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  • New version: 1.3.12
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Rage Road - Car Shooting


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Rage Road - Car Shooting is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SayGames LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SayGames LLC, with the latest current version being 1.3.12 which was officially released on 2021-07-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 72423 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Is it hard to be a secret agent nowadays? In the real life only secrets agents know, but in the virtual reality we could tell you that it is easy as a sweet cherry pie! All you need is road, car, gun and rage to kill enemies on your way (what is about shooting from the hip?) Everything you will find in the new game «Rage Road»!

Let us deep into the daily routine of secret agent and describe you a bit of it. Get into a car, take a gun, check number of bullets, and aim to the first enemy! It looks like that he is also going to shoot, do not give him any single chance to do it. Smash his car into a thousand of small pieces and show everyone on this road that you are the best here!

► Should I choose «Rage Road» out of all games? Three «Yes».

• Yes №1 «Design». Variety of small but significant details, which make you be inside the gaming environment in a full way. A bunch of exciting emotions is guaranteed!

• Yes №2 «Back music». Inspiring, thrilling and just pleasant to listen to. No old-fashioned rhythms and boring cute songs from the previous century. We even can say – hardcore is prevailing.

• Yes №3 «Unobvious logic». You cannot build the strategy of your actions for the next ten steps. It is pretty impossible as game always adds something new at the every next level. Switch on your attention at max!

Additional «Yes» is game’s ability to make a conversation with you. Does it sound a bit awkward? No doubts it does, but you will like the way it talks to you.

► Ruin the stereotype of boring games!

You know, there are so many games that can draw your attention only for several seconds or minutes in the best case scenario… Such a big disappointment for all gamers! Wait, do not lose your faith and answer the following question:

► Is «Rage Road» worth playing more than one time? Three «Yes».

• Yes №1 «Levels’ hierarchy». Twenty steps on your way to success within one race. Maybe, you are quite fast and can manage to pass all of them at once, but did we tell you that there is only one race? So, find out - how long does it take for you to finish the whole game?

• Yes №2 «Effect of collection». The more money and diamonds, the more stuff you can afford during the game. Upgrade your car, make stylish look, advance the gun – do whatever you want!

• Yes №3 «Mission». No pain, no gain! Shooting from the hip is not enough… Each mission differs in terms of targets to kill and their super abilities to stay alive. As you can guess, killing the boss is the hardest task ever and it will take far more efforts than missions at the beginning.

The final «Yes» is left for you…Have you already downloaded the game «Rage Road»?

Top Reviews

  • By elibruce

    Good game new game for the future of saygames LLC

    I would love if you made this game for me I think it will be a lot of fun you oh u could have modes like hard medium easy time limit mode tournament multiplayer off-road and practice mode you could have colors it would start with and you would work you’re way up to the best color you could have starter cars then common card rare legendary and off-road the legendary cars could get power ups if you do decide to make this game I would like it to be named drifty drive you could have levels and when you beat them you could get parts of other cars also the game is really fun I got it because I really liked the Johnny trigger game when I saw this game it looked really fun!!

  • By Badboy0425

    Dear Saygames

    Hello Saygames I first played a game called Johnny trigger that you own but than about 3 months ago I saw an ad for rage road I am really interested in car chases and never saw a game for it thanks for Your Hard work to make this game then in August 10, 2020 i downloaded this game immediately well I I got to my first boss I finished it but than the game started to get bad sadly 1. Red atvs: red atvs are the atvs that have a human on them with bombs when they get close to you it explodes but the problem with red atvs is the aim always points at them and I die everytime I try to shoot them when I am in a boss I just want the red atvs to be removed for gods sake because they cause me to have to watch a million ads 2. Ads: ads always appear no matter what when you die or finish a level it’s super annoying and that’s why mobile games that are like this get 4. Something just remove the feature where ads appear no matter what 3. Pricey guns: I see a gun most times and they are expensive when I don’t have the amount that I need for them just remove the feature where pricey guns appear when you don’t have the amount and put the guns you can buy, welp that’s it for my talking I hope you remove all these features so the game can be better and please Respond to this review I’m CB and bye

  • By ScoutcriptMaxx

    Needs one thing changed

    I am writing this still as a beginner in this game so I do not know what happens later but so far this is an amazing game. Being able to shoot and blow up one car’s tire, making them die and crash into others. How the bosses have bunches of health. But there is one thing that makes this game less fun. When those bomb vest guys get to the left or right of you, you have about 5 seconds to deal with other guys before you HAVE to shoot them. But when they are up to the sides the game forces you to shoot at them, giving everyone else a chance to shoot you. When I’m playing the turret car boss, they’ll get beside me and I will have drag it back to the boss. Even if I let my finger off the iPad for a millisecond, it will hover back over to the bomber and I will have to forcefully drag it over to the boss, hoping I can get a few more shots in before I actually have to kill the bomber. Other than this it is a great game! I love the concept of it and if you fix this problem I’ll be sure to give you five stars!

  • By Seth Struble

    Needs an update

    I really like this game. A storyline, cool outfits, gun camos, etc. But it’s really lacking a certain feature. To manually reload at anytime. Whenever there’s a missile or an exploding ATV guy coming at you, it’s almost reached you and you’re down to your last few bullets and you miss causing you to reload. By the time you’re done, you don’t have enough time to react and you’ve been blown up. It’s taken me forever to get through some of the boss levels because of that. Especially levels 50 and 60. And it’s even harder when you’ve got many enemy vehicles firing bullets at you at the same time the explosives are coming. I think there should be a button right above where your bullet count is and you can press it to reload your weapon, whether you’ve only shot a few bullets or spent half of them, but you shouldn’t have to wait until all your bullets are out to reload. Other than that, I really like the game.

  • By catman8609

    Cons to Pros

    This review is not hate. It is a fun and addicting game! But I have some things you should fix. One of these things are game crashes. When I don’t want to unlock a gear at the moment, I go to my outfits and after I watch the add to unlock it, it crashes the game and never unlocks it. It only scams me by wasting my time. This also happens with the game “HellCopter.” Another thing is that there are too many ads. I understand you’re trying to make money but you are probably gonna lose satisfied customers because your game is very fun. If I fail or pass a level, it gives ads automatically. I suggest that you should maybe put ads after 2-3 levels so it can be more fair. Overall like I said, your games are very addicting and would like to see more please. Just fix those bugs! Thank you.

  • By BongWolf

    Great game but...

    I have it for about two days now. Totally addictive game mechanics but as others have said, the upgrade-by-ad system is severely flawed, and the random chests NEVER ( 0/22 ) give the ‘best prize’. You absolutely HAVE to play an ad to get to them. The gun shop always shows you lesser guns or ones you don’t have enough credits to buy. I’ve only been able to buy one useful weapon in well over 200 levels, even though at one point I had over 10k in credits. I simply never got the choice to get a good rifle. UNTIL I had spent enough credits to not be able to afford them. So best advice... play it on the can and ignore the ads until the upgrade mechanics are fair. But be warned, there is zero skill involved in upgrading. It’s not even by chance because they’ve stacked the ad system against us.

  • By Grascor

    Pretty entertaining, but...

    The weapons are categorized in like four or five types, and in each type they are all the same with different colors. It would be much better if there were more variations from weapon to weapon, but the range of variations is minuscule. Once you have one of the expensive ones, the others are absolutely useless, and the expensive ones are not big deal, tbh. You just reload faster, that’s all. And, this may be nitpicking but, in hard mode... too much drones, bro. They withstand a lot of damage, but is not funny once you learn the pattern to defeat them. Like, you just waste a lot of time with them, but there is no sense of risk. Overall, decent game, just don’t pay attention to the story they pretend to show to you at the beginning, because it goes nowhere.

  • By urmum1978

    Great game but needs an update

    The game is fun, has a good storyline, gameplay, etc., but it needs a few more things. First, manual reload. There are times when missiles are coming at you and you are reloading and can’t hit them. Second, there are way too many ads. You can’t get anything but money in the game without watching an ad. Every time you die or pass a level, there’s another ad. It’s gotten to the point where I just turn off my WiFi and cellular so I can play a few levels without watching an ad. But, with WiFi and cellular turned off, I can’t get new guns, costumes, car parts, etc. Third, the gun shop. Either the guns are way more expensive than what you can pay for or they’re worse than the gun you already have. Fourth, the chests. You never get the best prize without watching an ad. And lastly just something for the developers. We need an update where the drones are affected by cars hitting them. One of the easier ways to pass levels is hitting cars into others by shooting their tires or drivers. But drones are not affected and I just wish they were because it would make things a little more realistic.

  • By volcanic explosion


    Let me just say that the game is great. Gameplay and Hard Road is awesome, but based on the reviews and my personal experience, I believe that there too many ads, and sometimes there are a few flaws. First of all, the gun shop. I heard that the less money you have, the better the random weapons you get. And when you finally save up the amount for a rifle (I.E Mecha, the only rifle I have.), the game gives you a ton of useless pistols. It feels like a kick in the face to see how the gun shop forces you into buying all pistols and SMGs until you finally get the rifles at a level pretty much impossible with an SMG. Also, yes, I know that we could buy cash, but why is it that we have to buy cash every time we want a rifle. The odds are unlikely you won’t get a pistol at 6,000 dollars so my Mecha was gained from luck. Now, the ads. I normally play with the WiFi off, except for Hard Road. The are many ads, and sometimes the ad weapon for the gun shop isn’t available when there’s an ad right after. Smart move, SayGames.

  • By Uncle_Samsonite

    Fun, but with frustrating inconsistencies

    The game is enjoyable, but there are some annoying problems. For one, the buildings and objects beside the road are not “objects”, so cars can pass right through them. This means that if you drive a car off the road into a building, it will still continue to chase and shoot you off screen. It’s the same with every map. It’s grossly apparent on the map in the flood channel, where enemies just go straight through everything, and they float above the water. Similarly, drones also aren’t “objects” when they’re alive, so if you destroy a vehicle and it goes towards the drone, instead of hitting it, it will just pass straight through, making it incredibly frustrating to face off against them. Lastly, the weapons in the game don’t make much sense. A lot of the weapons are just re-skins of each other, as they preform exactly the same, making collecting weapons pointless. There are still a bunch more smaller problems, but this review is long enough. If these problems are fixed, the game would be much better and far more entertaining.

  • By Born_A_Rebel

    Fun game, very annoying weapons system.

    The gameplay is very entertaining, however the main trend that I’ve noticed in this game is that they like to tease you. When you have less money in the game, the gun store screen will pop up after a level and tease you with guns that are just out of your price range; it’ll also display guns that are thousands of dollars out of your price range. But when you finally have enough to afford the guns that the game teases you with when you’re broke, the only guns that pop up are low priced weapons. For example, I’ve climbed the ladder to an astronomical balance of $9,000 dollars, and the game insists on displaying 3 of the same exact gun on the gun store screen. guess which gun it was? A skin variant of the starting pistol. This has happened nearly every single time since I broke $4,000. I can’t get the gun store to offer me anything better than the beginning pistols, but I guarantee that if I were to spend all of my money, then the game would go right back to teasing me with 4 to 6 thousand dollar weapons. And I find that infuriating.

  • By TaylorRN

    Gets boring... PLEASE READ

    At first I thought this game would be really fun but then every time something popped up that said watch vid to get reward all it ever said was sorry try again later. I can’t get any new or better guns because every time I get enough for a gun that I saw in the past that I couldn’t afford that costed 900 but when the 3 guns popped up they costed 3k-6k dollars. I really feel like this game is doing that so people will buy cash for their game and it is stupid. But Then I looked at the comments and everything people said was 100% true I’m gonna rate this a 1 if you make a update that makes this game worth my while I might raise it depending on how good the game is. But I hate this game right now because it’s almost like it is teasing me with the guns and its price range. You guys really need to fix your game because so far it really isn’t that good and you can’t even unlock anything because pretty much everything you have to watch a video to get it and it won’t ever let me watch a video. Soooo..... like I was saying I liked this game at the begging but now I just hate it thanks for reading my comment PEACE.

  • By BB3tp


    Right now the game is unplayable due to repeated crashing. I will adjust my rating after an update. I’ve read a lot of other reviews and agree with a lot of the issues. It’s a fun game but the main problems are the guns. When you don’t have the money the more expensive are shown and the less expensive/powerful seem to show up when you do have the money. Essentially, it’s the same fee guns with different skins. There’s no rhyme or reason for when you get a chance to buy one. How about a gun shop that you can go to between levels or offering the chance to buy one after you complete say 5-10 levels? The videos for rewards simply don’t work. Whenever I try to watch one to get a new look or open a box for a different reward the game crashes. When I try to watch a video for a different look the video option just keeps spinning. Those are my two biggest suggestions. Give us more gun options and a better system to acquire them and please fix the glitchy video system where you’re supposed to get rewards. Other than that, it’s a free game and can be fun when it’s working.

  • By HuajosAZ

    Played it, Did it, and DELETED it.

    Played it: I’ve had this game for a while now and it’s alright. Story is weird and lack luster. Guns are super expensive to get and it always seems I never have enough in-game money to get one. It’s like the price of the gun is just out of the maximum amount of money you currently have. Almost like they are baiting you to make an in-app purchase for some extra money. Did it: I found an exploit for a 10 wave NO DEATH streak on HARD mode. I’m not telling you what it is and if I did, HARD mode would turn into IMPOSSIBLE mode. My streak in HARD mode is 21... because I got bored. DELETED it: I deleted this “game” because I launched this game one today and after already having this game for a while, I was prompted with a message saying that “by accepting, you agree that Say Games is allowed to use your personal information for advertising... blah blah blah.” This happened out of nowhere. I literally played this game yesterday with no such prompt FORCING me to agree to anything. Ever. I am shut out of the game unless I accept to their terms. No thank you. The game is DELETED.

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