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Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice


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Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Scopely. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Scopely, with the latest current version being 8.4.3 which was officially released on 2021-07-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 176566 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice App

How does it Work?

Roll dice to play YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It is the fun, classic board game with a new look. Play dice with friends in this multiplayer game.

Challenge your friends to play this family game for hours of endless fun! The #1 dice game is reimagined in YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle game fan? Poker dice fan? Strategy fan? Then you will love this new two player dice game! Don’t have a clue what YAHTZEE® is? Download it now and you will soon find out!

Classic & Fun Board Game on the Go

Play the #1 dice game officially licensed by Hasbro, anywhere.

Social game meets dice challenge: Roll dice against other players in epic 2 player game play.

Play dice with family and friends: You can chat and send stickers while you play! Join a YAHTZEE® family to get help from your friends!

Download now for 30 free bonus rolls!

===YAHTZEE® With Buddies Features===

Game Bonuses:

• Complete Yahtzee games to win in-game scratchers for a chance to win bonus dice rolls.

• Activate a bonus dice roll to get an extra dice spin right when you need it.

Defeat the Dice Masters:

• Dice Masters play back instantly in Yahtzee's reinvented solo adventure - take down the Dice Masters and earn amazing custom dice along the way!

• Conquer dozens of new levels with brand new boosts and obstacles like ice blocks, flying multipliers and more!

• Join the Race for the ultimate head to head competition and earn great new rewards!

Take part in tournaments:

• Yahtzee tournaments are a new, thrilling challenge! Yahtzee Solitaire, Yahtzee Bingo, and Yahtzee Stars are completely new ways to play these classic games!

• Play through different leagues to win exciting prizes.

Social Games with Friends

• Play with friends and family. Create your own family in game to get and give help.

• Multiplayer games with random opponents. Play dice games with players around the world.

• Explore Yahtzee Survivor to compete real time with hundreds of challengers and win Yahtzee’s biggest jackpot prize.

• Chat and challenge your friends with the new social buddies system!

Personalize your dice rolling experience:





A Yahtzee with Buddies Prize Pass trial will convert to a recurring subscription after 7 days. A payment will be charged to your iTunes account when the subscription begins, and it will auto-renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will be charged within 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, with the same price and payment schedule for the subscription you selected. Unused portions of a trial will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings.

Yatzy, yacht, yachty, yatzee, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, or generala, there’s only one authentic Yahtzee! Roll the dice to find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years!

Download the app, roll the dice, and prepare to shout “YAHTZEE!”

HASBRO and YAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2019 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.

Privacy Policy:


Terms of Service:


Additional Information, Rights, and Choices Available to California Players: https://scopely.com/privacy/#additionalinfo-california

By installing this game you agree to the terms of the license agreements.

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Top Reviews

  • By BC dancer gal

    Lotso fun!

    Only have had 1 major issue with game: There’s a returning tournament called “The Feast,” which gives every player a free turn about once a day. If you want to play more than once, it “costs” 3 dice. Last month, they graduated the price — if you bought more than, say, 4 extra turns, the price suddenly jumped up to 4 dice. Then, after about 4 more turns, the price went up again. The price would reset to 3 dice/turn each day. I claimed it wasn’t fair to charge more for playing more while they argued that they were trying to level the playing field. Well, others must have complained for there no longer are graduated price increases. Otherwise, it’s a fun game, especially when you join a family (i.e. team). While you have no control over which numbers you “roll” with your “dice,” it’s all about strategy...and helping give your family members free turns. Lotso fun! Update: Scopley has gotten rid of the graduated entry fee. When COVID-19 hit, Yahtzee started offering a lot of different in-app purchases that are cheaper and offer different features, sometimes offering 24-hours of free play for a game! They’re not perfect, but whenever I bring something to their attention, they respond and try to make amends immediately. That + being fun to play, what more could a gal want...besides hitting the lotto, solving all of the world’s problems, and happiness for all?

  • By Scoobygirl76

    Great game but......

    This is an awesome game. It gives me the perfect “wind down” from a long day. I probably spend too much time playing it in fact. I also do spend money from time to time, which got rid of the massive amount of ads. But, I have noticed some things that I feel could be addressed to improve customer satisfaction. I read reviews all the time complaining about not getting enough extra rolls, and it is true. Offering us the option to subscribe to something for extra money is not the solution. If we had extra money to spend we would just buy what we want. Just change the odds on the scratchers to be less stingy with dice, you attract more flies with sugar not vinegar. Taking away the red scratchers at the end of buddy matches was a pretty crappy thing to do. Scopely needs to listen to what everybody says, not just the ones who are happy to spend money. Your massive graphics do make this game difficult to play because it does drain the battery life so fast. I would play it more if it wasn’t such a drain. If you really care, you will listen to what people want. Just make tweaks to the game in favor of the players that love your game, not tweets to make more money. Greed is a deadly sin.

  • By Ash Sav 333

    Fantastic Game with HOURS of FUN

    Fantastic game with hours worth of fun including multiple mini games, different style Yahtzee games that keep things interesting, tournaments that are free and there are only very MINIMAL ads. There’s ways to gain dice to enter tournaments for free by watching ads which aren’t long at all and worth it. Also, there’s a bunch of different ways to win dice that you use to roll, which is fun and interesting to see the new dice available. The prize claw gives you the chance to get new dice to roll during play, and you need tokens to access them, which does get aggravating because it isn’t easy to win tokens, but as long as you keep playing, and winning, you will win them in due time. New tournaments are added all the time and you can also just play regular old Yahtzee with friends or newly added friends. You could win scratch off cards to gain xp and gain achievements along with dice to use to enter tournaments when they are no longer free and you have to wait a bit of time to renter without them and also they could be used in Yahtzee game to re-roll. Thanks for a Yahtzee game WORTH the download!! I’ve been playing for a week and I’m obsessed!!

  • By Justluvlookin


    I love this game. I’ve been playing for a little over a year now and I play everyday, many times everyday actually. I love the “family” options- chat, family feast and family games. For a few months now, it has become almost impossible to rely on winning bonus rolls. For instance, when I receive even 1 black scratcher, that means I have played 5 games with someone. After playing for a year, I have many rivals that I play daily and that means I get quite a few (scratchers) “chances” to win bonus rolls, they just don’t seem to be available very often. So the same example of 5games, many times I don’t scratch the black cards until I have 10 or more. Most often- out of 10black scratchers, I will win from 0-4 (pretty average) and that’s the reward for playing 50 games! I would love to win rolls as often as I did when I first started to play, and now, with lack of them, I play less. Because I play less, and don’t have the rolls (sometimes necessary) to win tournaments, so I’ve been stuck on the same league for months. I would love to see more bonus rolls and possibly a few less “trophies” to progress. This game is still so much fun and I’m still addicted! I would just like to be addicted and playing with more bonus rolls!

  • By love peachy

    Victory rush

    I absolutely LOVE this game and been playing it for a few years. But, I feel screwed over. I’ve been going at it on victory rush trying to win the corgi dice because I wanted it SO BAD. I usually don’t play those because eventually it takes a lot of dice to play. Well, I’ve spent OVER 300 bonus’s rolls because at the end the game is literally impossible and if you lose it sends you back to the last checkpoint and asks for 5 bonus rolls for a rematch every time. I did it over and over and over and would get to the last match just to get sent back before I could get the corgi dice. IMPOSSIBLE. I never got lucky with my rolls, NEVER, and with how many ads I watched, omg, I just wanted the dang corgi dice. So here I am with 5 min before the event ends writing a review just cause I am so disappointed. I worked so hard to get to the end for NOTHING. A stupid scratcher. Didn’t even get bonus rolls from it. Or practically any of them. I’m so disappointed and feel like I wasted time and all of my dice that I had been saving up. The last 3 levels should not be that hard. But I never never never got lucky with any of my rolls. I tried to beat that last game for a whole day and it didn’t happen. I’m just very disappointed because I was so excited I made it to the end and now I feel scammed. I really love this game but I’m giving 3 stars because of how much effort I put in and came out with nothing. I know others are in the same boat

  • By Jairatraci

    I like game but not customer service

    I had to contact customer service because I wasn’t getting the help I asked for in my “family”. I would hit claim and it would go away in the chat but the items would not be available for me to use. This happened for at least 2 days. I contacted customer service and got a response the next day about how to make sure my game was updated(it was), make sure I cleared temporary data(I did), force close the app(I do every time I get out of the game), and to restart my phone(I did this as well). They still didn’t show up so I responded that I did all that and they still weren’t there. I was, however, able to claim them for that day and they got added to my inventory. I got a response back from someone else stating that I got them for that day and used them and closed the “case”. I contacted them again and said I didn’t get them for the 2 days before that day. I got a response back from yet another person saying that I claimed them for the day before. They didn’t say anything about using them. I know I claimed them. The issue isn’t that it wasn’t letting me claim them. The issue was that I could claim them but they weren’t put into my inventory so I could use them. I’m going to continue playing the game but I refuse to spend any money on it now since they have shown me that they don’t care if their game messes up and doesn’t give people things that they are supposed to get.

  • By Lmn6xc

    Addicting & fun but I really hate it

    It’s so addicting, but now at level 103, I find myself so frustrated saying, “OMG, I hate this game!” more and more everyday. At first, it’s fun and easy to level up, then it becomes so mundane and practically impossible to advance your player experience level & tournament leagues. Then they’ll add new features, events, mini games, limited series, etc. and it gets super fun again!! I don’t understand it but maybe one or two days a month I’ll have the best luck and win, win, win! But the other 95% of the time all I do is lose, lose, lose and can’t get a good game to save my life. It once took me 2 weeks, 4-5 times every single day, to defeat a single Dice Master in a Dice World event. It was outrageous. I’ve also spent over 800 bonus rolls just to complete a Victory Rush event to win a limited edition dice and frame set....I will say, Customer Support is amazing! The absolute best I’ve ever had experience with in any game I’ve ever played and trust me, I’ve played 100s. They respond quickly and are happy to credit your account (Not nearly to it’s entirety, but to a certain point)any items you lost due to game glitches. There are a few really, really, really annoying glitches that still occur at the very worst moments and have really screwed me, but not a ton of them at least. I love this games as much as a perfect 5 star game but I also hate it as much as a 1 star game so that’s why it gets 3 stars.

  • By RavenEF

    Love Yahtzee but....

    I love this game but they have gone from buying dice that you roll with some of the bonus dice packs. Where you paid and got what you paid for. Although rather expensive it was much better than this stupid claw machine where there is no choice or exchange the doubles you get aren’t even for the super dice and frankly shouldn’t even be there if you already have them. They keep track of what you have their computers know. Also they lie bonus rolls are not everywhere and every time they update they are harder and harder to get. Don’t let the black mega scratchers fool you, you mostly get experience points almost never dice and frankly with the word mega in the name there should be at least 5 dice on every single one of those cards and 3 on the red ones. OMG they act like these dice are made literally out of gold. It use to be so easy to get new dice to roll and bonus rolls they’ve made it so much harder that I sometimes hate this game. It’s even harder to roll what you need now. Random I don’t really believe it. Cheating is more like it or bonus rolls wouldn’t be needed so often. In the actual game with actual dice no one needs or gets bonus rolls and people manage to play and win the game and get the rolls they need. I have played this game more in real time than on any computer. Dice don’t roll like that. Also they steal the scratches half of the time when you win them.

  • By Murphayy

    Game Just Tries To Take Your Money

    With this app, you have two options for gameplay. You can play one turn at a time with strangers, which can be a very time-consuming endeavor. If you want to play a game by yourself (against the computer) you have the second option of engaging in the adventure modes. This is the typical profitable app model that uses timer countdown limits (e.g. once you play one game, you must wait three hours until you can play again) that encourage the user to utilize in-app purchases to buy local currencies. While I’m not the biggest fan of this model, I understand that it’s very prevalent and I’ve become accustomed to being patient and looking forward to it. What is the biggest disappointment is that many of the games are clearly fixed (in order to gain any significant advantage you would likely need to utilize further in-app purchases). I am obtaining my master’s degree in statistics and the probability of some of these outcomes happening repeatedly and as constantly as they do is so remote that it has just become so discouraging. If you’re looking to play Yahtzee, don’t get this app. The design is nice and the gameplay is superb, but unless you’re looking for an app that you mindlessly check on every few hours or if you don’t mind spending your actual money on this game, then go ahead and try it. I had been really underwhelmed with the game that I had deleted it. After having recently re-downloaded it, I will soon be deleting it again.

  • By SarahLovesElvis

    Some good new things, which are quickly negated by the bad...

    I like the new version overall. Scorecards all on one screen, more new dice and frames and events and it seems fun!...Until you realize that they’ve screwed you once again. Been playing for years now and I will not spend money for extra rolls, and if you don’t, they make it more difficult to beat each stage in the showdown. They always have, so I’m used to that. Sometimes it would take me a little longer to beat the whole thing and sometimes I’d get close but couldn’t beat it before the event was over. Fine. Well now, if you don’t get extra rolls, you might as well forget it. I play frequently and have yet to make to beat one showdown. Honestly, they’ve made it nearly impossible. Now, I do have to say that they have made it easier to win extra rolls on the scratchers. I’d never won more than 3 before (again...been playing for years) and in the new version I’ve already won 5 extra and 15 extra. But I guess because that improved, they had to do something to make other parts more difficult to entice you to buy more rolls. Needless to say, I was pretty excited at first but after a few weeks I’ve become even more annoyed with it than I ever had been before. It’s a bit ridiculous. There are other minor things that would make it a little better, visually and whatnot, but I don’t even care because I don’t see myself playing as much anymore anyway. Quite disappointed.

  • By briannicklaus

    Potentially great, but ruined by ad implementation

    This game offers the standard game of yahtzee and allows you to play against friends, family, or strangers on the internet. You can also play against the computer in slightly different versions of Yahtzee and win prizes. It really could be a fun game, but the downsides really impact the level of fun this game offers. The biggest, and most in your face is the way they implemented ads. In the middle of a roll, it leaves the game screen and goes to a full page ad. Sometimes you can click the X and go back to the game, sometimes you have to watch 5 seconds, others 30 seconds, sometimes there are more than 1 you have to watch. The X isn’t always in the same place. By the time you get back to the game, you have to figure out what turn you were on and what you need to go for. The interruption from the ads is really bad and it is very frequent; approximately every three turns. You can get rid of the ads for the crazy price of $8/month. On top of the ads, something doesn’t seem to be coded efficiently as this game burns through your battery so much faster than anything else. There are a lot of in app purchases that are priced really high for what you get. I really hope they decide to offer an option to go adds free without signing up for the prize pass and figure out how to make the game run a little smoother overall. It has great potential.

  • By Ver-Brick


    The game is very addictive and filled with tournaments and a variety of events to interest everyone. You are playing against people from all over the world so you meet a lot of nice people. The problem is that you need bonus rolls for a free turn or to participate in some events and they are very expensive. You can earn some free rolls but some players can earn 4 while some may earn 10 or 20 each day. They offer special packages or events but some players have access to them while others won’t. Prices on some of their packages also vary from player to player. My husband plays as well and one of us will have a better package offer than the other or may have an event that they don’t. It’s meant to be a competitive game yet Scopely doesn’t level the playing field. They create ways within the events to make you spend your bonus rolls if you don’t want to drop out of the game. Their graphics are nice but a little overboard and real battery wasters. Do I really need to see a dog jump and then bark every time I get a Yahtzee? They have a dice claw that you earn tokens to get free dice and players often get dice they already have. Many complain about duplicates but are always told that it will be discussed at their meetings. If I were rich this would be the best game ever...but since I’m not, it’s a big aggravation I shouldn’t have from something that is supposed to be fun.

  • By mpal629

    Beware of cost to remove ads

    This is the second time I’ve downloaded this game. First time around I paid a one time fee to remove ads from gameplay & I played to a level where I was unable to advance further (essentially I had plateaued at a high tournament level & was unable to meet the goal to advance to another level). While I was enjoying the game quite a bit, I needed space on my device and was getting bored with no longer moving up tournament levels so I decided to delete the app. Recently I downloaded the app again, figuring I would start over from the beginning. Unfortunately, this time around, the only option to remove ads is to subscribe to a prize pass membership for a recurring charge of $8 a month. When I first looked into this, I was having an average of 3 ads pop up in each game. I wrote a message thru the help/contact us link stating that this seemed like a steep price to pay to remove ads when most other game apps charge a one time fee around $3 to do this. The response I got was “some people pay the subscription price because they think it’s fun” I’m now getting between 8-10 ads within a single game. Feels like every few rolls of the dice I have to wait 15-30 seconds for an ad to play before I can move onto my next turn. Seems like they are trying to force people into paying $8 per month which seems ridiculous. I’ll be deleting it again and looking for alternative Yahtzee game apps.

  • By DonnaMacy

    Yahtzee with buddies

    I’m liking Yahtzee less and less. So many bugs which don’t seem to be fixed while continually rolling out new feature which are nothing more than Free Roll eating behemoths. Taking away red scratchers for game play stinks,especially when the game is so slanted in favor of the house. Your customer service people are either misinformed or liars as they continue to repeat that the red scratchers for person to person games are in the treasure chests, one shows up here and there but that’s it. It’s ridiculous to think, odds wise, that one cannot roll a specific die one time in a game, unrealistic. You can see the dice rolling and jumping off the die you need. Feast, too long and too frequent. Roaming players jumping from family to family and not participating when let into a new Family is getting old. They need a time out or something if they are chronic abusers. Punishing players who do buy from you by taking away their free ads for several days to several weeks is ridiculous. Many of your customer service people appear to be either incompetent or liars. Additionally, the winning of repetitive dice in the prize claw. Can’t believe you still haven’t fixed that. And why did you take away our Dice Masters. I’m reminded of that great game from years ago called Mafia Wars wherein The greed and incompetence of the company and developers magically made the game lose popularity seemingly overnight and then it was gone

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