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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-14
  • New version: 6.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots


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Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SpinX Games Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SpinX Games Limited, with the latest current version being 6.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 68057 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Jackpot World™ - Casino Slots App

How does it Work?

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HUGE & EXTRA game rewards and prizes AWARDED ALL THE TIME when spinning in the slot machine games! Enjoy free casino slots game gifts, including Jackpot World coins, cashback, level boom, stamps, fantastic pets and more!

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【What can you receive in Jackpot World Casino Slots?】

Give your luck a try at the hot & free casino slot machine games, including classic 777 slot game, Fortune Babies, Fortune Tree, Mighty Tiger, Penguin Quest, and new slot machines like Leprechaun Blast, Werewolf Night, Myth of Medusa! All of the mobile slot machines with bonus features and free coins in game will create the most realistic Vegas roulette and slots casino experience for our slots fans.

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【More reasons to download Jackpot World Casino Slots?】

- 100% free social slots casino game! Enjoy it with your families and friends!

- Missions & Quests with generous in-game reward every day!

- Share thrills with awesome players like you from all over the world!

- Try your luck and have a wild day with your favorite slots characters!

- Stock up game coins into the Kitty Bank with your spins.


* Jackpot World Casino does not offer real money gambling. It is intended for an adult audience for entertainment purposes only.

* Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling and gaming.

* This game includes in-app purchases

* “Coins” and “Bonus” mentioned above are game currency, not real currency, and you only get game currency if you win in this game."

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Top Reviews

  • By AngelAce7


    Over the years, I have played a lot of slot games. Jackpot World has by far been the best. Just when you think you are down to your last coins, there’s always a way to win even more. It’s not to say I have not bought coins but for the small amount of cash I have spent, it does not compare with the amount of coins I have won. PLUS, there are a whole lot of mini games in the slot game itself and out of it, where you win even more coins. By now, I would have deleted a slot because it bored me or just took my money but this one, I’m definitely holding on too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!

  • By Jbambamtex

    Ups and Downs....Still my favorite slots!

    Hitting MEGA WINS is so fun and keeps you hooked until you spend all your coins and have to start over. From $5 million to $80 trillion and back down in a week.....just enough to keep it interesting and keep you on the hunt for that magic pattern, (as if!). I mean really, who wants to win win win ALL the time... it would get boring, right!? Lots of fun events, challenges, collections, and daily tasks to keep it interesting. Great variety of slots with different types of in game pay-outs, bonuses, and free games. New slot machines every week. Thanks DAFU!!!

  • By l8myd8

    My favorite casino app!

    I really enjoy playing Casino World! It’s fun, exciting and the graphics are excellent. If I were to state one negative, it would be that I’ve run into some really bad, long lasting losing streaks. It would be even more enjoyable if, while in a losing streak, it gave you a decent spin or two so that the excitement continues. When in a bad streak for over 30 minutes, it becomes boring and makes me turn the game off. I’ve had bad streaks where I’ve lost over $100T without hitting much of anything. I’ve even changed to multiple different games, adjusted my wager, everything I can think of to get the cycle to change and nothing works. Well, other than turning it off.

  • By TriggaMyBae4Eternity

    Absolutely Addicting

    I came across this game as an ad in order for me to double my win on one of my slot games that I been playing for awhile now.. I got a little curious so I downloaded it & I been going strong ever since.. I absolutely love it so I'm on it @ least 3~4 times a day.. Since I been playing I haven't slowed up.. Everyday the game gets more & more interesting.. I haven't had any problems so that's definitely a plus in my book.. From my review I'm sure u're wondering why I only gave the game 4 stars.. I have a bad case of OCD so everything for me has to be a even amount especially when it comes to numbers/money, I apologize for that but I can't help it!!!!

  • By Jorge Abbenhaus

    Coin ratio

    Where do I start? Well for starters, I love playing this game every weekend I started playing this game 2 years ago but what I’m noticing now is that newer machines are being added to fast as older machines don’t get a chance to be played. Slow the pace down on releasing new machines so the older ones can get a chance. The only machine I can see getting a sequel is create a machine titled Wealth of Panda 2. Cons: The coin ratio on every machine is set to high at a value at 90M, and then 135M, their just to stupidly high value in the amount of coins all the machines start off with and the payout ratios need to be higher then what your betting cause it takes more then 25 minutes for the machines to payout after you have made a bet. Sometimes you get no matches on any machines at all and your forced to buy more coins. Other then that it’s a great game.

  • By Shaywuzup

    It’s a good game but..

    I don’t really have a problem with winnings and playing these games on the app but it’s one game in particular where it bothers me. That is Ultimate Tiki Link! I cannot for the life of me get 4 fireballs!! I have only been able to get 3 and repeatedly also only the free games every now and then. But in 500 spins I have never been able to get all 4 fireballs and that annoys the crap out of me lol. I play this game often at the real casinos and I absolutely love it, ive won hundreds of dollars from it. But the fact that I can’t play a replica of this game at my home and it wont play out properly aggravates me. Please fix this issue, I’ve only noticed this game that doesn’t fulfill the feature it’s supposed to

  • By Lfsjr66

    I could go to Vegas and got more frequently than this game

    This games win ratio is absolutely pathetic... getting free spins is also a rare occurrence.. for a game that’s supposed to be fun? They failed in that category.. plus the game freezes and crashes when u try to collect bonuses.. I could go to Las Vegas and hit more frequently than this game... and Don’t believe their BS about the games a game of chance.. they use a RNG program.. but like any program, it can be changed to whatever they want it to be.. this games a waste of time and NOT worth spending any money on. Win ratios are the worst.. I play other casino slot machine games that have better win ratios than this game. Let’s face it.. this game like many if not all phone app games are geared towards spending real money.. THIS GAME is NOT worth the money! You could hit one time and then not hit again for the next 200spins.. that’s no exaggeration either... like I said.. this games win ratio is rigged to make you spend unless you wait for the free coins.. I can go to Atlantic City, Las Vegas or any other place that has REAL casino’s and hit more frequently there. This games a waste of time and money... but as always they will push their BS excuses

  • By 1**ZENA

    Loving to spin on DAFU CASINO used to love Huuuuge casino !!

    It’s a fun game with lots of ways to collect coins This game can get very frustrating, I love to play but ,face it like everyone says it freezes never hit any free spins and other special spins offered .heck I’ve played the wizard of Oz but still haven’t hit the ruby slippers .i have know idea what kind of bonus they give ...as I’m playing I start to win , I think wow it’s getting better maybe I will continue spending hours playing this app .. then I get the message ARE YOU HAVING FUN ... you guessed it ... they gave me a few great spins .. then ask that question... well I thank them for the winnings & I hope this time I can keep my winnings .. if so I will continue spending hours spinning daily on this app ... it’s fun .. and entertaining.. when it’s paying lol .. I do recommend it .. but be patient.. lov

  • By Zazuetta

    Worst paying game on the market so far.

    where do I start... First of all tell me how it’s possible to give out a reward being a basic common basket that gives you what maybe 10-20 points per random animal but when betting 150m a spin? That’s pathetic if you ask me. Second of all, their pay out per win is very very low. You can be spinning 10x at 30 mil and win 1 maybe 25 mil. Have text it multiple times with some friends at the same time. What’s the point of playing this game, don’t waste your time or money if you plan on buying coins, they won’t hesitate to try and make you spend more if you do. Even if it’s just a dollar watch how much your win rate goes down if you have spent money on it and think you’re not going to have to spend anymore if you want to keep the streak up. They will take it all back and continue to make you lose everything in a matter of seconds so you are forced to pay more if you wish to play again, unless you can wait the 24 hrs it takes to get the free coins don’t waste your time on it.

  • By syetrt

    Lose even when you win. Customer service is awful.

    Many glitches, some examples: Games often stall during free games, and when you log back in sometimes you see extra earned points and sometimes not. There are different missions to get 5 of a kind win or win 3 times in a row and it does not register when you accomplish this, so you never can complete the mission. Another mission is to get 5 big wins to get big prize and I have proof and send pictures to customer service and after weeks I was given points less than a single bet, when I bet at least 60 times. When you spend money it is suppose to register and after so many times spending you get free coins and that didn’t happen even after I showed my purchases on Apple. I do not like posting bad reviews without giving the App notification first as I have many times. I did get my money back before from Apple once out of many many problems although they would not refund it again. 😢

  • By Hunglower


    This game will do nothing but take your money. I have spent plenty on this game and also played it for free. You get the same result at the end. You have no coins and they pop up add for you to by more. The problem is when you by more it doesn’t matter. You will just lose it in 4 minutes. This game has the worst customer service of any game I have ever played. They will never respond to tour problems. And if they do it is just a computer generated message saying. Sorry about your luck try again. It is the same response for everything. Been 3 weeks still waiting on a response for a 5 dollar refund. As well as once you complain to them you won’t win anything anymore. Still waiting for a reply from them but ironically I haven’t won a single thing ever since I requested it. Keep you money and spend it else where. This game has some fun machine but it is clear they don’t even care about the people who pay to play

  • By Debtser63

    Scam and low payout!! NOT RANDOM!!

    DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY OR YOUR WINNINGS WILL DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY!! Although I've never spent a penny, a few friends have and now their winnings have gone down a lot!! There is a variety of slots to choose from. They pay out a lot in the beginning but then it slows down. I don't like the way they increase the minimum bets. I'll be playing a slot and have to leave the game because I need to do something and when I come back, even if it's only a couple of minutes, the bet options have increased significantly. This morning my minimum for opening certain benefits in games was 1.1 million and within a few hours, it's now 3.3+ million. Because the winnings have slowed down, it's obviously trying to get me to run out of coins and spend money. I lost 20 billion in less than 30 minutes and the minimum bets are so high now, I cannot win enough to do daily challenges or play bonuses in games. Also, doing a daily challenge, I was suppose to win 1.8 million. After a spin the game gave me free spins, the challenge meter filled up 3/4's before I even started my free spins. Same thing happened when I was suppose to pick until I got 3 of the same thing. Before I even picked anything, the challenge meter filled and did not move after my picks. This means the game has preset winnings and is NOT RANDOM. Rigged...

  • By Caseytroy

    Horrible customer service

    It starts out as a great game until you lvl up and can no longer finish daily missions without purchase. Even then the cost is outrageous! They want you to win 300 billion in 80 spins but give you 50 million as hourly bonus. And for 1.99 you get 1 billion coins. Cool if the machines paid out at all. Gets worse after you purchase anything. The they take your items you win in events without even a warning! Then you just get the automatic response from a generated list from computer. My real issue is the fact that take your event winnings from you without warning. They are yours you won them. I had around 350 various depots mostly rare, epic and 3 legendary. Poof gone cost me 160 wish spins the day before. Gave me a legendary parts depots for all of it. How does 3 legendary, 40 or 50 epic and rest rare make one box? They jus5 respond your burnt.

  • By AngryReviewer555


    This was the only slot game I was playing because it was fun but after spending hundreds of dollars there were minor glitches that upset me like when you’re supposed to get the mega bonus after the 10th bonus or similar, the mega bonus would disappear and you have to start at the beginning. Those would irritate me. This time, I had a bunch of coins after yet another few big purchases (about $45) I got the extra bonuses, stamps, level up’s, star points, etc and yet another glitch which took everything from me. 🤬🤬🤬 I contacted customer service via the web “bolegames” sent messages and they still have not credited me back and no resolution. I will NEVER spend another dime on this game. The more you spend on this game the faster it takes away with less bonuses and payouts. This app is TERRIBLE!!!

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