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Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino


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Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SpinX Games Limited. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SpinX Games Limited, with the latest current version being 4.7 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 85598 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino App

How does it Work?

Download Lotsa Slots, one of the best casino apps made especially for slots lovers. Lotsa Slots Casino gives you the chance to WIN BIG in Slots, including EXCITING bonus games, big wins & thrilling progressive JACKPOTS. Enjoy all the thrill of Las Vegas on your iPhone or iPad!

Take a break from your daily routine and escape into the glitzy fantasies of Vegas games! Head into the wild with Bonus & the Beast, enjoy endless cash re-spin features with LAVA LOOT, smash up the reels with POSEIDON CASH, become a slots legend with DOUBLE CHILI BOOM! With over 70 free Vegas slots games adventures and jackpot featured slot machines, excitement is always just a tap away!

Lotsa Slots featured with:

- Hot slot machines including YIN YANG, RED HOT HEART, KISS THE FROG & more!

- Most exciting Jackpots and the biggest Wins just for you!

- Vegas style slots machines designed by casino professionals.

- 2,000,000 slots WELCOME BONUS.

- Bonus coins to collect every 2 hours!

- Experience Pop Party, Quest King, Lucky Words & more events coming up!

- Enjoy realistic Vegas Casino in the palm of your hands!

- New slots machines added every week.

Lotsa Slots is intended for adult audience for entertainment purposes only. YOU CANNOT WIN REAL MONEY. Success at social casino gambling does not reward real money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real money gambling.

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Top Reviews

  • By KAS_SAL70$

    Lotsa Slots Rocks!

    I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots

  • By Satanas6661

    Great and fair game

    Hey guy I usually never right reviews about games , but this one is special ! I have played this game for 6 days straight and it’s been sooo generous ! I hit so many jackpots and I am over a billion in coin ! You could play A lot of missions that pays 100 millions when completed , and there not hard to complete ! The only thing I don’t like is the ranking , instead of saying 999 it should say the % . Example if I have a billion coin it should say your on top 10% of all players for example ! I did a 2.99 purchase not because I was out of coins but just to support the team behind it for there hard work ! Thank you for an amazing casino slot game ! Hope in the future you will be Adding black jack and roulette or even maybe you could create clubs where people could join a leader and chat , and have tournaments where clubs fight for a prize in the end of the week ! Thank you !!!

  • By Mzzzshay

    Best Casino game!!

    This is the best casino game I have played ever! I was leary of the game at first due to all the negative reviews but decided to try it for myself and I am so glad that I did!! I enjoy the clans feature, where I can complete missions with my clan and try to move up the ladder. I like that there are multiple missions to complete solo. The best part of the game is that I joined with 2m coins, I have been playing for about 5 days and have kept an average of 500m coins so that I can play as much as I want to without worrying about running out or having to purchase more to progress. Keep up the great work! I think I will be playing for a long time and will also refer to my friends that like to play casino games.

  • By Amazing Game Just A Lot Of Ads


    I’m not going on my own way too bad I’m gonna is it to you and you can have it for a couple hours if y’all are going on a ride home I was gonna you wanna was the time of my life and I’m sorry I’m not going on the day to you but I’m gonna is it a cold and I’m going on to go to sleep I’m gonna was a really bad thing to get to the house I gotta is a time for you and I can come lay with y’all for tomorrow I’ll talk with ya girl I love ya girl and I’m just thinking of how I gotta get you all you right now and you don’t have anything else for that girl and you don’t have anything you to tell you you know I wanna do I want just you to know if I’m finna I’m not doing it I gotta is my time I love ya girl and I’m gonna is the day I gotta get to you get it

  • By Miss_T_Blu

    Most Entertaining

    I think I have played every slot game out there, this one is the most entertaining one I have found. In additional to a large amount of slot games available with pretty good graphics, there are multiple side challenges/events that keep you interested and NO ads to interfere with your playing. You can join “Clans”, receive clan gifts, compete for your clan and win clan rewards (game play). There are “Quests” to win cards - completion of card sets yields game play. This game also has Special events on a consistent basis. I have been playing this game quite awhile and have never been bored with it. The speed of the reel play is perfect - not too slow and not crazy fast. I don’t like that I have to “buy” coins on occasion (as I don’t win any real cash) but it is very fun to play. I have received some big wins and I have also bottomed out in 3 minutes. There is a real Support team and they were very responsive to an comment I had. For now, I am still very much enjoying this game. Love the graphics and the extra activities/events within the game.

  • By Lynnski357

    Lotsa Slots

    I’m having major problems the last couple days with the slots I’ve been playing not adding my winnings to my game , I mean like 80 mill, 30 mill, 145 million and 60 million on the slot of hearts and same problems on the zin dang game and on every spin taking away 10 and 15 mill from my score. I have reported it three times the last couple days. I can’t stand trying to play the slots this way and spending money for large amounts of coins and they disappear in thirty seconds. I’ve been playing for sometime now and have really been enjoying it but this problem has just started and this is the second day of it and if they can’t fix it then I’m just going to leave the site and not play no more because at this point the games are a pain and a major problem and definitely no fun at all. .... Hope u fix so I can give u 5 stars! TSpencer

  • By Bmarcan


    This is actually the first review that I have ever written on anything. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game but I’m extremely frustrated at the moment and after reading some of the other previous reviews apparently this is how the app is designed, which is pretty crappy!! In the beginning bonuses are amazing! You will never have a shortage of free spins or bonus games, it’s amazing! And then I noticed that the winning slowed down significantly. But I was still getting big wins and bonus games every now and then. I was actually up to 800 billion at one point and when I hit that mark was when everything basically shut off. I haven’t hit ANYTHING in weeks. I thought maybe just give it some time. It will come back around. Purchased things to see if that would help. Nothing helps! Your money basically disappears! I noticed that every time I would get into the app, my coin balance was significantly less than what it was when I was getting out of the app. It’s all just bizarre to me! I did send a message through the app earlier today so we shall see if those other complaints about customer service are also true. I really don’t want to delete the app because I really enjoy it but if something isn’t done about the 800 billion that was lost basically overnight then I’ll be left with choice I guess.

  • By lacross57

    This is a fun game??

    As long as you spend money to play this game, you will win. When you first start to play this game, they pull you in by letting you win a lot, but after a very short while, you will start to lose unless you spend money. Sorry but that’s the truth!! It’s either spend money to win a free spin or you will never get a free spin or a large win. At least with Slotomania, they have a VIP manager that sends you large amounts of coins everyday and other things to get you to come back and play. It’s obvious that this game is very new and just starting out and it’s not a bad game, it’s a newbie. It will learn and get bigger and better. I will most definitely continue to play because it is still fun. I just hope that they start getting newer games along the way.. I still love this game and have told all of my friends about it and I now have about 100 that I communicate daily with.. I wish this game Lotsa Slots nothing but tremendous success in the near future and forever.... I’ll still be there, I hope all my friends will too..🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • By Amy Jo :)

    Fun to play but randomly credits disappear & no problem resolution whatsoever

    I like playing the slots but after you reach a higher dollar amount, the slots don’t payout & you quit winning!! I went from having 800B to being broke in no time! I even bought credits as I thought that might help since I had never made any purchases on this app. I quickly found out that when I would make one purchase not only would I be charged for that purchase but an additional purchase that I had clicked ‘no thanks’ to would also be charged on my credit card. I tried a couple times to message customer service through the app but never received a reply or even any acknowledgement that they got my message. I WAS NOT HAPPY about that & have made NO MORE charges since! I feel like I was ignored & no one cared that they just basically stole money from me & no one was willing to fix it or at least discuss it with me & make it right whether it be through free credits or whatever their solution may be. FUN BUT DON’T BUY CREDITS.

  • By Doug2111

    Could be a great game but it is a RIPOFF

    I have played this game for weeks now and it could be a really fun game - except ! The missions get so extreme that this game can cost you thousands of real dollars ! I have to raise the bets to go for the mission and when I do that the game will literally stop letting you win anything ! One example , I needed to win a fairly large amount of chips and I raised my bet to 5 billion per spin ! I started with 995 billion and went to zero without even getting my bet back once ! This has happened almost every time I have had to raise my bet ! I have a better chance of winning the lottery ! My final question to the developers is how many times can they rig the game to try and force me to buy more packs ? When the mission turns to winning a certain amount and I bet higher than the amount and magically the game won’t let you win your bet back 8 times is showing me that I never should have downloaded this game ! Good grief developers , it’s not like you have to pay out the actual cash ! It’s supposed to be entertaining and I find that you just want to be greedy and get all the money you can ! I spend a lot of money on my entertainment and you have reached that point with me ! To bad for your greed has cut your own throat !

  • By maries wish

    This review might get deleted but for it does...

    This game maybe fun and all but let me point out something in case no one knows click the arrow under where it says iPad the page will open to how the game is played down close to the end it reads this game is intended to be entertaining for adults but IT DOES NOT OFFER ANY REAL CASH it’s there in fine print these apps are sharing the videos of the people who act like they are winning big but they actually ain’t winning on any of these scamming games it’s a gimp to get you to spend money or they hit you with so many ads that will make you lose your mind in which they get paid every time an ad plays in their apps If anyone is really winning money it’s not on any of the casino games if anyone does read this just remember look for it in the print where it says it doesn’t offer real cash if your here for that I fell for these many times and why put money into these apps if you can’t get any of it back by winning its set up for people to lose even if it’s real I don’t get how people can give away their money for luck it’s ridiculous you might as well buy drugs you might get a better use for your money sorry I know that was excessive but I’m just pointing out a fact anyways read before you play.

  • By Wanting stars

    Lotsa Slots has lotsa work to do

    Your app has one of the worst fail rates I’ve ever seen. It boots you out going from one game to another or in the middle of bonus games or special events. I guess that makes it fail rate more than 75% of the time. I gave it the second star cuz the app could have possibilities if it didn’t dump you out of the game all the time. I’m about ready to quit because continually having to restart the game is not fun! Could have been a good game if you didn’t have to continually restart the game every time you get a high score, try to open one of the special games, open your daily requirements, open your stamp book or just about any other thing on this app. This app is crap and stingy with coins after you hit a certain level. It may differ for each person but it will happen! I had 13 trillion points a week ago now I only have 6 billion. That may sound like a lot but it isn’t when you are well over level 1000. By that time you are probably betting lose to 5 billion per spin.I have made many in game purchases, which was fine at first but now it just drains away in a few spins. Like I said before, as soon as I have used up all my points and my benefits run out I’m done.

  • By Tigers0911

    Stay away from this app

    I suspect that if anyone spent any amount of time and money checking each spin you could find flaws. I’ve played this game frequently over the past couple of weeks and sadly shame on me spent money on junk. I have noticed problems with the amount of the bet not matching the amount that came off the balance, anytime you get stars for a 5 in a row you don’t win more than you bet, I’ve been in free games and sometimes the scatter gives you more free spins - sometimes it doesn’t, I have never even seen the Grand or Major pass by to even potentially win it, if you try to stop the spin in progress it doesn’t stop the same each time you press it - it will either randomly stop one column and roll the rest or slowly keep going - basically if you try to stop the spin don’t believe you will ever be lucky enough to get free spins or increase your chances of earning bonuses. Many other things I noticed as I played that I should have written down. In summary I have spent too much time and money. Someone should take the time to troubleshoot all of the problems with this App. Lesson learned. Don’t waste your time or money with this App.

  • By Cherita P

    Worst slots ive played in a while

    Update. Wish i could give zero stars. Gave them a try poured money in with absolutely no return. Customer service? They respond back once every 2 to 3 weeks. I have deleted the app completely. They have a “mode” they can put players in where they can not win big and only can win on bets below a certain amount. So if i bet 15bil i may win 2bil but the second i change to 200mil my screen will be filled with wilds. Rigged and u fair. I originally liked these slots but when i would buy and see no return I immediately realized there are much more favorable slots to play. A few times in particular had about 100bill coins and got all the way go zero with a combined total line hits of about 2 bil. Even actual slots that pay actual money are more loose than that. Its not loke it pays out real money but you def have to pay real money. The side challenges are ridiculous. Have to play a full world of slots to get 15 billion which is not even worth doing when you have to bet 108bil in one slot machine alone. I loved it now i hate and will return to my more fair slot games instead.

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