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The Walking Dead: Survivors


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The Walking Dead: Survivors is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Galaxy Play Technology Limited, with the latest current version being 1.6.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-28. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 20158 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the The Walking Dead: Survivors App

How does it Work?

Upgrade and build up your town’s defenses to survive against both the living and the dead. Explore the world of The Walking Dead and recruit iconic comic book characters such as Negan, Rick and many more.

Battle for survival in the harsh world of The Walking Dead. Here, every decision matters as you encounter other players from all over the world. Will you fight for domination, or will you cooperate and create alliances? The choice is yours.

Game Features:

Official Game - The Walking Dead Survivors is an officially licensed game based on The Walking Dead comic series from Skybound Entertainment. Within the world of The Walking Dead: Survivors you will recruit iconic characters such as Rick, Michonne, Negan, Glenn and many more.

Strategy - Every decision matters in The Walking Dead: Survivors and there is no time to hesitate. Will you focus on growing your defenses and creating alliances, or will you grow your army, venture out and conquer the region by force?

Tower Defense - Your settlement is under constant threat of incoming walkers, and it is up to you to fend them off. Strategize your way to victory by strengthening your defenses, placing obstacles, constructing buildings, recruiting new Survivors and using their special skills to keep the walkers at bay.

Social Game - Walkers are the least of your worries. In the world of The Walking Dead: Survivors, you will encounter other players from all around the world. It is up to you to choose your allies and your foes. Be careful in whom you place your trust! Create Clans and build various clan buildings across the region to expand your territory and prepare for war against Negan!

Exploration - The Walking Dead: Survivors offers a vast region map with tons of important locations, characters, items and resources to discover. Getting familiar with your surroundings will play a huge part in your survival. Discover key buildings on the map and compete with other clans for their control.

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Top Reviews

  • By ⚡️Error⚡️

    The most balanced MMORPG strategy game yet

    This game deserves an instant five stars for how much it improves real-time strategy MMORPG’s, which have been so historically pay-to-win. With the mechanic of making players explore the map, it keeps newer, weaker players from being constantly farmed, with stricter troop capacities for both offensive and defensive uses it’s easier to stay competitive, and with the frequent events you don’t have to sell your soul just to get those last few extra items and resources. If you’re more of a casual player or don’t want to have to empty your wallet just to keep from getting destroyed on a routine basis, this is the perfect game for you.

  • By nicholas j collins


    Ok this game keeps getting better and better don’t listen to them haters out there I wish I could give you a 10. Star lol Quick message to the haters we only do this because it’s survival of the fittest people I am sorry you think the way you do but for me I think the game is only improving so can we not get mad over a game I paid over 40 dollars and I got what I paid for so I don’t see a reason for saying we are getting spammed that’s all we have to say I hope your game experience will improve ones you see it one day thanks for reading


    Not bad

    The game IS a re-skin from other games but it’s not bad. PROs: Dynamic regional(server) play with objectives gated by time, the first week is super boring but begins to pick up after that. The chat function is better than 2/3 of the other games in this genre. Clan management interface is useful. Can play with spending minimally and be somewhat successful. CONs: Chinese game owned, operated and developed by three different Chinese companies. They track you, record you, and share your private information. READ THE PRIVACY DOCUMENT...all of them. Unpolished, was not ready to come out of beta testing. Unable to contact people through other alliance interfaces, on the R4. The server lag is very bad, often. Combat mechanics are solely based on your survivors (you don’t have to spend but if you don’t, never expect to be successful). Mechanics: There is a cap on how many resources clan members may receive from others, due to how the gates in this game are based on resource cost, this forces people to pay for resources rather than to join a team and receive meaningful support. There is no ‘gift’ option to where you may gift items in game to your clan mates The clan support system is gutted to support the companies income scheme. There’s more but I’ve already written enough, hope this helps.

  • By 12373837373737373

    Please stick to putting the voice acting it

    Like when it reads the story for you how the people are talking instead of you having to read it. I’m not saying this as a lazy way just saying as like I like to hear how each character has different tones of voice it’s just more funner that way. Also there another version just like this game it’s called the state of survival I’m pretty sure you copied the game from that because I played that. I can’t say it’s better then stateofsurvial I would prefer stateofsurvial because there’s so many things you can do. It’s boring on this one. The only difference is that there’s no map or like no traveling to something a killing the zombies your own. I just don’t think what the point in this game when you pretty much copied it from that game.

  • By mohanglrs

    Fun but there are a few flaws

    This game is pretty fun but the amount of in app purchases there are make me pretty angry. I understand they need to make money somehow and the lack of ads is great but it’s still irritating how much they try to shove payed content down your throat. It’s still playable and pretty fun but it is a little annoying. I love skybound which is the company who owns the rights to the game but it feels like they didn’t contribute much to the economic part of the game. Skybound ,in most games they have produced, stay clear of making you pay for dlc, add on’s, etc. But you can tell they didn’t have much say in this app. That’s really my only complaint but gameplay is fun and I would recommend.

  • By Sombulous

    Still puzzling.

    As mentioned in other reviews same game, new skin. Yet like all previous games of this sort, doing upgrades is frustrating. It goes ok in the lower levels, but once you get into double digits, minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days. That has never made any sense to me and interest in playing becomes increasingly less when you start the game up the next day, ready to play only to find units, buildings are still hours away from completing the upgrade you spent resources that took days to accumulate. There’s a frustrating lack of how to play and what each thing does. Yes, I looked for it in FAQ and other sources, but ... Like other games before it, I’ll keep playing until I grow tired of waiting a week for an upgrade.

  • By Austinoo1

    So far so good

    Seems real solid so far with how to play and all, with resources and all with formations as well Little dull to me is why 3 stars But as an important suggestion for future reference so this game won’t die out as easy please do something about the super high powered players/clans so they have a bit of trouble doing something, cause they have no pvp that could beat them or weaken them, make it a bit fair for the new players and more experienced players that want to continue to play on this game Also another issue, log in problems game can’t log in cause of the pay to win packs keep popping up and freezing it completely it spent fo anything just stop all together

  • By bmeinh

    stop this!!

    i absolutely love(d) this game until a clan singled me out. a very strong clan (1mil+ power EACH) keeps attacking my town. i only play for the PVE/town development aspects. i hate pvp mobile games. i’m purposely in a clan all by myself because i just like upgrading my town & collecting characters. i would’ve given five stars until the [Rush]Chaos clan hadn’t picked me out to be their main target. everytime i log on almost all my resources are clean gone!! i can no longer upgrade anything because this clan takes it all!!! PLEASE add a feature to disable PVP. make it so if you disable it, you cannot attack anyone & nobody can attack you. i’m so tired of spending hours/gems getting resources just to come back & have it be gone. i’m seriously about to quit because what’s the point in playing if a strong clan is going to steal it all??? FIX THIS!!!!

  • By AthenaRose93

    Needs an overhaul

    The game is fun, but only to a certain extent. I seen this game advertised while playing State of Survival. First glance and a couple of plays were great. Especially since it’s so similar to SOS. I even bought an in app purchase. However, the alliances are horrible and extremely controlling. I enjoyed being apart of alliances in SOS because of the relax gaming and not having to talk to anyone but still help each other when needed. This game allows too much to occur with players and there is way to much bullying going on. The rules are insane. Getting attacked and kicked out for not playing for more than a day!? We have lives!! Not all of us want to sit around on our butts playing video games all day! I’ve had enough of it so I’ll be uninstalling. And I want my money back 😡

  • By Mobius-01

    Pay to win, don’t waste your time.

    The game’s art style is pretty lame, I’ve seen browser games with better art direction and style. Over all, the gameplay is pretty much what you’d expect from a clash of clans-esque game. You build your town hall, you upgrade buildings and you train your troops. Rinse, and repeat, it gets really boring and pointless after about a month. The in game events are as boring as it’s art style is, they lack creativity and diversity. The rewards usually force you into spending other precious resources, and they are leaderboard driven, so anyone willing to dish out real life money will be the ones to take the gem rewards. You could save a month’s worth of speed ups, but it is so dissatisfying once it is all said and done. The pvp is the worst part of this game, IT IS PAY TO WIN. You can pay to skip town hall levels, you can pay to upgrade your equipment, and you can obviously pay to roll the loot boxes. You can pretty much imagine the state of the game, it’s very one sided, and not even worth your time. I played for two months and checked out a couple of regions just to give my review, unless the devs fix the pay to win, which they won’t, I recommend you save your time/money and take it elsewhere.

  • By keepsTellingMenametKen

    Money trap

    Well I liked the game. I dropped $200 cash on the game got hooked. Just over 4 million power things started slowing down so I decided to play 2 at once. Started a new one in another area again dropped about $50 to start. Well that was a huge mistake. I couldn’t collect my gifts after the new update. I mean all the gifts from like save Rick, survivors, and more. So I sent a ticket with screen shots. Said in the description I cleaned catch as well as uninstalled and reinstalled the game. These fools of course sent a message back telling me to do just that. Saying it is most likely my phone issue or internet connection. Seriously!!! Said do all that and if it doesn’t work message back and they will go from there. Ok!! So do you guys even read or do you generate the same message to everyone. Well because of your insolence I lost several chances to collect gifts. As well as a sweet glitch of my shield supposed to have 12 hours left and suddenly dropped and I lost millions of resources and troops. Thank you very much for taking my money and not even trying to fix your glitches. I know how to keep your game running BLAME the players!!

  • By KF6DBS

    Surprisingly Horrible

    This is the worst mobile game I have ever played. As bad as loot boxes are (and, yes, those are gambling), this is far worse. If you don’t end up on the winning team (or at minimum in the good graces of the winner) this game quickly becomes unplayable. At that point, your only option is to start all the way over losing everything you built and everything you bought (even that which you spent real money on). Do yourself a favor and avoid this game at all costs. If this review dissuades even one person from making the same mistake I made, it was time well spent to type it up. Rebuttal to Developers Comments: The comments provided not only are clearly cut/paste responses to prior reviews, it fails to address the specific concern I raised. It also contains numerous spelling and grammar errors. If this is an indication of how important feedback is to this company, then my closing remark stands. Avoid this game at all costs!

  • By ANickNameCuzAppleWontAllow

    Yea def balanced

    First of all this game is would def be fun, if it weren’t for a couple of people to singlehandedly take down entire clans. There isn’t much point to placing effort in a game when you can just buy your way to being the strongest, and it put players who try. End game of each regions becomes that there will be one clan who then becomes top and an NAP of the rest. It becomes boring the longer the game goes on. Also, the people who spends thousands of dollars in the game suddenly show up to a little feud between two groups and absolutely smashes the one he damages. System doesn’t allow for growth in the game, not allowing new people to grow up and challenge the people who came before them. Game definitely caters to those with big wallets, but you guys gotta rebalance the pvp. The top player can jump into 10 clans a day and singlehandedly wipe the rival clans of their allies easily. Thats not fair, just plain boring and discouraging.

  • By Xenomorph_6


    I had little to no issues with the game in my first month. I’ve logged in daily until this last week, about 110 straight login days in, and I’ve had to reopen the app at least 10 times whenever I want to play. The game will get beyond the loading screen and will crash on the first frame when an offer is shoved in the screen. The game is also only enjoyable if you either shell out hundreds of dollars, or don’t mind being constantly used as a farm for players who spend massive amounts of cash. All the whales will form the top clan and all others have to fight for scraps with no chance of becoming top dog unless you shield and let passive resources carry you to one building’s upgrade every day. Definitely don’t recommend wasting any time or money on this cash grab.

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