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Hyper School


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Hyper School is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Suji Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Suji Games, with the latest current version being 2.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 90178 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Hyper School App

How does it Work?

Can you cheat without being caught?

The teachers are looking for you, but you need to pass this exam! Do what you have to do!

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Top Reviews

  • By OwL_LoVeR10

    Pretty Good

    This game is pretty good. I saw most of the suggestions for this game and I love them! But if you guys do not want ads, all you have to do is turn on airplane mode. It will turn off your WiFi so you will not get ads because they need the WiFi to play the ads. I do it all the time and it works! I have one suggestion for the game as well! But before I get to that I am a little confused about the level we’re you have to clean the board. That’s we’re my suggestion comes in. You should put down a timer so you can see how much of the board you can cover. The timer could probably be about 10 seconds long. If you want to change the timer, you can if you want to. Another suggestion you could do is Music. You will have to tap the right notes, so you can get some coins after you finish the level. I’d say on how much money you could get would probably be about 14 coins. But that’s all my suggestions for this game, but I hope you like them! Sorry if this was a long review!

  • By ILoveKittens101


    This game is very good overall, but it gets repetitive and boring so I have some suggestions to make it better. First, there should be more games. Some ideas are lunch time where you have have to give students the food they want and the more orders you get right, the more coins you earn. Or for lunch time you can also cook the food thats on the menu and if you cook something off the menu, you loose coins. I think for this game suggestion you should be able to unlock different foods to cook. Another game could be PE where you can play a certain sport. You can also add art class where you have to trace the drawing as best you can. I also think you should also be able to customize your character, classroom, and bus. Thats all the suggestions I have, sorry this review was a little long and I hope you keep in mind these suggestions!

  • By chloe Not CHloe

    Complaints one starrrr 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😡😠🥵😡😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    I HATE THIS GAME 😡 Cause when I joint it kicked me fix that NOW no one should play this because when I finally got in I kept seeing ads it is super duper annoying Because like people say is this game is good when I scroll down and read everything there’s so much I have and it’s true and like what like dude if a child if I can place this order any age places you are going to teach a young child not to behave in school and cheats on a test that’s not good Do you know what you’re teaching Do you know what you’re teaching about your teaching them how to be bad do you know what you’re teaching about your teaching them how to be bad I regreT this gMe at first I’m like chill now I am like 😑 ugh 😑 dude (btw I am a girl) I am deleting this ima deleing this 100 % why does people like this 😡😡😡😡

  • By mr thunderdogs


    This is a very good game. I would like to see these added next update! 1. Decorations You can use coins to have decorations for your school. Decorations increase how many coins you get from completing a puzzle 2. Game Suggestions Here are some you could add! Lunch time - Eat healthy items while avoiding junk food PE - Jump when the game says “Jump!” Bathroom sort - Sort the kids into the right bathroom! Blue - Boy, Pink - Girl 3. More Challenging Games Here is what you can do! Cheat - The teacher looks more often Get kids - There is an extra teacher Sort - There are more lockers The bus would be impossible if it was more challenging so keep the bus game the same 4. Idle Half This is a puzzle game. Why not make it a idle game! The currency is different than the puzzle game. The currency is gems. You can also prestige in idle mode. 5. Character Customization You can customize yourself, the students and the teacher using coins! They are divided into rarities. Common - Grey - 100 coins Uncommon - Green - 250 coins Rare - Blue - 1000 coins Epic - Purple - 3000 coins Legendary - Orange - 5000 coins You can change the colors for each rarity or change costs if you want dev. I’d just prefer this. That’s all I have! I hope you add this!

  • By cat and dog lover 2020

    I have a opinion

    Well it gets boring a lot so I thought if you could put my opinion in I’d like it a lot!🤗 Well I was thinking you could add computer class and on the computer it would be Pack-Man and make it harder and harder as the levels go and instead of fruit it’s Coins and instead of ghost it could be teachers and Pack-Man would be you!😄 Well also the game it’s to easy and that’s how it gets boring easily so try and make it a lot harder plz.🙂 And the coins could be for changing you skin in the game Hyper School and the coins could also be for like trails behind you.😉 It would be cool if you also added after school life in it and you have to do things you would usually do at home like do chores,make your bed,Eat,drink,have dinner lunch and breakfast,homework,and at the start of the game you have to get up and dress up which is basically changing your skin and eat breakfast and get your backpack ready and get your shoes on and get in the car and when you get in the car it’s basically a little mini game and you have to drive to the finish which is school!😆 Also I love the cafeteria idea plz add it Bye!👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  • By little roblox player 266

    Great a phew suggestions

    Hi This is an 9 year old girl (no name cuz my parents would kill me) A phew suggestions: 1 mini games Lunch: sort the kids to the right tables! Girls go the the left boys go to the right. Clean the classroom: clear the chalkboard (adding things to that level will be great) put the pencils in the pencil holder throw the trash in the trash duh. Art: whatever is on the board draw it using the right shades of color and stuff. Home: hide your math homework somewhere before your mom gets it! This is a huge suggestion but please notice that it will make everything fun and not boring ready to hear it here it is: 2 Joining: join a game where you are against other people! Like let’s say tag one person is the tagger and 4 other people are the runners! (5 people are max you can change that if ya want) And you know the rules of tag ;-; Sorry if this was a long review but I do love the game and will never delete it but I just gets boring and if you don’t make at least one of these changes notice that I will give you 1 star thank you

  • By person261

    Something idk

    I needed a title so don’t mind that, but anyway, I’m here to talk about this game, one, I love it, such a cool concept of reminding you of school even if we didn’t like it, I think we all miss it, two ppl really don’t like watching a short ad about something, and three, lvl 5/ locker lvl or locker...something? Idk I’m stuck, like it is very unclear as to what you do, maybe this is a bug or something, but I can’t comprehend it pls help anyways cool game 🤗 Edit: my sister said: “put them (items that are the same) in the same locker” for example all books go in the same locker 🤔 still who would have figured that out

  • By Pugicornkitten48900

    Good but...

    I don’t really write reviews but I had problems with this game. First, the ads. An ad pops up like every ten seconds and when I watch an ad for a reward it makes me watch another ad EVEN THO I ALL READY WATCHED ONE. Next, the levels are really easy. I know this is a game for kids but. IM A KID and it is very easy for me. And, the levels keep repeating themselves like the exam, tag, ex. Also, the game always freezes. After every game it freezes and I don’t know why. If I refresh the app it still works but it also freezes when I watch a video for a reward. And even after I refreshed that, it still froze. I hope that someone sees this and could maybe fix these problems. I’m sorry this is really long but... yeah 🦋

  • By jdjderer

    Fun Game

    I saw this game in an ad and it looked entertaining, so I downloaded it, and I passed lots of time. Love the concept, and it is a tad hard, but that’s what makes it fun. This game eventually gets boring, but that’s ok. I only had one problem; ads over the top. All the games have bad reviews these days, because of this problem. I get that you need to show ads, but ads in the middle of levels and after every level is just going too far in my opinion. Ads don’t bother me too badly, but some people get steamed over ads. Overall great game, just one problem. Lots of reviews of this game are about the ad problem, so I encourage the makers of the game to take those reviews into consideration.

  • By lala turtle


    This is a good game but there are too many ads on it. You cant go through a single level without seeing an ad pop up on your screen and have to watch it. The bus level is a little challenging and it’s my favorite level because the bus is only open so long and you have to fit the most you can inside of it. My least favorite level is the sorting one; I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do the first time so maybe you could add a little instructions button on the top right corner? But it is probably the least challenging level in the game. The main cheating levels are easy as well; I wish the teacher could walk around the classroom and scan each students’ work and I wish the levels were longer because it only lasts about 15 seconds and then you have to watch a 10 second ad.

  • By Its just a ripoff

    The ads

    Literally every level you fail or pass, there at least has to be one ad. Developer, please reply to this, so I can read it and see what you have to say. Ok let’s get to some things. First, If you first start (like me) it doesn’t even give you a tutorial! If you seen this game in adds, yea yea we all get it. But if you search something like “school games” or go to the developers games, and if you never had this game, it’s probably hard to first start. How I got this game, by the ads. Sometimes you may get frustrated, mad or you may delete it. I just got this game, I almost deleted it, because of the ads. Yea, you may get used to the ads, but... you know, who gets used to ads you know what I mean? Alright thanks for reading this review, you have a great rest of your day! Bless you and your family! Peace ✌🏼❤️

  • By Yard chucks MUSS

    some difficulties :(

    I usually don’t write reviews, especially on these types of games..but there are a few problems that are misleading the point of the game. First of all, THE ADS. The amount of ads that I see on this game are ridiculous. There are at least ONE AD ON EVERY LEVEL! And if that isn’t enough; when you get an option to open the backpack and you choose not to ( because you need to watch an ad to open it) you still watch an ad after you specifically pressed no BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T WANNA WATCH THE ADS. Another reason that is making me a bit upset is that the levels repeat over and over again. I think there are only 4-5 different ‘activities’ that you can do. (If you don’t know what I mean; I’m basically talking about the levels, like the cheating on a test w/out getting caught by the teacher, the tag one, etc.) ANOTHER reason is the levels being WAY to easy. I understand this is a kids game, and I’m a kid too, but really? I could’ve beaten all the levels by now if there wasn’t as many ads as there is. This game is so easy that I’m now on the edge to deleting this game. Please make it at least a bit more harder. Finally, the last reason, is the coins. I mean the only use for the coins is for your room, which I’ve almost finished already, concluding to the thought that when I finish the room, the coins would be rather useless. 🦋

  • By annabble

    A few issues

    First, there are so much ads. I know you can turn on airplane mode to get ride of them but many people do not know that. Second, it repeats the same thing over and over again. It starts out fun, later on it gets a little bit boring. So an idea is to make some new things to put in the game so the things in the game will be better and people will probably not get bored. Third, This is the most important thought, please take out the cheating on tests part of this game, it is not okay for children because of this game they might start thinking they can actually cheat on tests in real life the reason this is so important is because if children cheat on tests and get high scores the thing is that they’re teacher will not be able to help them if they need help because the teacher will think that the kid has mastered whatever the have learned it is better to just get a low score instead of cheating to get a higher score. It would be awesome if you could fix these issues.

  • By wtfislifelikegod

    One star.

    This game is the absolute worst. It repeats the same thing and it’s boring. Too many ads that pop up. I have to turn off my data to access the game. Can’t you see, no one cares about ads? Only a low percentage of people do. Update your game. Add more to it rather than it being the same thing. Throw crumbled papers into bins, jump rope, organizing lockers, and the test session where you cheat off of someone’s paper. Consider it. Little kids may play this game and it might make them think cheating on a test is okay. Come on, game developers, you know better than this. It’s just another VooDoo game. The advertisements have people purposely perform horribly to bribe the watcher into playing your game. Who would even favorite this game?? It’s so ... bland. Honestly, it’s just a loop of every game session. I’ve seen better Voodoo games, step up your game. God, it isn’t that hard to add more things and update it so it’s more fun. I can’t believe there’s even good reviews and people suggestions others to play. Whoever reads this and is planning to play, DON’T. You’ll regret it.

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