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  • Last Updated: 2020-12-30
  • New version: 1.24.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game

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Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SayGames LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SayGames LLC, with the latest current version being 1.24.0 which was officially released on 2020-12-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 63,426 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.74353 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

How often do you talk with your brain? Hey, friend, what’s up! It’s me – your crazy brain! Let’s talk a bit, I’ve made a surprise for you… If you are brave enough, ask yourself three simple questions: 1.Are you tired of following common rules? Good job, next one, please. 2. Wanna get some fresh ideas and unique insights? And the last one, but not the least: 3. Do you know how to start thinking in a different and unique way? So probably you’ve just failed now. Do not worry! I do know the right solution cause you cannot imagine how am I sick of stereotypical thinking! ► Shall we wash ourselves? Oh no-no-no! I don’t need your private details…. But have you ever washed me? I am about puzzle game «Brainwash»! It’s a creative method to make me feel special and free from common frameworks! Unusual jigsaw is a magic tool, which will make us think differently and solve unpredictable funny tasks. Let me make you interested and mention some: - match beloved to a cat or make a firework, - find a lion or even biscuits, - escape prisoner or choose father for a baby, - repair a tape or draw the tower of Pisa, - convert «lose» to «love» or feed ufo-cat. ► Why Brainwash is worth paying attention to? Top-5 key reasons: 1. There is nothing in common with old school puzzle games. 2. You will not get bored! Great variety of levels: from 1 to 100. 3. It saves your time – one level takes about 1 min. 4. User-friendly interface: easy to get the idea. 5. Stylish game tools and cheering motivation during the process. ► What I expect you to do now? • Download the game: choose the best online store according to your device (Keep in mind! There is only two possible options). Do it, I am watching you! • Switch on your logic. We need to excel it at max! • Press the button and be ready for some action! Are there any instructions for a puzzle game? No! It’s time to start acting without guides! Ready, set, wash your brain!

Top Reviews

  • Innapropriate for 18- please no

    By Kemily1212
    So while i was getting the game for my sister (shes 9) and i was bored so i decided to play the game on her ipad. Things got in inappropriate on level 25. The duck looked very sexual with the ball in its mouth and a tight jacket. Like this game is 12+!! At least make the age rating to 17+ or 18+ because the higher you go the more inappropriate the games get. Also you keep stealing photos from: Anime, Drawings, Generic kid friendly memes. Also what is your obsession with peeing in the toilet correctly? Its disturbing to some people. Also the fact that on one of the levels you have to spin the bottle and if you get an “ugly” or “fat” woman/man you get the problem wrong? Also this could be offensive to LOTS of people out there. Youcan at least put a warning on “this might be offensive to some people” or something. Also theirs a level where you have to save a zebra?? Like the crocodile wanted to eat. My sister thought it was really sad so he told me to write this review. Anyways rate this game 18+ and stop making everything stereotypical and stuff.
  • Fun game. Age appropriation should go up a bit

    By dug8282
    I see a lot of reviews on here about it not being age appropriate. I agree with this. 12+ is a little low. That being said the majority of the content is at best PG-13. There is nothing extremely lewd about any of it. It is definitely not a kids game, but mid to late teens should be appropriate. I enjoyed the game thoroughly until around level 450 or so when every level after that seems to be a repeat so it didn’t stay around much after, but the games were each fairly unique and fun up until that point. All are pretty simple. I had to use the hint button a few times so there is some challenge every once in a while. All in all, it was a fun experience.
  • Good but not

    By hsgsusfehaurshsfyrcrgybios
    Everybody thinks that this is a bad game for younger kids and I agree, but just also a ya that it’s a fun. You can’t say hat you give it a zero because it’s not appropriate you could at least give it a 3 star rating but I don’t know why someone would give it a 1 star rating?! I think everybody should know that that’s not fair but i think if it had nothing good or fun in the game that’s a complete 0 star rating. (Don’t worry I know you can’t use 0 star rating)
  • This game has child grooming content

    By Ro.Jo.De
    I’d give zero stars if I could. Why would you have ads in a game that is rated ages 12+ that have females (introduces as daughters) in a bathtub that say, your “dad/moms boyfriend is at the door, do you scream or invite him in?”then goes on to have the “daughter” having a baby that looks like the dad or boyfriend asking “do you tell the truth of keep the secret forever” what in the name of child grooming is that!?!?! Absolutely disgusting. Change the age of play or change the ads. Additionally, you have multiple puzzles on here that are about “searching” people (mostly women) for weapons that show the females undergarments and body, yet I’ve come across ONE puzzle of a male needing to be searched for bone breaks and it was all just skeleton. PLEASE STOP OBJECTIFYING WOMEN!! This games targets audience is 12+ children shouldn’t be exposed to this especially in a game.

    By upsetandunhappy
    I like the game, it is fun and your brain gets to solve riddles. Yet I am confused about one thing. In most if these reviews and the pictures shown to us in preview it shows these certain levels which I haven’t reached yet which is ok, but when I read the other reviews the people talk about the levels being on like # 25 or # 34 but I’ve passed those levels yet I still haven’t seen those certain levels so is this false information in the previews or is the levels different for everybody depending on their pace? Please read this and help someone. Thank you! Also this is age inappropriate I get some people like it but you guys said 12+ when this should be 18+ seeing the pictures in the preview you guys put.
  • first

    By Upsetting Unlocking fonts
    So I got it and fell in love! It was so fun. I love how every new level there was something new to do. After playing it for like one month or two the levels came back, this happened a bunch of times. At this point it is boring. So I would recommend it if this didn’t happen. So I don’t recommend this game. Also not to mention it’s inappropriate, you have to search there almost naked bodies? Also when you spin the bottle you get the one that’s working out and trying to make herself better, or the one who is doing what she loves, and it’s wrong? Like I think they are beautiful inside and out. Even if they aren’t real. This game could be really offensive too. I am going to delete this app and find a better one. Thanks for reading!! 😜❤️😍
  • Nothing but Ads

    By Norolimfrodo
    It’s one is those con games that was just released to made money off you watching ads. An ad plays like every 10 seconds (I’m not kidding). So each little game is pretty easy. You can solve them in a few seconds. Normally you play about 3 of those “games” then an ad pops up. When some of those games take a few seconds longer...there is an ad between each game...all depending on how long you take. In fact, some games have a delay. Once you submit your answer even if you were quick, it plays this way extra time so it won’t submit right away which causes you to watch more ads since it “took longer” to compete. Look, the games are super easy and mindless, I liked that. But having an ad that often was annoying. Literally like every 10 seconds I’m so not kidding.
  • Disgusting

    By puglife!!!!05
    Imagine being so comfortable on the internet so you just decided to make a sexual game...? Gross. First let’s talk about the fact in the 3rd or 4th photo you have for advertising is a girl and you put a header above it saying “imagine having x-ray vision” We NEED to learn how to treat genders the same. Now let’s address the fade we are searching woman to see there ‘hiding’ in there clothes. No. I played that whole level and not once seen a ‘searching’ the man one. Not that it makes it right. But it makes it more wrong with the fact you decided to make this a kids game when all it does it show that it’s ok to sexualize a woman. That teaches boys. And that’s why half the women on this earth are scared. Scared to walk to our mailbox. You need to stop sexualizing women it’s nasty. And why in the world is this a 12+ game?!?
  • Worst app on the planet.

    By Sean Jr...
    So I was just casually listening to music on Audiomack, then this ad came up. In the first segment of the add, You had to place the gumdrops on the gingerbread people. And guess what, they resemble (female part of body) and (male part of body). What I’m trying to say is this. 👙and 🍆. If a child is playing a certain app made for kids, and this add shows up, the parent would just close the add right away. If I were the creator of this app, and I got complaints of a child seeing a certain ad of this app, I WOULD JUST DELETE THE APP RIGHT AWAY! So here’s my advice, do not download this app if you are under the age of 18. Because this is extremely gross and inappropriate. Give this app a 1 star rating and delete the app if you are underage Thank you for staying and listening.
  • Good game for Adults. Not kids

    By jfreems3
    I thoroughly enjoy this game as an adult. It’s hilarious. But the ratings should be changed to 18+. This is not suitable for 12+. I did have an issue on one of the levels called Stardust. The page would fill but the level would not move on. Also found that sometimes the level would freeze or malfunction but I couldn’t restart the level because there is no home page to go back, no levels to see and go back to or a redo button on every page. Otherwise I like this game and it’s pretty simple for the most part.

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