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Hyper Life


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Hyper Life is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Suji Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Suji Games, with the latest current version being 4.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 45025 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Hyper Life App

How does it Work?

Small choices lead to all kinds of weird consequences in this compact simulation of life!

Go to a safari, annoy your neighbors, fool around with your friends, go on a date with your goth girlfriend. See where life takes you!

- Crazy amount of choices!

- All sorts of literal roads you can take with possibly wacky consequences!

- Easy one-touch controls

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Top Reviews

  • By Bedelia doo

    I love this but...

    Look The game is amazing and all but it needs to fix 3 things: 1.) PLEASE make the people look better I had nightmares about them.......... and add more pls! 2.) Like the adds bro every time you pass a level BOOM adds 3.) Make more things to choose so it doesn’t keep repeating cuz I’ve went through all of them already and it just makes you have a better storyline before you die..... But everything other then that is absolutely amazing I love how you can be younger then 12 to be able to play and second is that its an amazing game overall so yah. (Hope I diddent offend the people that made the game if I did I am truly sorry!) :)

  • By work work eliza AND PEGGY

    Great app BUT...

    Don’t get me wrong I like the game but I don’t like how in their ads you can choose your gender but in the real game you can’t. Maybe just me but y app crashed until I reinstalled it. Also I don’t like how some rounds you needed points for I would like to have a opinion of what I want to do. And I don’t get time to read the options or questions in time. So the overall it is a great app but at the same time it could use a change. (ps if anyone knows how to choose your gender please let me know.)

  • By -From Survivor

    Overall okay but too many ads

    The storyline and animations are on key, and I haven’t found any glitches at all yet. But there are way too many ads, like when you age up it gives you a opportunity to up your rewards. I click no because I want to get on with the game but it still puts an ad up AND doesn't give me any rewards at all! I hope you take away some of the ads, I know it’s how you get money but why not make a premium pass? Where you can get specific choices throughout the game. And maybe be able to change the avatars clothing. Hope you read this, and call me Isabella Ps. Read other ratings too! It’s important to get other people’s feedback and decide which problem to fix first depending on the comments.

  • By 😀😃😀😃😀😃😃😀😀

    Not a great app, but it is good if you want to waste time

    I will start off by saying what is good about this game, it allows all people to relax and just forget for a bit. The things that are bad are that you cannot pick a gender, like seriously. Almost every game revolving around life allows you to choose your gender!? Also, there is no cause and effect in this game. Here’s what I mean, if you do a bad action then you automatically go to the next thing or slide with no consequences. Maybe make some things more interesting, like if you were to be a doctor, have a patient that has a severe illness or disease and go into surgery or refuse. Something to get us hooked. Another thing you cannot find out what your career is. I chose to be in the army and ended up a doctor. I don’t know what that is about, so just make it obvious to us. Add more options, like sports or business. Just work on this game a lot more. -stay safe+stay home

  • By YikesInTheYard

    Very repetitive

    The questions repeat so there isn’t much challenge because you know the right and wrong answers. And there isn’t really any reward from it you spend like 4 minutes quickly answering questions and then you die and start a random new life I don’t think it’s the kid you had, I guess you can unlock other options but I didn’t really care to see what that would change. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are slow readers. My main thing was I was focusing on collecting the things in the path then read after and then it’s almost too late, feel like they should just stand at the path beginning so you can think about your choice because it’s just more realistic anyways. I’m kinda confused though is your character based on the choices you make or is it just random?

  • By Pokey124

    Meh. Few issues.

    1) Don’t like that you can’t choose gender. My character looks like a boy but is a girl with a girl name. 2) Don’t like that when question/path changes there’s no pause for player to read new question and have time to choose path, just keeps running. 3) Got a companion runner out of nowhere. Not sure if this is supposed to be my girlfriend (even though I’m a straight girl) but she showed up when I was still a kid/preteen. Other than that, it’s alright I guess. Hasn’t glitched/kicked me out while playing or have issues loading. Buuut will be deleting since kinda boring since not very interactive, and doesn’t give enough time to choose a path/what items to collect. (Be nice to be able to customize character’s gender and looks/coloring in addition to name.)

  • By 694928595732

    Not Fun

    This is absolutely boring. You just restart and play the same game over and over again. It has the same questions with stupid consequences. Once you’ve played several times you know the outcome of every scenario. And why does it repeat questions? Several times it’s had me answer the same question twice. And each question you answer doesn’t really affect your life. It might affect your stats, but it won’t affect the next question it asks you. You don’t get a certain reputation or anything. The only thing that seems to affect your life is your career, which there are only four of. And I don’t understand the scenario that’s in every single game. It says that your at either a boy or girl birthday party. If you’re a boy, you’re at the girl party. If you’re a girl, your at the boy party. Then it gives you the option to either kiss the birthday boy/girl, throw the cake at them, or leave. The only one that doesn’t give you a negative consequence is kissing them, which makes you end up with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Why is it like that every time? Would it not make more sense if sometimes they got annoyed and sometimes they went out with you? The entire game is stupid.

  • By applications explorer


    For me, it's not so much about the game being "boring" per se, because I think that every game will be boring to certain audiences. While I do agree, that there is a great lack of depth in this game. With that being said some questions are repeated, but don't make sense, such as choosing a working field—not sure why you need to choose your career twice. Secondly, some questions are geared for you to answer a specific way, choosing to go to play in the playground in this game is beneficial for all three categories, while choosing to go to the library isn't. That doesn't seem balanced or even well thought out. Lastly, and this is the biggest problem I have with this game, why is the character automatically caucasian and blonde? This is the 21st century, are you serious? And why is it that you need to choose to "kiss the birthday girl" or else you're penalized? What if you're asexual or if you're non-hetero? My point is that in a game like this that heavily pertains to choosing your life, this should be an option, not a default. Come on game developers, get with the times.

  • By The real review 🤯

    Really bad game

    Let me just say, this is the worst game I have ever played. The questions are just so idiotic, like why do I have to kiss the birthday girl/boy? What if I don’t like them? If you don’t pick that option, there are consequences. Your allowed to choose your life, not have your life simulated by someone else. I saw this ad and I thought it looked kinda interesting, so I made a bad move and decided to download it. The game isn’t even that fun to play. Well, if you were like 7, this would be a little interesting. But it’d also seem really boring at that age. Another thing is the lag. It’s not even enjoyable when you have really bad lag. Overall, I highly don’t recommend this game and I suggest you do not play it. It’s obviously rushed and not well-maintained. But please, I recommend you don’t play this game if you want an enjoyable experience. But of course, if you want an non enjoyable experience, this game is just perfect for you!

  • By Poptartigrade

    Worst Game Ever

    This was the most insufferable waste of time I’ve ever played, which is saying something because I downloaded this in ORDER to waste time. Never in my life have I played something so shallow and, frankly, stupid. After playing this game for 5 minutes, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost half of my braincells and any faith left in humanity. Feel free to play it if you love lag, repetitive mind-numbingly boring questions, frequent typos, and the ugliest characters ever seen in game design. From the get-go, it’s so blatantly obvious that this game was made as quickly as possible just to make buckets of money, and it probably worked, which is honestly sickening. I don’t often write reviews, but let it be known none of this was exaggeration. Letting this dumpster fire of an app on your phone will embarrass your other apps just for being near it. You love your other apps. Don’t download this game.

  • By M.Oeuf

    Actual Antithesis of Fun

    This is legitimately the most boring game I’ve ever played. It’s so linear and the questions repeat after a short amount of time, the speed is so painfully slow and there is nothing interesting going on. There is no actually endearing goal and there is nothing that makes you actually want to play it. I almost fell asleep playing this game and I bet if I did and had a dreamless sleep I’d still be having infinitely more fun than I would playing this effortless pile of garbage. There isn’t even music in this game and the models all look like they were ripped from a free 3D gif website. Don’t even bother downloading this game, it’s not even mind-numbing enough to relax to, it’s just boring drivel and I don’t know why it exists when it isn’t enticing enough to get money. Even the worst of Voodoo’s game catalog is probably more interesting than this effortless cash grab.

  • By RagingStorm049

    Boring, and ignoring entire groups of people

    First of all the game is boring. The questions are repetitive, there’s no cause and effect, if you get a girl/boyfriend then they don’t DO anything, and when I was looking at the ads I actually got sort of excited because you could choose a gender and you could be something other then a woman or man which I see a lot of games over look. This hits me pretty hard because my identity is really important to me. Also the game automatically makes you straight. I think their should be chances for LGBT and straight relationships. Also the only way to have kids is to adopt one after being bombarded by your parents to give them grandchildren and declining or to accept it. And what about furries? Not to mention all I’ve seen are white people. What about blacks? So yes, I have a number of issues with this game.

  • By Venzlnchika2009

    Too simple. Too many ads

    I am not that person to complain about having to watch ads for a free game, I’m reasonable, I know devs have to fund their app. But I would not be surprised if this game is designed to have 50% ad video eating time. Also the review about it being 1-dimensional hit the nail on the head. The concept seems fun, but the execution is abysmal. The options are poorly thought out, the game seems to lead to a contrived ending, there’s no “different way” to play, just follow what the computer wants you to. No same-sex relationship options, with a life simulator game you not only have to get creative with the scenarios, but you have to be inclusive and represent ALL kinds of people. This game only offers Aryan heterosexual characters. There’s a lot of apps out there... you’ll need to try harder and be more creative than that.

  • By kiwinuna

    Not that good and needs work

    I was excited to try this out, thinking I was able to customize my character, but I couldn’t. It does not seem to have any diversity. You can only be Caucasian and the game automatically makes you heterosexual. I am not trying to sound like I’m trying to be PC about everything, but in my opinion, the person writing about “one dimensional” really related to how I felt. I think there needs to be more questions as well. One question I was kind of thinking may he questionable was the one with the “bat soup” answer. I’m not sure if that’s because of COVID or what, but idk I ended up deleting the app. Good concept, but needs better execution. Also I agree too many ads and I cannot understand how this is #3 free app when most ratings are 1 or 2 stars.

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