok with losing once in a while to still play without spending a dime it’s entirely possible, but the road will be rough. That’s what separates the pro players from the pay to win guys, I’ve witnessed a level 10 take out a 16 several times, it is possible if your smart.

    • By Silvia & Tiago

      Great game, but it has issues

      Ok, I absolutely love this game, but, there are many issues, like the issue of hitboxes, where even if you are just out the edge of a grenade or a bow shot you get hit and the issue where the diving item (don’t know the name) doesn’t work fast enough so Buck can just drag you out. Also, Jade’s passive does too much damage, I mean, thematically and in gamestyles, it’s great, but it is just too simple to kill someone with it, and the penguin’s (forgot his name) passive slow needs to be reduced a bit, because it is basically an infinite stun if he hits you once, or maybe reduce the duration, or even put a cooldown on the capability to apply this slow. Also, put us against people our level! I play as a level 8 Finn and constantly have to go to hell to try and outplay a level 12’s whole career, so, please fix this. Oh, and, for last, it is too hard to advance once you reach a certain level, as you end up against people a lot stronger than you, can’t get any more trophy rewards, take a lot longer to level up characters and never, get, a, new, character... because all we get is toolboxes, no crates, so, please, hear me out on these problems and damage ratios in general.

    • By kshshdhsbsbx

      Great Game. Some issues

      This game is a great time waster while I have nothing to do. I honestly love playing with my brother and cousins especially in this time with the virus. But, there are two flaws in my opinion, first, is the matchmaking. Sometimes, I get paired with people sometimes 2000 trophies above me with their character a higher level than I am. Second, is how many offers you have to get and how much they are. Most of the time, I feel like the money I pay in games help me a lot. In this game I feel like that, but I get so many offers that I think are way overpriced. Such as the battle pass. It’s $10 a week, but they could make it like 500 gems to buy the entire time until a new season. And they always have a character in the shop that is around 2000 gems, which is about $50. Very overpriced for such a small unit when I could just grind up for it. I also think how you get boxes is a bit rigged because you most of the time only get toolboxes which you don’t even have a chance to get a new character and a slim chance to get a power. I feel like they should have more boxes that could contain characters. Overall great game and I recommend playing.

    • By Lilaclove11

      Im addicted!

      So what I have seen is people call this game “Pay To Win” I dont believe that for a second, because I have progressed through the game so much without spending money, so dont believe them! It just takes time and practice, you gotta work for what you want! I have strategies to help me win. Here is a few tips for people who struggle. 1. If you are a lower level, stay in the bushes and near the fire but not in it. 2. If you have fuzzy, pepper, earl, or any others that “throw” the spear, use knockback spear! It helps a lot to push others in the fire! 3. You can be aggressive with any character, not only buck, just dont be a try hard! 4. ALWAYS. OPEN. CRATES. You never know when you will get something new from a crate! It could be a character, item, or just some upgrades and coins for characters! 5. Have a pattern of moves! Ex. If you want a pattern for buck, I suggest doing his active move, spear, gun, and then bomb! 6. Fit in! Dont copy what items people use, be creative! 7. Compete in events! Event tickets can be very useful for crates, emotes, and skins for characters! Thats all I have for now! Keep calm and play zooba! (•w•)

    • By Texasboi2542

      Great Game.

      It’s obvious you took your time developing this game. From the controls, to the weapons, the perks, even the characters (names, personalities, and design). Some characters abilities seem like they are more advanced then others but as you switch perks and level up your characters you begin to level the playing field. I like the leveling system because it makes you want to level up your characters. Yeah the people that pay to play level up faster and get better stuff but I understand that from a business point. If people weren’t gaining anything from paying then why would people pay. I do not pay because I don’t feel the need to level up quickly, I’m ok with building my characters over time. Also enjoy the updates with new characters. It would be nice to have different levels though and not play the same level over and over. Maybe try different parts of the world and people can select their character based on where they are going to play. I’m sure there is more to come just keep working with the game for new ideas and don’t let it get stagnant.

    • By dylpeen

      Game is broken in many pieces..

      I love this game. I have been playing it nonstop since I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. Yet, something feels off about it. For example in duos you and your teammate do not get a placement together. If you die #7 and your duo goes on to win the game you will only get the trophies for a 7th place finish and not a first place finish. This format results in less team work and no incentive for a teammate to revive of downed player. It’s every man for themself. Additionally, the box format is very skewed. I haven’t gotten a new player in 2 weeks thanks to only getting toolboxes. When I win I want a crate for a chance at a new character. I haven’t gotten a crate in ages despite filling empty box spots right away. Finally, I want to address the level system. For some reason when you are going up against a higher level player it says they have like 7 bars of health compared to it showing me I have 2. For example my Finn (shark character) was level 5.. when I saw a Finn level 6 in a game it showed he had 2 and a half bars of health. I had 2 bars. However now that my Finn is level 6 it still shows that I have 2 bars of health, so I am very confused how much health everyone actually has. If you are a higher level does it show you have more health to a level lower than you than it does higher than you? (Finn level 6 has 2 bars but Finn level 5 sees it as 2 1/2 but a level 7 character sees it as 2 bars)

    • By anonymous$56

      HELP ME

      This game is clearly designed to get you to spend money, which is 100% okay, & I would love to do so. If it were worth it. This game is so unbelievably expensive, it’s almost scaring me away. I spent $75 on it not too long ago, and was only able to upgrade 2 characters to level 12... just a side note, if I were to pay to upgrade all of my characters right now, I could easily get a new ps5 w/ the same amount of money. Ridiculous. another problem with this game (I understand the whole pairing with trophies thing and what not) is as an example; being a level 10 Bruce and as soon as the match starts, you’re to be against a level 16 Jade. Absolutely absurd and blatantly unfair. Aside from those two problems, it truly is (one of) the greatest games on my phone. If you’re going to download, better have your wallet ready cause WOOWEE 🥵 unless you want to stay around level 9 and only have 4-5 characters for a year or so then power to ya. I do hope the content creators read this, I’m sure 95% or more of your players like myself are middle class & would have no problem spending $5-20 occasionally on this game if it were actually worth while *cough cough* (increase the amount of gems & coins we can get from the store significantly for the same price & you’ll see you’re profits go through the roof) *cough cough* hope this helps - yours truly, a concerned player

    • By Wtfididthisalready

      Great game but lacks MAPS!!

      Zooba is a great game and I can see why people say it’s pay to win since characters are easily obtained by spending money but within 2 months or less I’ve been able to get 9/10 characters (there’s more than 10 of course) without spending money at all you just have to grind harder that way and spend your tickets on chests that have the chance to get a character!! The main thing that bothers me with the game is the matchmaking I’ve had a lvl 2 character facing lvl 12 at times and there’s no winning that way at all!! Also the game only has one map and it seems to have been around for a decent amount of time with players that actually pay for the game! maps should be easy enough to create and I’ve heard from multiple players myself that they wish there was at least another map to play on and I agree 1000% I’d rather have a new map than very slight chances to an existing one!! The game is one of the most expensive ones I’ve seen charging around 9.99 a week when games like clash Royale only charges 5 a month! That being said a new map or arena should be made to advance the game and get a better following for the price that is charged and even if it were to be completely free it deserves a new one...just my input though from a gamer that’s played games for over 20 years

    • By KreeceD


      If you are low level you won’t win. I was just now a lvl 2 penguin in a showdown with lvl 6 monkey. Easy win all day. I’m a sniper range chat. He’s a melee char no range. I hit him twenty times!! No damage. I have all gold items. Better than his by far. Still he just has too much hp. I can’t kill him. He knows this so he just stands there waiting for the fire circle to get so small I have no choice but to die in the fire or run to him and die. So I end up losing SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS A HIGHER LEVEL! Are you serious!!!! This is just dumb and I will not keep losing to trash people who have no skills just because they are a higher level than me. The rewards system is trash. All the boxes you have to throw away so they make you want to spend money to get crates to unlock to possibly get a new char or a few fragments to upgrade your char one level. When you have to wait for 12 ON EVERY BOX AND YOU CAN PLAY A MATCH A MINUTE! 99% of all your boxes will be discarded. You will never rank up or level up. This is a pay to win game. All day. Don’t let them trick you. A level one you have about 1k hp 800 attack. Level 7, you have 4.5k hp and 2k+ dps. Yeah good luck winning. This game is amazing. The level system is not. The rewards system is complete trash. You pay ten dollars for 500 diamonds!! It takes 60 to speed up one box! So for ten bucks I get 6 boxes opened faster? Wow no thanks no bargain there.

    • By daydreamsingray

      I don’t write reviews but this game made me .

      This is the first review I’ve ever written and it is because I really love this game yet am truly discouraged at the “pay to win” style. I am all for spending some money on an app that is worth it ( which this one is ! ) but it is true that over time it becomes extremely unfair and discouraging to keep playing unless your willing to pay BIG money. More incentives based on game play or skill would make a lot of the fans stay and even invest more. I agree the you should be matched up with others your same level... or even some simple change like lessening the time it takes to open a box or level up time would be enough motivation to hold out. This game has so much potential and had became my favorite. But it seems I’m not the only one who was forced to put it down because you reach a point in the game where if you don’t spend money than it’s just not that enjoyable anymore. This game would’ve received 5 stars from me otherwise because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. I don’t even like battle - like games AT ALL but this game was so well designed and thought out that you can’t help but fall for it. Thank you but please think of reconstructing the reward/level system or at the very least the match up algorithm 🙏

    • By whoopwhoop!?

      Fun but only in the beginning

      This game is great. Sadly, as you progress the game becomes less of a game and more of a chore. For example, the bronze boxes you get at the end of a match go from unlocking in 15 mins to 12 hours, and pretty quick too. And the rewards you get for that is horrible for the amount of time spent unlocking the box. There’s tons of characters too, it’s a shame you’ll never get to play all of them. With each consecutive unlock of a character, the overall chance of unlocking another character goes down. If I unlocked one off a golden box, the chance that I will unlock another on another golden box goes down, but it also goes down on the emerald box, and legendary. So even if you’re lucky to get a good box your chance to get a character are still diminished. Not to talk about the terrible matchmaking, you can be playing a character lvl 2 and see people level 6, or be lvl 6 and see people as high as 14. Needless to say you will not win as stats go up 25% by each lvl. And due to the bad rewards you get per box you will most likely go as high as lvl 7-8 character before having to spend months to upgrade again bc the most common crate takes 12 hours to unlock. So as the game goes on it really becomes pay to play. So if you want to play this game, play only till around league 4-5 ( couple of days) because after that the game becomes a hassle.

    • By snoop doggo

      An Almost Good Game

      The gameplay in zooba is fun fast paced and has a great variety of weapons and characters. That is the only good things about the game. Everything else is trash. The leveling system is awful and it is near impossible to get trophies past 1200 unless you plan to sit in a bush until you get trophies since going out and facing the opponents that are 4 LEVELS ABOVE YOU is a bloodbath. Plus they made it even worse with the Grandmaster update. The matchmaking is terrible as well. You are constantly forced to face opponents that are ridiculous levels above you, not to mention the lag and terrible servers. I know it is hard to fix servers but at least fix it when it crashes and says JOINING EXISTING MATH.... and it never works and I end up losing trophies because of it. It is crazy hard to level up your characters and get new characters. It could take months before finally getting a new character, with crate odds that continue to get worse the more characters you get, which doesn’t seem fair at all. If you wanted to get a new character you would basically have to spend real money to get them. This game is PAY-TO-WIN. And even if you pay the prices are ridiculous. $100 for 2 new characters, ARE YOU SERIOUS. What were you thinking Wildlife. Horrible game. If you are looking for a fun game to play this is not the game.

    • By Bryan M was taken

      Pay To Win

      This game if definitely enjoyable when your paired with new players like yourself at the beginning but that changes really fast. After an two or three hours of playing you start getting paired with higher level players. Of course this wouldn’t be a really big issue in most games, however, it is in this one. It takes a large amount of grinding to level up your character. But guess how you can skip that? You pay, you pay heavy amounts of money to instantly unlock better, high tier characters. Along with that, you can pay to get them leveled up. Over time the only people you start to come across are people who payed to get the gear and levels they have. No amount of skill will help you win when another player is higher level than you. Along with the fact that other characters are superior to others, for example, Nix is meant to be a balanced character that is quick at picking up loot. However, if faced against any other character he fails in comparison, either in speed, health, power, or a mix of them. This game purely relies on people paying for their characters, gear, and levels. It is pay to win, along with the fact that this game is marketed to children who, likely, do not know the value of money and how it is wasted in the purchase of in-game items. Overall, the game is pay to win and it is not worth playing unless you are willing to let go of a lot of cash, even then, someone has payed more and will keep doing so, just to win.

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