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Family Island — Farming game


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Family Island — Farming game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Melsoft. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Melsoft, with the latest current version being 2021152.0.12131 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 73838 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

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How does it Work?

What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling offline adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humour.

After their previous city had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption, help this family build a thriving town, all while looking for a way to reconnect with their family and beloved tribe. In this farm game, their world might seem ancient and alien without modern day technology, yet their daily family life and relationships are very relatable in today’s world.

Family Island™ is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!


- Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age era! Get creative and start farming, using cool ancient technologies

- In this farm game, you can unleash your inner explorer and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands

- Start your own family farm on the deserted island! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters

- Customize your farm with beautiful decorations

- Get to know the family better and guide them through exciting quests and life stories in this island game


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Top Reviews

  • By Skeis

    Great game!

    Love the whole concept! Great art, great characters, love that you can occasionally choose what answers the characters give. My biggest issue is that bathroom and shower brakes. They barely give energy as is....why make it harder to keep them. It’s almost pointless to have them. Also, we should be able to use whatever amount of energy we have left to go towards tress, rocks, etc, to help knock down the cost. So if a tree is 114 but your top limit is 72, you should be able to use all 72 toward that tree so you can go back later maybe finish knocking it out. It seems like it’s awful difficult to accumulate the amount needed. Granted I’m currently only level 13, so maybe once you get a little higher it’ll be slightly easier???? Also the current holiday love island and bird island seem almost impossible to get through unless you’re paying for gems to get dynamite. I had to stop wasting my energy on those cause I’m not really getting anywhere. I understand you need to make money too but it shouldn’t be impossible. Throw an occasional ad for energy or something to help.

  • By jorayl

    Great Concept

    I really enjoy the concept and graphics...the characters make me chuckle too...the game play however needs some are limited on your energy and many tasks require more energy than you have and it’s extremely hard and time consuming to really get higher levels...then you spend all that energy in one or two tasks and you are left with nothing to do while you wait ....after you setup home base you can make goods which again is a waiting game that leaves you with little to do can’t even bargain with the trader for the supplies you have to give him what he asks for and he gives you set items...same with the shaman....and since when do streaks come from a rooster? I’m actually fine with the Shaman being random he well a Shaman...but I should be able to barter with the trader...and there has to be a better way to clear trees and rocks...maybe allow you to use the energy you have and slowly chip away at them ....

  • By zkeyan5

    Server crashing /unable to connect

    Good game, easy and fun to pass the time. Difficult to advance in many stages if you don’t play all day (which is impossible if u work a full time) but this is a game right. Concept is to play through the difficulty’s. Would be nice to have more opportunities for energy and diamonds well more less keys and tools would be a blessing as well. But onto the trouble at hand since the past two updates the game is having trouble connecting to your server/ glitching and restarting as well. Doesn’t do much harm most the time because I’ll just wait a few hours and it’ll eventually connect through but in the times such as the current event, it’s hard to keep a top spot in the leaderboard if u can’t connect and use the limited energy u can have saved up in the time frame. ya know.. open to any tricks because maybe it’s on my end but from me restarting my phone to updating the game as well as using data and home WiFi I have reached a dead end. But other then the current issue I do like the idea of it and the opportunities y’all give to scope out multiple islands, which is ideal so u don’t get bored out with the same aspect👌

  • By treeguiver

    Waste of time.

    Can’t find my last review. I don’t know. It was long. I’m deleting this game today after about 3/4 months. I will just say a few of my frustrations. It’s really unfortunate that you can be one item away from finishing the merchant order and you don’t come back in time - so despite having the item made - you missed the bonus and have forfeited all those items. You end up with a bonus that reflects wasting less resources than you did. It’s not fair. I don’t know how many times I’ve been finishing up the last item and he leaves and I’m left with no key for chests after forfeiting a ton of resources. It’s not right. I’ve been double charged multiple times for in app purchases. The amount of stones you’ve needed to harvest to make scrapers and stakes and boards for this latest event is RIDICULOUS. I spent $20+ over the last few days and regret it because it barely even helped. I play regularly. So disappointing. You invest so much time and energy and it just takes and takes. And then your bathroom breaks. And you need to use rare resources to repair it - all so you can get an occasional sprinkle of like 10 energy... enough to pick grass. The cheapest option for purchasing in game is $4!!!!!!!!!! Not .99... not 1.99... the cheapest option is 3.99. It’s sad. It was cute for a while. I enjoyed the dialogue. Now I’m just disappointed and moving on.

  • By shrub62

    Impossible quests even with real money

    I started out loving this game…it’s exciting exploring the different islands…but then the timed quests started back to back with no time in between…a few of them are doable without spending money if you are willing to be on the game 24/7…most of them you will have to spend money on if you want any hopes of completing them… the amount of things they require you to do is ridiculous in proportion to the amount of energy you get free… I have went through 500 gems worth of energy so far with this one and am no way near completion… 50 gems gives you 500 energy to give you a better idea of how much energy it takes on these timed quests…I right now have 3 pits to fill in and a set of steps all of which need these special balls that look like rubber band balls that are made on the island…each one of these takes 2 flowers to make…you get 4 flower spots that take 2 hours to regenerate… so you can make 2 balls every 2 hours… now the steps need 6 so there is 6 hours just to fix the steps… and the pits need 3 or 4 each…it’s impossible… they are ridiculous and no longer fun… too many back to back quests with slim chances of completion… no time to work on your main island and arrange things or decorate it… and no time or resources left to work on the regular quests that are not timed…I will be deleting this…

  • By Lovejeeps

    Updated, still Engaging but frustrating

    Update 3/21: game play is expensive. I at level 23 and game play cost lots of energy and you only gain 78 depending on your “house” upgrade. I have one are that I need to investigate but can’t get past large rock that needs 169 in energy. I can’t even use what energy I have to knock it down each time I am awarded energy. Other farming games have this option. I have spent actual money playing this game, but I have never been able to complete a special island due to the expensive energy. Occasionally you get to watch videos for energy but it’s never enough to get 169 you can’t do anything. I’m not spending any more money for energy. It’s just not how I want to spend my fun money. I will give this game a few more days, but as others have complained, I too will be deleting the game. If you can’t progress, the game isn’t fun. The game is engaging but needs more fun. There should be a way to use energy for all items. Example: cutting a tree needs 154 energy but all I have is 54. I should be able to use my 54 energy for that tree. I still would need 100 energy to finish the job. It makes me want to come back and play this game. I don’t spend money on games to buy energy or rubies. So progress through the game is slow and basically not much fun.

  • By tamarashannon2002

    Time Consuming and Unfulfilling

    I gave this game a shot because I love the graphics, the personalities of the characters and the basic idea of the gameplay. But I quickly learned that you have to craft an overwhelming amount of time consuming items to get anywhere. And at a certain point you have to craft those items just so you can further craft different items. The problem is, each upgrade to a building, each repair of a staircase, a building or a ditch requires loads of those items as well. THEN if you want those keys that open the chests with the golden tools (which are required to remove randomly placed wooden obstacles on your land), you have to hand over loads of items you labored over (meant for something else) to the dude with the boat. So essentially... you make very little progress, you spend all of your time crafting and waiting on crafted items, and very little time actually playing a game. I've resorted to logging in, getting crafting started, and then logging out to play a different game. I did purchase gems to see if it helped. But I really made no no measurable progress. So as cute as this game it. I think I'm just going to delete it. In my opinion, it's just not rewarding gameplay. Shame. It has a lot of potential.

  • By ThomasJaxYoung

    Game is Fun and awesome. Customer service is awful.

    I was having a great time with this game until the Christmas event. First it came in early and completely broken and I was wondering if it was even fixable but really the game just needed to update. It updated and got fixed and my event progress got reset as expected. Then i played through the event a second time and got quite far into star island before it got reset...again. Apparently there were more bugs that needed to be fixed so progress needed to be reset and thankfully the time got reset too. But the second play through i bought the smallest gem pack and collected some gems that i specifically used to buy energy so I could get stuff done quickly and progress in the Christmas event. Now i received 300 gems for my progress getting reset and was told that I would get my gems i spent also in the event time refunded back to me so id be officially at square one with compensation for having to do it again. But i never received my extra gems. I went to support and they repeated you got your gems in every way possible without actually helping me with the situation. I paid money but they really didn’t care about giving me compensation for that money that i paid which turned me off of the game almost immediately after. I really liked the game but I dont want to play it anymore because if I encounter a problem that only affects me directly I know I wont get the needed support.

  • By dadtsdv

    Irrelevant comments by the characters in this game

    I downloaded this game after it came up as an ad on one of my social media accounts. I’ve been playing it for 2 days now and I was halfways through level 8. When I first started playing it, I was reading the little story it has about how the tribe left the island or whatever but then as the game goes on, the little kids (in the game) ask random questions about the creations of life for example “where do trees come from?” And “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” And then parents have the two options to respond with like Mother Nature or ( i can’t remember the exact phrase but said something in regards to a higher power) God or gods and I even got to one where the responses said “the dev...” I got annoyed and deleted the game. From as far as I have gotten, I only noticed word phrases in regards to a higher power and hear a lot more about Mother Nature. Nevertheless it doesn’t seem to fit the story of the game. Like it’s a game how could you talk about something so serious and the only answers the parents (characters) can give are Mother Nature? These random questions from the characters are quite frequent. Talking about Mother Nature and the devil and whatever do not seem to fit the story of a GAME called Family Island. Like? I thought it was supposed to be a game about a family rebuilding an island? I mean they literally look like little cavemen cartoons!

  • By Ninalovesepisode

    Please read so you don’t waste your time spending $$$

    Great game! I love the story, the challenges are fun and exciting and the graphics are amazing. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night playing and working on my progress. BUT, I do feel like the amount of progress you can achieve with the energy that you have (for free) is completely disproportionate to the amount of work to be done. I am one that will pay (real money) to push forward, even with that the energy does not last long! I have spent $100’s for energy and rubies, yet still it could take weeks to complete certain tasks and upgrades. Even still I won’t delete (right now) because I want to see the progress I can make. Honestly I can see myself deleting this game further down the line for LACK of FREE PROGRESS. Update: I have started to notice that little tasks that I have for sure completed are not counted so I am having to go back and redo a lot of the small tasks. I do not like that you can’t buy or get keys, shovels or picks any other way than through the boat guy or to spend real money. I’m growing tired of this game and will probably delete soon. Angry birds is getting more of my attention now. Final update: This game was exciting and addictive in the beginning but the progress is so super slow that the game became repetitive and boring. I have put a lot of real money into this game but today is the day I delete.

  • By Necessary Accesory

    An ok waste of time

    I’ve been playing this game for a while now, just because I needed something to occupy myself in short spurts. After all this time, I’m honestly not sure why I keep playing. As the game advances it becomes almost unplayable because the amount of energy you get VS how much energy it takes to do anything means you get to click maybe one or two things and then there is nothing to do for hours. On top of that, I’m starting to be convinced there is something scammy going on with the ads. When on my iPad (which is needed since everything is so so tiny on the phone). You get opportunities to watch an ad and get some energy or gems, but pretty much every time you get through the ad when it comes time for your reward, the game crashes. This means you watch 3-4 full ads before one doesn’t crash, meaning they are making you actually watch way more than they are rewarding you for. Or if you click the X to leave the ad and it takes you to the App Store, when you go back to the game, it restarts and no reward. Maybe the game devs don’t know or don’t care but this is a major problem since playing the game for me has basically become just 15 minutes of commercials and I get to chop down one tree. The art is cute and the game could be sort of fun if it was more playable. The point of a game is to be able to play it, but there isn’t much to do.

  • By shaylynne_79

    $$ hungry game

    This game is really fun I loved it!! But by level 20 and Over $40 of my real money buying energy and rubies I notice little things like items I’ve made not being accounted for. Or when I use my energy to gather items it looks like I’m getting the items but when I go to use them, they are gone! It takes more energy then you can earn by waiting to gather most items. So you have to gather small items to make meals for energy. When your energy if full you can eat the meals to get extra energy after the bar if full to then get bigger items or if your like me you buy the items with real $ to build your village. Then I also discovered that you have to build the same thing up several times before you can even use it. For instance the light house and other things are built in stages you think by gathering and making supplies then putting then towards a building it would finish it but nope that’s stage one then for the same building you have to gather lots more supplies and make items to build stage 2 of the same building. So by the time you’re missing items you were supposed to receive and missing items you build it’s gets frustrating oh also some times your energy won’t ever fill up all the way even after 8 or so hours! So... If you put real $ into this game you’ll find it’s a big ripoff since so much stuff goes missing!

  • By rjvigidncu

    Needs some work

    Don’t bother playing I’m sad I wasted so much time and effort on this game figures the first time I leave a good review on a game and it then decides to crash every single time I try to play I’ve only been playing for maybe a week and I do see some things that could use a bit of fixing but otherwise I’m addicted to this game -game crashing during ads This is the biggest one I’ve experienced recently I play a lot so I use energy like crazy and rely on the pop ups for 20 energy for watching an ad -not enough items I feel like there aren’t very many items you can buy in game (using game currency) to help level up while also doing the tasks -too many tasks at one time I’ve got at least 7-8 tasks that all need similar items sadly I use those items for the deliveries and competitions as well -resources cost way too much energy I get why they cost energy obviously but say for stone I find a large Boulder and it takes 79 energy ok easy enough done but now I have to get a smaller Boulder in the same place for 33 energy then again at 15 Honestly if the game didn’t crash during ads, had more store items, less tasks at one time, and made it so you only had to go through the resources once I’d have no complaints but I enjoy this game but it has its downsides it won’t stop me from playing but it could be better!

  • By BiBiBluff

    Fraudulent Activity

    After making my first purchase on the game it crashed and logged me out of my account which was linked to my FB so I wouldn’t lose progress right?? Well after trying to log back in, it started me at lvl 1, and then it kicked me out again and the app was a blank icon. I tried reaching out to developers more than once (including social media) all to get the same automated response. I was new to the game barely playing for not even a week but got pretty far and wanted my information especially after spending money on it. The links they sent to my email didn’t work, I sent proof and screenshots everything they asked for only thing is if you don’t have your old ID name they can’t and won’t do anything for you, if you lost your progress and you’ve spent money on this game it’s gone. After trying and a whole lot of nothing coming from customer support, useless links, and no replies, I deleted the game issued a refund and got denied. Filed an dispute explaining everything and still got denied. Don’t bother with this game, if you don’t want your money stolen. Apple support was useless even after explaining everything that happened in detail willing to show proof they decided support a game that steals your money and doesn’t work as advertised and the way it was supposed to.

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