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HellCopter is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SayGames LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SayGames LLC, with the latest current version being 1.8.5 which was officially released on 2021-06-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 69678 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the HellCopter App

How does it Work?

Understanding that racism is not inherent in human beings, we corroborate peaceful entertainment and are all for compassion and solidarity.

Hellcopter is a new shooting 3D game.

Jump in a helicopter and go on a deadly mission!

Lock and load your machine gun, aim and pull the trigger.

Try this helicopter simulator and destroy all the criminals who occupied the building.

Blast them with explosives and make cinematic shots!

Endless bullets provided.

Are you ready for some gunplay?

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Top Reviews

  • By Jordan The Rockstar

    Time killer

    I’m not sure if this game has a level cap but I’m on level 700 something haha! It’s a great time killer although I wish I knew how the game determined how much money you get at the end of the levels. Some times it’s 300 sometimes 80... I’ve tried the spray everything method, the accurate chain kill method, the basic weaker pistol with 100% accuracy and nothing seems to fluctuate the income so I’m confused. The choice to watch adds for multipliers and trying new guns is fun. I even bought a cheap guns to get the involuntary adds removes so it’s cool the voluntary adds still allow you to support the game and get rewards for it. Also why can’t I buy the rocket launcher? Lol I would pay 7.99 for that easily hahaha. Also there seems like a random generating game engine powering this game so the levels may be infinite which is cool.

  • By iwote this

    One of my favorite games

    So I just downloaded this game either today or yesterday and I’m in love with it. My favorite thing about this game is the enemies. Whenever you kill them their like ragdolls, they fall all over the place. Some games have enemies die in certain positions but not this game. It was smart of the devs to ad the explosion tanks so maybe an enemy will fly out the building when their killed. Please keep updating this game because it’s a time killer. Please make sure to not have any bugs in your game or else it might not be so great. But yeah keep everything updated and perfect and this game will be fun to many people.

  • By piercespielman

    I love this game

    It’s a very fun game, very good for downtime when your just chilling relieving some stress. It’s fun and it’s doesn’t cost too much to block the adds but it’s definitely worth it! Very fun game all the weapons are extremely fun, there’s laser guns to roast them or stuck them to the wall with a crossbow! I did have one idea though for the next update: you guys should add like a side task system with rewards, like how you can break the water bottles by shooting them or knocking the cameras down? I don’t know how easy or hard this is but I feel like it would add another cool aspect and another way to earn cash to the game

  • By PotatoPCBoi

    What if...

    So I absolutely fell in love with this game and I played it all night last night. I have 2 things to say about it though. First, whenever I tap on the screen to start a level, I am instantly presented with an offer to get 3 shields if I watch a video. This gets annoying after a few levels. Secondly, I hope the devs/dev of this game make the slo mo optional so if you wanted an easier time doing the levels, you could turn it on. And if you were feeling confident, you could turn it off and get maybe even more of cash prize, as a reward for doing it without slo mo.

  • By @flyguy_getsfit

    Fun but repetitive- fix the 3x payout

    I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now and I’m on level 400 or so I believe. As the level goes up it would be nice to have enemies with quicker reaction time to make the game more challenging. Here is my big complaint though. I watch an ad to get 3 times the money.. it doesn’t calculate it correctly for example today I was supposed to get 360 dollars in the x3 however I actually only received 240. This game has been doing this since I started playing. If I suffer through the 30 second ad every time, pay me properly please!

  • By Aragorn the Third

    Love it

    I love this game I downloaded it this evening and am already on level 54 I’m impressed that a mobile game has this good physics and graphics like if you shoot a enemy it’ll rag doll as it dies and if you blow up a red can/barrel the walls and furniture are effected as are the enemy’s you earn money as you play so it’s not a pay to win you can get cosmetics by watching a add they’re are different gamemodes and maps you can try guns by watching a add you can get revives the only thing I don’t like is a add after every level but a least you can skip it great game no flaws

  • By yeetmaster95720682952

    Less ads please to addictive

    So in my opinion the game is great and I love it but I do have a few suggestions for instants I think you could add mods or like scopes also in the title I say less ads the reason I say that is because you get a ad a game and I know you earn you money like that but to us it is a inconvenience so maybe you could do ads only for money ,Shields ,Etc now I know it takes a lot of time and work to make a game but please consider it thank you for your patience and time also if you are reading reviews to maybe get I recommend you get it

  • By alric3

    Money is hard to get

    It takes awhile to buy a new gun because you barely get any money after playing a mission. I mostly get like $130 per mission it’s just exhausting. Also everything is overpriced like to remove adds you have to buy in game currency the 20,000 currency pack is $5.00 I understand you need to make money but that’s overpriced and that’s not even the most currency you can get! $2 or $3 would be much more reasonable for the 20,000 currency pack. I do enjoy your game it’s just needs some work.

  • By Meme_DevYT

    Amazing Game! Just needs better AI

    So I've had this game for about a year now and it never gets old! I have the arrow gun and its just so satisfying to pin them against the wall, BUT the devs need to update the AI cause there are just some times that they need to react better (Ex: there are two criminals standing together, then i shoot the other guy right in front of him) And all he does is just sit there, But otherwise this game is amazing! Very little ads and not so pushy for you to buy the ad blocker, i will keep this game forever :)

  • By syrupcakes

    Map update bug

    Every other level I complete takes me back to the mountain levels for some reason. This happens no matter what place I’m currently in, and I have no idea why. I’ve tried restarting the game before it loaded the next level and it still happened. Now, you would think this isn’t a problem, it’s just a different unexpected stage. But there’s more, and it’s a big problem. You see, in the mountain stage, the houses are wider than the usual apartments, so the game will increase your field of view so you can see all the enemies. However, with this unexpected stage shift I’m experiencing, THE GAME DOESN’T INCREASE MY FIELD OF VIEW. This means there are some enemies all the way to the side that I can’t initially see, but by the time my screen reveals them, they’ve already shot a bullet and I lose. This is a big problem, and it should be addressed ASAP.

  • By ShadowRose22


    I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks and I actually really like it but I do have some issues. The newest update took away one of my guns I saved $4000 for and I didn’t watch the ads to get money multipliers because I really wanted to grind for it and give it worth and it WAS my favorite gun in the game. Also the default character the game had at first looked great and I’m absolutely all for the idea of unlocking new cosmetics that recently got implemented into the game but the current default character doesn’t look nearly as good as the old but I guess that’s just me being a bit picky, also the level skip option is kinda annoying I was playing a level but died twice and when I went for the replay level button the skip level popped up and I accidentally hit it and it made me skip the level entirely I honestly feel like that’s taking away from the experience and fun of the game especially since you can’t go back and complete the level

  • By Aj 77 E man

    Potential but needs work

    I just wanna start off and say that I like this game it is fun, I like the destruction and such but there is just one problem. The ads, they just never end do they? I completed only 2 missions because my progress got lost and those 2 missions took at least 10 minutes because of the ads. I was playing very well too, I got all targets in maybe 3 minutes each level but the ads are just horrible. They make you watch 3 ads at once and I have never seen that before from my whole life of playing free games and watching ads constantly I have never been forced to see 3 ads at a time. I know of course they are a company, they make money but PLEASE just try and control the ads because I can’t see myself playing this game with 3 ads at a time, there are also more details but I’m just too tired to address them, please have a good day and enjoy things while you can.

  • By Sloggins55

    Fun game, BUT

    I really enjoyed the game up until I reached level 147 there are bandits on the eye level view an some on the level above. I play on an I-Pad Pro an it won’t allow me to shoot the upper level because of the game icons are in the way where I need to shoot. Next the adds...I understand you need to get paid, how about a $1.00 upgrade for no adds. An how about adds in English please I’m seeing ads in Russian...really Update...the new update said we could pay for no ads, great however even though I could new skins for my character I could never get the opportunity to buy the no ads...ever. So I though I’ll uninstall the game an then re install an see if I can buy the no ads. That didn’t work because not only can I not buy the no ads option I’ve lost all my levels an over 500,000 in points. Sorry it’s not worth it to me to start over. It’s a shame too, this game had so much potential but not enough for me start over from scratch...delete

  • By Jmwy50

    Ads take over 45 seconds.

    I’m stuck at level 2837 with zero shields. I’ve watch over seven 45 second ads to get 3 shields back with no luck. I’ve restarted my iPad 2020 too many times. Each time I tried to get the 3 lives, it allows me to watch the 45 second ad (too darn long) and then freezes. Time to delete this game. In this game, At certain screens, the game shoots you by preventing you from shooting the target. This has happened too many times. I’ve accumulated all available heads, tops & pants. For some reason I lost numerous heads, tops & helmets. I also don’t understand how the wheels I accumulate are lost. I’m glad I didn’t spend real money to unlock this game. I’m deleting it. This game is wasting my time abandoning. Good Bye and Good riddance! Don’t download anything from this company.

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