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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-29
  • New version: 3.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Dingbats - Word Games & Trivia


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Dingbats - Word Games & Trivia is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Lion Studios. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lion Studios, with the latest current version being 3.1 which was officially released on 2021-06-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 36384 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Dingbats - Word Games & Trivia App

How does it Work?

Are you a fan of classic word games like boggle, scrabble, or crosswords? Dingbats will fill your need for fun and unique new puzzle challenges! Each level brings you a new and unique ‘Dingbat’ to solve. No matter if you’re a puzzle newbie or a puzzle pro, our Dingbats have something for you. Once you get going, you’ll be hooked!

Pay close attention to the formation of each of these word-based clues and use your vocabulary and pattern recognition skills to crack the phrase. You will love flexing and improving your brain muscles as you move on to each new level. It is like taking your brain to the gym! There is no other game like it in the world!

Game Features

1. Unique Word Puzzles:

Each new Dingbat brings a unique word puzzle that will pose a fun challenge to solve like you’ve never seen before

2. Play at Your Own Pace:

With unlimited tries, and over 200 unique puzzles, you can take your time with each Dingbat with no pressure at all.

3. Relaxing with Dingbats:

Is life getting a little crazy? Why not take a load off and relax with these unique word puzzles?

4. Flex Your Brain Muscles

Test and improve your vocabulary, and your pattern recognition skills with a new type of word game!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Top Reviews

  • By booooooooiiiiiiiiiiiii

    I love it so much!!! Coins?

    Ok, I love this game so much and the puzzles are so fun. They are challenging and some are not as difficult but not to easy. This is such a good app!!!!! Thank you so much guys for making this app and I love is so much!!!! But I have no idea what the coins are for? What are they for??? You could make an update with the coins where you can buy hints with coins. You can buy 5 hints with 20 coins for 15 hints with 35 coins. But still this game is sooooo fun and enjoyable and so amazing at the same time. Thank you so much for this game again. I love it sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

  • By TonksandLupin

    Love it

    I love these types of puzzles and the app is great for this. The ads aren’t annoying to the point of uninstalling which makes it playable. The only suggestion is being able to tap a previous letter to change it. For example, if I type “welcime” by accident, I’d like to tap the “i” to quickly change it to an “o”. That’s literally the only thing I can think of. Thank you developers!

  • By Scriggins

    Great Game, but ...

    This is a well designed game. Lots of fun to play. It has a great look. However, I'm trying to play daily puzzle #51 and the puzzle won’t display. The icons at the top of the page appear after watching the advertisement, but the puzzle itself doesn’t. This is true for the daily puzzles beyond #51, too. I also noticed that the puzzle number at the top of the page doesn’t match the number of the puzzle I tapped to open. Again, this is on the daily puzzles only. I'm playing the ad-free version of the game. Would have given it 5 stars otherwise.

  • By Princess DaniBear

    Great Game! I can’t put it down!

    I have wanted a game like this one for a long time! The only reason I only gave 4 stars is because there is no system to spend the coins (I see this was fixed in the latest update) and the excessive ads. Why even have a “no thanks” option if you’re going to force me to watch an ad anyway? That’s the biggest struggle for me. I’ve deleted other games for that garbage behavior and I really don’t want to have to delete this one! Please fix it!

  • By Enterial

    Fun but way too many ads

    It’s a pretty fun game to sit and play through. And whenever you feel like things just don’t make sense, you have different hints you can use from the coins you made in previous levels. The problem is after every single level, you get an ad. When most of these levels take less than 30 seconds to solve, it’s extremely irritating. It’s a point where I’m spending more time watching the ads than playing the actual game itself. Now I know ads are way for the app to make money, but good apps would balance the ads out properly. Some don’t have any random ads and just let rewards from watching ads take over. But the ads in this app are a complete imbalance. I’m watching 30 second ads every time I finish a level that usually takes me 10-30 seconds to finish. And the levels that would take me longer is where I’d use a hint because if it’s taking me longer than 30 seconds to understand what little there is to understand, then it’s hard to believe I’d actually find it anytime soon. And I doubt any of us are going to spend several minutes on one level just to conserve coins that are there to make the levels easier. If it were an ad every 3 levels, I think it’d be fine. But it being every single level, it really feels like I downloaded an app to watch ads and every once in a while I’m interrupted to play a puzzle game.

  • By Bex BA


    I wish I could love this. It cheats me out of specials and bonuses and perks every time I am about to receive big even perks after watching videos too. It closes itself out which is usually when I am in the middle of specials and bonuses and perks for completions and then I do not get my perks either. Like just tonight in 30 minutes it has closed/shutdown plus the glitches about 15 times. I have restarted my phone, checked if it needed updated for and no it did not, checked the game see if it had an update and no there wasn’t, tried playing with wifi, tried playing without connection to wifi and nothing changes it still does it and mainly when I am getting a big perk or something. This has been goin off and on for 3 days now. I really like this game and want to love it due to this just closing out the entire app just shuts down and disappears like I had not even opened it or have been playing it not to mention the glitches too. Please fix it and so it won’t cheat me out of things anymore and so I do not have to keep opening it back up every second! Thanx Bex

  • By AyeAyeAmanda

    Fun game, could use some improvements

    This game is fun, and the word games are very entertaining. My boyfriend and I race to see how fast the other can get the puzzles. My issues with the game lie with three main problems: there are far too many ads. I understand in order for the game to be free, ads are necessary. However, an ad after every single puzzle or every two puzzles drives me up the wall. My other problem is the puzzles start repeating themselves. My third problem; I cannot for the life of me figure out how or what to use the coins on! You collect these coins one after another, you’re enticed to watch a 30 second ad to get even more coins. But you never use them on anything! This game needs some development and improvement, in my opinion.

  • By DebiAsh

    Love this...but now freezes

    I love this game I have love these types of puzzles since I was a young girl. Unfortunately, the past couple days after an answer question and I push the button to get 30 extra coins, or 50 extra coins, it freezes and I have to close down the app go back in it still doesn’t work. So I tried and turned off my phone all the way down through the shut down rated brought it back up opened up the app and the same issue. Please get this fixed as I would love to give you a five star rating so it worked for two days with no lagging and now I’m out of levels. When will you be creating more levels?

  • By OhSoSouthPhillyChick

    New bug fix

    The worked great until I updated it 3 days ago to get the new levels now it keeps freezing after each level and it’s not allowing me to collect my coins..and to actually get to each level I have to exit the game close it out then reopen it. So before the update 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️after the Update I give it 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️and it’s a shame cause I really really enjoy this game, I went through all the levels in like 3 to 4 days now every time I open the game I end up just closing it and finding something else to play cause all the freezing is a hassle.

  • By Tucktheduck12

    Really fun for a Challenge, but WAY to many ads

    So if you have done these puzzles before you probably know them and love them like I do. But when I was playing this game two things really ruined it for me. 1. There is no space bar. And you don’t need to press one but the worst part is there is an ad where it is supposed to be. So whenever you accidentally try to punch the space bar you get redirected to the AppStore. Pretty cheap way to advertise if you ask me 2.after every game (sometimes 2) I had an ad. So by game level 14 I had already watched 10 ads. And if you love the game enough to watch ad after ad after ad them it’s shouldn’t bother you but it’s kind of a pain when I just want to play and I have to watch an excessive amount of ads And don’t get me wrong I get that these games have to advertise to make money but they also have to give people a good balance of ads to game play time. And the balance in this game is way off.

  • By teal toothbrush

    Disappointing and Annoying

    Imagine you got a flyer to go to a comedian’s performance. It has good reviews and the jokes seem pretty funny so you decide to go. The comedian starts with a few basic puns, and then some more, and then even more and you realize that mediocre puns is all that it is. That’s what this game is. I got this game and I enjoyed the first few levels, they were simple and fun puzzles and a good introduction, then the game went downhill. When I got to the second level set the game started playing unskipable adds in between every level. And the puzzles were still easy, so I would spend 5 seconds on a level and then have to watch a 20 second add just to do another boring and easy level. The game loses its charm quickly and feels more like a chore than a game. It doesn’t get harder or more clever it’s just a tedious game. 2.3/5

  • By anna060414

    Good but it freezes

    I really enjoyed the game, or atleast what if it I could play. For the first few days or so that I had it, it worked fine (although the videos for coins didn’t work, but that’s not to big of a deal) then recently, after I open the app and go to play the level I’m on, like 30 seconds in it completely freezes! So I left the app and tried again, same thing. Then I tried a few hours later, and then I tried again today (a whole day later!) and it still froze within 20-30 seconds of the app being open! I deleted it because of that, but it’s a shame because I really enjoyed the game and I had so much further to go! Please fix this bug so I can redownload and continue to play!!

  • By Cjnboston

    Too. Many. Ads.

    I’m here to echo everyone else's criticism on the ad front. It’s a well-developed and we’ll-conceptualized game with one huge flaw: for every puzzle that takes you anywhere from 3-20 seconds to solve, you have to sit through an ad that is a two phase skip that if you don’t hit exactly correctly to close, pops up the App Store. I’m generally ok with an ad every three levels, and normally will buy the ad-free package if I like a game enough, but this feels like the developers are trying to annoy you into buying the package but ultimately it’s just not entertaining enough to sit through that much annoyance. I’m on level 26 and most of my time in this game has been sitting through ads, not actually playing this game. It’s an immediate delete from me. Please figure out a sensible balance between monetizing your platform and losing your users.

  • By MJ Blackston

    Developers are greedy

    The game would be really fun, even with a normal amount of ads, but there’s an ad between almost Every. Single. Play. It basically tries to annoy you into buying the ad free version and I usually do because I like to support good developers. But when it’s this obnoxious ... like I’d rather shove ice picks under my toenails than to try and play the game because of all the ads, it’s just not worth it. It takes me an average of 3 seconds to figure out the puzzle and maybe 5 seconds to type it out. So for every eight seconds of game play, I’m forced to sit through 30 seconds of annoying ads. Again, I would have totally purchased the ad free version, but now I’ll remove the entire app on principal.

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