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BetMGM Online Casino


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BetMGM Online Casino is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by ROAR Digital, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - ROAR Digital, LLC, with the latest current version being 20.07.03 which was officially released on 2020-11-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 21197 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the BetMGM Online Casino App

How does it Work?

The Las Vegas casino experience has arrived in New Jersey! With BetMGM Casino, the Vegas experience is now available anytime, anywhere - including all your favorite games like slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and video poker. All the games you love from Las Vegas' premiere brand are at your fingertips, in one real money casino app, no matter where you are in the states where real money gambling is legal!

There’s never a dull moment with BetMGM Casino. It’s safe, secure, and most importantly, a lot of fun. Download our app and get in on the action today!


• Huge jackpots awarded daily

• Exclusive games you can’t find anywhere else

• Over 300 games available on mobile

• Live dealer card games

• Easy no hassle banking

Not only that, but BetMGM Casino is completely safe and secure, and your information will never be shared with any third-party vendors. We have support on standby 24/7 to make sure you have a seamless experience.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Must be 21+. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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Top Reviews

  • By Chrispy1971

    Best in Michigan

    I have all the online casino apps available and nobody is doing like MGM. They have the best games for casino out of all the apps. I don’t do the sports betting so I can’t rate that but as far as casino games and actually winning money and time it takes to get that money no one is even close. Multiple promotions everyday. I really can’t say just how far above MGM has risen above the competition. They seem to have put some thought into their app where the others just through something together as quick as possible. I probably would find some bad things to say if the others weren’t so horrible. I’m sure you will agree win or lose MGM is a far superior app.

  • By OfficerDoofy

    Opinion changes

    I had a really rough start here but the last week or so this app has been really good to me. Overall about 3.5k in the profit after recovering my first weeks losses. Their withdraw procedure is confusing however. Every withdraw until last night has been in my PayPal within 6 hours of being approved.... now this one is now Also, the MGM exclusive games are brutal. They will roll 30+ dead spins then give you a 2.00 win before another 40 dead spins. But once they pay.... they streak... I suggest avoid them unless your bankroll can push 1000+ spins

  • By Farm Everville

    Yes and no

    I love the selection of slots, I like the app itself. I like that they have different challenges and promos daily.. Things I don’t like.. 1. If you don’t set a limit they apparently set a limit for you and then so not inform you they did so, then you get locked out and are unable to play. For DAYS..weeks on end. And ironically right in the middle of working on a bonus.. convenient for them of course. 2. The app logs you out often! If you leave one game to go to the next or to deposit.. you’ll more than likely have to log in again. 3. Some of the games lag badly, especially the new “high 5” games. 4. Their online customer service is not helpful at all, chat or email. Took me 3 days of chatting and email attempts to get an answer as to why my account was locked.. see number one for the reason why. Not to mention because they set this limit without my knowledge or consent.. I’m now locked out of depositing anything to play for the next two weeks. Inconvenient for them and for me! 5. Once you’ve played a game for awhile it’s like the game stops working .. in the beginning you’ll get bonuses, free spins ans so on.. and I’m not talking an hour or even a day.. you find a favorite and okay it often through out the month.. after awhile that game does nothing! Of fact I found myself picking new games to play on purpose knowing they would pay out because I hadn’t played them before! And sadly it worked.

  • By Luke 1771

    No bonuses, free spins, etc.

    While the slots are very cool and almost seem identical to those in real life don’t be fooled. I quite enjoyed myself at first with the app, but after a while of playing the fun factor just kept going lower and lower. When you play several hundred spins on a machine and don’t even get so much as a single bonus, free spin, etc. then it really makes a person lose interest. I tested it out and did 100+ spins on 3 different machines and while I would win a few bucks here or there I was unable to receive even a single bonus on any of the machines! That’s the big difference between these machines and the real deal, at least in an actual casino even if the payouts are super small they know to give the players bonuses, free spins, etc. on the machines to maintain interest. The people behind these games must not feel it’s needed.

  • By Matthew Wilson-Reese

    THIS IS A SCAM!!! Don’t used them.

    I have played over $1,000 today. Guess what I won nothing. I have went to multiple games. Haven’t won nothing. $10, maybe $20 here and there. Then the app keeps crashing and the games keep kicking you off them. The app is a scam and you will not win nothing. Some of the apps won’t even let you go to them. It just keeps spinning and spinning and say general error. How can you play $1,000 on multiple slots and not win $100 $200 on nothing at all. DO NOT USE THIS SCAM APP. They also save your cards. So even if you delete it off the app they still save it. When you try to do a withdrawal it will try to send your money to a card you don’t even have anymore. Hint the reason you deleted it. But they want you to use your money back on there app. So it will fail and be back on the app. This app is a big scam. DONT USE THE SLOTS!!!!!!!!

  • By Phill_5278

    My game was manipulated by Borgata Support.

    I’m here to share my experience. I’ve been using the Borgata online app for 2 years now. What’s started off as a great experience is now a nightmare! Recently, I made a bet on a particular slot game at $4 a spin. Luckily, I hit a Bonus at $4 a spin for 8 spins x3. I was so excited because I had already spent near $2000 on slot. I thought this would be a time to at least win some of my money spent back, WRONG! Once I won the Bonus my game froze and was stuck in “UNFINISHED,” Usually when this happens Borgata support would instruct to log out of game and log back in to continue Unfinished game from where it was last left off. I spoke with support countless times “EVEN SHOWED VIDEOS & SCREENSHOTS OF INCIDENT OCCURRING!” A couple days went by and support reached out and notified me my Bonus games was canceled and a reimbursement of $14 was returned to my account. I’m furious, I spent over $500 on that game to finally win a Bonus for a decent amount, and now it is ended by Borgata Support for no reason! THEY LITERALLY MANIPULATED MY GAME! I’ve reported to the BBB in regards & I’m considering pursuing this legally. If the game is not working properly I should be refunded all of my money played on that game. That game is still operating on Borgata Online and is still glitching and freezing the same way! I have video proof! The name of the slot game is “Big Easy.”

  • By jwiwdhkw

    Nothing but problems

    I have had nothing but problems since I joined. I made my first deposit of $25, but the app placed me in Michigan while I was located in Pennsylvania. Contacted support, took 3 separate conversations, and they said they would delete my Michigan account, and refund the $25 since they couldn’t transfer it to my Pennsylvania account and that their “relevant team” would take care of it. Well they deleted the Michigan account and now have no record of my $25 deposit, so I’ll never see that money again. Separate issue. I received a promo to bet $1 to win $100, and contacted customer service because I didn’t have the option on my account. They said my account was under a different promotion, however, if I placed the $1 bet and I won the bet, that I could contact customer service to have the promo changed to the bet $1 to win $100. Contacted support after the bet had settled, and they said everything was good and that it would reflect on my account within the hour. Next morning 10 hours later, it has not shown up on my account and I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone. If you’re in Pennsylvania and are interested in the online casinos and sportsbook, we have plenty of other options out there. I would stay away from BetMGM

  • By dakilla3641

    Absolute total and complete garbage.

    Signed up over an hour ago to make a deposit and get the free play and match, signed up and got logged out. Tried to log back in and it would not log in through my email, had to contact 24/7 chat, started chatting with a customer service rep who was absolutely terrible, hardly responsive and had to talk to 2 more reps in order to even get logged in. Finally logged in after about 45 minutes, and went to make a deposit through PayPal, again met with another roadblock. Even with funds directly in my PayPal payment was being declined. Tried contacting 24/7 chat again, spoke with 2 different agents, but if you leave the chat... at all, even if they take forever it automatically disconnects you from that chat. The first agent told me ‘you need to contact PayPal’ when it is NOT the fault of PayPal, saying as bet MGM never even prompted me to log into PayPal. And the second agent was at least trying, I expressed my frustration to the support agents and they did nothing. At all. So I quit. This app is slow, it’s designed by a 6 year old, and operated like it’s an 89 year old calculator. They could give me 10 grand in free play and I won’t come back.

  • By Thuggfhvtgbcgffg

    Unable to withdraw winnings

    Any other casino app is better than this. So I guess if you deposit money through a MasterCard you cannot withdraw you’re winnings into that account and there are a total of 5 different ways to withdraw money I was unable to use 4 of those the only one that works is going to mgm and talking to someone to get the cash I talked to support and they where rude and more or less useless the only way around this is to make a PayPal account and make a deposit witch I can’t immediately withdraw until I turn that into winnings I made a deposit the same day and every option still tells me I must have made a deposit with the preferred method in order to withdrawal my money that way. I would highly recommend draft kings it dosnt crash they have great support and I always win more through them as well Any mobile casino is preferred over this they try an make it so hard to keep any money you win they want you to zero out so this isn’t an issue and if you look up this issue it is widely known I’m glad I didn’t make a big deposit like I wanted to initially.

  • By CleverSleazzoid


    I’ve only had my account for about 3 or 4 days and will be deleting my account. Made my account under the promotional offer they had going on in which I met the wager requirement and was able to finally withdrawal If need be. By the way the promotional offer was terrible! Anyway I began to play tables and decided to make a withdrawal, that’s when I noticed I was entered into another promotional offer without my consent! I immediately contacted support bc I did not opt into this measly $5 bonus offer! Especially when I just had a terrible experience with the sign on bonus. Support was no help! She kept advising me to drop the bonus and they will reclaim the money. Why should I lose money for dropping a bonus that I never opted into ? At that point I just withdrew all my money and will be deleting my account. Beyond this, this app has so many glitches! I had to force shut down this app too many times! It’s a shame Bc they have such a huge selection of slots but they have terrible service all around.

  • By Legitimate777

    App is buggy, casino is trash

    MGM was one of the best online casinos when they first entered the market. Over the past year they’ve continually gone down hill. They used to offer generous amounts of bonus money. The wager requirement on bonus money and deposit matches used to be 20x the amount of bonus. Now they switched it to “points” which when you calculate it out, it is a 30x wager requirement! And that’s if you are only playing non progressive jackpot slots. Table games are even higher requirements. RIDICULOUS! Aside from their ridiculous bonus playthrough requirements, the app itself is trash! It CONSTANTLY crashes in the middle of games. Quite a few times I just lost the money and never even got to see the spin, even when I reloaded. I’d say once every 15 minutes, id have to completely close the app and log in again to play. Overall I’m done with MGM. I’d recommend virgin, Tropicana or caesars if you want to play online in jersey. Stay far away from MGM, they are one of the worst out there right now!

  • By rincent32

    Worst customer support and service

    I have never had a worse experience with customer support in my life. No one helps you with anything you ask. Every answer they give you they say they need to escalate the issue I went months and months without a single response or help. They just shut down your account whenever they want with no reasoning or anything They don’t add the promos you are offered if the don’t work the first time. And then they will require you to jump threw hoops to get anything you should have recieved or wanted. Borgata casino bet mgm casino and party casino are all the same exact issue I am so upset that I lost access for no reason to the only app I thought I liked but after weeks now of my app being under review and no one knows why I gave up. Same thing happened to my wife and they dragged it out for months require more and more documents and her identity just so happened to them be stolen. STAY AWAY FROM BET MGM BORGATA AND PARTY CASINO APPS

  • By BennyMillz


    I failed to read the reviews and am really regretting it. I fell for the $1000 deposit bonus. Every bonus I’ve ever seen plays through the bonus money BEFORE your deposit money but nope, not this one. They use all of your deposit money before moving to the free play money. Then you have to wager $15,000 in 15 days to withdraw NOT ONLY ANY BONUS WINNINGS, BUT YOUR ORIGINAL DEPOSIT as well. Also, blackjack is only 10% towards that $15,000. So in other words if you play only blackjack you have to wager $150,000 in 15 days! Absolutely insane, there’s no chance I can do that. I realized that I missed catching this about 2 hours after I made the deposit, so I contacted them and asked if I could at least get SOME of my deposit back and they basically said “sorry, no.” I’ve never left a review on ANYTHING so this is saying something. Out $1,000 in a day because of this scam.

  • By bigbenstruckone


    I recently made a deposit it’s been three days now and they’re still yet to credited to my account I reached out to them several times through their chat line and email they contacted me back immediately and told me to send them a receipt and confirmation email of the deposit and I did that and since that point still not credit to my account nor have I heard back from them I’ll talk toTheir chat line 3 days in a row and they can’t do nothing for you but I tell you to wait for an email in the first person I spoke to says it takes about 24 hours the next person I spoke to says it takes 24 to 48 hours next person I spoke to said 24 to 72 hours in the last person I just spoke to said 35 business days I feel like a victim of theft but will keep updated fixing to reach out to the gaming commission they shouldn’t be allowed to do this hold your money

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