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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-16
  • New version: 1.66
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania


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Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SpinX Games Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SpinX Games Limited, with the latest current version being 1.66 which was officially released on 2021-04-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 21894 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Slots Casino - Jackpot Mania App

How does it Work?

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Top Reviews

  • By jerseymann

    Jackpot Mania

    One machine will hit great if you find it stick with it then bet the house just don’t get the fever if you find yourself not hitting take a break slow your role and try later . I do believe it’s fixed to a degree but practice the stoppage of the wheel on your own . But otherwise all games are great features graphics and payouts Great job keep it up now you have to keep up the pace and go bigger and badder

  • By carkat99

    Less winnings with last few updates

    Seems like with the last 3 updates the winnings are less frequent and lower. I play mostly the Giant Genie game and the frequency of the major and minor jackpots has lessened. Rarely get a major jackpot anymore but may get 2 minis or lucky to get 1 mini. When I spin, the magic lamps appear frequently with high amounts but when it hits the Magic Link feature the magic lamp amounts are never the higher amounts. Even betting higher makes no difference in frequency or better odds. Can spin 5 times and get nothing. Sometimes the amounts won on the scatter feature itself are higher than the winnings on the 6 free games. I was lucky twice and hit the Grand jackpot.

  • By skiSV

    Entertaining when you want to shut down

    Unlike other “ free slots” that slowly get you to buy coins this app is a bit more reasonable with 2 different game apps I must have spent $100, to play for free in one month! Ridiculous I realize it was really stupid but I have a sick family member and I have a lot of time in the house . I’ve only spent a couple of dollars with this app over 2 months. The opportunity to get bonuses are a lot better than others to allow you to keep the mindless playing :-)

  • By Happy68 45

    No coins on bonus round wins!

    I have played this app for about a month. Initially all was well. Now for about the last 2 1/2 weeks every time I get a decent win in the bonus round I end up getting nothing because the app crashes or it goes to an ad and you get nothing! I have lost millions on the bonus rounds and in the quests that don’t give you credit for the tasks you do! Support does not answer my complaints! I am just about ready to delete the app and let my friends that I told it was great and fun to forget it too! I enjoy playing the games but I have gotten cheated out of billions of coins. I have contacted support several times. They say they will get back to you within 24 hours. I am not sure what 24 hours means to them because after weeks of waiting I still have not gotten any answers from any of the times I have contacted them. Definitely do not buy coins because you will lose everything you bought. I am glad that I never bought any because they would be gone long ago. I am very disappointed in the app support as I am sure many others are from the reviews I have read!!!

  • By gailritond_o

    Dissatisfied player

    Dissatisfied with this game, I had over 120 billion in my account and on level 93 almost 94 when the game froze up on me and I had to delete the app. And reload it then I find out that my 120 billion was gone along with my level of 93, basically I had to start all over again from the bottom. I contacted support team they said they would get back to me with in 24 hours, well it’s been 3 day and haven’t heard a word yet from them. Real bad customer service from these people. If your looking to play this game I would advise you not to unless you plan on loosing a lot of money. There’s better app out there to play.

  • By Ronpnyc3

    Customer Service Never Responds

    I am a new player and immediately enjoyed playing the game. The graphics and payouts are great. As always you win and lose with these slot games. I spent over $150 in a week and my VIP level was raised. Now it is back to the beginning as if I never made a purchase. I have my Itunes receipts and credit card statements to prove how much I spent. I am so disappointed that no one has responded to me. I sent a message about a separate issue on March 22nd and received an automated response that someone will get back to me within 24 hours. It’s now April 17th and they haven’t addressed that issue as of yet.

  • By Kristy1427

    Customer support is great ...AT FIRST

    This app gives you plenty of money to play. Then when you start winning, it has these pop ups like “watch this video & we will add 256 million coins to your win.” You click the button to watch the video & the app crashes- taking all the coins you were supposed to win with it, I contacted them & they replaced some of the coins within 15 minutes. Then it started popping up a wheel to spin after you won. They want you to pay to spin the wheel. You close it & the app crashes - leaving you again with nothing. I contact them & no answer. Then they have videos on the slot machine page where you watch to get free coin. You guessed it- then the app crashes leaving you with nothing. I contacted them to let them know about that & their response is that although it’s on their app page they are run by a 3rd party. I sent them a screenshot showing they are theirs & they said they would fix in the next update. This app crashes when you are on bonus spins taking all winnings away. It has never crashed on a losing spin. It is a scam to get you to buy coins I am sure. After the first issue you have, they will not answer you back. I was doing well on these machines- until the crashes caused billion dollar losses of coins. All in all- don’t waste your time because this app will leave you frustrated. It is the has more glitches than any other app out there & they do not want to fix it.

  • By jenniferbee33

    Horrible customer service

    On two separate occasions I messaged customer support about the same issue. While playing a machine it changed my bet to max without me realizing and my coins were gone within seconds. Now I realize that it’s easy to hit the max coin button instead of spin, we’ve all done it before, but this was not the case. There had to be some sort of malfunction or it’s done intentionally as it was different games each time when it happened. These were coins I purchased and the coin packages aren’t cheap. The first time I messaged I got no response at all. The second time I got an auto response that someone would contact me within 24 hours. I received no response and the conversation was deleted by customer support. For the most part I enjoyed this game but it costs too much to play only to be cheated out of your purchases. The never ending ads to sell you more coins are annoying as well. This might be a fun game but just be warned, do not spend any of your hard earned money with them.

  • By Dzoo99


    This game cheats you out of wins constantly. You see lines that should pay but don’t. Then if you play a game with a jackpot pick you almost always get MINI-I have played where I had to pick a jackpot 20 times and 99.9% of the time it’s a mini-I mean come on! Then the one time I did get a MAJOR jackpot they did not credit it to my bank. It happened during a free spin, I picked and got MAJOR and the pink banner came up and everything but at the end of the free spins it never added it, just the amount I won on the free spin only. I definitely notice when several billion coins do not drop into your bank! That was the biggest one I’ve been cheated out of. I had several smaller ones too that I took screen shots of (couldn’t get a screen shot on the MAJOR jackpot in the middle of free spins) and I sent them to customer service and like everyone else, silence, no response whatsoever from customer service. Don’t waste any real money buying coins on this game. They just will take them by not crediting your wins!!

  • By didyouknow

    New to these games

    The games do have fun “potential”. Frequent enough wins and bonuses to keep it interesting...however, Customer Service is horrible. They just delete issue messages with little to no response and, certainly, zero compensation. Freezes, crashes, spins that should pay but don’t, plus, even if you don’t choose to watch an ad in order to multiply your win, the ad presents anyway. IF you’re fortunate, you will still receive your initial win, but not always. I had one game crash 3 times in an hour plus should have had free spins that just never triggered. Customer Service just deleted my messages with no response. Also, the ads are super glitchy and sticky so good luck trying to figure out when it’s complete then try to get back into your game. Like I said, POTENTIAL fun......very very frustrating! Try Ellen’s Road To Riches.....they work AND have exceptional Customer Service.

  • By Gabaluvsyu

    Worse payouts and tricks!

    The first day of playing was fine, then I noticed for the free bonus spins the bets were averaged if I was on a high bet, which never paid more then twice the bet if I was lucky. When I was on a low bet it would use the low bet and not average. I had to bet at least 15 - 20 times at the higher bet level for it not to average. I bought coins twice to play because I liked the style of games. No matter how I played I was not getting ahead at all. The last day I played I spun around 300+ times and went from 1.6B to zero in no time with only 1 free spin and 1 big win. I know it’s supposed to be a game of chance but this was the worst. Payouts are less and less frequent the higher you bet. Wasted my time and money! Watch for bonuses that come up and don’t pay, happens all the time. This app doesn’t even deserve 1 star.

  • By m2o2o2k4i5e7

    Positively Awful

    I begin playing this game quite a while ago. Amassed a pretty good fortune too. But recently it has changed and not for the good either. Bonuses used to be double your free games winning, now on a good day somewhere less than 200M. I say 200M like it’s not much but when you are betting 50B a throw it is not worth the time or effort. Also their ads are beginning to lock up my terminal. I have lost 4 separate bonuses because the ad at the end would not load. Customer service is nonexistent. They have never responded , not once. I would NOT recommend this game to anyone that enjoys a fast paced FAIR game.! Oh I forgot to tell you also they have a card collection game as a bonus game. They keep giving you cards but you can’t redeem them. This game is the pits.

  • By Z74z

    Unhappy user

    I had over 2B. Then game would not load for a week. I had to delete. Then when I went to load and open it again, miracle of miracles it loaded just fine. Sent a message to support on 10/22 and explained the situation and asked them to restore my winnings, which had taken me a long time to earn. Support responded that it was received on same day and they would be back in touch within 24 hrs. To date, six days later no follow up from them even though I have sent them 3 more messages asking for response. They just don’t care!!!!! 10/29 still no response from so called support. Absolutely hate new version, all games I could play and liked before now locked. Will just go in each day and collect!

  • By VeggieGirlVina

    Fun but glichy

    I love the games and get bonuses a lot, but it just doesn’t seem to want me to have more than $70 billion! On one game I received 7 billion and it was going to bring me to about $70 billion and the screen changes, circle start spinning and/or it just shuts down and when I reopen the game my winnings are gone! It happens very often! After I have a big win and then tap on the multiplier that pops up most of the time after you win is also when it quits. I’m tempted to just delete the app but I still seem to stay around $60-$65 billion so I have a lot to play with. Is just too frustrating...I’ll probably delete it if I lose another big one like I did the other day!

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