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Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games


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Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Wildlife Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Wildlife Studios, with the latest current version being 2.18.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 297047 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games App

How does it Work?

Are you a sports fan? Perhaps a tennis aficionado? Then you've found the definitive tennis experience on mobile you've been looking for!

Tennis Clash is a fast paced tennis game that fits all ages!

Controls are really simple and intuitive, you only need to swipe in order to play, leaving you able to even play it with only one hand if you want to.

But don't mistake it for being only a casual game! High tier gameplay can get really complex and becoming the best will require a lot of practice in order to master the game.

Tennis Clash Features:

- Play with your friends in fun real-time matches

- Amazing next-gen graphics

- Intuitive controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master

- Enter real-time tournaments to challenge your skill against the best!

- Unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players

- Assemble the best available team: choose the best coach and fitness trainer for your squad!

- Unlock new arenas: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow and much more!

Premium Subscription

- You can subscribe for access to special Pro Pass rewards and perks, such as smashes

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Top Reviews

  • By Jake Magnusson

    Great Game, has lots of room for improvement

    This game is seriously fun and addicting. Being a tennis player, I search for lots of tennis games on the AppStore. There has never been a game before that works like Tennis Clash does. Tennis Clash is unique because you get equipment which is a great idea. It could be improved by being able to customize your higher tier equipment. For example, in real life Wilson allows you to customize your tennis rackets before buying them, all you have to do is pay extra. If they added a section to customize gear it would be a cool way to spend money, and show off your creativity. You could also design your player with the same clothes as one of your favorite pros. This same idea could work with character customization, you could unlock the play styles of characters like Leo’s serve and volley, but not have it attached to the Leo look. You could create your own look for the style or put one of the pre-made looks with that play style. I think these customizations would make the game a lot cooler and more personal, also it could open up platforms to have votes for the best looking players created. Again, I love the game and all of the controls!

  • By bryananderson0195

    Never got into Tennis...This did it for me!!

    Art style and mechanics are fluid and can totally be improved upon! Skill takes moments to master and each opponent teaches you that you have more to learn just like real sports and Tennis. I sense an overwhelming greed over upgrades and gems and the whole card system. Other games implemented this idea but not with such aggressiveness; sometimes it’s frustrating to get your player to achieve growth in his stats. But it’s so addicting to play! I would love to see an offline option!- To play against bots for coins along with ads. I would like to play and practice when I’m underground on the MTA subway! Also maybe super moves? It would be TOTALLY so rad to watch and can be activated once you’ve reached a certain threshold in a competition— like a “finish him”, sailor moon-esque idea! I feel it’d fit the art style displayed in the loading screen and add more for players to reach for, and save their coint to purchase a “super move” card! I love the games feel and overall see myself keeping this in my game folder with other big names! Thank you for the game and hope to see great things and improvements in the future! Keep serving us greatness

  • By Jer135

    Addictive and Realistic

    I have played practically every single console tennis game franchise from Virtua Tennis and Top Spin, to Mario Tennis. This game is by far the most realistic tennis game I have ever played. Whoever created this game paid very close attention to the dimensions of a tennis court and the physics of actual tennis. Skill and knowledge about how tennis is actually played (especially at the pro level) is a definite advantage which I like. People complaining about mismatched opponents just need to be patient, and not move up to the higher paying tournaments until they get a better feel for the game and increase the skill level of their players. I have put hours and hours into this game and have played over 1500 matches, and have paid maybe $5 out of pocket, which I didn’t even need to spend (I was just inpatient to move my player up to the next level). This game is not easy by any means, but tennis isn’t either. Definitely download this game if you are a fan of tennis, RPG games, and enjoy competitive challenges!

  • By beehkyle

    Great game, very competitive, but unfair pairings

    I love this game, tennis is my favorite sport to play and watch. This game believe it or not helps me on the court as well. Although there are a few bugs and game freezes every now and again it’s a good layout and design and interface. The biggest problem I have is the very very very very very very very very very very very very very very unfair match pairing. It seems to happen more after I actually purchase some of the offers to stay in the game. I rather not buy items as I love a fair game through and through and don’t want to rush to get bigger leads and upgrades but instead learn the game but it makes no sense for me to be paired with players that have 8-12 point advantages on the most important elements. I typically play the Rome and Moscow tours. If I’m really down Tokyo it is. It use to be based on trophies average it appeared several months ago which was wrong and has since changed but please look into the match pairing. Sometimes I’m going into a match knowing I’m gonna lose but rarely sometimes I’m surprised of a win. I’ve been playing this for the past year I’d say and I’ve seen no major enhancements to this function. Although I do love the regular updates for bug fixes and characters etc, but I’ve seen many many post about this and it’s yet to be addressed.

  • By VAGuyinCA

    Love the game, but ...

    This is a really fun game to play, but the progression in developing your tennis player characters is slow, can be costly if you let it, and more than anything the current glitches are annoying. The current annoying glitches include: (1) sometimes you hit a clear winner that undoubtedly went in and the game will still award the point to the other player for no apparent reason; (2) similarly, sometimes when you hit your first serve instead of having a fault called and getting to hit a second serve, the game will just give the point to the other player; (3) sometimes when you play in the back court (which is often necessary when you get matched against other players with an insanely higher and untouchable skill level) the game collapses/closes when you flick your finger to hit the ball, with the result being that you miss your shot, the point goes to the other player, you have to rush to relaunch or call up the game screen again so you can continue play, and when you do your character gets stuck and can’t move and if it’s your serve then the next time you serve the ball the serve will go flying off in some bizarre unintended direction thereby giving you a fault and wasting an entire service attempt. These are big glitches that definitely need to get fixed.

  • By TwoFaaaace

    Fix the Match Making!

    The game is insanely fun to play but the matchmaking is a glaring issue especially when you have to put up coins to play and if you lose there go your coins. It’s incredibly frustrating when you are trying to level your character up and the only way to do so is moving up in the tours getting better bags with better attribute cards. The match making will put you up against a player who’s attributes are SIGNIFICANTLY better than yours and the match is decided before it even starts. My character who has an ability level of 9 is getting matched up against players with agility levels of 20 and up.... I am hitting the ball to the other side of the court just for their character to get to that side in half a second while my character is still finishing up their swinging motion. I get destroyed in the match and now I am forced to play in the lower tours because I gambled my coins and got destroyed in my match. Fix the match making! I don’t mind being put up against players who’s attributes are slightly better because your skills will help you win some of the times. But it’s IMPOSSIBLE to beat players who’s Agility attribute is significantly better than yours. They can run everywhere in a split second it’s unfair!

  • By 1Bag of Chips

    Fun but Frustrating!

    There are lots of good things in this game like the controls and graphics/animation, but there are other things in the game that need to be fixed before they become too much for people to deal with and they delete the game! Top of the list: Match making. At first I was getting well balanced opponents and things were looking up, but before I could praise the game for it’s fairness in match making, things turned down south(for me, of course). After my first 10-15 games, I was constantly being matched against players 2x to 3x my skill level. The result was me getting obliterated every match and getting frustrated. It’s really not right when I am put up against an opponent who can blast the ball at the speed of light while my player is crawling slower than a snail trying to make a return. Your mismatched opponents are lighting fast who can hit the ball at unthinkable speeds while your helpless slow poke player is watching them celebrate after embarrassing you. The other thing, although not as big of a deal, that’s taking the fun away from the game is that there are too many prize bags/boxes to pay attention to. Just have one prize bag feature instead of presenting overwhelming amounts because the main menu is cluttered with so many prize features. The biggest issue that needs attention is matchmaking by far. Overall It’s a great game with lots of room for improvement. I will update my rating to 5 stars when matchmaking is taken care of.

  • By Clacking Maligator

    Mixed fun

    Starts out pretty fun at first then gets really frustrating, to the point I’ve deleted the game a couple of times then returned after a while to see if certain issues have been resolved. I’ve won a fair amount of matches and my 5 players are a level 3-4 on average. I’ve reached a point where I can no longer gain ground prize coin wise to upgrade my attributes. I usually end up in lower entry fee matches that are supposedly capped but my mismatched opponent player cards on average show two rank levels above but their attributes show I should’ve blown them away. I target their less than features during play but it has no effect. It’s also aggravating when you watch your ball slow in midair when it shouldn’t have, allowing an opponent return. My losses increased with nylon string use which means you have to buy the upgrades to stay viable. Every now and then you get a bone (string upgrade) thrown at you when you win a tennis bag. I don’t spend real cash on games. I get it, there are no free apps. Someone has to be paid somewhere for all the coding, marketing, etc. Thus, my mixed emotions about these games. Edit...I’m done, still putting me with higher ranked players (and lower valued attributes) in the least capped matches. Can’t win to unlock the higher entry level games to gain coins. My diamond count was 176 so the app is trying to get me to make a purchase. App deleted.

  • By Masatet


    This game is really fun but the problem is that I get this game and the bags have a slot of 4 and take like 4-8 hours to open and I ignore that since I play for fun but no. If you don’t get bags and you don’t get money then you can never win. I see plenty people have no skill and my attributes are higher in every category except stamina and speed since the frickin bags won’t open and every time I hit the ball to one side and make up a strategy my stamina is already on red while there’s is on green and they are magically already at my ball OR the ball suddenly moves in slow motion waiting for the opponent to come to the ball and they hit it way stronger than my hit WHEN MY ATTRIBUTES FOR HIT ARE LITERALLY HIGHER. Not only that but they continue matching me against players that have 2-3 times better attributes than me and I can’t upgrade my attributes BECAUSE IT COSTS LIKE 2,000-4,000 AFTER 2-3 FRICKIN UPGRADES AND I DONT EVEN GET ANY MATERIALS SINCE I HAVE TO WAIT 8 HOURS FOR JUST ONE BAG OF MEASLY NOTHING TO OPEN. I’ve deleted this game so many times and re downloaded hoping it would get better. But no no no no no no. It doesn’t. The game is real fun in the beginning but as you continue to lose even when ur skill is obviously better it just gets frustrating. Especially since you literally can barely upgrade your attributes since ur continuously losing to people with 2-3 times your attributes and lose all the measly money you got.

  • By Holy Begeezus

    A Love-Hate Relationship

    I’m really torn on this game. On one hand, it’s really addictive and, when it’s working, a lot of fun to play. On the other hand, while they’re constantly updating the app, it feels like a lot of bugs are getting through. On my iPhone XR, it freezes up often (not responding to swipes) on launch, and games sometimes freeze mid-volley, as well, leaving players to decide whether they want to forfeit or hang out until the other player cries “mercy” and leaves. Some of the game’s dynamics (which they are constantly adjusting to improve) are sometimes very frustrating, as well. It’s not uncommon to come across an overpowered player who can seemingly jump from one side of the court to the other while ball is frozen in mid-air. I don’t know if people are cheating, but even with the upgraded strings (which do improve performance a lot) my characters don’t ever have these abilities. I’ve also noticed that these players often use (basic) nylon strings, so they shouldn’t have those skills. There’s a notable difference between good/better players and people with special abilities. So, there you have it, it’s great and frustrating at the same time. Consider that I’m actually writing this review because I went to play the game and got frozen out of it. Still, I gave it a 3 for being so addictive.

  • By TennisGoat23


    First of all, the first few hours of my first time playing, i was hyped. However, I found many flaws. First one being the scaling and the ranking. On the tours, I kept getting people 2x and even 3x my overall skill level. There also needs to be an update on the controls where there’s a control stick or something because every time I tried to scramble a ball and dive for one, I could not move at all. Only until after the point, I was running to the shot that the opponent hit on my side. I don’t if you will implement this but please consider it: I hate having to wait for the opponent to hit the shot. The only thing that comes to mind is the ‘online’ thing of reading my shot and tell it to my opponent. In other words, to stay true to reality, shots against an opponent should be smooth until after the point. Please add a menu that allows a person to freely choose what kind of phrases a player would say and be able to create and interchange them. Overall, I gave it a three because of one more thing, getting bags on our 4 slots in our main menu. Instead of unlocking just one bag, you should have it where 4 bags are simultaneously unlocking. I feel like if that is implemented, I could spend more time playing the game without having to wait as much.

  • By Blah Blah and also Blah

    Becomes pay-to-play

    The game is fun for a while, but at a point it essentially becomes pay-to-play. The upgrades eventually cost thousands of coins, but it’s near impossible to consistently earn coins as the game relies so heavily on upgrades. You sometimes face easier opponents but usually face someone with higher stats than you. When you’re playing an opponent with even slightly higher ratings, the game will do things like slow your player down, or allow them several seconds to react to a shot, which makes winning impossible even with better play. Therefore, you may save some coins up, but you'll once again lose them when you face 3 higher rated players back to back. I’m at a point where every upgrade costs me like 6000 coins, and it feels like I am stuck unless I pay real money for upgrades and bags. I understand that’s the goal, to get people to pay for upgrades, but it feels like even if I bought a $5 bag, it may help me jump 1 more level, yet I would again end up stuck facing and losing to players that likely paid even more money. Please make upgrades a thing to work for, but not the only thing that matters in the game. It shouldn’t make beating a better player near impossible. Makes the game so frustrating.

  • By Hoihawan

    Need to fix their algorithm

    I understand needing to balance helpful tools for players - strings, etc - with making the game fair for both players - the developer wants to earn revenue from the upgrades, but when the upgrades are used by one player and not the other, a preordained winner and loser are created. The developer unfortunately has not found that balance - I know almost from the first point whether I will lose or win a particular game, so when it becomes clear the other player had upgraded weapons - a serve that it unreturnable for example because they are using an upgraded tool and I am not, I simply quit right away because why play when you have no chance of winning a point never mind a game. The recent attempt to fix this issue has actually made it worse - this could be an amazing game - the graphics are lovely and when playing another player on equal footing, strategy does come into play and it’s fun. Sadly those games are becoming fewer and fewer, which means my desire to play is lessening as well. As noted I totally get how difficult the balance is for the developer who wants revenue for their game - fair enough - but the revenue model being pursued is going to destroy your game in the end - better to rely more on advertising revenue, or even better, charge to play. What you are trying to do now is ruining your creation.

  • By Bnr0425

    Vicious money grab cycle

    UPDATE: Gave it several more months of play. Still can’t get past the same level. How do you lose 8 games in a row against inferior rated players? You can tell at the beginning of a game if it is “determined “ that you have a chance of winning. All of a sudden your character can’t move like he has on concrete boots, can’t hit a hard shot no matter how hard you swipe, and can’t keep a shot inbounds. I’m finally deleting!!!!!!! I have played this game daily for several weeks now. It can be fun, but it has made me mad enough to want to throw my phone against the wall. Without spending money, it is impossible to get ahead. When you play the lower level tours that pay no money you win. When you equip your good strings, you lose..... I’m talking like lose 9 out of 10 games. Did I just forget how to play during those games? How does my opponent hit miraculous shots time and time again throughout the game but I all of a sudden can’t hit a decent shot if my life depended on it. Game is rigged as a serious cash grab. You can’t get ahead without spending cash. You are constantly out of decent strings so you can’t play a tournament that pays anything. When you have strings, you can’t win with any consistency. You win nylon strings (they are worthless) constantly in bags. Why??? Where is the reward in that? I’m deleting if something doesn’t change.

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