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Hypermarket 3D


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Hypermarket 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Suji Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Suji Games, with the latest current version being 4.6 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 163765 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Hypermarket 3D App

How does it Work?

Become the top Hypermarket Superstar!! Complete all sorts of fun challenges! Grow your humble market all the way to a giant shopping paradise!

Scan and unlock all-new shiny items!

Sort your newly acquired items in perfect order!

Hop on a shopping cart and surf between cars in the parking area!

Grab all the shopping carts by chaining them together!

Wipe your market floor sparkling clean!

-Simple, easy one-touch controls

-Colorful, fun varied games each level!

-Even more items you can find than in a real supermarket

-Tons of colorful, juicy stages

-Fun gameplay rewarding efficiency

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Top Reviews

  • By one prob but i love it!🤩

    Read before you get. Few problems but great 👍

    So what I love about this game is that it's basically like you clean up the store and buy what people write it's kind of funny but it's I have a few suggestions maybe you should be like like when you first get the game you have a choice to be a customer or shopkeeper and um 😕 I also love this game ❤️ it's a really good game but it's a little bit boring Anders a lot of ads but otherwise it's a lot of fun so yeah when I got this on August 13 and I thought it was gonna be really fun on the first level but on the other levels not really kinda though so this not much fun stuff in this it's still kind a cool 😎 but not really fun it's still boring😔 but I really hope you updated it with like where are you can choose the levels of your already did all of the levels and then you can do the same levels so yeah😏anyways it’s a great 👍 game so yeah it’s fine for kids who ever reading this have a great day! 😋🙂☺️

  • By go go bobcats

    Cool I guess

    This is an ok app I like the register and how you get to click the buttons and stuff but it still gets really boring . I just got this game today and I’m already on level 60. I also wish you would get more costumers I only get like one costumer and then it takes me to a add. I mean like if your gonna have a game that like most of the time your watching adds at least make them cool ones. Most of them are just the same one over again. In the adds it showed this game and it had a bunch of people but real life there is only one person. Plus I was barely like two minutes into the game and my phone was overheating like crazy it was like as hot as the bottom of my laptop. Other than that it’s a pretty cool app.

  • By ImpNWndrlnd

    It’s ok but

    Game play is simple, but that is semi-expected. What is not expected is how many ads there are! Also, it is glitchy. First time playing I had to close the app out because every ad, which is often, would glitch and kick me out of the game, luckily it took me to right where I would’ve been after the ad, had it worked.. after manually shutting it down, it is less glitchy but the ads are still crazy. I’d like to see a little more complexity as the levels went on? Mini games included. I think this would be a very good game for all ages, kind of educational too. I like the making change mini game. Overall, I am enjoying the game though. 4/5

  • By Morgan L.C.


    I love this game. But the ads are annoying. There are to many of them. I know it’s for a profit but put in a ad like every 10 levels or something. I just find them annoying. Also like each level takes away 10% of my battery. That might be over exaggeration but I before I got on my phone was at 73% then i played 5 levels or so, my phone was at 47%. And it was on the charger for part of it. The game lags me out of it sometimes. I’d be watching ad and then when I press the x it lags and brings me to my home screen. Even when I play for a little while it does it. Over all it’s a great game and great concept. You don’t have to fix it just know this just want you to know what I think of it. I just wish there would be less ads. Like one every once in a while. Also I don’t like how you need to watch a ad to open the box and do everything. Just minus the ads by 64%.

  • By kayleeng95

    Hqcaaln z1.

    This game is so fun to play and you can learn to be a cashier while you play so you can learn in a fun way instead of learning in a boring way this game helps you learn in a fun way and you will learn to be a good cashier this is a really fun way to learn instead of just writing down everything that you need to know this game teaches you to be a cashier in a fun way and if nobody had this game you would of been learning to be a cashier but in college and you would of just sit there and listen to the teacher and you had to sit in your seat and you would get really tired of being in your seat but with this game you can play all day long and you would learn that way and you wouldn’t have to sit in your seat all day long instead you can sit any where you want because you are not in school so the teacher can’t tell you where to sit and you can actually get comfortable

  • By chanelochoa123

    It’s alright but need to be worked on ASAP

    This game is not that bad when ur bored or waiting or whatever, but It just has so many glitches and bugs 🙄like I got toilet paper and some spray thing but it never shows up in the hygiene category neither does the “cola time” set, and so many ads I mean obviously if u don’t want ads u can just turn ur WiFi off or get NO ADS unless u want to watch ads for more stuff but ya SO MANY ADS. Also the math or like “common sense” is bad like on the third heart u failed so shouldn’t there be 2 hearts instead? It doesn’t make sense neither other customers choosing the same stuff over and over again so again what’s to point of getting more groceries If the customers don’t want to get them. I’m at level 325 btw and everything is the same also IM STUCK THE GAME KEEPS ON CRASHING AND I HAVE TO START THE APP OVER AGIAN.

  • By MathsProblems

    Math Isn’t Right

    Ok so I really like this game,but like some people say, it’s the same thing and it gets boring. I don’t play it that much but if I’m bored in the car or just have nothing to do ill play it. Ok on to the math. So when you get to the cash register part there’s money and it says to make this amount. Example: $20. And then I just did one and it said $1 and I put them together and it made 5?!? Like what?? The rest like 25 plus 25 is 50 and stuff like that is fine but I need to one dollars be changed cause half of 5 is 3 and I think a half. So if you made $3 and a few cents that made 50 cents then I would be fine with that but overall it’s good but gets boring after a while so if you want the game you can get it. But the money lowered these stars to 3/5 stars. So good luck on your game.

  • By Awesome fruity dude

    Ehh :(

    There should be more games. It should be a different variety of games and levels because after playing this game for a while, it gets very boring. There are only 5 different stages when there should be a lot more... especially since it has something to do with a supermarket. You should be able to design the store, upgrade the parking lot and there should be a time limit. You should try to see how many customers you can register in 60 seconds as an example. These reviews can severely help the app in many ways. The app is a very smart idea but it does have several flaws. One is the register. I think it should a little bit more complex then just 123. But overall the app is very nice and well constructed 🙃

  • By hooked is the worst

    Needs fixing

    I just started playing this game a few day or so ago and the graphics are terrible! It reminds me of one of those low budget commercial that look bad. The point of the game is good just in order to play a game for me, I have to be able to see my character and what’s is doing. I was just play and I had to clean the floor in one of the levels and I couldn’t see where my character was going because of my thumb that was moving the joystick trying to clean the floor and since it poorly placed I failed that level. I think there should be somewhere on the bottom where the joystick can go so the player can move the character and see where it’s going. Also what I noticed on that level and another one with where you had to move a cart but don’t drop anything out of it, that the lady was moving but not walking. And that was a bit of a shock because this app seems like they have enough money and time to put more effort into this app even if it’s a game or a life alert, every app should be good because people put the time and effort into it.

  • By 𝕀𝕫𝕫𝕪;)


    First I would like to say that some people may like this game, but I dont. The only reason I kind of like this game is because I can see it passing time quickly but even then it can sometimes be boring. One reason I don’t like it is because I had to turn my phone on airplane mode because of all the adds. Every single time you touched the screen an add would pop up. My second reason I didn’t like the app is because it’s all the same stuff in the same order. In the game there is 3-4 mini games in the big game. You first scan items then you collect carts. When your done with that you clean up the market. The last thing you do is sort items. My last reason I don’t like this game is because there is now way you can lose. It’s not really a game. You just do what it says and that’s it. Thanks for reading!

  • By SoAprilFresh


    It’s so unfortunate that most games in the App Store today are AD HEAVY! This game could be SO much more fun and an EASY 5 stars if it wasn’t for the ads!! Once you finish a game you have the option to watch an ad to collect x3 of whatever you earned, sometimes even if you just continue so you don’t collect x3, YOU STILL WATCH AN AD! Like how is that even possible?? There is no ad-free option. Also, I almost feel like it’s impossible to really fail a game. Don’t get me wrong, I have failed on the tap and hold game where you can’t lose any groceries but every other level is SO easy so it’s like you are basically just watching ads. Also, as others have mentioned in their reviews, the game where you clean the floor. It’s hard to see bc of my thumb. Anyway for these reasons I’m deleting the app for now.

  • By bryah🥶🥵

    Deleted period💕😜🤪😡

    If you have a minute and can make it for at least a year also need more people in this game here where my customer came in here that they were in dented and then you got to go out of food and then get the move their cars that they pit right now like this is ridiculous I’m not about to play this game don’t want to delete this game because I’m not playing this game because he just ridiculous like I have I have a game on that one customer like what that is I’ll make no sense like yeah I just need to make a new 3-D a salty what it is 31 but you have Disney to make like everyone because there’s only one person per thing I didn’t want anything I don’t even be making enough people like I wanna be like one person here here

  • By madssxx44

    Do not recommend

    For one the math is so wrong. like for example it would tell me to make $50, and when i combined 2 20 dollar bills it said that was $50 when its clearly $40. For two it’s the same games over and over again and really no way to lose. it gets boring and repetitive and there’s no time limit to make it interesting. I put my phone on airplane mode so i didn’t have a problem with ads but from what everyone else is saying the ads are also a huge issue. i would never recommend this game it has a good idea to it and maybe if someone else did this game they could put time limits like on the scanning register one and on the sorting, garbage, and carts ones. also reducing ads and actually knowing how to do basic elementary school math!! because kids are playing this game and in the other reviews some kids are 6-10 years old and teaching them the wrong math isn’t going to help them.

  • By caboosevx9


    So everyone who makes games on phones can get rated from 1-5 stars I base my rating for games. Fun, good details, sound, not a harassment of ads, last one would be story/objective. Now that I explained how I’m going to rate your game I will break down why only one star ur one star is for store/objective which is there grocery store work. Now why you didn’t get the other stars first one the game was bland to me and boring <=(this part just my opinion) for me there was no sound I checked not my device. The details were ok but I had weird stuttering getting the cart which made it kinda blurry. Last reason of star lose the ads! There is way to many ads you shouldn’t have to deal with ads every time you complete something that’s shame on you guys since I know that’s how you guys get money which is fine but have some control.

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